Updated: 2013-11-01

FCA Volunteer Project List (Who's doing what list!)    
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What Type Who When *
2006 3D Indoor championship hosting agreement Event T. Paukovic on-going A
2006 Marketing with Spitz - indoor 3D champs Service W. Mills/T. Paukovic/D. Lohnes on-going M
2006 3D outdoor hosting agreement  Event T. Paukovic/J. Hooey/K. Millar on-going A
2006 Marketing with Bowzone Service T. Paukovic / D. Lohnes on-going M
2006 Target/Field championship hosting agreement Event B. Savage/R. Bellerose/K. Millar on-going A
2006-2007 FCA/PSO Operating Agreements Service D. Lohnes/K.Millar on-going M
2006 Annual Executive Committee meeting in Ottawa Event K. Millar/Executive 31/10/2005 M
Report on Cadet elimination round format at championship events Programme B. Savage/Phil Parlee on-going A
Aboriginal Sport Circle MOU Programme K. Millar/FCA Exec/Coach Committee 31/10/2005 A/M
2006 Staff contract negotiations K. Millar Governance R. Murray  on-going M
Annual volunteer self-appraisals Governance Roger Murray  NOV annually M
Staff job review, evaulation and report Governance Roger Murray  on-going M
FCA Policy Book Governance K. Millar/L. Kiraly on-going M
HPC Athlete Equipment Programme, contract revisions Service K. Millar/??? FALL annually H
National Championships hosting guide  Service A. Wills FALL annually A
Follow-up Presidents Conference - Marketing Strategy & sales initiatives Programme D. Lohnes 30/11/2005 MC
2006 Canbow Programme & tournament medals - re-order Programme K. Millar 30/11/2005 M
2006 elections Athlete Rep/ VP HPC / VP INT / VP E&S Service Roger Murray/K. Millar 30/11/2005 M
Canada Games/Youth athlete sub-committee action plan Programme R. Murray/PSO directors & presidents/Jordan Eastman 30/11/2005 A
2006 Rulebook production Programme G. Durward/T. Paukovic/K. Millar 04/12/2005 A
2006 World Junior Team Management Programme Team Leader and RCC on-going H
2006 Operating Budget approval Service FCA Executive/K. Millar 30/01/2006 M
FCA Insurance Programme to members/clubs/retailers/PSO's / D&O coverage  Service K. Millar/R. Jobin/J. Stirling DEC annually M
Canadian Indoor Championships preparations Event G. Durward/K. Millar DEC annually A
COPARCO indoor MICA Event J. Jenskey DEC annually A
2005-2007 High Performance Budget - Sport Canada contribution update Service A. Nault on-going H
2005-2007 Archery Canada Budget - Sport Canada contribution update Service B. Savage/R. Murray as needed A
2005-2007 AWAD Budget - Sport Canada contribution update Programme A. Nault/K. Millar on-going H
Volunteer Recognition Programme Programme K. Millar/A. Wills JAN annually A
2005-2009 Operational Plan review & revisions Governance Exec Comm & BofD JAN annually A
2006-2007 Coaching Budget/committee operations Service J. Wiebe JAN annually A
2006-2007 Judge Budget Service G. Arseneault JAN annually A
FCA Retailer Programme Programme K. Millar/L. Kiraly/D. Lohnes JAN annually MC
Volunteer Handbook update Service K. Millar JAN annually M
Prepare/host/report 2006 HPC semi-annual teleconference  Programme A. Nault 04/04/2006 H
2007 Athlete Representative nomination process Governance S. Riggs/K. Millar 30/04/2006 H
2006 PSO Reports for FCA annual report Governance Board & Chairpersons 05/05/2006 M
2006 FCA Annual Award ballots for 2005 Programme PSO Directors/K. Millar 05/05/2006 M
2006-2007 FITA 3Di Team Selection criteria  Event Tom Paukovic 03/11/2006 A/H
2007 World Indoor Team Management Event Team Leader and RCC Izmir 2007 H
2007 World Outdoor Team Management Event Team Leader and RCC Leipzig 2007 H
2007 FITA 3Di Team Management Event Team Leader and RCC ??? 2007 H
FCA Info.E-mail Service K. Millar bi-weekly MC
Follow-up Presidents Conference - communicate PSO successes to national office Service PSO Directors  monthly M
HP Excellence Rankings Service J. McDonald/Ian Caiger monthly H
FCA Memberships Programme Programme K. Millar/L. Kiraly/D. Churchill monthly A
FITA Pin co-ordinator Service Tracy Klat semi-annual H
World Records Service K. Millar semi-annual H
Team Manager/Coach handbook Service J. McDonald/Arthur Nault/KM annually H
International judge re-certification Programme G. Arseneault annually A
FITA congress & COPARCO Congress representation Event A. Wills annually M
FCA Product catalog (on website) Programme A.Wills/K. Millar/D. Lohnes as needed MC
FCA Coaching Certificates Programme F. Walsh as needed A
National Championship Host Rotation Policy confirmed Event FCA Executive/PSOs JUL annually A
Prepare/host/report HPC annual meeting Programme A. Nault FALL annually H
FCA Mailmatch preparation Event Trina Snooks/K. Millar OCT annually A
2007 Canada Games Technical preparations Event Canada Games committee on-going A
Follow-up Presidents Conference - PSO identification of AWAD athletes to HPC  Programme PSO membership chairpersons/A. Nault/KM on-going H
Follow-up Presidents Conference - Meeting CanBow goals Programme R. McIntyre / K. Millar on-going A
CBET transition & manuals Programme James Wiebe on-going A
Athlete bill of rights revision Service Athlete Representative as needed H
InfoExcellence  Service L. Cusson annually H
FCA French/English lexicon Service FTAQ/FCA Executive bi-annually A
Judge Course Conductor manual/club judge test updates Programme G. Arseneault bi-annually A
Web page calendar & posting Service A. Wills on-going M
Judge Certification programme & record-keeping Programme G. Arseneault/K. Millar on-going A
FCA Office Staffing Service K. Millar/R. Murray on-going M
Athlete Abuse Prevention Education programme Governance President/PSO agreements on-going M
FCA Records Service C. Murphy on-going A
FCA championship results archive Service A. Wills on-going M
HP Coach Development network Programme HPC regional coaches/G. Bibeau on-going H
Judge certification streams (field/target/3D) Programme G. Arsenault on-going A
Recruitment of new Board & Executive members Governance all Board & Executive members on-going A
Ski Arc co-ordinator Programme W. Carlton on-hold A
Update the quadrennial plan Governance FCA Board/K. Millar/Sport Canada on hold M
Follow-up Presidents Conference - Form a sub-committee for Adult athlete development Programme Durward/Savage/HPC/Riggs/KM ???????????? A/H
* = Area : "A" Archery Canada; "H" High Performance;"MC" Marketing & Communication;  "M" Management