2004 Olympic Trials Updates


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Day 1 Friday June 25

The first day of the Olympic trials was cool and sunny in the morning but by the time scoring of the double 70m started it was cloudy windy and quite cool. The wind came from the east or right to left over the field and certainly affected the scores but not the quality of the competition. During the second 70m both the two men and the two women were only one or two points apart and both pairs were one point apart
going into the last end. Winner of each match earned 3 points and the
2nd place archer earned 2 points. (Please see the Olympic Trials Procedures for a full explanation)

Below are the results for today. Tomorrow each pair of archers will shoot six 18 arrow matches against each other. Each time an archer wins a match they will earn 1 point.

Jonathan Ohayon 318 307 625
Robert Rusnov 311 313 624
Racheal Savage 296 296 592
Marie-Pier Beaudet 289 298 587

CBC TV spend the whole day at the trials today filming for Sport Weekend. The guy in charge thought that it might be on next Saturday.

CBC TV Sports Weekend spend the day filming at the Olympic Trials today. It's possible that the coverage could be on next Saturday, July 3rd.

Day 2Saturday June 26

Today each pair of competitors shot six 18 arrow matches against each other - a win in each match earned the archer 1 point. All the matches are shot at a distance of 70 meters. Please see the detailed Procedures at Olympic Trials Procedures.

The day was cool but with strong, gusty winds which kept the scores on the low side.

Yesterday the archers shot a double 70 meters which was won by Jonathan Ohayon and Racheal Savage who each earned 3 point for the win with the loser earning 2 points.

In today's competition, Jonathan won the first two of the six matches.
After that Jonathan and Rob traded wins meaning that Jonathan won 4 of the six matches and leads the competition 7 point to Rob's 4. Rob has his work cut out for him tomorrow.

In the competition between the two ladies, Marie-Pier won the first match tying the trials competition at 3 points each. Racheal won the second match to take a one point lead. Then Marie-Pier won two matches in a row to lead the competition for the first time, 5 point to 4.
They traded wins on the last two matches giving Marie-Pier a one point lead 6 to 5 at the end of the day.

Tomorrow the archers will shoot a maximum of nine 12 arrow matches but it could be much less than that. The first archer who has 11 points will have mathematically won the competition and be nominated by the FCA to the Olympic Committee to Olympic Team.

Here's the scores for today.


      Points earned Match Play Total
Ranking Round       Double 70M 18 Arrow matches Trials Points
Jonathan Ohayon 318 307 625 3 4 7
Rob Rusnov 311 313 624 2 2 4
Racheal Savage 296 296 592 3 2 5
Marie-Pier Beaudet 289 298 587 2 4 6
Day 2 - 18 Arrow Matches   Day 3 - 12 Arrow Matches  
Jonathan Rob        
Match 1 154 147        
Match 2 155 148        
Match 3 150 152        
Match 4 155 150        
Match 5 149 150        
Match 6 151 141        
Racheal Marie-Pier        
Match 1 145 147        
Match 2 156 149        
Match 3 150 156        
Match 4 139 148        
Match 5 146 144        
Match 6 150 153        


Day 3 June 27, 2007

For the third day, strong gusty winds held the scores to very low levels.

For details on the Trials Procedures please see Olympic Trials Procedures.

Today’s competition involved a series of 12 arrow matches. Each win earned the archer 1 point. The first archer to amass 11 points would be named to the Olympic Team.

In today’s 12 arrow matches, Jonathan won the first two matches, increasing his lead by two points to 9 to 4. Rusnov rallied to win the third match and seemed to be gaining momentum. The fourth match ended in a tie at 103 points causing a three arrow tie break procedure. On the first arrow, they both shot 9’s leaving the match still tied. On the second tie break, they both fired 9’s again and the match was still tied. On the third shot, the arrow closest to the middle would win.
Ohayon shot a nine but Rusnov shot a 10 winning his third match in a row and narrowing Jonathan’s lead to 3 points, 9 to 6.

In the fifth match controversy struck when there was confusion on the third end about who would shoot first. FITA's rules have changed this procedure this year making it much more difficult for everyone. After the two archers finished shooting, there was a protest and the jury ruled that because the arrows were shot out of order, that they would be recorded as misses leaving the match in a tie, 76 to 76 and causing another tie breaking procedure. On the first arrow of the tie break, Ohayon fired a 7 and Rusnov shot 10x to win his third match in a row, closing Ohayon’s lead to two points, 9 to 7. Rusnov continued his streak winning the sixth match leaving Ohayon with only a 1 point lead,
9 to 8. But after this match Ohayon took control again, winning the next two matches and clinching his berth on the Athens Olympic Team.

In the ladies competition, Marie-Pier Beaudet of Levis, Quebec had placed second to Savage in the preliminary round on Friday, surged ahead on Saturday and entered today’s competition with a one point lead, 6 to 5. She won the first match of the day to gain a two point lead, but Savage fought back winning the second match to return Beaudet’s lead to one point. But after that, Beaudet dominated the competition reeling of a string of five wins in a row to win her position on the Athens Olympic Team.


The results are below.

      Points earned Match Play Match Play Total
Day 1 - Preliminary Round     Double 70M 18 Arrow matches 12 Arrow matches Trials Points
Jonathan Ohayon 318 307 625 3 4 4 11
Rob Rusnov 311 313 624 2 2 4 8
Marie-Pier Beaudet 289 298 587 2 4 5 11
Racheal Savage 296 296 592 3 2 1 6
Day 2 - 18 Arrow Matches            
Jonathan Rob   Racheal Marie-Pier    
Ohayon Rusnov   Savage Beaudet    
Match 1 154 147   145 147    
Match 2 155 148   156 149    
Match 3 150 152   150 156    
Match 4 155 150   139 148    
Match 5 149 150   146 144    
Match 6 151 141   150 153    
Day 3 - 12 Arrow Matches            
Match 1 101 91   95 103    
Match 2 106 100   105 94    
Match 3 97 102   99 101    
Match 4 103 (9,9,9) 103 (9,9,10) 102 105    
Match 5 76 (7) 76 (10x)   99 103    
Match 6 99 100   97 105    
Match 7 104 96          
Match 8 102 101