High Performance Committee Minutes

Brossard, PQ - November 25-26, 2000


Committee members present:

Marthe Cusson, Athlete representative Gary Gillies, Athlete Services Co-ordinator

Joan McDonald, Ranking & Selection Arthur Nault, Athletes with a Disability & Selection

In attendance:

Al Wills, FCA President Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


Alain Gravel, former HPC Vice-President

1. Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Joan McDonald, acting on behalf of the committee, agreed to chair the meeting due to the recent resignation of Vice-President Alain Gravel. She welcomed in particular FCA President Al Wills to the meeting. Joan confirmed that Al would be taking over the position as COA representative after the next COA meeting in Montréal in December. Joan mentioned that there were major changes coming with the Canadian Olympic Association and a strong voice would be needed to express FCA's views.

The agenda was approved in principle by the committee and left open for any additional items. Joan tried to reach Gilbert St. Laurent by telephone to confirm what time he would be presenting his material to the committee. Joan added a report from the 2008 bid committee to item number 3.

  1. Reading of the Minutes
  2. The minutes from HPC's meeting November 27-28, 1999 were approved as circulated.
  3. Reports
  1. Vice-President
  2. No report was submitted with Alain's resignation.
  3. Reports from Major Games
    1. Paralympic Games
    2. Arthur reported that Alec was terrific and shot strong form. He kept focused and shot well against the top Korean in the world. There will be a special on Athletes with a Disability on Radio-Canada TV December 2, 2000 from 12:30-14:30. Shooting in his first Olympic Games, Norbert experienced severe hand problems and received treatment for numbness in his fingers during and after the Games. Unfortunately, surgery is a possibility. Arthur will not know how much Norbert's shooting will be affected by this injury until later this winter. CPC was very pleased with the Paralympic team's result, finishing 4th overall, ahead of the Americans. This was an improvement from the 7th place finish in Atlanta. Arthur mentioned the dedication and energy of Senator Joyce Fairbairn during the Games and her enthusiasm for the Paralympic movement.

      Classification issues after Sydney: The definition for classification has been altered along the lines of functional stability. The new classification will affect neither Norbert, who is really W1 but competes as W2 by choice, nor Alec in W2. Standing remains the same classification definition and a new division for world championships only will include compound bows in the "Open" class.

      Jim Lawrence is the new IPC Executive Committee Chairperson (Director at Large) for archery and Arthur was elected to the IPC Archery Executive. His role will involve working closely with FITA and combining major events in both calendars. Congratulations, Arthur.

      Preparation for the Paralympic Games was very successful due to Sport Canada funding which allowed the archers to shoot in the Championship of the Americas in Medellin, COL. Response to Paralympian participation was very positive and they have been invited to participate in the 2002 Championship of the Americas in El Salvador by the organizing committee.

      With regard to other archers with a disability, Eric Charron has been too busy at school to compete but may make a comeback this spring. A new archer from Ontario, Kevin Matthews has expressed interest in training with Arthur and will be coming to Montréal December 5 & 6.

      ACTION: Arthur to send Kevin's e-mail address to Joan so he can train at The Archers of Caledon if he wishes.

    3. Olympic Games

Joan reported the process went fairly well with the qualification system understood by most but with several people starting too late to qualify in time. The trend is not positive: 4 people qualified in 1996 and only 2 in 2000. She worries about 2004. The shoot-out in Toronto for the one position received good media coverage and picked the best archer. Rob Rusnov's preparation was good with increased fitness and score average despite the demands of university course loads. Joan reported that the press often did not understand the training methods employed for the preparation phase.

With the sudden increase in government funding, preparation was more meaningful even if the weather did not co-operate in Europe. The Danish Grand Prix was a major event with most of the top countries in the world present. Early preparation in Australia was beneficial and Rob was focused. It may have been better if they had stayed out of the Village longer. He was shooting very well but tried too hard during the Olympic rounds and was very disappointed with his results. He will retire now in order to finish his university degree and may return to competitive archery in 2 years.

Joan noted that aggressive changes must be made in the way archers are trained in Canada if we are going to be selected and competitive in 2004. She feels the Board members must get involved more in the process even though Olympic-style archery is not as popular as other forms of the sport. One of her initiatives will be quarterly communications from HPC to the Board to keep people informed just as she did in her diaries from major events.

ACTION: Joan will write HPC updates to FCA Board members with every issue of InfoExcellence.

  1. Athletes' Services Co-ordinator
  2. Gary submitted his report (attached). There were some communication problems between Pascal Colmaire and Don Rabska concerning the initial arrow orders and it was lost. To ensure this situation does not repeat itself, 2001 arrow orders need to be processed quickly. Don Rabska's programme is under major budget restraints currently and no requests are guaranteed. Joan noted the continued support from Easton.

    ACTION: Gary will supervise the arrow order with Don Rabska directly. Kathy and Gary should have an arrow order and bow order together by December 15, 2000.

    ACTION: Kathy will give Don Rabska an FCA tie at the January AMO Show and ensure there is good communication among the FCA office, Gary Gillies and Don for 2001.

    Gary noted the fee of $20.00/dozen arrows for shipping is too low. Including customs, GST and shipping, the $20.00 fee would not have covered his expenses for the programme. He was able to deliver most of the arrows directly to the archers at major events and thereby did not incur more expenses.

    MOTION #C2000-01: HPC recommends to the Executive an amendment to motion E2000-14 to increase the fee charged for arrows under the Excellence equipment programme be raised from $20.00 to $25.00 effective immediately.

    Moved by: G. Gillies Seconded by: Marthe Cusson carried

  3. Athletes Representative
  4. Marthe reported good response from the provincial athletes' representatives but some provinces have yet to appoint/elect a representative. Feedback is important from the provinces in order to ensure good representation at the committee and board levels. She has dealt with questions concerning criteria and age categories (ACC issue). Also she has delegated her position as athlete representative to Shawn Riggs for Athlete's Forum and COA meetings. Shawn represents FCA well and his reports are very good. She hopes Shawn will stay involved in the process. Marthe noted that her Board position is up for election in 2001. The announcement for nominations will have to be circulated in early April. The HPC VP will announce the results of the election at the 2001 AGM in Winnipeg.

    ACTION: March 2001 Kathy to forward existing athlete rep voting information to Marthe.

    Marthe stressed the need for athlete representatives in each of the national training centres in order for archers to express needs and services. Kathy gave Marthe the list of national centre contacts to pursue this project at the provincial level.

    ACTION: Kathy to publish list of national team members as per HPC definition.

  5. Toronto 2008 Olympic Bid Report
  6. Joan McDonald expressed frustration in dealing with the Site Selection Committee. Until FITA President Jim Easton stepped in, the committee was insisting on Oakville as the archery venue. Now the proposed venue is 200 meters from the Olympic Village located 3 km east of the CN Tower. Wind does not seem to be a factor in this area during the month of August. Archery would run from Sunday to Sunday. Apparently, a CODA-type legacy organisation is proposed leaving the Toronto area with at least an enhanced training site at the existing Ontario Science Centre range, and perhaps the Olympic venue as well. Half of the Olympic Village will remain athlete accommodations after the Games for those athletes training at the National Training Centre.

    ACTION: Joan will send a report on this meeting to Info.E-mail as soon as the Shooting Federation has given its blessing for the new location and dates.

    ACTION: Arthur will assist the archery committee within the Olympic Bid process to ensure Paralympic needs are met.

  7. Scores and Selection Co-ordinator
  8. Joan submitted her report (attached). She stressed the need to start working now with COA to establish better criteria for Olympic Qualifying standards that would take weather into account. The qualification period can be short, requiring fewer scores and a percentage from the winning score at major events should be established since many tournaments in 2000 had such poor weather that no one could achieve the arbitrary score.

    ACTION: Joan will contact COA in 2001 in order to start the negotiations.

  9. Executive Director

Kathy submitted her report (attached). Some of the orientation issues will be dealt with after the meeting. Kathy will start bringing all the NAC files back to Ottawa to read and file as necessary. Kathy requested the committee to decide how she is to help this committee and what work she should be doing for the committee in the theoretical 25% of her time devoted to High Performance issues under her new contract. Joan felt the question would be answered by the end of Sunday.

  1. HPC Composition and Expansion
  2. The committee agreed that Joan McDonald would be the interim HPC chairperson until general elections for the FCA Executive in August 2001. Joan then led the committee through a process to define what the committee needs to accomplish and clearly define job descriptions so volunteers feel they contributed to the successful completion of important tasks. Her first priority was to involve the western provinces on the committee. In order to do that, there had to be ways to meet without incurring costs.

    ACTION: Kathy will contact the teleconferencing firm she used for the 3D committee meeting to inquire about costs for both telephone and video conferencing. Since shared sites were possible in Toronto and Ottawa, costs would be reduced.

    Tasks identified were: ranking list, liaison with athletes, athlete services, communications/publicity, InfoExcellence, Paralympic selection/budget, Olympic selection, ICQ meeting co-ordinator.

    ACTION: Joan to contact Greg Durward and Ian Caiger to offer positions and Kathy to contact Claude Malouin to offer positions on the committee.

    ICQ meetings will happen on an as-needed basis. Joan will formulate agendas and Arthur will co-ordinate the connection and he will save meeting minutes. Meetings will be held on Thursday nights at 9:30 (21:00).

  3. 2000 Budget concerns
  4. Kathy presented the outstanding receivables affecting HPC. The longest FCA outstanding receivable is Eric/Hayley Mott's NAC fees. Jennifer Block had not paid for her Overkill uniform to junior worlds.

    Sport Canada funds are being utilised and accounted for. FAFAD will be under-budget and a new initiative may be needed. Coach honoraria are being disbursed. The HPC budget as outlined in 1999 had been followed. The junior worlds came in on budget and Joan wanted the FCA membership to know that every effort had been made NOT to use FCA funds for athlete preparation.

    Alec's performance at Sydney will ensure an "A" card status.

    ACTION: Kathy to contact Bob Price at Sport Canada regarding Alec's carding and income tax complications with past carding.

  5. Excellence Programme
    1. Problems with Excellence 2000

The following were identified as concerns within the existing programme:

InfoExcellence was not circulated often enough and the electronic version was not read as well as the paper version. The ranking list updates were slow. Some athletes did not maintain a PSO membership. The programme was not communicated well enough. The equipment programme had delays. Athlete expectations sometimes were higher than the programme's mandate.

i) Joan had circulated an InfoExcellence production process to the committee members and had no negative feedback (attached). The committee agreed to publish 3 issues per year. January's edition would deal with HPC meetings and final rankings; May's edition will cover the outdoor tournament schedule, major events and indoor rankings; October's edition will outline team criteria for the coming year.

ACTION: Joan to contact Laurier directly to start the process and stress the need for him to be proactive.

ii) Ranking

Joan will appoint an assistant as quickly as possible to work with her for selection purposes.

iii) Membership Issues

Athletes must renew their memberships in Excellence no later than June 01, 2001. Any athlete wishing to qualify for international teams in 2001 must be a member of Excellence 2004 no later than June 01, 2001.

ACTION: Kathy will publish this information in next Friday's Info.E-mail and include a membership template if possible.

In Excellence 2004 it will be required that all members are active members of a provincial archery association. No exceptions should be made for Excellence members.

iv) Communication/Publicity

The committee stressed the need for regular publication of events and issues affecting high performance recurve, compound and disabled archers on the FCA web site. A new person was needed to fill this role.

  1. Equipment Programme
  2. Gary will be in charge of Easton liaison. He will send an e-mail to Don Rabska before December 15. Archers will be notified by mail with a 2-week deadline to reply, or 4 days by e-mail. Gary will phone archers if he does not hear back after these dates. If the archer does not want the arrows, the next person on the list will be contacted. Arrows are A/C/E, not X10's and are deemed outdoor arrows. Distribution will be done as soon as payment is received.

    Distribution of Win & Win bows is limited to right-handed archers only.

    ACTION: Gary Gillies will formulate process and start it immediately. He will concentrate on procuring arrows first. Kathy will advertise and promote it as soon as it is available.

    ACTION: The committee gives Gary the authority to allot the 4th Win & Win bow to the next highest ranking Excellence member it is appropriate for.

    ACTION: Gary will ask Linda Tripney, Angela Cramer and Racheal Savage to submit articles concerning their Win & Win bows, as well as send letters of thanks to the manufacturer.

  3. Expectations and Services Offered

The New Excellence 2004 programme brochure will include athletes with a disability, not just wheelchair archers. It will stress the need to be an active member in a provincial association. Ranking is a free service that is included in the 4-year membership along with FCA membership. Automatic liability insurance is guaranteed each year. As well Excellence 2004 members will be entitled to reduced entry fees at designated events including the Ontario Spring Classic. FCA will continue to pursue equipment sponsorship but athletes are warned that top ranking does not mean equipment will be allocated automatically. Manufacturers are interested in top international scores and sales opportunities.

b) Deadline Dates and Major Events

ACTION: Joan will answer Denis Beaudet's e-mail regarding deadline dates for scores qualifying for world championships.

Major events for outdoor tournaments include FCA and NAA national target championships, Québec provincial championships, US-state championships, the Ontario Spring Classic and the Canada Cup. All western provinces should be encouraged to host the Canada Cup.

c) Team Leaders for 2001

As soon as possible the call for applications should be sent out. Applicants are required to submit a letter stating their reasons for applying and a resume. NCCP certification is desirable but not compulsory. Team leaders will be needed for FITA Worlds in Beijing and IPC Worlds (dates and place to be announced later). It was felt that there would be few archers travelling to the indoor worlds in Italy this March. A team leader may not be required.

The process of choosing a team leader was reviewed. Applications will be sent to the national office. Kathy will circulate the resumes to the committee members. Kathy will send out a voting ballot electronically to the committee members with a deadline date for responding. The HPC chairperson will announce the selection.


The meeting was adjourned at 18:55 until 08:30 Sunday morning. Gilbert St. Laurent was unable to attend the meeting. He will contact the president directly at a later date.

  1. InfoExcellence
  2. Topics, deadlines and responsibilities were assigned (attached). The new pamphlet would be included in the next mailing along with a special larger edition of the bulletin.

    ACTION: Kathy to contact Louise Vien regarding logo alterations for 2004. She will circulate the new wordcopy to the committee members.

  3. Ranking and Criteria
  4. The theoretical ranking plan developed by Pascal Colmaire was reviewed. It was agreed that the difference between gold squad and red squad was too great. It was agreed that use of results from the Americas to formulate averages was not in the best interests of athlete development. However, if the top 64 scores were taken from the last 3 world target championships, there was a tighter fit in development. As well, the committee agreed that getting archers to qualify for the elimination rounds was a primary goal in Canadian archer development in all categories. The only exception to this was Women's Compound. In order to ensure Canadian women advanced into the elimination rounds, scores had to equal top 32.

    ACTION: Joan to review 1995 scores for all seniors divisions to enter the elimination rounds and then revise the averages and circulate to the committee no later than December 8 for further study. Final criteria will be posted on the FCA web site no later than December 31, 2000.

    It was agreed that cadet scores would be 10% of red squad, but no lower than 1050.

    ACTION: Arthur Nault will forward IPC statistics to Joan McDonald in order to finalize scores for W1 and W2 archers no later than December 8, 2000.

  5. Team Selection for Major Upcoming Events
  6. i) 2001 FITA World Indoor Championships - Costellanza, ITA - March 13-18

    Standard Team Selection Process applies. The indoor season runs from November to April. Selection includes one complete season. Therefore, scores shot between November 1999 and February 04, 2001 are valid. All scores must be submitted to Joan McDonald NO LATER THAN midnight February 4, 2001. Major qualifying events include: FCA, NAA and COPANARCO results; any other US State or international event utilising FITA rules; and the Québec indoor championships.

    ii) IPC World Championships

    As soon as Arthur receives confirmation of place and dates, the committee will announce selection.

    iii) 2001 World Games - Field - Akita, JPN - August 16-26

    No Canadians have been invited to this event.

    iv) 2001 FITA World Target Championships - Beijing, CHN - September 14-25

    Standard Team Selection Process applies. The outdoor season runs from April to October. Selection includes one complete season. Therefore, scores shot between April 01, 2000 and July 15, 2001 are valid. Archer selection is based on 4 scores shot during this period, including at least one score achieved in a major event. Selection will include no more than 2 scores from last season.

    v) 2002 FITA World Field Championships - Canberra, AUS - September

    Any Excellence 2004 member may apply.

    vi) 2002 FITA Junior World Target Championships - TBA

    Standard Team Selection Process applies. More details will be available later.

    vii) 2003 Pan American Games - Dominican Republic

    Standard Team Selection Process applies. More details will be available later.

    The Committee agreed that the Pan Am Games team leader should be the same person to lead the 2004 Olympic Games team. Therefore, FCA should call for team leader positions for this event no later than October 31, 2001.

  7. Annual Calendar of Events
  8. No conflicts were foreseen this year although the timelines between the end of the NAA national target championships and the FCA target/field championships is very tight.
  9. Definition of National Team Member and Services at National Training Centres

Expanding upon HPC's 1999 minutes, a national team member is defined as an Excellence member who is:

    1. ranked on Gold Squad
    2. a member of a national team (CQT, Championships of the Americas, Olympic/Paralympic, last previous world championships-outdoor/indoor/junior, or carded athlete A-C
    3. qualified for a national team but did not participate

This applies to archers and coaches.

There are 3 levels of services available at National Training Centres across Canada based upon national team member status, carding level and provincial squad/team status. Archers are encouraged to take advantage of these services if they qualify.

ACTION: Every January Kathy will send a listing of national team members to the contact person in charge of distributing this information to all national training centres. Information will appear also on the FCA web site.

Policy: If no national team is registered for an international tournament, Canadians can compete in the event in the guest division.

  1. Uniforms Issue
  2. Both Marthe Cusson and Kathy Millar researched the problems surrounding team uniforms during the last quadrennial. Though Overkill's t-shirts were not an issue, the company's ability to deliver clothing on time definitely was. This company was not considered for other items. The main problem was the tracksuits. Though the design and colours were striking and Canadians were complimented everywhere they went, the sewing and embroidery quality deteriorated with each order and delivery was definitely a big issue. Canadian teams always will be chosen at the last possible moment to allow archers to obtain as many scores as possible. The selected manufacturer must be able to deliver uniforms in 2-3 weeks. Kathy's supplier could do this, however, the samples and details from the supplier Marthe found were superior due to waterproofing, zip-off pant/short combination, zip off sleeves and comparable pricing to Kathy's supplier. Therefore, Avalanche was chosen over Canada Sportswear/Coyle & Greer. The Committee agreed to the colours and design.

    ACTION: Marthe will meet with the Avalanche owner to design the prototype from all the suggestions given at the meeting. The prototype will be modeled and displayed on the FCA Web site. Excellence 2004 members will be able to purchase the basic design. Embroidered patches designating "National Team Member" in French and English will be given to the archers who qualify. Embroidered event patches will be given to archers named to international teams during the quadrennial. Archers will be responsible for sewing these patches on the uniform jacket in the appropriate place. Marthe will discuss Avalanche's interest in advertising on the FCA web site.

  3. Annual Awards

a) FCA Annual Awards

The High Performance Committee nominates the following people:

Male Athlete of the Year Alec Denys

Female Athlete of the Year Dawn Groszko

Junior Athlete of the Year Owen Gunther

Coach of the Year Arthur Nault

Judge of the Year Ghislain Arseneault

    1. COA Hall of Fame and Canadian Sports Awards Nominations

HPC does not recommend anyone for these awards.

  1. Youth Distances and Issues
  2. Marthe brought forward concerns regarding youth distances. This was an Archery Canada Council concern. However, the HPC recommends ACC review cub distances used across the country. In particular, HPC felt a developmental step was missing for young men who must move from 70m to 90m in one jump. Also, young women start shooting the senior round distances as soon as they become cadets. Each case requires large increases in bow weight in order to shoot the distances.

    The HPC issue was FITA's decision to recognise cadets. There is discrimination against young men who are not eligible to receive FITA Star pins because they do not shoot the senior distances but young women do. Marthe and Laurier Cusson along with Al Wills have designed a certificate for cadet boys, recognising their accomplishments.

    ACTION: FCA members may apply for these certificates immediately for all scores shot in 2000. Score cards must be sent to FITA Star pin programme co-ordinator Marthe Cusson showing division and distances shot. Marthe will send an article to Kathy for Info.E-mail.

  3. 2001 Budget Concerns
    1. FAFAD
    2. This budget runs until March 31, 2001. Kathy foresees a surplus that must be used. The Paralympic training camp had to be cancelled due to scheduling problems to bring Alec to Montréal. Other events may be needed to reduce this surplus.

      ACTION: Arthur and Kathy will work together to reduce the surplus and programme events.

    3. FCA

This budget is the regular fiscal/calendar year. Priorities were established as follows:

ACTION: Kathy to formulate budget for Joan in time for Executive Committee meeting in January 2001.

ACTION: Kathy will request the Winnipeg organizing committee advertise a provincial athletes rep meeting directly after the Information meeting during the National Championships in August.

  1. Level 4/5 Coaching
  2. The number of coaches applying for the level of certification is shrinking. The national training centres are trying to address this through outreach certification programmes. Joan and Gary are registered in the programme in Toronto for 1 night a week and 1 weekend a month for two years. Though the tasks are challenging, Joan stated that she has learned a great deal already from the process. The committee decided that the programme was not promoted enough within FCA.

    ACTION: InfoExcellence must be sent to all coaches working with Excellence archers whether they are certified or not. It must be stated that minimum coaching requirements for team leader positions are not set by FCA, but by Canada Games Council (level 3) and the Canadian Olympic Association (level 4).

  3. Other Items
    1. Athletes using banned substances
    2. Al Jenskey expressed concern regarding the reporting process to FCA when archers use banned substances under the guidance of a medical practitioner. Kathy was concerned about guaranteeing athlete confidentiality. Doping Control Forms come to the national office after the testing procedure is done. One copy will be forwarded to the archer and one copy remains in the office. However, athletes reporting to CCES and FITA have had some difficulty with the process.

      ACTION: Joan will ask Al Jenskey to write an article for InfoExcellence regarding process.

    3. Athlete representative in Manitoba
    4. ACTION: Kathy will contact Su Hall to find out who the new provincial athlete rep will be.
    5. Use of Kathy's time

Kathy will be responsible to ensure the committee completes tasks on time, make the committee aware of the ramifications of its decisions and policies, and assists international team leaders.

ACTION: Kathy will make up a HPC volunteer task list with dates showing deadline dates and lead-up/important dates to get tasks done on time. She will circulate it to the committee as soon as possible.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 14:15 Sunday.

Process for Publishing InfoExcellence from Joan McDonald, VP High Performance

The Committee decided that we would publish 3 issues per year. The first issue is to be in the mail on January 15th. We worked out a detailed schedule for this first issue because the time to produce it is quite short. As soon as the minutes of our meeting are out, we can work out the detailed schedule for the subsequent issues. We worked out the following deadline dates for the January issue. They are very tight especially because of the Christmas holidays, which can be a difficult time for people to get things done. Please let me know if you think we can meet these deadlines.

November 27 Call for articles

December 8 First drafts of articles are to be submitted to HPC members for review and to Laurier to give him a head start on translation. Articles are to be created in MS Word with no formatting other than a blank line between paragraphs. Any changes/corrections made to articles are returned to the author who is responsible for incorporating the corrections into his/her final document.

December 27 Final articles/information to be received by Laurier. No changes to content will be accepted after this date unless something really major occurs.

January 8 Final InfoExcellence is submitted to Joan/Gary for printing and mailing.

January 15 InfoExcellence in the mail.

It was agreed by the Committee that this issue could be more than the usual 4 sheets of paper because of the quantity of information that we need to send out because of the ending of Excellence 2000 and the beginning of Excellence 2004. We worked through a list of items that need to be in the January issue and assigned people to do them. This list is probably not complete because I didn't get everything written down. When Kathy gets back to the office on Tuesday and does the minutes she will produce the final list of items. Of course, if you have anything that you would like to see in this issue - add them to the list.

Info on Qualifying for Indoor Worlds Joan McDonald
Info on qualifying for Outdoor Worlds Joan McDonald
Call for Team Leaders Joan McDonald / Kathy Millar
Excellence 2004 - Why should you join Joan McDonald / Kathy Millar
Entry form for Excellence 2004 Kathy Millar
Article on how ranking works Joan McDonald
List of 2001 Indoor and Outdoor major events Joan McDonald / Kathy Millar
Article on Paralympics Arthur Nault
Article on Olympics Joan McDonald / Rob Rusnov
FITA Star process and new cadet certificates Marthe Cusson
Equipment given out / what's available Gary Gillies
Article on equipment programme Gary Gillies
Final Outdoor Ranking List Joan McDonald
Canada Cup - looking for a hosting club Al Wills
Coaches Certification / NCCP Joan McDonald / Kathy Millar
Define who is on "National Team" List members Joan McDonald
Process if you take restricted or banned drugs Al Jenskey
Tournament List Kathy Millar
Spring Classic Notice Gary Gillies
Photo of two Olympic teams Joan McDonald / Arthur Nault
List of HPC members and email addresses Laurier Cusson / Joan McDonald

So everyone on this list has been notified - December 8th - we must have your drafts. I have written to both Al Wills and Al Jenskey to see if they would do one on their subjects. Thanks everyone for your efforts to get InfoExcellence back on track.

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