Executive Committee Minutes

Boucherville, PQ - August 17, 2000

Minutes of #2 Exec meeting (Aug 20) are below Or click here

Executive members present:

  • Al Wills, President
  • Alain Gravel, Vice-President High Performance Committee

    Bruce Savage, Vice-President Archery Canada Council

    Jude Hooey, Vice-President Administration & Marketing

    In attendance:

  • Kathleen Millar, General Manager
  • Absent:

  • Pascal Colmaire, Technical Director
  • The meeting began at 9:00 a.m.


    1. President's Opening Remarks and Acceptance of Today’s Agenda

    Called to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Bibliotechèque de Boucherville. President’s report is in the annual report. The goal of today’s meeting was to prepare for the AGM and board meetings and to anticipate possible questions or issues. Al stated that his goal was to run FCA as is until January 2001 and budget for that period accordingly. Al pointed to the new FCA planning document as a chance to break from the day-to-day mentality of hoping for federal funding and realize that status quo is not good enough. He had meetings with Pascal, Kathy and Joan McDonald among others and felt he was in touch with FCA during the nationals.

    MOTION #E2000-16: I move to accept today’s revised agenda as circulated.

    Moved by: Alain Gravel Seconded by: Bruce Savage carried


    2. Reading of Minutes, February 5-6, 2000

    The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #00/02, dated 00/02/21

    MOTION #E2000-17: I moved to accept the minutes as circulated.

    Moved by: Jude Hooey Seconded by: Alain Gravel carried

    1. Business arising from the Minutes

    Kathy reported that no contacts have been established with Judo Canada regarding their investment strategies with COA. Alain reported that the Judo COA representative had changed also. Discussion then centered around the COA goals. Funding levels for 2001-2005 will remain the same. Goals may change with funding implications for 2006-2011. The basic COA grant is safe and the 14 non-funded sports would not be expected to attain the same performance levels as other sports. However, COA is considering an overall average of top 8 in the world for Olympic sports in order to allocate enhanced funding levels. Goals would be negotiated on a sport-by-sport basis.

    Alain noted the positive comments so far this week concerning the judge corps present and their willingness to help the archers. There was a definite change in the atmosphere on the field and range.

    Kathy noted the judging budget had been augmented due to Pat Ukrainetz’s efforts leaving more money to cover ABAM’s expenses. The ACC budget items to date for discretionary funds have been the 3D teleconference and the judge travel allowance to nationals.


    1. Acceptance of all other Agenda

    No additions were made to the three other meetings this week.


    4. Reports (addenda only)

    Bruce reported that Dennis Mrokwia had resigned as Judge Chair and that Ghislain Arsenault was willing to replace him. Bruce would contact Dennis before a formal announcement was made.

    The Olympic wildcard issue is over. The Sydney organizers are willing to pay the costs of poorer countries so the number of countries unable to fill the wildcard positions will be very few. Al Wills expressed the committee’s feelings that if something could be done to get Dave Dalziel to Sydney, it should be attempted.

    Canada has not bid for World Ranking Events in 2001 due to the costs involved for judging, ground transportation and facilities. It was noted that the Ontario Spring Classic may be a future site, but without Olympic Solidarity grants, Canada was not able to run these events presently.

    Nothing to add.

    Kathy Millar had been in meetings with Pascal regarding his departure. He was not able to attend the meeting due to his commitments to the national championship organizers.

    Memberships continue to come in. FCA has approximately 200 more members this year than in 1999. Kathy mentioned that some provinces noticed the new clause in the PSO agreement stating a deadline date for submission of membership funds. This date is passed the national indoor date so membership at nationals became an issue.

    ACTION: Al Wills will re-write this clause, changing the deadline date from March 31 to March 1.


    5. Business

    5.1. Management Issues

    Al felt it was impossible to establish a generic agreement since personal interpretation and perception at the provincial level creates differences. Renewing should go smoother and memberships continue to come in regardless of whether or not the documents are signed. FTAQ needs to be renewed and it will be a priority for the president this fall as PSO agreements are essential for generating revenue.

    Kathy reviewed the financial projection circulated to the Executive and Board, and then she was excused from the meeting. No change in contracts will occur until October 1, 2000 at the earliest

    MOTION #E2000-18: I move to ask the Board of Directors to modify Kathy Millar’s contract as FCA Executive Director with duties 75% administrative, 25% technical to take effect as soon as financially feasible in the opinion of the executive committee.

    Moved by: Alain Gravel Seconded by: Bruce Savage carried

    It was agreed that portfolios should no longer be exclusive. Members of the executive should consider themselves officers first, portfolio holders second. Jude will help with ACC projects such as 3D Canbow and Canbow revisions. Al Wills now has signing authority, as he will be living in Ottawa. Kathy will take over all budget-forecasting duties. HPC will continue to be concerned with teams and funding issues.

    ACTION: Kathy will seek an inventory list from the National Archives pertaining to archery.

    Pascal Colmaire was able to join the meeting at this point. Arthur needs the NAC open until the Paralympic team leaves for Sydney at the end of September. Not all FCA property has been removed from the NAC. Some of it is at Arthur Nault’s house, but larger items remain in a room at Claude Robillard.

    ACTION: Kathy and Al will travel to Montréal to inventory those items that can be returned to Ottawa and dispose of the rest. (Arthur has the key and Bruce Savage has a truck if necessary.)

    ACTION: Kathy will write to J. P. Tibi asking for an extension on the closure date and request information regarding payment of the $10,000 promised to FCA. Alain will translate the letter.

    1. Aboriginal Rights policy will be recommended to the Board.

    2. Athletes Rights policy will be recommended to the Board.

    3. FCA Third Millenium plan will be recommended to the Board. However the model will be changed into a target face so that it is easier to understand.

    Kathy asked for feedback on the FCA Policy Manual draft circulated. It was agreed that more work would be necessary as committee minutes had to be reviewed. The task was on-going.

    5.2. Finance

    Kathy reported a successful audit. Cautionary notes from Pierre Charron were standard for not-for-profit organizations. She had made contact with the Royal Bank business representative for FCA regarding possible over runs with the Line-of-Credit caused by Pascal’s departure. No further action was needed at this time.

    All Olympic and Paralympic preparation funds have been received. Coaching assistance money had not been received to date. Inclusion funds within the submitted FAFAD budget have been received also. Kathy was unclear what the CAC approval status was for the budget submitted by Pascal and Reed. Pascal stated that he had received confirmation from CAC. It totaled approximately $10,000.

    ACTION: Kathy will contact Cyndie Flett directly as to the budget and its restrictions.

    One of the oldest outstanding accounts had been rectified at these championships. Eric Mott’s account was now the oldest. Both Jude and Kathy tried contacting Eric regarding monies owed. JEM Services had been asked for photocopies of the cheques used to pay for Canbow products.

    Pascal did not have the final budget and totals with him but stated he would forward it to the national office before he left for France.

    Kathy stated that her projection would hold only if CMN-M lived up to its commitment. Otherwise FCA would find the last quarter very difficult.

    All funds were received from Labatt’s and would be divided among the Canada Cup, Ontario Spring Classic and Canadian Target/Field nationals by the fall. Air Canada had awarded Aeroplan points to the pre-Olympic preparation tour to Europe. Robin Hood’s cheque had been received and Kathy would give the organizers their cheque after the meeting. VISA would start with the initial mailing in September.

    The main issue was staffing. If membership numbers stayed constant, FCA could estimate revenues of approximately $35,000. $6,000 of that total was needed to cover insurance premiums. New stationery would be needed but most costs would be minimal.

    ACTION: Kathy shall produce a operational budget for the January meeting.

    Pascal has made every effort to move back to France as inexpensively as possible. There were some complications and receipts will be forwarded to Kathy as soon as they were available. Kathy will take all the receipts received at the nationals and issue an updated report of costs and advances to date.

    The regular annual purchases of Canbow supplies and medals should be included in any preliminary budget. Alain felt that costs would increase for InfoExcellence since electronic mail did not reach everyone and postal delivery would be tried again.

    ACTION: Alain will budget expenses for InfoExcellence for the HPC fall meeting and work on editorial concerns.

    ACTION: Kathy will send Alain copies of the Excellence 2000 brochure to be edited for 2004.

    As an ACC responsibility, Bruce wanted to partner with organizing committees to improve judge subsidies. This may happen through fees to archers or greater allotment from ACC’s budget.

    - Membership projection

    Kathy stated that memberships were higher by approximately 200 year-to-date. This brings FCA’s membership totals over 4,200, which is the highest since 1997. Though in other years the site of the national championships influenced membership numbers, Kathy felt this would not be likely in Manitoba as their numbers were quite high already.


    5.3. Archery Canada

    Draft minutes had been circulated. Al commented on how well the Aylmer club hosted the nationals. He was concerned that 3D reps wanted to get involved certifying range safety. He felt this would leave FCA liable. No field course or 3D range is ever safe. Issuing FCA Guidelines would be acceptable, but not certifying safety.

    Bruce reported that archery was in the 2007 Winter Games and that Canada Games Council knew that was not where FCA wanted to be. However, Bruce felt the PSO’s did not push hard enough at the provincial government level and it was either the Winter Games or nothing. Bruce plans to reinforce his message concerning volunteer involvement at the club level when he addresses both the AGM and Board meeting.

    This project is a priority for the Executive. Jude, Bruce and possibly Dennis Mrokwia will continue to work on this project. Alain has the French version on disk ready to go so any updates should go to him. Small modifications to the existing Canbow format would make the new 3D programme cheaper to start up.

    ACTION: Kathy will try again to forward the Canbow programme files electronically to Bruce. Bruce will keep Dennis informed of developments.

    ACTION: Alain Gravel will forward samples of his club’s Canbow report cards to the Executive.

    Kati Nagy would be addressing the AGM tonight. Pascal felt there would be few problems running the nationals due to Manitoba’s previous experience hosting 3D in Dauphin and Target in Winnipeg.

    A new chairman will be coming on-line with his own priorities. 3D needs field marshals as opposed to full judges and these requirements could be added to the existing judge training programme easily.

    ACTION: Kathy will send a job description to Ghislain.

    Bruce was opposed to "participation medals" for showing up. There was a lengthy discussion at which point the committee agreed to disagree. The discussion would resume at the Board level.

    National Championship Format 2000

    FCA will crown 55 national champions from the 143 participants at this year’s outdoor event. The Executive felt the format should be cleaned up. Also it would help organizing committees with their workload if barebow divisions shot the same stakes as Cubs in the field. This would eliminate a third stake at each target but still encourage barebow archers to compete.

    Greg Durward would lead this discussion at the Board meeting on Saturday.

    The Executive Committee had received this request for the Records Chairperson. It would be discussed at the Board level.

    Al Wills felt a need to clarify FCA’s policy on pin giving. Certainly FCA had not recognized some of its volunteers well enough, though he cautioned about over-doing it. It was agreed that gold pins could be awarded only as a motion from the floor of the AGM.

    ACTION: Kathy will produce a policy regarding who can give each level of FCA recognition pins.

    MOTION #E2000-19: I recommend to the Board to award bronze volunteer recognition pins to Marthe Cusson, Christiane Murphy and Don Lohnes.

    Moved by: Bruce Savage Seconded by: Alain Gravel carried

    Bruce felt he had a better picture of ACC after one year and had divided the portfolio into products, services and events. Products such as Canbow were supposed to make money. Events should be cost-neutral. Services incurred expenses and in this regard he wished to emphasize coaching and judging as priorities. Adult and club development would be lower priorities, as would InfoClub development.


    5.4. High Performance

    Al Wills asked all members of the Executive to priorize Pascal’s job description and revise it. He asked that Bruce Malmberg’s suggestions for Excellence 2004 are considered by HPC at its fall meeting.

    ACTION: All Executive members are to submit the revised Technical Director job description to Al Wills in September.

    Pascal had submitted the revisions to criteria twice with few comments. Everything is ready. Scores should have over-lap between the 2000 and 2004 programmes. The new pamphlet should be ready in November.

    Previously discussed.

    The Executive felt the programme was not working and it was too slow this year. There was a need for proactive volunteers. FCA’s sponsors were not being served properly and some sponsorship programmes collapsed this year.

    ACTION: Jude will try to establish contacts with Bill Wilde in Manitoba who works for Proctor and Gamble’s.

    Kathy showed how the manufacturing of the uniform had greatly deteriorated from the initial orders. She highlighted points from her meeting with Pat Smale. Stocking a team uniform was discussed. Also the possibility of picking a 2000-2004 uniform from existing stock and customizing it was an option.

    ACTION: Kathy will continue to work with Pat Smale to provide details for HPC’s meeting.

    HPC had tried to accommodate juniors and Canadian weather conditions by moving the qualifying period for Junior Worlds back so far. This made it difficult to supply uniforms from Ottawa and Overkill in time, as well as quivers from Neet. Al Wills expressed the view that some products may not be available for events and would be sent when it was convenient. As for the uniform issue, see above and point 5.5.

    Before the executive met, Greg Durward and Shawn Riggs briefed Al Wills and Kathy Millar on the COPANARCO proceedings. It appears that COPANARCO feels Canada owes affiliation dues for 1999 and 2000. Don Lovo was present at the annual meeting and paid $200USD. However, Kathy Millar assured the Executive that FCA had paid the 1999 fees and had yet to receive an invoice for 2000 fees.

    ACTION: Kathy will write a strongly worded letter to COPANARCO Treasurer Roy Nelson stating the facts and how this situation had embarrassed Canada unnecessarily.


    5.5. Communication & Marketing

    It was noted that the name "Overkill" was not accepted well internationally. Though their products were quite good, the company was not able to deliver certain products in a timely manner.

    ACTION: Kathy would ensure that enough copies of catalogues from the Canadian Sportswear Company were available to all members of the Executive and HPC.

    Al Wills had been worried about the delay in naming archers to the company so he ordered a bow that could be used by any number of archers. Al had been concerned about the deal, delivery time, and even if a bow would arrive. One has arrived but it appears to be the wrong model. Gary has contacted Christian Chalifoux, Gabriela Cosovan, Jennot Robitaille and Linda Tripney regarding these bows. Only Linda expressed interest.

    ACTION: Al will continue to work with Win & Win to obtain 4 of their top-of-the-line bows. Al will discuss the equipment programme with Gary Gillies during the Nationals.

    Jude continues to be concerned about those FCA members who have no access to Internet services. For those members, FCA provides very little information. Though Kathy agreed, she pointed out that the printing costs for one Annual report to each affiliated club cost FCA over $1300 and postage and shipping charges would be extra. With 4,200 members, times the costs, it was hard to envision FCA being able to afford mailing information to each member.


      1. Other Business

    The Executive quickly reviewed the motion to the Board.

    April 2001 is an important time for the bid cities. The IOC will hand down its decision. IOC President Samaranch has commented positively on Toronto’s bid. If successful, Toronto’s bid could infuse more federal funding into Olympic sport governing bodies.

    ACTION: Al Wills will circulate the latest bid information from Toronto to the Executive.

    The president outlined the history surrounding the controversy and stated that he had found no role for FCA to play in the dispute.

    Pascal had circulated draft criteria for two Canadian coaches to attend the symposium in October. The advertisement will be circulated to provincial coaching co-ordinators and provincial directors. Kathy will include it in Info.E-mail as well. The deadline is early September and HPC will make the final decision as to the appointees. The appointees will need to be available for 2 weeks in Mexico.

    6. President’s Comments

    The president thanked everyone for his or her input. He felt very positive about FCA and the future.

    7. Adjournment

    The meeting ended on Saturday, August 17th at 4:00 p.m. Adjourned until Sunday, August 20, 2000.



    Executive Committee Minutes

    Boucherville, PQ - August 20, 2000

    Executive members present:

  • Al Wills, President
  • Alain Gravel, Vice-President High Performance Committee

    Bruce Savage, Vice-President Archery Canada Council

    Jude Hooey, Vice-President Administration & Marketing

    In attendance:

  • Kathleen Millar, General Manager
  • 1. President's Opening Remarks

    The president called the meeting to Order at 9:00 a.m. Al Wills thanked everyone for their work behind the scenes this week, in particular Bruce’s efforts concerning the national championship format for the next discussion paper.


    2. Reading of Minutes, August 17, 2000

    Kathy Millar reported that all items proposed or discussed at this meeting had been carried forward to the Board meeting. Draft minutes would be circulated by the end of the month.


    3. Business arising from the meetings held this week

    Rule changes and championship format were received well. Greg Durward and Bruce Savage had received good quality input.

    There should be finger food and beverages available for this meeting next year so that people can continue to meet without breaking for supper. Al wished Kathy to work with Susan Hall in Manitoba regarding meeting sites and accommodation bookings to negotiate for a free room at the official hotel next year.


    4. Business

    4.1. Management Issues

    The Board seemed pleased with the outcome. The final answer on the $10,000 from CMN-M would determine when Kathy would begin as Executive Director.

    ACTION: Kathy will write a letter to J. P. Tibi outlining the successes of archers who trained at the Centre this year, and the need to extend the NAC until the end of September 2000. She would also ask about the funding. The letter should state also that Arthur Nault is authorized to act on FCA’s behalf. Alain Gravel will translate the letter.

    The Paralympians need the Centre open until the end of September. Kathy and Al will arrange to get all the records and materials back to Ottawa. There was discussion about the laptop and cell phone. These are staying with Arthur Nault until the Paralympic Games are finished.

    The submission of questionnaire and related material will be Kathy’s workload priority for September, even over Info.E-mail.

    Kathy outlined Dan Churchill’s offer to upgrade FCA’s computers so long as FCA owned all the software. The Executive agreed to pursue this offer.

    ACTION: Kathy will contact Dan Churchill.

    ACTION: Kathy will as the National Archives for an inventory of all materials related to archery.


    4.2. Finance

    ACC has not used the entire 2000 budget. Some 3D Canbow start-up costs could be covered this year.

    ACTION: Kathy will secure price quotes for new 3D Canbow wall charts and 3D Canbow crests. The Winnipeg committee should be made aware of the decision not to have the plaques at the AGM

    a) It was noted that the annual award plaques had become damaged. The Executive agreed to use the money normally spent on shipping the annual award plaques to Manitoba to have them refinished.

    ACTION: Kathy will secure price quotes to refinish all annual award plaques in the office.

    b) The FITA representative’s trip to Congress will be expensive.

    ACTION: Kathy will provide an estimate of costs for travel and accommodation for the January meeting. The suggestion was made to do some fund raising for this trip as an indication that the Exec is looking for ways to deal with funding cuts as are the archers

    c) The Canbow booklet will need to be updated and reprinted.

    ACTION: Bruce and Jude will provide revisions. Kathy will secure a price quote and deal with production issues at the office.

    Pascal had submitted numerous receipts to Kathy during the national championships. A re-calculation of expenses versus advances would be needed. Some costs could not be finalized until receipts were mailed from France. Kathy felt Pascal would be under-budget for the move back to France.


    4.3. Archery Canada

    Since Kathy Millar wrote this new technical manual, it would be logical for her to write the course conductor manual. This is a CAC budget item but time is very limited for drafting the manual. Kathy’s first priority is the SFAF submission. Those people who may be able to help out are Jim Wiebe, Doug Soar and Reed Fowlie. Reed may not be available but every effort should be made to involve him more.

    ACTION: Kathy will contact Cyndie Flett immediately with regard to this project and the Mexican Olympic Solidarity meeting. Kathy will contact Reed to see if he is available for the Regina clinic.

    ACTION: Kathy will forward copies of Ski Canada’s PDM work to all Executive members.

    ACTION: Bruce will formulate a nationals format discussion paper with Greg Durward, focusing in particular on the team round.

    ACTION: Kathy will research costs associated with Ghislain Arseneault’s request to attend professional development courses for officials.

    4.4. High Performance

    The meeting will be held some time in November at Arthur’s home. Kathy Millar will attend. The meeting can not be held much earlier than this due to Arthur’s participation in the Paralympic Games.

    a) Excellence Equipment Programme

    Al Wills met with Gary Gillies regarding the state of this programme in 2000 and problems that had arisen. Gary felt the programme was running well. Alain Gravel had advised Gary that an up-to-date inventory in an electronic database format was required for the HPC meeting in the fall. The Executive felt that a separate representative should deal with FCA sponsors to ensure they were being properly served. Kathy would be attending the AMO Show in January 2001.

    Ranking lists should be available by December 31 each year. Equipment ranking lists should available at the same time. The athletes should be given a time limit in which to decide whether or not the equipment would be accepted.

    1. Excellence 2004
    2. The brochure would be approved at the November HPC meeting and circulated immediately. Retroactive scores for a period of 6 months would be included in the 2004 programme. HPC would discuss the merits of offering different packages for different services at different prices. The Executive felt that the fees being charged were not excessive.
    3. Olympic Coach for 2004
    4. It was noted that a full-certified level 4 coach would be needed for Athens.
    5. Major events in 2001
    6. ACTION: HPC will draw up criteria for team membership to the World Indoor Championships and the World Outdoor Target Championships.
    7. InfoExcellence
    8. ACTION: Alain will ask Laurier Cusson if he would re-consider his position as editor.
    9. ICQ meetings

    ACTION: Alain will ensure that Kathy Millar will become part of these meetings once Arthur hands in the laptop.


    4.5. Communication & Marketing

    Owen Gunther’s bronze medal performance at Junior Worlds may interest Hoyt.

    ACTION: Kathy will contact Don Rabska.


      1. Other Business

    There will be costs associated with changing the plate on this plaque to reflect the name change.

    The President raised the issue of holding another Executive committee meeting now that he lived in the Ottawa area and costs for the meeting would be reduced. A tentative date of January 20-21, 2001 was set. At that time the committee would decide on an April meeting date.


    5. President’s Comments

    Al Wills thanked everyone for their efforts and spirit of co-operation.

    6. Adjournment

    The meeting ended on Sunday, August 20th at 10:45 a.m. Adjourn until January 2001.

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