Minutes, Board of Directors

August 19, 2000 Boucherville, PQ

In attendance:

Allan Wills, President Alain Gravel, VP High Performance Bruce Savage, VP Archery Council

Jude Hooey, VP Administration Greg Durward, BCAA Dawn Groszko, ATAA

Mike Boulet, ABAM Eric Savage, OAA Guy Bigras, FTAQ

Karen Reinhart, AANB Sheila Sheppard, AANS Andrew Webber, NLAA

Absent: Ken Martel, SAA

Guests: Kathleen Millar, General Manager Pascal Colmaire, Technical Director

1. President's Call to Order

The meeting was called to Order at 4:15 p.m. in the Salle Lionel-Séguin, Bibliothèque de Boucherville. The President welcomed all new directors and described the world-class shooting witnessed at the national championships this year. Al reiterated FCA’s need for innovative thinking.


  1. Acceptance of the Minutes, August 1999
  2. Motion #B20001: I move to accept the minutes as published in the directors’ mailing #99/02.

    Moved by: Jude Hooey Seconded by: Andrew Webber carried unanimously

  3. Acceptance of August 2000 Agenda
  4. Motion #B20002: I move to accept the agenda as published leaving it open for additions.

    Moved by: Sheila Sheppard Seconded by: Greg Durward carried unanimously

    There was a discussion about a dinner break at 6 p.m. It will be decided later.

  5. Reports
  • • Verbal addendum only to Annual Report submission
      1. President Nothing to add
      2. Vice-President, Finance & Marketing Nothing to add
      3. Vice-President, High Performance Nothing to add
      4. Vice-President, Archery Canada Nothing to add
      5. Director, Alberta Nothing to add
      6. Director, British Columbia Nothing to add
      7. Director, Saskatchewan Not present
      8. Director, Manitoba Nothing to add
      9. Director, Ontario Nothing to add
      10. Director, Quebec Nothing to add
      11. Director, New Brunswick Nothing to add
      12. Director, Nova Scotia Nothing to add
      13. Director, Newfoundland Nothing to add
      14. Athletes Representative Nothing to add

    4.15 Technical Director/National Training Director Not present

    4.16 General Manager Nothing to add


    5. Business

      1. 2000 Fiscal Year Update

    The information was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting. Kathy Millar expected the final quarter to reflect the same reduced revenues and high disbursements as last year. She was concerned that the Centre Claude Robillard would not live up to its $10,000 commitment. She stated also that Pascal Colmaire had made every effort to keep his moving costs to a minimum. Further costs would be minimal.

    One of FCA’s long-standing receivables had been paid at these nationals. Two more large accounts remained unpaid. FCA Executive Committee action would continue to resolve these accounts. However, outstanding receivables to date were less than $10,000 at this time.

    Kathy Millar recounted her meetings with FCA’s RBC Dominion Securities representative regarding the cash balance on FCA investments. The Province of Manitoba bonds that FCA invested in as an interim measure come due at the end of August. The cash value in question is approximately $13,000. If the Board decided to invest in high risk, high return ventures there may be times when investment return would be less than the principle invested. Or, FCA could continue to invest in strip bonds or regular bonds as low-to-medium risk investment instruments.

    Motion #B2000-03: I move to continue to invest the cash value of FCA’s investments into low-to-medium risk financial instruments.

    Moved by: Alain Gravel Seconded by: Karen Reinhart carried unanimously


    5.2. Management Issues:

    Information was distributed in advance in order for Board members to assess staffing requirements and revenues.

    No further comments were made at this time.

    Al Wills explained the purpose and history of the FCA Strategic Plan. Usually this process included face-to-face discussions but there were no funds available this time. He charged the provinces to review Appendix A and update any pertinent provincial issues. The model would be changed to a target face so archers could relate to it better.

    Motion #B2000-04: I move to accept all 3 policies in principle as submitted.

    Moved by: Karen Reinhart Seconded by: Eric Savage carried unanimously

    ACTION: Kathy Millar needs the new Appendix A for the SFAF submission in October. All Board members are requested to submit this information no later than September 30, 2000

    Andrew Webber led the discussion concerning vote-by-mail and its limitations regarding clarification and comment on topics. Al Wills stated that some times deadlines were important and Board approval was necessary, such as the printing of the rules book. It was agreed that FCA could not afford any more board meetings. Therefore, when a specific topic needed to be discussed, teleconferencing should be used. When the issue was more involved, pertinent points and highlights, pros and cons, should be added to the end of the mailing.

    Al Wills will make this a priority in the fall, checking clauses and attempting to move all provinces to a two-year or quadrennial contract. If national championship sites had not been selected, the contract would reflect that FCA’s subsidy for representatives’ travel would be calculated as soon as the information became available.

    Surveys were collected. All respondents agreed that professional staff was important to FCA’s future. There was disagreement on the number of staff needed and whether or not full-time or part-time employment was suitable.



    MOTION #B2000-05: I move to modify Kathy Millar’s contract as FCA Executive Director with duties 75% administrative, 25% technical to take effect as soon as financially feasible in the opinion of the executive committee.

    Moved by: Karen Reinhart Seconded by: Greg Durward carried unanimously


    5.3. Committee Work & Recommendations:

    a) Archery Canada Council

    Bruce Savage stressed the need for all provinces to have fully certified level 3 coaches in place for 2003. No exemptions would be given.

    Guy Bigras asked the committee when the new rules book would be translated and whether it was a priority. Approximately 90% of the rules book was derived from FITA’s rules book. Greg Durward felt a French edition was possible so long as he had help from fluently bilingual sources in Québec. Alain Gravel stated that he would help. It was noted that in cases where disputes arose in interpretation of the rules, the English version took precedent.

    ACTION: Kathy Millar will contact the FTAQ office on Greg’s behalf to enlist volunteers before he begins the process of downloading FITA’s French rules book.

    Greg Durward took the Board through the recommendations and issues circulated prior to the meeting.

    1. It was agreed that "Tournament Information Session" replace the term team captains meeting at the outdoor championships.

    ACTION: Al Wills is reviewing the hosting manual. The name should be changed there, too. As well the organizing committee should post highlights of the meeting at the field and target venues. Greg Durward will clarify procedures and provincial responsibilities and report back to the Board.

    2. Smoking will be prohibited at Indoor Nationals sites.

    3. There should not be a separate round for Cadets in the Olympic Round at nationals.

    4. Provincial level judges are required at all nationally sanctioned events.

    1. The format of the Fred Usher Cup and Boot Cup was discussed. No decision was made.
    2. ACTION: Greg Durward will rework the options available for team rounds and submit his suggestions to the Board for the 2002 national championships.
    3. Organizers should not be allowed to re-arrange the national championship schedule based on pre-registrations.

    7. Jury d’Appel

    Motion #B2000-06: I move that the Executive Committee shall appoint a Chairman of the Jury of Appeal for the national outdoor championship. When an appeal is received, the Chairman will appoint two other members.

    Moved by: Greg Durward Seconded by: Mike Boulet carried unanimously

    8. Practice should be allowed on the Tournament field or separate adjacent field at nationals.

    ACTION: Al Wills should add this to the hosting manual.

    9. The participation restriction rule should be stricken permanently.

    10. ACTION: Wind flag size and material should be included in the hosting manual.

    11. Bowhunter equipment rules should follow the same delineating as other FCA equipment division.

    12. Appeals at 3D Championships

    ACTION: Greg should contact Don Lohnes before adding 11.10.2 to 3D rules as section 3.3.9.

    13. Penalties should be added from the 2002 FITA rules book to FCA’s rules book for 2002.

    14. The term resident of Canada should be defined as someone "living in Canada for more than 1 year."

  • 15. It was agreed that in terms of cutting the field, there should be no minimum number of participants in the national championship ranking round. The maximum would be 64 as in FITA.
  • ACTION: ACC should advise the Winnipeg organizing committee of this change.

    16. ACTION: The definition who is eligible to shoot in FCA registered events must be re-worded.

    17. ACTION: The advertising section must be re-written. As well clothing at the Outdoor Championships should be restricted to black, white or red bottoms and predominantly white tops or provincial team shirts. Greg Durward would prepare the proper definitions and motions as required.

    Level 3-coach status/PDM and CBET

    This was an information item only. The level 3 pilot course is slated for Regina September 23-24, 2000.

    It was stated that 3D required range officers rather than judges. These officers should NOT be guaranteeing a course’s safety since no field course is ever totally safe.

    The draft minutes were circulated. The final minutes would be circulated to the Board in September.

    There was much discussion concerning bowhunter categories in target events, the value of shooting the number of rounds offered and possible changes for 2002. It was agreed that the format should be left alone. It had run well in its first year and though there was some initial confusion over medals awarded, most participants were satisfied.

    Kati Nagy had given a report at the AGM, stating that the organizing committee was willing to make changes if they were recommended from the Board. No changes are recommended. Mike Boulet noted that there is at least one hour’s driving time between the field and target venues. It was recommended that the next Board meeting have snack food available so that evening sessions could continue uninterrupted.

    Al Wills stated that the Executive Committee had spent considerable time on this and that the project was a priority for the Executive. Bruce Savage and Jude Hooey were to present revisions to the January Executive meeting. Kathy Millar would secure price quotes. It was the Executive Committee’s intention to distribute the new programme at the 2001 outdoor championships.

    Andrew Webber reported that the mail matches would begin as usual on January 1. There will be no club team round as participation was too low. The Records Co-ordinator asked that a double 70m round record be established as more international level Canadian archers were participating in them. This change would be included in 2002.

    The Executive has asked Kathy Millar to formulate a policy regarding the presentation of volunteer pins. In the meantime, the Executive felt that the efforts of the Records Co-ordinator, the mailmatch chairperson and the Athletes’ representative should be recognized.

    Motion #B2000-07: I moved that Christiane Murphy, Andrew Webber and Marthe Cusson should be awarded bronze volunteer recognition pins to be presented at next year’s AGM.

    Moved by: Sheila Sheppard Seconded by: Jude Hooey carried unanimously


    b) High Performance Committee

    Alain Gravel wishes an extension to the NAC’s termination so that the Paralympians could train there before leaving for Sydney. Pascal Colmaire had negotiated the CMN-M/FCA contract of $10,000 and follow up would be necessary. The legacy includes a cell phone, laptop, files, filing cabinets and supplies. Arthur Nault, as a member of the NAC board of directors, would be in charge of filing the appropriate paperwork to dissolve the business in Québec and finalize all the legal details.

    At this point in the meeting, Pascal was thanked for all his efforts and left the FCA Board meeting for the last time.

    Alain outlined some of the compound division issues, the Excellence 2004 programme and the problem with team uniforms. Al Wills apologized to the athletes for their inconvenience this summer. The FCA had tried to push the selection date back as far as possible in order to accommodate the athletes’ needs, but in so doing had made it impossible to get tailor-fitted uniforms in time. The Executive had considered off-the-rack uniforms that could be customized and whether FCA should invest in stocking inventory. Since this was a committee issue, athletes were asked to send their opinions to Marthe Cusson directly. HPC will discuss this issue further at their annual meeting in the fall.

    Suggestions had been received from Bruce Malmberg. These would be addressed at the fall HPC meeting. It was agreed that there would be a 6-month overlap for scores submitted between the end of Excellence 2000 and the beginning of Excellence 2004.

    ACTION: Kathy will forward the new Athlete’s Rights Policy to Alain Gravel. He will compare the revision to the translation done by Sport Canada and submit both to Al Wills for the FCA web site.

    No team medal will be possible at Sydney. Rob Rusnov did not train full-time at the NAC. FCA’s commitment depends upon medalling at the Games. The reward for medalling is $10,000. Paralympians were not included in the original motion.

    Al Wills thanked Marthe Cusson for providing a historical background file of FITA Star winners on the FCA web site.

    Marthe stated she had not received appointments from each province. It was hoped in the future that all provinces would elect athlete reps formally to this position.

    ACTION: Al Wills was asked to send a copy of Toronto’s 2008 bid document to Susan Hall in Manitoba.

    Discussion continued on the championship format and providing an equal playing field, while at the same time encouraging archers to participate in all 3 national outdoor championships. There was discussion concerning Joan McDonald’s suggestion to run events in series and how that would be achieved. Most of all people needed to know who our national champions really were. This topic requires more discussion.

    ACTION: Greg Durward will formulate possible options for discussion and circulate them to the Board and on the web site. These suggestions could be incorporated for the 2002 national championships.


    c) Communications & Marketing

    Kathy Millar clarified the types of sponsorship for each company. Neet was a team sponsor; Hoyt, Win & Win and Easton were Excellence programme equipment sponsors; Robin Hood and Labatt’s were event sponsors; Air Canada was a one-time elite athlete sponsor; and VISA will be a general sponsor. Kathy Millar will make contact with Don Rabska and other sponsors in order to smooth out some of the problems arising this year.

    There will be a 3-week delay in updating the web site while the President moves. InfoExcellence had not been accepted well in electronic format. Alain Gravel stated that editorial concerns and contributors would be ironed out. Dawn Groszko stated that information was not available to provincial presidents who were not connected electronically.

    ACTION: Kathy Millar was investigate the feasibility of mailing Info.E-mail once a month to Eileen Ferrier and establish the associated costs for same.


    d) International Committee

    The next meeting will be held in Beijing, China. FCA has not sent a representative since 1997 and Al Wills felt Canada’s voice in issues pertaining to compound bows and rules was weakened because of it.

    ACTION: Kathy will attempt to find a sponsor for this trip.


      1. 2001 Fiscal Year

    At the January 2001 Executive Committee meeting the budget will be divided among HPC, ACC, and the international portfolio. Attention will be given to costs associated with the translation of the rules book.

    Kathy Millar will become the Executive Director some time between October 1 and December 31, 2000. No further discussion was warranted.


      1. Other Business

    Motion #B2000-08: I move to rename the Female Athlete of the Year Award the Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year Award.

    Moved by: Eric Savage Seconded by: Sheila Sheppard carried unanimously

    It was agreed that biographies of all the commemorative annual awards should be attached to the plaques so that future generations know why the awards were so named.


    1. President's Closing Remarks

    The president encouraged comments regarding the scheduling of meetings at the nationals. He encouraged members to speak with him or Kathy Millar after the meeting for suggestions. He congratulated the organizing committee for a terrific national championship, one in which he had never seen so few people run such a top-notch event.


    7. Adjourn

  • I move to adjourn until August 2001 in Winnipeg. The meeting ended on Friday, August 1, 2000 at 20:30.
  • Moved by Karen Reinhart.

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