August 17, 2000, Boucherville, PQ

Al Wills introduced Robert Rusnov, Olympic team member, Owen Gunther, recent junior world bronze medallist, Marie-Pier Beaudet, recent world record holder, and Amanda Smith-Millar who designed the AGM visual presentation. He explained that new business was not allowed at the AGM, but it would be dealt with at the upcoming Board of Directors meeting.

  1. Minutes
  2. I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting at Sherwood Park, AB held on July 30, 1999, be accepted as printed.

    Moved by NS, Seconded by NB, carried

  3. Report of the President
  4. Al Wills praised the efforts of both David Dalziel as Olympic team alternate and Joan McDonald as Olympic team leader. He stressed the professionalism of departing Technical Director Pascal Colmaire and presented him with a painting of Gatineau Park as FCA’s parting gift.
  5. Reports of the Vice-Presidents
  6. Vice-President, Finance & Marketing

    Jude outlined developments in 3D Canbow and the financial challenges facing FCA.

    Vice-President, Archery Canada

    Bruce emphasized the need for PSO involvement in the Canada Games political process, as well as the need for more volunteers.

    Vice-President, High Performance (as circulated)

    Vice President, International (as circulated)

  7. Reports of the Provincial Directors
  8. Quebec mentioned the funding base is still Olympic-bow oriented whereas membership is compound-oriented. BC is concerned that adults will be taken out of their Summer Games and thereby reduce participation 50%. Alberta has started a mentoring programme to prevent volunteer burnout.

    Saskatchewan has hired Sherman Brown as the provincial coach. New Brunswick is preparing for the 2003 Canada Winter Games.

    Athlete’s Representative (as circulated)

    General Manager (as circulated)

    National Training Director

    In his farewell address, Pascal outlined the need to continue hosting international-level events and to develop coaches beyond the club level. He noted Canada’s success with young archers since 1993 and felt the lack of similar success among adult archers came from a lack of political will in Canada. Pascal leaves the FCA to pursue a career with FITA.

  9. Reports of Committee Chairpersons,
  10. Co-ordinators, and FCA Representatives.

    Al Wills congratulated the Aylmer Archery Club that hosted the very successful 3D nationals this year. Greg Durward thanked all the site co-ordinators for the indoor championships. Andrew Webber noted the increase in mailmatch participation and thanked the club co-ordinators. Al Wills expressed FCA’s hope that Reed Fowlie, Coaching Chairman, would have a speedy recovery from his recent illness.

  11. Business arising out of the minutes (none)
  12. Information items
  13. • FCA Achievement Awards 1999

    Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year, David Dalziel; Female Athlete of the Year, Dawn Groszko; Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year, Rachael Savage; Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year, Joan McDonald; Judge of the Year, Eileen Ferrier; Volunteer of the Year, Greg Durward

  14. Presentation: 2001 Organizing Committee
  15. Kati Nagy distributed information pamphlets on behalf of the ABAM outlining the sites, facilities and answering questions. A web-site will be operational soon.
  16. Reports of ad hoc committees
  17. Format of National Championships

    Several suggestions were given. Field participation was stronger than anticipated in 2000. It was suggested that all 3 nationals should run without overlap so archers could participate in each discipline. The 2001 nationals will remain the same format as the Boucherville example.

  18. Items for ad hoc committee study
  19. Bruce Savage will take recommendations for changes to the National Championship format back to committee for further study.
  20. Recess for committee study (none)
  21. Election of Directors-at-Large (N/A)
  22. Appointment of Auditors
  23. I move that the firm Guidon/Carron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2000.

    Moved by MB, Seconded by ON, carried

  24. Selection of sites for the
  25. 2002 Outdoor/3D Championships

    2003 Outdoor/3D Championships

    Since no bids were received from the floor for any championships, advertising and approving bids will become the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

  26. Good and welfare

Both Alberta and Saskatchewan will be celebrating centenaries in 2005. Medicine Hat and Frontier Bowmen (Regina) clubs plan to bid for the national championships in that year. There is no perceived conflict in 2001 between the United States target championship dates and FCA’s. The president stressed the need to remain positive for the future and build on the good things happening this week at the nationals. It was requested that the Board alter the outdoor championships clothing policy.

  1. Adjournment

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned.

Moved by NS, carried

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