FCA "Outgoing" Executive Minutes
July 30, 1999
"Outgoing: Executive Committee Minutes
July 30, 1999

Executive members present:
Al Wills, President Alain Gravel, Vice-President High Performance
In attendance:
Kathleen Millar, General Manager Pascal Colmaire, Technical Director
Dennis Mrokwia, Vice-President, Archery Canada  Jude Hooey, Vice-President Finance

1. President's Opening Remarks
Called to Order at 14:00. Al Wills, FCA President, chaired the meeting.  Al welcomed the Vice-Presidents and staff, and noted the absence of the two other Vice-Presidents.  He explained this meeting was a housekeeping exercise to better prepare for the upcoming AGM and Board meeting.  There being only two voting members of the Executive present, no motions were moved.  Al stressed the need for guidance and leadership from the new Executive and Board.
Developments of note:  Al was pleased to announce that the Host agreement between Sherwood Park Archery Club and FCA had been signed the previous night and the cheque was received today.  The cheque from Robin Hood Multi-foods was promised, but not received.

2. Reading of Minutes, January 23-24, 1999.
Minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #1/99, 99/02/10.

3. Acceptance of Agenda
The agenda was left open to allow for additions during the meeting, if necessary.

4. Reports
All reports had been submitted and published in the FCA Annual Report.  The Report will be circulated at the Annual General Meeting and to all affiliated clubs.

5. Business
5.1.  Management Issues
PSO Agreements
- 1999
Al Wills admitted that it was a lot more work to negotiate and finalize these agreements than anticipated.  Though he had introduced a generic version to each province, they tended to become specialized.  Fewer deviations from the generic agreement are anticipated for 2000.  The process was quite worthwhile.
* 2000
Several provinces have received draft agreements (ON, BC, NB, MB) already in order to speed up the process and have signed agreements in place by the end of the calendar year.  It is anticipated that a standard agreement will be reached with all provinces by the year 2001.

One change will be the 50% funding clause.  Once the 2000 target/field nationals site has been selected, an actual dollar value for subsidy from FCA will be calculated for each province provided that the base number of FCA members has been achieved.  This will make budget preparation and reimbursement easier to administrate.

ACTION: Kathy to provide preliminary travel costs to Al for 3D and Target Nationals.

With reference to formal agreements, Pascal Colmaire suggested that the FCA host agreement include a clause stating that all on-site registrants must pay the full FCA membership fee.  FCA membership is mandatory for all championship events.

ACTION: Al and Pascal to include clause in Host agreement with 2000 and 2001 sites.

Recognition of Bruce Savage
It was agreed that the FCA Executive should award the FCA Bronze Volunteer pin to Bruce Savage in recognition of his efforts and report on the thorny issue of National Championships format.

Review Executive Committee Elections / voting procedures:
Due to the annual administrative costs associated with each Vice-presidential position ($1500-2000), it was decided to suggest the following break-down to the AGM during the election of the Directors-at-Large: President, VP High Performance, VP Archery Canada, VP Administration & Marketing.  One extra Director-at Large would remain.  That person would sit as a member of the Board with specific duties assigned by the President.  The nominee who would not be elected successfully would be asked to contribute to the Volunteer Task list by the President.  It was agreed that Al would retain VP International duties if he was elected as president.

There was a review of the issue of block voting at the AGM, and the possibility of Board members running for Executive Committee positions.  The nomination process was reviewed.  It was agreed that Kathy Millar would run the AGM election as well as the election of the Executive from the Board members.

5.2.  Finance
1999 Fiscal Year
- Distribution Centre
Kathy discovered that there are long-term outstanding accounts receivable owing FCA through the Distribution Centre totalling $3172.42.  The problem arose due to FCA credit policies.  FCA is the only sport that does not insist on pre-payment or credit card purchases before products are shipped.  The board will be asked to approve policy change to prevent this situation from getting worse.

- Accounts Receivable
The accounting as of July 23, 1999 was provided in the Board packages.  It was broken down into national office and NAC spreadsheets.  The list was reviewed.  The total is over $24,000.00 due to grants from the Province of Québec which have not been received to date.  These affect the financial security of the NAC.

ACTION: Al to approach Guy Bigras regarding Lucie Martin and Marc Belair.

- NAC Status and Projection
Pascal provided a detailed accounting of revenues, expenditures and outstanding Accounts receivable.  Most accounts will be paid up to NAC during this week.  Discussion ensued concerning the relationship between FTAQ and NAC.  The definition of "services delivery" provided was an issue.  FTAQ’s budget from the provincial government is blocked into:  administration, provincial excellence, and professionalization of coaches.  The last two blocks have significance for the NAC.

The NAC Board has not been overly active and needs to be involved in this discussion.  Members include Guy Bigras, Gilbert St.-Laurent, M. Tessier (Revenu du Québec), Marc DeGrandmont and Pascal Colmaire.  A special meeting should be called to clear up this issue.

ACTION: Alain Gravel will set up a meeting with FTAQ, Marc DeGrandmont and the NAC Board.  Kathy Millar will be invited to attend to represent the President.  This special meeting will be called before the middle of September.

- General Status of FCA and auditor’s comments
The FCA is stable financially, but the next quarter will see an increase in expenditures while revenues will remain flat.  The auditor, Mr. Pierre Charron, sent a letter to FCA outlining the loss of revenue from investments.  It was noted by all present that every organization suffers from lower interest rates.  Alain Gravel noted, however, that Judo Canada had recently linked that association’s investments with COA in order to earn a higher rate of return.

ACTION: Kathy to pursue this with Judo Canada and report back before approaching COA.

- Funding Status Report
Sport Canada has issued two FAFAD cheques to date.  Their payment schedule can vary from dates printed in the contract.  COA’s marketing programme has had some setbacks.  To date only two sponsors have been named and the June 30th deadline has been extended.  FTAQ has not submitted any funds allocated towards the NAC though the total government subsidy has increased slightly (printed in FTAQ’s annual report).  Pascal Colmaire has been in contact with J-P Tibi several times regarding the three-year CMN-M coach support programme.  Funds will not be forthcoming until September.

- Review of Signing Authority
The current process was discussed.  Should changes occur in the Executive after the election, signing authority made need to be altered.

- 2000 Fiscal Year
The out-going Executive recommends that the new Executive work through a preliminary budget exercise before leaving the nationals to discuss cash flow issues and demands associated with the Olympic and Para-lympic Games.

5.3. Archery Canada
3D Meeting
Under budget concerns, the new Vice-President will need to review the Canbow project expenses and viability.  Allowable expenses for 3D representatives at nationals were formulated within each PSO agreement.  Total allowable budget is $1500.00

Of those in attendance this year at nationals, only Sheila Sheppard, Wanda Carlton and Ron Ostermeyer qualify for allowable expenses.  50% of Sheila’s expenses will be covered out of the Board meeting budget.  Total allowable budget is $1500.00

5.4. High Performance
- Budget Up-date
World Championships cost approximately $4700.00.  Uniforms through "Overkill" will total $3251.50.  FCA has forwarded $3100.00 already.  This leaves approximately $2000.00 for the CQT this October in Mexico City.  Since Canada did not earn a spot in Sydney via performances at World Championships, this project will go ahead.

- Coaching Association of Canada
Pascal Colmaire submitted 1999-2000 projects.  He has received confirmation from CAC for only $7,500.00.  Therefore, priority is given to DBET programmes, level 4 tasks and a level 3 pilot clinic.

The discussion over the future of the National Archery Centre was tabled for the Board meeting.

5.5. Communication and Marketing
Kathy proposed a comprehensive club mailer be circulated which would include:  the Annual Report, an Updated Directory after elections, a "red" poster from Distribution, an Archery Canada decal, bilingual advertisement for the web and request for e-mail addresses, catalogue price list, NAC advertisement downloaded from the web, advertisements of programmes and events.  The estimated cost for such a mass mailing was estimated between $750-$1000.

ACTION: Kathy to produce and circulate mailer upon approval by the Board.

It was agreed that CyberNews was a repeat of the weekly Info.e-mail and the web-site.  The editorial section was the main difference and really sparked interest.  It was suggested that a monthly editorial be added to Info.e-mail instead.

ACTION: The new Executive should address this issue with the VP responsible.

5.6. Other Business
The Proposal for team selection criteria was circulated to Pascal, Alain and Arthur Nault.  Pascal stated that it was ready to sign.  The top 16 finishers from the Wheelchair World Championships in Christchurch, NZ will win spots for Sydney.

- International
FITA World Target results on the web-site were excellent.  FITA also sent updates from the World Championships via faxed news releases.  The final listing for Olympic spots show that no Americans and only 2 Cuban men and women can qualify at the CQT.

Due to lack of funds, Al Wills was not able to attend Congress.  Every effort should be made to send FCA’s FITA representative to the next Congress, which will take place in Beijing, China.

An unofficial Ukrainian delegation has expressed interest in shooting FITA stars in Québec this summer.  There were concerns expressed about the authenticity of the delegation.

6.  President’s Comments
Al reviewed the Notices of Motion vote tally and hoped delegates present would establish a 2/3 majority.

7.  Adjournment
The meeting ended at 16:00.  The new Executive Committee will meet in two days’ time.

Minutes taken by K. J. Millar

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