Minutes from the 3D Teleconference

Sunday, November 28, 1999

Present at their various telephone sites:

Chairman: Don Lohnes

Nova Scotia Eric Sullivan Québec Ronald Gingras

Ontario Sean McKenty Manitoba Tom Paukovic/Marcel Mangin

Saskatchewan Blair Goforth Alberta Dale Isherwood

Guest: Kathleen Millar, FCA General Manager

Absent: Newfoundland, New Brunswick and British Columbia

  1. Call to Order

    All sites identified themselves and the meeting began at 2:05 Atlantic Standard Time. The Chairman welcomed everyone. It was noted that Sean McKenty was participating in lieu of Jack Molenaar who had resigned. A new Ontario 3D representative will be named at a future time.

  2. Review of Agenda

    The Chairman outlined the need to discuss the 3D rule changes for 2000, BCAA rep's report, shoot-offs, the protests from the 1999 3D nationals, and finally Eileen Ferrier's judges report. Ontario wished to add discussion of the 3D representatives meeting in Edmonton.

  3. 3D Rules

1.3 Duplicate Scorecards will be issued when damage occurs due to weather. This provision will be listed in the hosting manual. Some type of official notification would be needed.

2.0 No Comments

3.0 Passthroughs should follow general FCA shooting rules. The same applies for 4.1.8.

4.0 FCA Scoring

5.0 Item 5.1 was deferred to point 7.0.

6.0 No comments

7.0 Shooting Stakes

7.1 FCA Classes will shoot from shooting stakes as follows:

It was suggested that the hosting manual state:

Stakes for the three classes will be in one line from the furthest shooting position to the target.

8.0 No comments

9.0 No comments

10.0 Protest of Rule Violations

11.0 Cameras and Range finders

11.1 Discussion centered on verification of the magnification of binoculars.

The original manufacturer's specification must be visible on the binoculars. Questionable identification marks, or omission of these marks are in violation of this rule.

12.0 Yardage Discussion is penalized under section 23.

13.0 Equipment

13.1 Agreement

14.0 No comments

15.0 No comments

16.0 No comments

  1. How Ties are Broken

There was discussion on both points, but the rule was left as is. Hits do not count before 10x's.

18.0 Penalties for violations involving sight apertures is dealt with under section 23.

19.0 No comments

20.0 No comments

21.0 No comments. 21.2 should read "unsportsmanlike" conduct.

22.0 FCA Classes Defined. . "Open is a non-competitive class within the FCA's 3D classes. There is no Pro Division in the FCA.

Additional recommendations:

  1. The Grand Prix should be explained in the rules book.
  2. The minimum number of targets (80) and unique courses (4) should be delineated in the rules book.
  3. Back numbers should be issued by the Host Club and this should be listed in the Hosting Manual.
  4. Groups waiting to shoot a target should be expected to wait at least 15 meters behind the longest shooting stake. A waiting area/stake should be included in the Hosting Manual.
  5. FCA-trained 3D judges should be present at the 3D Nationals.

Judge training booklets will be forward to Kathy by Ontario and Québec as samples. Don Lohnes will approach Dennis Mrokwia, Chairman of FCA Judging, for formal assistance.

  1. BCAA Rep's Comments

    It was agreed that all the items mentioned in the report had been dealt with during this meeting.

  2. Protests at the 1999 Championships

    Kathy will forward all the submissions and replies for protests at the Championships, with the minutes from the teleconference.

    Edmonton 3D Meeting

    There was a review of the extenuating circumstances surrounding all meeting schedules during the first-ever combined FCA nationals at Sherwood Park Archery Club. It was noted that scheduling problems should not occur in 2000 since the nationals will be held separately. In 2001 however, this issue will be re-visited.

    The AGM should be a little more open for discussion and 3D questions should be encouraged under Good and Welfare.

  3. Eileen Ferrier's Report

Ronald Gingras will be sending a formal letter in response to this report. Several representatives felt there were inaccuracies. Kathy stated neither she, nor Pascal Colmaire, had been contacted by the Sherwood Park 3D contact person. Nor were requests received for judges on the 3D courses. Again there was a call for FCA-trained 3D judges for nationals.

7. Grand Prix

Clarification was requested on the purpose and goal of this event. The Grand Prix round is designed to choose the best archer from the annual tournament. The top 8 men and top 8 women, by score, after 3 rounds, are allowed to enter the event. There was some discussion that all 4 rounds should count to allow for differences in terrain and difficulty among the courses.

Other Business

  1. Don Lohnes hopes to have the Hosting Manual available for discussion by December 1999.

b) All targets should be verified with a range finder in order to assure that no target is in excess of the maximum.

c) FCA membership

It should be stated clearly in the rules book and the hosting manuals that all shooters must be FCA members.

d) Ronald Gingras invited everyone to attend the 3D nationals in Aylmer, PQ.

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