FCA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
August 1 '99
Executive Committee Minutes August 1, 1999

Executive members present:
Al Wills, President
 Alain Gravel, Vice-President High Performance Committee
 Bruce Savage, Vice-President Archery Canada Council
In attendance:
Kathleen Millar, General Manager
Jude Hooey, Vice-President Administration & Marketing; Pascal Colmaire, Technical Director

1. President's Opening Remarks
Called to Order at 9h30.  Al Wills, FCA President, chaired the meeting.  Al welcomed Bruce as the new Vice-President of ACC.  He charged all Executive members to be pro-active and communicate weekly.

2. Reading of Minutes, July 30, 1999.
Kathy Millar gave a verbal report.  Written minutes will be circulated in August.

3. Acceptance of Agenda
The agenda was left open to allow for additions during the meeting, if necessary.

4. Reports
The Annual Report will be circulated to all affiliated clubs.

5. Business
5.1.  Management Issues
* Orientation to the Committee
Kathy and Al Wills outlined the structure and projects of the various sub-committees under the ACC umbrella.  Al suggested that Bruce write a letter of introduction to all those sub-committee chairpersons.  Bruce’s first task is the completion of the national championships format proposal for submission to the Board of Directors.  Al reminded Bruce that he was allowed $60.00 per annum for telephone/fax/e-mail and postage combined.  Bruce was shown the Volunteer task list.  A Coaching Committee chairperson is needed.  There was some confusion over Sheila Sheppard’s position as Judge Chairperson.  Larry Robins is going to revise the Hosting Manual after the nationals in Sherwood Park and submit them to ACC.

ACTION: Bruce to follow through on priorities and tasks listed above.

* Issues arising from the Annual General Meeting
ACC needed to ensure the national championships’ registration form allowed room for the chaperone’s name when cub-aged archers signed up.  This responsibility will not fall to the Organizing Committee.  Chaperones would be assigned on site by the Organizing Committee to ensure that parents were not chaperoning their child’s (children’s) group.

ACTION: Bruce to work with Pascal and Larry Robins on this topic.

* Issues arising from the Board of Directors Meeting
A letter, clarifying membership in Excellence 2000 and ranking/monitoring has to be sent to E. Ferrier.

ACTION: Alain to formulate and send letter.

* Further Issues
The President will send e-mails to all Board members stressing commitment and regular communication. FCA board members and the provincial representative for Canada Games Council must communicate.  Finally, no team leader applications have been received for the 2000 Junior Worlds in France.
Al would be writing to Jude Hooey to encourage her to take an active role in the bimonthly cheque runs.
He will be suggesting that Jude add an editorial to Info.e-mail every month or so and drop CyberNews.

5.2.  Finance
1999 Fiscal Year
* Budget Commitments
Kathy reported that 3rd quarter expenses would show whether or not FCA has made it through 1999 with the decrease in membership fees.  Archery Canada Council has dedicated $1500 to judges’ travel, and $1500 to 3D rep. travel to nationals, and $1000 to the start up of the Canbow 3D programme.  HPC must prioritize CQT in October 1999.  There was no need to change signing authority.  The Distribution Centre will no longer process orders on credit.  Kathy will be sending out a club mailer.

ACTION: Kathy to contact Distribution and state policy change in writing.
  Kathy will process and distribute the information package to all affiliated clubs.

2000 Fiscal Year
Kathy Millar advised a full audit next year, ($2000.00).  Translation costs approximate $600.00.  HPC, as well as a possible $1300CPC fee per athlete for Sydney should consider junior Worlds and team leader expenses.  PSO agreements will state a specific subsidy to national championships in 2000, not a percentage.  This will make budget exercises easier.  The subject of staffing beyond September 2000 was discussed.  Rent in Ottawa will be $3460 for the year.

ACTION: Kathy to contact Judo Canada.

5.3. Archery Canada issues, if any  None reported.

5.4. High Performance issues, if any
* NAC:  Alain will be in touch with Kathy concerning the NAC Board meeting and FTAQ some time before mid-September.

* Excellence 2004:  This programme has been tabled for the HPC meeting this fall.

* Equipment Allocation protocol:  Kathy agreed to send Alain Louise Vien’s work to date regarding allocation.

5.5. Communication and Marketing
Kathy proposed a new retailer programme.  For the cost of $50.00 per year, starting in 2000, retailers would enjoy:  web-site links to their business from www.FCA.ca; directory reciprocal links, 3 major signage events per year, discounts on purchases through the Distribution Centre, indoor targets at volume discount prices, contact with the Canadian archery community through the permanent national office in Ottawa, and limited third person liability insurance for club activities when using business facilities.

ACTION: Kathy to produce and circulate new retailer programme in November.

5.6. Other Business
Female Athlete of the Year for 1999
Al Wills suggested that recognition should be made on the award plaque for the accomplishments of Canada’s world champions:  Dorothy Lidstone, Lisa Buscombe-Bertoncini and Lucille Lessard.  Discussion ensued.  The HPC may consider this request during the nomination process this year.

Rules book revision
Al noted Greg Durward’s offer to revise the FCA rules book.  Al will send Greg’s work to date to Bruce.

6.  President’s Comments
Al reviewed the Notices of Motion vote tally and hoped delegates present would establish a 2/3 majority.

7.  Adjournment
The meeting ended at 11:00.  The next Executive Committee meeting will be held in January in Ottawa.

Minutes taken by K. J. Millar

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