FCA  Board of Director's Meeting Minutes August 1999
Minutes: Board of Directors
July 31, 1999 Edmonton, AB

1.  President's Opening Remarks
Called to Order at 10:15 AM; the meeting was Chaired by Al Wills, FCA President.  Al outlined Board member responsibilities, emphasizing the need to communicate regularly with him and other members of the board.  Al welcomed Jack Molenaar, OAA’s 3D rep.  The President will be contacting Reed Fowlie concerning his involvement with the FCA as a committee member.  The President noted that there had been scheduling problems associated with this meeting, requiring many delegates to leave early.  The President was disappointed with this development since this annual meeting is very important FCA’s future.  He hoped every effort would be made to avoid such conflicts in the future.

Directors present: Al Wills, President
Alain Gravel, V-P High Performance Roger Boucher, Director-at-Large
Sheila Sheppard, Nova Scotia Don Lohnes, Director-at-Large
Bruce Savage, Ontario Ken White, Newfoundland
Janice Boucher, Saskatchewan Ewan & Eileen Ferrier, Alberta
Karen Reinhart, New Brunswick Greg Durward, British Columbia
Marc DeGrandmont, Québec Tom Paukovic, Manitoba
Marthe Cusson, Athlete's Rep.
In attendance:
 Kathleen Millar, FCA General Manager

2. Acceptance of the Minutes

motion #B9901: to accept the minutes as published #09/98 directors mailing.
- Moved by NS.  Seconded Alain Gravel.  Carried.  One abstention

3.  Acceptance of Agenda

motion#B9902: to accept the agenda as published noting the July date, and adding items dealing with issues arising from the Annual General Meeting.
- Moved by NB.  Seconded by SK, carried.

4.  Reports
All reports were submitted for publication in the Annual Report.  The following points were added verbally.
4.06    Director, Alberta (All ABA communication should go through Eileen Ferrier.)
4.12.  Director, New Brunswick (Karen Reinhart is now AANB President.)
4.15.  Athletes Representative (Each province should designate an athlete rep.)

5. Business
5.1 1999 Fiscal Year Update
 - Quarterly statements:  Kathy Millar presented the financial package, explaining the new accounting by project format.  Detailed and summary reporting was outlined.  Now that the system was operational, Board members would receive quarterly summary statements, whereas Board members would receive detailed reporting.

Al Wills emphasized the point that the Legacy Fund can not be touched.  The goal for the federation is to regain government funding.  Until then, the FCA was "treading water".  FCA has attracted good people, but more is needed.  The President also outlined the FCA’s financial obligation to Pascal Colmaire at the termination of his contract.  The new Executive Committee would discuss this budget item.  Should the sport return to a funding base, pending approval of the Mills Report, there might be many shareholders interested in the increased funding.  Al warned the Board to use caution and prudence.

- Outstanding Accounts Receivable at FCA’s Distribution Centre
Kathy outlined the present situation in review of the total list of Accounts Receivable.  Credit can no longer be given for products purchased through the Distribution Centre.

motion#B9903S: to establish a policy to restrict purchases at the Distribution Centre to pre-paid cheque or credit cards only.
- Moved by AB.  Seconded by R. Boucher.  Carried.   Unanimous

- One FITA, One Site, One Fee
Al provided an historical review of tournament registration costs over the years.  The Board re-affirmed the current policy of one-site, one fee.

ACTION:   Kathy will add this to the club package and information out of the office.

5.2 Management Issues
- 2000 FCA/PSO agreement issues
Concerns expressed by Nova Scotia were reviewed.  Then the President moved on to summarize the activities to date, noting that PSO agreements were confidential, but as Board members, each person was allowed to review any document on file.

- Staffing issues
The President noted his recent discussions with Technical Director Pascal Colmaire.  Pascal had stated that unless there was a positive change in government funding to FCA between now and September 1, 2000, Pascal will not seek a new contract.

By-law Changes
The vote by mail had been in favour of the by-law changes.

motion#B9904S: to approve the FCA by-law changes, substituting the words "Provincial Director" for "ex-officio.
- Moved by AB.  Seconded by ON.  Carried.    One abstention

ACTION:   Kathy will forward revised by-laws to Industry Canada for approval.

- 2000 AGM Scheduling
President asked Bruce Savage to schedule in possible meeting dates into his proposed Championship format report.  It was hoped there would be sufficient over-lap to allow participants from both national championships to attend.  A Wednesday date was suggested for the year 2000.

- 2000 FCA Administration costs review
The President outlined the costs versus revenue projections for the remainder of 1999 and 2000.  Kathy reviewed the quarterly breakdown on the chart in the Finances package each member received.  To the end of the second quarter, FCA revenues were down 13%, but Year-to-date disbursements were down 23%.  She warned, however, that the third quarter tends to generate little revenue, but disbursements for meetings and High Performance projects will be high.

5.3 Committee Work and Recommendations
a) Archery Canada Council
Report on Rule Changes for the 2000 Indoor Nationals
Greg Durward highlighted his report.  In particular, he reinforced the need for standardized score cards, team round refinements, the elimination of a dress code, and the registration of international sites so long as FITA rules and procedures were followed.  The Judges committee has accepted Greg’s work in principle and the format change.  It will include a section called "Indoor Championships" when the rulebook is revised this fall.  The Judges committee is awaiting the decision of FITA Congress before revision of FCA’s book can proceed.

Canadian Outdoor Championship Format Survey and Recommendations
Bruce Savage stated that he had gained much insight from suggestions made during the Annual General Meeting and would revise the proposal in time for implementation in 2000.  The format changes could be circulated for approval in a vote by mail by the end of August.  With this in place, the Board now accepts responsibility for the championship’s format.  There was some discussion concerning the need to return to a day-off mid-week.  Marthe Cusson, athlete representative, stated that no break was given internationally.  Therefore, FCA should follow suit.

Canada Games Status
The President stated that Canada Games was FCA’s second highest priority.  Kathy gave a brief overview of the CGS meeting she attended in October.  Both urged Board members to contact their provincial government representative responsible for Canada Games to stress the importance of the Games to archery’s domestic development.

ACTION: All provincial representatives to contact their provincial government and identify the person responsible to Al Wills.

New item from the Annual General Meeting
Dianne Dalman (AB) read a letter to the Assembly yesterday outlining the concerns senior women have with unattended youth at field and target nationals.  There was general agreement that cub-aged archers should be required to write in the name of their chaperone attending the national championships on their registration forms to nationals.  The onus would be placed upon the archer, not the organizing committee.

ACTION:   Pascal to include this in the hosting agreement under the section of registration.

b) High Performance Committee
NAC Review
The finances had been circulated separately in the package given to each member.  The President reiterated that athletes had stated there was a need for a national training centre but attendance did not support that claim.  It was noted also that FCA’s training centre generates over $25,000.00 in grants and other revenue per annum, particularly through Pascal’s out-reach programme to the provinces, such as Manitoba.

Olympic 2000 prize money for medals commitment
Kathy wished to remind the Board of their commitment to archers training for Sydney.  The original motion is reprinted below.

motion#B9709: to award any Canadian archer winning a medal in the individual events at the 2000 Olympic Games $25,000.  Any medal winning athlete who was ever a full-time member of the NAC receives a bonus $25,000. Any Canadian archer winning a medal in the team events at the 2000 Olympic Games receives $10,000.  Any medal winning team member who was ever a full-time NAC athlete will receive a bonus $10,000.
- Moved Alain Gravel, seconded Allan Dean carried (1 opposed, 1 abstention)

Team Selection
The team selection criteria for the 2000 Olympics and the revised ranking system had been published on FCA’s web-site, www.FCA.ca.

New item from the Annual General Meeting
The province of Québec wished to host a sanctioned FCA Ski-Arc Championship for the year 2000.  Marc DeGrandmont stated there was sufficient interest.  The President noted that a hosting agreement needed to be created, and as it was a new activity, the sanction fee should only be $15.00 for 2000.
ACTION:  Marc and Pascal to draft out a hosting agreement for Al’s approval.
c) Communication & Marketing
Kathy Millar outlined the projects to date.  There had been some success with Neet and Hoyt.  The Robin Hood sponsorship funds for 1999 had not been received, but had been promised on July 28.  This sponsorship contract expires this year and Kathy asked for assistance in starting re-negotiations.  The COA/FCA marketing project was awaiting further updates from Mr. Mike Patterson after Pan Am Games were over.

d) International Committee
Al Wills noted that Canada’s representative should have been in Riom in order to maintain links and influence with that decision-making body.  However, due to scheduling problems and lack of funds, this was not possible.  Al did send a written report to Jim Easton and sent his proxy with Norway.  He described the proposed "repechage" elimination round, and reported that Congress should have addressed the inner ten-ring issue also.

5.4. 2000 Fiscal Year
3D Canbow Awards Project
Al noted that some provinces had been supportive but questioned whether there was enough interest nationally to incur the costs associated with implementing the programme.  Alain Gravel stated that his club would be willing to pilot the project.  Kathy reported that all work to date in the office is in MacIntosh format.

ACTION:   Kathy will download the information available and forward it to Bruce and Don Lohnes.  Don will assess its viability by October 1, 1999.  Bruce will prepare an assessment for the January 2000 Executive meeting.

5.5 Other Business
Marc DeGrandmont stated that it was important for the NAC to stay open.  He hoped that there would be more involvement now with the NAC Board.

6. President’s Closing Remarks
Al thanked those remaining members of the Board for their cooperation and support.

7. Adjourn
Moved by NS.  Adjourned at 12:30 PM, to reconvene at the next national outdoor championships.

Numbering system for approved FCA motions: o 1st character: M = vote by Mail, B = Board of Directors vote, E = Executive Committee vote, A = AGM vote o 2nd & 3rd characters: denotes the year the motion was approved o 4th & 5th characters: denotes the sequence it was approved in that year o 6th character: S = a standing policy, no letter indicates its a time limited policy

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