FCA  Annual 3D Committee Minutes
Edmonton, AB  July 31, 1999
In attendance: Don Lohnes, Chairman
Dale Isherwood, AB  Blair Goforth, SK   Tom Paukovic, MB
Jack Molenaar, ON  Ronald Gingras, PQ  Wil Reinhart, NB
Eric Sullivan, NS   Ken White, NF

Guests:  Al Wills, FCA President
Marthe Cusson, Athlete Rep. Roger Boucher, SSA President Alain Gravel, VP-HPC
Red Ferrier, AB   Eileen Ferrier, ATAA Kathleen Millar, FCA General Manager
Absent:  Rick Pacquette, BC

At this time written reports were circulated from the provincial members present.  (attached)

1. Review of the 3D meeting minutes 1998
I wish to amend the minutes.  The meeting was held in Moosejaw, not Regina, SK.
Moved by MB.  Seconded by NF.  Carried.

2. FCA President’s Address
Al Wills welcomed all participants and reminded them that the FCA is 3D’s organization, too.  Since the AGM was held already, he outlined the process of decision-making for the next year.  He noted the high quality of representation and leadership across the country, and reminded those present that the FCA Executive was here to help.

3. FCA Athlete Representative’s Address
Marthe Cusson thanked the Chairman for inviting her to the meeting and explained the role of athlete representative to the Committee.  In particular, she outlined the link between FCA and athletes, bringing athlete issues to the Board of Directors, trying to solve problems or at least obtain the correct information.

The athlete’s representative also attempted to clarify questions on ranking and world championship criteria.  Previously, there had been a 3D ranking system and monitoring programme in place, but it was inactive.  If the Committee was interested in establishing a national ranking system for 3D world championships, the system could be re-instituted.

Marthe also suggested that an athlete representative be chosen from the 3D community to liaise with her on athlete issues and concerns unique to 3D.  Discussion ensued.  Manitoba suggested that such a system may have merits and provide access to equipment not available through normal 3D draws.

4. Chairman’s Report  (attached)
Don reviewed his report, adding that Tom Paukovic had been very helpful, acting as deputy chairman.  There were many concerns raised over the rule changes and decision-making during the winter.  He hoped to see more 3D issues posted on Kathy’s weekly Info.e-mail communiqués.

5. Old Business
New FCA 3D rules

6. New Business
- Provincial Representative’s Reports (attached)
NS: Eric Sullivan explained their provincial ranking system.
MB: As submitted.
PQ: Ron Gingras stated that FTAQ had adopted IBO rules in line with FCA changes.  The provincial  Indoors in St. Jean saw over 300 participants and Rouyn-Noranda will host the 1999 outdoors.  It is estimated that there are over 70,000 bowhunters in Québec.
NB: Wil outlined provincial assistance, ranking and fund-raising activities, e.g. BONB Bang-up.
 He stated also that the FCA Canbow system was working well in the province.
NF: Without indoor facilities access, Ken was only able to report limited activity in Newfoundland.
 Communication appeared to be a problem.  Working with the Ministry, mandatory BHEd has been  recommended, as was Sunday hunting.  Mandatory BHEd will add credibility in the province.
SK: There are 31 archers on the provincial 3D team.  90% of SAA’s membership are involved in 3D.
 All clubs hold 1-2 3D tournaments per year.  The province’s bear season is under attack.
AB: ATAA held a 3D indoor championship where IBO rules were modified.  Alberta is designing a region tour format leading to outdoor provincial championships.  There appeared to be a communication problem between the 1999 host club and the National Championship committee.  In Alberta, hunting regulations are not the problem, bow hunters are.  There is a need for unity.
ON There are over 95 active clubs in the province.  Families generally participate in 4 major events each year. Most clubs do not use IBO rules.  There has been a big resurgence is traditional archery and clubs are using marked distances in order to attract beginners who may not be able to judge distances well.  Delivery of BHEd certification has become an issue.
BC: submitted.

- 1998 3D Nationals report (attached).  Total attendance was 321.

- 1999 3D Nationals update (see Alberta’s report attached)

2000 3D Nationals update
The presentation by Jacques Carrière and Allen Casey had been made at the AGM.  The Aylmer group would be available for questions throughout the nationals at their display on site.

2001 3D Nationals bid
As presented at the AGM, the ABAM wished to host a combined target/field & 3D national championship in Winnipeg.  The vote at the AGM needed Committee ratification.  Ratified.

FCA 3D Rules and Web-site
Web-page updates are published only after this Committee approves them.  Rules should be updated and published by the end of this year.  Though the rule changes were publicized, there were many registration problems for Sherwood Park Archery Club.  A sub-committee was struck to review rule problems:  Ron Gingras, Marcel Mangin, and Dale Isherwood will assist the chairman.

Old Business
Major problems with rule changes were addressed. These included:  magnification of binoculars (NB attached); lack of judges on the 3D course at national championships; and categories need to add cadet (13-14), junior (15-17) male and female recurve and masters traditional, recurve and compound fingers no-sight, men and women. .  A submitted request stated that senior women’s stakes should be the same as senior men’s stakes.  Issues addressed were:  number of participants and awarding of medals; allowable score levels to achieve medals; changing rules only every two years so there is some continuity; and using marked distances.  Discussion continued.  It was noted that this was the first championships using the new rules and problems were bound to occur.  The Jury d’Appel included Ron Gingras, Dale Isherwood, Don Lohnes and Blair Goforth.

The rules can not be changed on the day of the tournament.
Moved by ON.  Seconded by PQ. Carried.

FCA judges have not been asked to cover 3D events.  It was recommended that range officials be instituted to walk the field course.  Another meeting would be beneficial, but due to lack of funds, meetings will have to be done via e-mail.

7. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.

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