FCA  3D Committee Meeting Minutes 1998

Minutes Annual 3D Meeting Regina, SK August 2, 1998

In attendance: Fred Walker, Chairman
Court MacKid Alberta   Rick Pacquette British Columbia
Tom Paukovic Manitoba  Marcel Mangin Manitoba
Ken White Newfoundland  Don Lohnes Nova Scotia
Roger Boucher Saskatchewan  Blair Goforth Saskatchewan
Guest:  Jude Hooey, FCA rep.

1. Fred Walker opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.

2. Report from the FCA
Jude Hooey, FCA Vice-President Finance explained FCA’s current status.  Topics which will be addressed at the FCA board meeting later in Winnipeg, which were discussed at this meeting:
Where is the FCA going?
Financial cutbacks
Kathy Millar’s hiring part-time
National Archery Centre
3D archery in the FCA
3D Canbow Programme ? does not have $5,000. To print the material and get kids involved.  No corporate sponsor has been found.

Blair Goforth suggested checking with the Wildlife Federations and Bowhunter Education programmes in each province to see if each province possible could fund some money to this programme.

The FCA was reported to be trying everything possible to increase funding.  Canada needs more medals at world competitions, funding coming up year 2000.

Motion: That the 3D archers of Canada ? FCA continue to support them and offer a national event annually and include an annual meeting at the national event which includes one representative from each province.

Moved by: Court MacKid  Seconded by: Marcel Mangin  Carried.

3. Provincial Reports
Court MacKid reported 3D is active in Alberta.  Five provincial shoots were held.  Alberta was concerned with FCA’s insurance at $12.00, and will drop from FCA if they can get insurance coverage cheaper unless FCA goes to the user-pays.  Then they will continue to be members of FCA.  Requests have been made of corporate businesses, archery shops, etc. to help fund archers go to the Nationals.

Roger Boucher reported 5 sanctioned provincial shoots.  Everything is going well.  SAA funds archers who shoot qualifying scores to National events.

British Columbia
Rick Paquette reported the sport of archery has continued to grow in BC over the past year and the newest growth was seen in the number of Indoor 3D competitions held around the province.  Four indoor 3D shoots were held and each host club received good support in their ventures.  The regular spring and summer shoots have all been successful and are continuing right through to the middle of September.  The average 3D has over 100shooters and the largest shoot in Williams Lake continues to draw in excess of 400 shooters.

As a result of Fred Walker’s letter earlier this year in regard to adopting IBO rules, I wrote a letter and sent out a copy of the IBO rules to 45 clubs in our Province.  The consensus of opinion is that we do not wish to adopt the rules for our regular 3D competitions in the Province.  The main reasons were the issue of the number of judges required to hold an event and the reduction of classes for cubs and youths.  Many of our clubs wanted to continue with the full number of classes for all archers under the senior category to keep the sport family-oriented.  If we were to adopt the IBO rules for the Canadian Championships only, they would not object to it.  Another issue that should be considered again is, how often are we going to contemplate making additional changes to our rules?  Our rules right now are not that far off the existing IBO rules.  Can we live with them for a couple more years until the United States gets their affairs in order?  There was some mention two years ago that FITA may get involved with the 3D World Championships, but we have not heard any more about it.

Our Bowhunter Education Programme has been very slow this year with only a couple of courses being held.  We have been successful in saving the bowhunting seasons in the Okanagan area of our province after one biologist was poorly informed and threatened to cancel them.  Several local clubs and the BC Archery Association rallied and wrote several letters to ensure the season remained in tact.

One issue I would like to discuss is a minor problem with having our Provincial 3D team able to pay the pre-registration rate rather than the full amount on attending this shoot.  Our Provincial Championships were held on July 3 & 4 this year, and will be the same for next year.  This year we have six sponsored shooters attending this event and were it not for winning at the Provincial level none of these shooters would have attended the Canadian Championships.  The pre-registration for this event was months in advance of the shoot and our provincial association did not gets its provincial grant money until the middle of June, so pre-paying for a number of entries was also not possible.

Ken White reported slow growth.  Check with the Ministry and the recommendation was 100% to make Bowhunter Education courses mandatory in the province.  There are five ranges on the island.  No government funding is available.

4. Rules
Consideration of adopting IBO rules.

Motion: To adopt IBO rules.
Moved by: Blair Goforth  Seconded by: Court MacKid  Carried.

Motion: To set up a committee to look at the categories to make a list of recommendations to the various provincial organizations and FCA 3D committee.
Moved by: Court MacKid  Seconded by: Tom Paukovic  Carried.

Committee Chairperson: Tom Paukovic
Members: Court MacKid, Roger Boucher, Don Lohnes
Deadline for report: September 1, 19998

5. 1997 Tournament Report, submitted by Don Lohnes
Osprey Archery Club hosted the FCA 1997 Canadian 3D Archery Championship, August 1-4, 1997 at Exhibition Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  (Report was appended to circulated minutes)

5. Discussion for Hunter Survey
Fred circulated the survey to each province.

6. Bids for 2000 3D Championships
None were received during the meeting.

7. Recommendations to the FCA Board
FCA continues to support 3D and offer a national event annually and include funding for one representative from each province to the 3D annual meeting.

Motion: Any rule changes made by the National 3D committee be adopted by January 1st the following year.
Moved by: Tom Paukovic  Seconded by: Court MacKid  Carried

8. Adjournment
Moved by Alberta. Carried

At 1:00 pm August 3, 1998 the meeting was reconvened to consider a bid from Quebec to host the 2000 FCA National Championships at Aylmer.  A vote followed and the bid was accepted pending a formal application and a letter of endorsement from their PSO.

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