Executive Committee / Comité exécutif

February 02-03, 2008 - Ottawa, ON - le 02-03 février 2008


In attendance:  

Roger Murray, President                       Vice-President International, Al Wills

Vice-President HPC, Alain Gravel          Vice-President 3D, Jude Hooey

Vice-President Committees & Projects, Charlene Parlee

Vice-President Marketing & Administration, Derek Hird


Guest:  Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director

            Leslie Murray, Sport Canada consultant (Saturday only)


1.         President's Call to Order

The President called the meeting to order at 9:00 and thanked everyone for their work.


2.               Acceptance of the Minutes, August 16, 2007

• Minutes were circulated via e-mail as per new FCA policy and recorded on the web site


MOTION E2008-01: To approve minutes as published

Moved by:      Jude Hooey           Seconded by:        Al Wills                         unanimous


3.         Acceptance of February 2008 Agenda


MOTION E2008-02: To accept agenda as published

Moved by:      Al Wills                 Seconded by:        Derek Hird                    unanimous


4.         Reports – Additional information to submitted reports

·        Alain reported that the report submitted was current up until the December meeting.  Since then, High Performance defined the Olympic qualifying and published it.  HPC had its first teleconference.  Al Wills has taken over the RCC chair and is finding problems and trying to solve them one at a time.

·        International – Greg Durward has suggested that FITA be made aware of conflicting rules regarding practice and yesterday Al Wills sent that concern to the FITA Technical Committee for clarification.  With the resignation of FITA’s chair of world field committee Al thought that he would be asked to sit on the committee, but FITA used the first round of voting, so another person was chosen to fill the vacancy.  FITA is reviewing its programmes and services.  Discussion is underway concerning money prizes for world championships as well as prizes for worlds cups.

·        Administration & Marketing – Derek reported that his portfolio is on hold until website changed.  West Jet did not accept Roger’s proposal for sponsorship; they already support some Olympic sports.  The discount to members that he proposed may not have been realistic, but perhaps a discount to the FCA Executive Committee would be acceptable.


ACTION:    Roger will pursue this new proposal with West Jet.


·        Sport Canada Consultant

Leslie Murray reported on the Able-Bodied athlete AAP quota.  It will be a reviewed after the Beijing Olympics.  It will be based on performance, looking over the past 4 years.


She reported that SFAF IV is on-going and should be complete by March-April 2008.  At that point, Sport Canada will know how many summer sports are eligible for funding and will be allowed to follow the assessment process. The return date to submit the assessment will be prior to Beijing.  Then the sports will be ranked relative to each other. The FCA funding level will be determined based on that ranking.  FCA’s accountability standards are satisfactory, but new standards have to be met by 2012.


Road to Excellence money for athletes with a disability was allocated at $10,000 and LTAD funding was increased by $10,000 to $25,000 (April 2008-March 2009).

·      President

Roger Murray added that in Korea, the IPC board voted to join with FITA as an IPC committee within the organisation.  Kathy reported that Arthur Nault will be travelling to Lausanne within the month to start the inclusion process with FITA.


MOTION E2008-03: To accept the reports as submitted

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Alain Gravel                  unanimous


5.         Business and Administration

5.1.    Operational Plan and Policy-making

-        FCA Operational Plan, Follow-up from BoD meeting in August 2007

The Executive Director led the Committee through a thorough review of the plan, item by item in anticipation of the Board of Directors meeting in March.  Jude Hooey took all notes and comments for Kathy to use to update the Plan in time for the meeting.


ACTION:          Kathy will circulate the updated Operational Plan to the Executive Committee by mid-February.


a)     Hosting

Jude has updated the existing championship host manual.  She preferred a stand-alone 3D hosting manual.

ACTION:          Jude will review it Al’s changes and report back to the Executive Committee. 

ACTION:          Al Wills ask FITA for their host committee manual to combine with the work that Jude Hooey has done.


b)     Finances

Derek felt that a 2009 contingency plan for economic downturn should be built in to the budget plans.  He felt that FCA should have a policy that addresses equality of cutbacks across the board.


ACTION:          Derek presented a club affiliation incentive on a sliding scale to give discounts for growth. Derek will provide a full proposal.


MOTION E2008-04: To change the FCA fiscal year end from December 31 to March 31

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Alain Gravel                  unanimous


ACTION:            The Executive Director will send out a notice of motion to the Board of Directors immediately.


c)     LTAD Competition Review

Kathy had this item listed throughout the document to 2012.  Major events were listed such as Commonwealth Games in 2010 for compound and recurve shooters, but only in light of the recommendations from the LTAD competition review.


ACTION:          Al Wills will confirm with FITA if there will be a specific qualification event or events for the Commonwealth Games.


ACTION:          Roger Murray will review the COPARCO Olympic solidarity funding and other programmes in effect in 2007.


ACTION:          During the competition review in 2009, FCA should look at the whole Club/PSO/FCA structure, its decision-making structure/communications network, and FITA’s world plan so that governance and policies are similar from the club level to the international level.  FCA should compare its structure to other sports as well.


d)     Coaching

During the November 2007 LTAD meeting, Coaching and coach development were identified as key concerns. FCA’s Coach Certification Committee recently lost its chairperson. Al Wills feels that the CCC should be connected with the Regional Coaches Council.  He has asked current RCC members if they are interested in the post.  Though CCC is represented on HPC, there is no delineated connection between RCC and CCC.  A RCC should be listed on the CCC organigram.


ACTION:     Kathy will ask CCC to include a member of RCC in its permanent structure.

ACTION:     Kathy will advertise the chair position in Info.E-mail on February 8th.

ACTION:     Kathy will include the Coaching programme and Learning Facilitator training as a PSO area on the March Board agenda, and include this information in the next Info.E-mail.


e)     Target Face Sales

All host sites for the indoor regional championships are supposed to use only official FCA target faces.  This is not being done consistently across the board because Kathy keeps track of target face sales from year to year.


ACTION:     Carolin will remind all archers and clubs that official FCA target faces are obligatory.

ACTION:     Kathy will post a notice in all remaining Info.E-mail bulletins up to the tournament date.


f)      Judge certification

Questions arose concerning judge certification, loss of certification and penalties for ineffectual judging.


ACTION:          Charlene will contact Ghislain Arsenault to find out where the policies are written regarding loss of judge certification and penalties.  She will report back to the Executive.

ACTION:     Kathy will ensure that the VP Committee & Projects volunteer job description includes the task to organise the Judge Committee nomination process for the annual Sylvio Beauregard Award.


-        FCA LTADM - LTAD update and motion to the Board (version 3)


MOTION E2008-05: To accept the LTAD process to date in principle, on behalf of the FCA Board of Directors

Moved by:      Alain Gravel          Seconded by:        Charlene Parlee                        unanimous


-        LTADM follow up from meeting in November 2007 – update – next steps


MOTION E2008-06: To re-hire Paul Jurbala as FCA’s LTAD contractor to lead FCA through the next step in the process

Moved by:      Charlene Parlee    Seconded by:        Jude Hooey                  unanimous


-        SFAF IV application and status

FCA has complied with the first stage in the process.  The revised Access and Equity policy will be submitted after the vote-by-mail is completed.  Leslie Murray’s report included discussion on the impact of performance in Beijing on core funding.  Derek asked what the financial impact would be on FCA’s overall budget for 2009-2013 if the Olympic and Paralympic teams improved relative performance.  Leslie explained that FCA competes against other sports.  Jude Hooey talked about medal numbers; but Sport Canada has devised a mathematical relationship to the number of events already so that it is taken into account.  Even if FCA’s ranking improves, Sport Canada contribution levels may not reflect it.  The most weighting is on Olympic performance, and of that, the rating is Sydney (10%), Athens (20%) and then Beijing (70%); and most recent world championships are rated heaviest.

-        Member complaint policy – part 2

The Executive revised the policy draft circulated by the Executive Director (attached).  It will be circulated to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval at the upcoming meeting.


-        Championship Rotation policy – draft #2

Kathy had revised the document based upon suggestions received to date from Board members.  The document was revised further. 


ACTION:     Kathy will revise the document and forward it to the Executive Committee. Then it will be presented to the Board.


-        Formation of FCA Translation Committee

Kathy had submitted a guideline for forming the committee and Alain Gravel is adapting that. 

ACTION:     Alain will name the committee within a month.  He will send the committee guidelines for this meeting’s minutes.

ACTION:     Kathy will send the current FCA lexicon to Alain for updating.


-        Archery Foundation update

Al reported no movement to date.  From the information received to date, Al is working through the logistics to activate it.  This is a long-term project, and though it has merit, the item should be tabled for now.


ACTION:     Creation of an Archery Foundation is tabled.


-        Draft Criteria for Honorary Lifetime membership

Al Wills submitted draft criteria to Roger Murray.


ACTION:     Roger will circulate the draft honorary lifetime membership criteria to the Executive by Friday, February 8th.


5.2.    Management Issues

-        Board of Directors & AGM March 2008 – necessary preparations & agenda

There was agreement that the meeting should include a Cosmos presentation on marketing, only if Cosmos will provide it at no charge; an update and working groups sessions possibly with Paul Jurbala, review of the Operational Plan in detail; True Sport club programme as an educational component; and sufficient time to discuss the inclusion of crossbows as a 3D equipment division.


ACTION:     Roger will invite PSO presidents to attend the Board meeting at their own expense.


-        Club Excellence Programme

Kathy presented the True Sport Clubs of Excellence concept, circulated earlier to the Executive in a PowerPoint presentation.  This concept is a successful programme in Great Britain and several sports piloted the course in Halifax in late 2007.  The original presentation was part of the Sport Canada LTAD annual workshop, given by Ian Moss of Swimming Canada.


ACTION:     Kathy will send a letter to True Sport that the FCA Executive supports the Clubs of Excellence efforts in principle.  FCA would like guidance on the next steps.


-      Scheduling Executive & 3D meetings during the national target/field championships

The Executive Committee will meet in Winnipeg to move the LTAD process forward during the first week in August, in between the field and target championships. The 3D meeting will be held on August 7th, in Dauphin, MB.


-        2008 Election cycle and terms of office

The following positions will be up for election for the period 2008-2010:

Able-bodied Athlete Representative                  VP Committees & Services

VP Events & Services (1 year)                         VP International                         VP HPC

-        Votes-by-Mail from August 2007 – January 2008 – ratification (attached)


MOTION E2008-07: To ratify the votes by mail as August 2007 to January 2008

Moved by:      Jude Hooey           Seconded by:        Derek Hird                    unanimous


ACTION:     Alain will send back the policy to HPC to review with the finalised budget draft.


-        PSO agreements renewal process for 2008-2010

The Executive Director gave an update regarding NLAA/FTAQ/PEIAA.  AANL is reviewing changes; FTAQ has the document; and Don Lohnes is pursuing the possibility of PEI’s return.


-        Insurance policies renewal (D&O/property/member)

The Executive Director reported that all policies had been renewed successfully at comparable rates to 2007.  SAA has joined the directors and officers policy coverage.


ACTION:     Kathy will check that the D&O policy includes coverage of errors & omissions.


-        Safety Office/Club Judge certification 2008 & Operational Plan

The Executive Director reported 90% compliance in 2007 and so far the additional safety officer requirement for 2008 had met with no resistance at all.  The Judge Committee and the Coach Certification Committee have adopted this course as part of their certification process. 


-        Registering FCA logo – status report

The Executive Director received confirmation from government that the application was received.  The process can take up to six months.


5.3.    2007 Fiscal Year End

The Executive discussed the following topics:

-        4th Quarter reports, comparisons year-to-date, year end and AGM preparation  

-        Year in review – demands on cashflow

-        Outstanding Accounts Receivables

-        Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships  


MOTION E2008-08: To forgive NLAA both 2006 and 2007 PSO agreement fees

Moved by:      Al Wills                 Seconded by:        Derek Hird                    unanimous


-        Other funding partners –Road to Excellence/Sport Canada/CAC

The Executive Director and Sport Canada representative reviewed the differences between the Road to Excellence for A/B athletes and AWAD athletes.  The funding source for able-bodied high performance is COC whereas AWAD athletes are funded individually through Sport Canada.


5.4.          2008 Fiscal Year

The Executive Director presented the second version of the draft budget with the HPC preparations.  There is currently a projected deficit.  Each project area was reviewed and several errors in general ledger allocations were found.  Kathy explained the original reason for changing FCA’s year-end in 1999 to the calendar year and the philosophy for leaving it or changing it again to match government’s year end.  There were discussions concerning the present bookkeeping firm and a possible replacement.  Sport Canada’s contribution schedule for 2008-2009 was reviewed.  Several FCA services are under-valued.


ACTION:     To review the current indoor regional championship fee structure and decide by a vote by e-mail to present changes to the Board.   The Executive’s deadline for this proposal is February 29.

ACTION:     To review the current retailer fee structure and decide by a vote by e-mail to present changes to the Board.  The Executive’s deadline for this proposal is February 29.

ACTION:     To review the operational plan regarding individual fee structure increases and decide on a vote by e-mail to present changes to the board.  The Executive’s deadline for this proposal is February 29.

ACTION:     Kathy will circulate the revised budget to the Executive by February 12 for a vote by e-mail.

ACTION:     Kathy will send the 2007 membership report and indoor nationals participation numbers to Derek Hird.


6.         Committee Work & Recommendations

6.1       Archery Canada Council

-        Coaching certification - status report & resignation of James Wiebe

The CCC is searching internally first for a replacement, but Kathy advised that she will not wait more than two weeks to advertise the position in Info.E-mail.  James Wiebe had suggested a replacement, but none of the committee members had any communication with this person.


-        Judge Certification activity report

Charlene reported the work that she had done to make sure that all judge positions were advertised for. 


ACTION:     Charlene will check with Ghislain Arsenault on judge appointments to date.


-        3D committee meeting follow-up task items – status report

Jude reported her activities on the Rules Committee and her lack of response from the 3D committee and the HPC on the team selection process (see discussion under HP matters).


-        Follow up from COPARCO continental certification clinic

Kathy reported that there is still some confusion regarding how many AWAD archers Roger Murray must assess before he receives international classifier status.  She reviewed FITA’s international judge certification system and its short-comings.  Canada has new continental judges and candidates.  FCA has 3 people working on their classifier training now.  Ghislain needs to have judges complete their training at the COPARCO level.


ACTION:     Roger will check with Paul Betteridge on his classifier status.


-        Championships Hosting Guidebook status

Al Wills reported that he forwarded the Championship hosting manual to the 2008 committees but has not finished updating the suggestions.  He had received Jude’s hosting manual suggestions to separate the championships into individual manuals.  Jude has started working on the indoor 3D hosting manual. 


ACTION:     Kathy will combine the 3D and target/field host agreements into one outdoor championship agreement to make sure that all organising committees work together to establish dates, etc.

ACTION:     Al will make changes to the host manual in the near future and circulate the draft to the Executive for comments.


-        2007 Membership Report – final

Membership numbers were down slightly so Kathy has not predicted an increase for 2008 to the insurance company for the minimum premium charges.


-        2008 FCA rule changes

Al Wills reported on the rule change discussions.  Jude reported on some of the controversial proposals that have been withdrawn at this time.  Kathy reported that the new books should be ready for print in April, but first she is waiting for the Rules Committee to approve batch #3 of the changes.  The rule changes should be ready for Board review by the end of March 2008.


-        Crossbows – ramifications/impact/acceptance/insurance rate

Though she has asked several times, there has been no answer from the insurance company as yet regarding changes in liability insurance premium rates if crossbows were included.  She had been waiting for OAA to submit the rules and this was done in late December.  Bowzone Forum discussions are a 50-50 split in opinion.  Jude reported that it is very difficult for people to realise that the changes proposed effect 3D only.


ACTION:     Kathy will contact B. F. Lorenzetti and give them a deadline date.

ACTION:  Jude will ask for input again from the 3D committee.


-        2008 FCA Regional indoor target championships update

Carolin Schmidt is doing a good job in her new role.  Kathy reported that all host club packages have been sent out already.


-        2008 FCA mailmatch update

Even though Trina Snooks planned well in advance with existing clubs and the programme has been advertised in several Info.E-mail bulletins, it would appear that interest is down.  Kathy sent out a special e-mail promoting the programme to all Board members and PSO presidents on behalf of the FCA President.  January results should be coming in soon.


-        2008 MICA update

Al Wills reported some problems with funds for the medals, but the programme itself is in order.  Jacqui Jenskey is looking after the programme well for Canada.  Kathy reported fewer clubs signed up to host the event this year.\


-        2007 outdoor target nationals final report recommendations

The budget was reviewed and concerns were expressed regarding the under-valued registration fees.


-        2007 NASP in Canada

Don Lohnes sent in a report detailing the progress in Nova Scotia since the pilot course in May 2007.  Kathy and Al Wills reviewed the 2005 Board directives and support to bring the programme to Canada.  There was some concern regarding the quality of instruction to teachers.  Saskatchewan held a pilot also, but there is no word yet regarding Manitoba.  It takes a lot of co-ordination between provincial government ministries in order to begin the process and ask for NASP’s course conductor to fly into Canada.


-        2008 3D indoor championship progress report

Jude Hooey is not sure how attendance will be affected with the event being held on Easter weekend.  There will be no banquet, and she will report back on the comments regarding this decision.  She will suggest score card changes to Greg Durward. 


ACTION:     Jude will contact Greg about the Access programme.

ACTION:     Kathy will send the licensing disk to Jude so that her committee can use Access.


-        2008 3D outdoor championship progress report

Jude Hooey reported that Tom Paukovic is the technical delegate for this event.


-        2008 Equipment Divisions at outdoor target Championships

Kathy provided the updated figures (attached).  There have been limited requests to participate in equipment divisions listed as “conditional”.


-        2008 Target championship progress report

Kathy has weekly telephone meetings with Jeff Gunter and the committee is making up for the late start quite well.  The date conflict between the FCA 3D championships and this event has been corrected but the new dates are in conflict with the US national championships.  This can not be avoided due to restrictions at the Mennonite College host site.  The committee submitted the following registration rates for Executive Committee approval:


Senior & master Target $120                       Field $40          combined $140

Pre-cub to junior Target $100                      Field $40          combined $115


MOTION E2008-09: To accept the fees as submitted for the 2008 outdoor target/field championships

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Alain Gravel                  unanimous


-        National Championship Travel Kit

All kit purchases have been completed.  The container is being stored free-of-charge by The Archers of Caledon.


-        2008 Technical Delegate selection for Winnipeg


MOTION E2008-10: To nominate Al Wills as the technical delegate for the national field/target championships

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Alain Gravel      carried/1 abstention


-        2008 NAIG - Aboriginal Sport Circle

Kathy reported that despite attempts to work with NAIG, FCA never received final dates for this event until well after the dates for the 2008 FCA 3D outdoor championships had been set.  There continues to be a lack of communication between ASC and FCA.  The NAIG 3D championships will be held on August 2-4.


-        2009 3D Championship progress report

There has been no communication from FTAQ regarding the selection of a host site.  FCA President Roger Murray has written already to FTAQ for information.  There has been no reply.


-        2009 Target/Field Championship progress report

Alain Gravel reported that host clubs had come forward to FTAQ but FCA was not aware of them.  FCA President Roger Murray has written already to FTAQ for information.  There has been no reply.


-        2009 Indoor 3D championships

Though there has been no reply from FTAQ regarding the outdoor events for 2009, FTAQ has expressed interest in bidding to host this indoor event.  Jude Hooey requested an extension of the deadline date for bids until April 1, 2008.


-        Canada Games Update, Youth Committee activities and LTADM

Kathy reported on FCA’s inability to put archer forward for consideration for the next outdoor Games in spite of requests to do so in light of the fact that bid packages are no longer in 4 year grouping (indoor-outdoor voted for as a package).  The Executive Committee expressed frustration with the system and the Canada Games Council’s decision to keep archery in the indoor Games despite archery’s need to have it outdoors for LTAD purposes.  Kathy reviewed the possibility to ask for the round to change to longer distances indoors as a second option.  It will depend on the LTAD competition review.  Leslie Murray encouraged archery to continue to make the case for change with LTAD backing.  Canada Games is committed to fulfilling its role in LTAD on a sport-by-sport basis.  The Youth Committee will be represented in the LTAD process.


6.2       High Performance Committee

-        Review of HPC meeting minutes from December 1-2, 2007 – business arising

Alain Gravel thanked Al Wills for taking on the chairmanship of the Regional Coaches Council.  That sub-committee is HPC’s central focus for the near future.


-        Motions from HPC meeting – discussion & ratification (attached)


MOTION E2008-11: To ratify the HPC motions as submitted but not policy

Moved by:      Alain Gravel          Seconded by:        Al Wills                         unanimous


-        Athlete Assistance Programme update & Sport Canada quotas

Kathy reported that the 2008-2009 criteria was on the FCA website, and thanked Alain Gravel for all his translation work. 


-        2008 Olympic & Paralympic Games – non-budget status report

Alain reported that criteria have been ratified for both events.  A/B criteria are available on the website and trials will be in Toronto in late May with the Ontario Spring Classic.  CPC has accepted the FCA AWAD Paralympic team selection process.  W2 archer, Lyne Tremblay has continued to improve and may earn another quota spot at the Paralympics.  FCA is waiting for IPC Archery to publish the final ranking list.


ACTION:     Kathy has to make sure that the translations match before the AWAD Paralympic version goes to the website.


-        2008 Pan Am Championships status report

Team leaders must be called for again as there were no applicant responses.  Al Wills reported no news from the organisers.


-        2008 FITA Junior World Championship status report

Alain reported that the ERC sub-committee had produced criteria.  Kathy reported that team selection information needed to be finalised and published.  The process needs a vote by mail.


ACTION:     Kathy will organise vote by mail as soon as the Junior/Cadet criteria has been translated and approved.


-        AWAD archer Talent Identification, recruitment & training

Arthur Nault submitted a very positive report on AWAD activities (attached).


-        2009 FITA 3Di championships criteria review

Jude was supposed to go to the meeting but it was not possible; HPC was supposed to provide comment by January 21, but has received none.  Jude used the target formula for 3Di world championship results.  There have been only 3 championships, 2 of which had 3 categories whereas the last one had 4 categories.  She looked at percentages instead of scores in order to make a fair comparison of the number of targets shot nationally and internationally.  She felt that the scores were low, so she looked at the top 8 instead of top 16 and averaged the past results.  Alain preferred to see actual numbers instead of percentages on the grids. Derek mentioned that Manitoba tried using percentages, but they changed often.  Provincially, it is more likely that the same people will shoot most of the same courses so percentages are comparable.  Nationally, this is not true.  Derek agrees with Tom Paukovic’s system of weighing events higher if the competition level is more difficult.  Roger Murray suggested using HPC’s trial process so Excellence member, shooting minimum criteria were invited to attend and if there too many people compared to quota, then HPC had to declare trials.  Though there are many pitfalls, Roger Murray also suggested the indoor nationals because it would be head-to-head.  Kathy agreed that there was merit in the suggestion because the trials could be held regardless of when FITA held the 3D world championships.


ACTION:     Jude will look at minimum score criteria for trials, and review the suggestion to use the indoor national championships.


-         Other items

a)      The Future of the Regional Coaches Council

Al Wills will give RCC members a limited time to respond to his initial e-mail.  Allen Jenskey is going to give Al Wills a work plan for RCC expectations.  Then Al Wills wants to link RCC back to CCC, not just CCC to HPC.


B)      Bell Mobility and AthletesCan

ACTION:  Kathy will check into why Athletes Can Bell Mobility website has not been updated.

6.3            Communication and Marketing

-        2008 Marketing action plan –

Derek did not submit an action plan, and he did not submit a report. He stated that the action plan centered on the website changes and selling advertising spots on website.  There was considerable discussion concerning the website home page and the website design.  Derek has not formed a marketing committee yet.  People who expressed interest to date in sitting on this committee are Jason Myers, Alan Gunter and Trudy Dryden.  It was suggested to Derek to search for outside input and perspective at the committee level also.


ACTION:  Derek will form committee and report to the Board of Directors meeting.

ACTION:  Derek will publish his Marketing action plan on so that it can be circulated. 


-        Marketing initiatives – review of tasks assigned to this portfolio

Kathy reported on the Brock University Sports Administration Programme that includes marketing.  These students need practical experience during their courses.


ACTION:     Kathy will send Brock University contact information to Derek for follow-up.


The Executive Committee wanted to follow-up on Ed Wilson’s suggestion that the VP Marketing write regular columns in Info.E-mail teaching athletes how to promote themselves to potential sponsors and fund-raise.


ACTION:     Derek will add athlete self-help marketing columns to his workplan.


Recent TV advertisements using archery had caught the Executive Committee’s attention.


ACTION:     Derek will contact and thank those companies using archery in their advertising to encourage longer-term involvement.


Writing at least annual thank you letters to existing sponsors is part of the VP portfolio.


ACTION:     Derek will add thank you letters to Easton and Win&Win to his workplan.


Explanation letters to sponsors showing FCA accountability with its equipment programme have been drafted by Hayley Mott.


ACTION:     Derek will add working with Hayley Mott on circulating accountability explanations to sponsors to his workplan.


-        Web site management

Al Wills continues to manage the website with the information he is given.  He is spending considerable time already and fears an increase in workload if the proposed web design is not considered carefully.


- Selection and Adoption of website design

Derek led the Executive through a two-part discussion process.  He wanted a choice for the portal design: separate English and French (proposed) versus an English/French (present) home page.

The first option will mean more work for Al Wills for every document that is sent to him. To make this work, FCA would need a French webmaster.  However, Kathy pointed out that Al was doing this already with many of the articles sent to the webmaster.  If contributors used a side-by-side English-French document format, then Al would create two links to the same article.  Changing the template is the main thrust, and then Al would maintain it.


MOTION E2008-12: To select the separate English & French homepage design for the website

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Jude Hooey                  unanimous

- Selection of Website development contractor

The second part of the process was to choose between two affordable Eric Greer ($50/mo) and Stephan Menard of Elite Designs created the ABAM website ($3700).


MOTION E2008-12: To hire Elite Designs as the website development contractor and negotiate the price quoted to date.

Moved by:      Derek Hird            Seconded by:        Jude Hooey                  unanimous


ACTION:  Derek must put web design costs into his marketing strategy and find a sponsor to cover the costs.


In response to questions from the Executive, Derek reported no further movement on sponsorship with a sunglasses company or the optics company that he referred during in the fall Executive Committee teleconference.


-        Fund-raising – Commemorative calendar 2008 – status report

Kathy reported that this initiative had covered its costs already with approximately 100 calendars left to sell.  This was a unique project that should not be repeated unless special performances warranted it.  99% of all sales were to Excellence programme members, family and friends. This is not the market FCA should be interested in selling products to.  The 3D calendar was cancelled due to incredibly poor interest.  Kathy will not begin a mach-up without considerable pre-printing orders.


-        Sponsorship update

a)      The 3D indoor Championship Spitz contract is finished this year.  It must be re-negotiated directly with the company and not through Forty Mile Archers. 


ACTION:     Derek will add the Spitz contract re-negotiation to his workplan.


b)      Neet may be interested in supporting the junior/cadet team again.  The national team photo has been taken out of their 2008 catalogue; it was free advertising all over North America in 2007.


ACTION:     Kathy will ask NEET if they will be willing to fund 50% of the costs of the junior/cadet world team quivers for 2008.


c)      Easton continues to support able-bodied, AWAD and junior archers in the Excellence programme as well as sponsor individual Canadian archers.  Hayley Mott has placed the order for 2008 and Kathy will be sending out the contracts next week.


d)      Win&Win will sponsor one athlete in 2008, so they are still interested in supporting Canadian archers, but only those who attend major international events such as world championships and Olympic/Paralympic Games.


e)      Bowzone will host the Executive private discussion forum and the member forum.  There apparently was some dissatisfaction with FCA because the 2007 outdoor 3D organising committee did not contact Bowzone for product sponsorship.  FCA was unaware of this problem since there was no communication with Bowzone.


ACTION:     Jude will contact Dauphin Archers to remind them that Bowzone sponsorship is available.

ACTION:     Kathy will update the job descriptions for VP Marketing and VP 3D to make sure that event sponsors are looked after properly.


-        Sales & Distribution Centre report, inventory values & acquisitions

Effective February 4th, MacFarlane Data Services will no longer pick up orders from the Distribution Centre.  This is a critical change for other sports as well as archery.  The Executive Director has an appointment on February 8th with Wills Transfer Limited to re-negotiate the shipping process and pick-up.


6.4       International Committee

Further to Al Wills’ report:


-        FITA pin award programme – status report

The programme had slowed down this year and he is rectifying this situation.  All the outstanding pin requests have been ordered through the national office.


7.0            Other Business

-        Nominations for FCA Annual Awards

ACTION:     All members will submit reminders of worthy accomplishments in 2007 to the Executive Director and she will check with other FCA partners as well.

ACTION:     Charlene will work with Ghislain and the FCA Judge Committee to select a nominee for the Sylvio Beauregard.


8.0            President's Closing Remarks

Roger Murray thanked everyone for getting the work done.


9.0       Adjournment

The Executive Committee adjourned until the Board meeting to be held on March 28-29, 2008 in Toronto, ON. The meeting ended at 16:05.on Sunday, February 03, 2008.

HPC motions from 2007 Meeting


MOTION #HPC 2007-19:           That for Excellence 2012, InfoExcellence will be discontinued in its present format and an electronic version will be substituted.

Moved by:        Shawn Riggs                Seconded by:    Hayley Mott                  unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-20:           That the need to implement FCA’s LTAD, in its finished bilingual format be included as an addition in the 2010 PSO/FCA agreement.

Moved by:        Hayley Mott                  Seconded by:    Gaston Bibeau              unanimous


Policy:  For the 2008 junior/cadet world championships, FCA will allocate $2000 to the 1st place qualifier or trials winner and $1000 2nd place qualifier or trials placer for all divisions and ages.


Policy:  Effective for 2010, all future youth team participation and funding will be determined based upon FCA’s LTAD guidelines.


MOTION #HPC 2007-21:           To accept the qualifying scores for 2008 trial to Junior/cadet worlds as submitted and post the criteria on the FCA website as soon as possible.

Moved by:        Gaston Bibeau              Seconded by:    Allen Jenskey               unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-22:           That the 2008 junior/cadet world championship trials be held in conjunction with the national championships in Winnipeg in August 2007.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey               Seconded by:    Bruce Savage               unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-23:           That the 2008 Pan American Championship team trials be held in conjunction with the 2008 Paralympic/Olympic trials and use the same selection process as published on the FCA website for the Olympic Trials.

Moved by:        Bruce Savage               Seconded by:    Joan McDonald             unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-24:           That the trials for the 2008 B Team to the July COPARCO event to be held in Costa Rica by held in conjunction with the Pan American Championships trials.  The B Team will be chosen from the archers who do not make the Pan American Championship team.

Moved by:        Joan McDonald             Seconded by:    Marthe Cusson             unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-25:           If more than 4 archers in the same equipment division apply for 2008 World Cup events, team members will be selected from the final FCA 2007 Ranking List with the exception of the archers chosen to attend the Boé World Cup as part of the Olympic/Paralympic preparation plan.  .  Interested archers must apply in writing 6 weeks prior to the event.

Moved by:        Marthe Cusson             Seconded by:    Alain Gravel                  unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-26:           That any archer may attend the 2008 university archery championship who is CIS eligible and achieves Red squad as of the final FCA 2007 Ranking List.

Moved by:        Alain Gravel                  Seconded by:    Arthur Nault                  unanimous


MOTION #HPC 2007-27:           To accept the Excellence Review Committee’s draft ranking proposal in principle, and that the final document, which will include AWAD criteria, will be available for publication on the FCA website no later than January 15th, 2008.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                  Seconded by:    Shawn Riggs                unanimous




Motion #HPC 2007-14

Proposed AWAD team selection criteria for women.


Motion #HPC 2007-15

Position of 2008 team leader to the Junior/Cadet World championships


Motion #E2007-11

To appoint Charlene Parlee to the position of Vice-President Committees and Projects for the period of one year


Motion #E2007-12

2008 FCA 3D indoor championship logo


Motion #HPC 2007-16

Change HPC’s Equipment programme criteria to receive Win & Win effective November 15, 2007


Motion #HPC 2007-17

2008 Olympic Trials format proposal (HPC)


Motion #E2007-12

Standing Rules Committee


Motion #HPC 2007-17

2008 Olympic Trials format proposal (BoD)


Motion #ACC 2007-01

2008 3D rule change proposals


Motion #E2007-13

Using $3000 of RBC Dominion Securities cash to offset FCA expenses incurred during the 2007 FCA outdoor target/field and outdoor 3D championships


Motion #HPC 2008-01

Olympic/Paralympic Trials to Ontario

Canada Cup to British Columbia



There are 4 outstanding votes by mail in progress with deadline dates after the FCA Executive Committee meeting:


Equity & Accessibility (Board)

Promotion of recurve archers to national championships (HPC)

2008 world field team selection criteria (HPC)

Junior/cadet team leader part 2 (HPC)




2007 showed progress towards our goal of being an archery powerhouse; this in a direction that I had not anticipated, but should have expected.


We cannot field world-class archers without a world-class infrastructure.  This year we made great steps in that direction.  We have several new Continental Judges as well as Continental Judge Candidates.  Our Coach Certification Committee has been working like slaves moving us towards the new competency-based system.  We have had inspiring performances from our able-bodied archers both in compound and recurve.  We have the world champion in Men’s Compound, and a fifth-place finish in the men’s recurve team round.


In AWAD, we have a newly qualified National Classifier as well as National Classifier Candidates and the next generation has already expressed interest in training.  We have new AWAD team members.  We have the world champion in Men’s Compound Open, and the Bronze medal team for Men’s Compound Open.


While most of these things happened because of tremendous, inspired work on the part of others; I have not been idle myself.


This past year I have had the pleasure of assisting the members of the Executive Committee stay focused and on track.  Most often, all I had to do was make suggestions and monitor the affairs through the office, which left me time to earn the National Classifier certification I mentioned.


I also travelled to Korea with the IPC Archery World team where the members showed so well on the world stage.  I served as team therapist, translator, and baggage handler.


Most recently I was invited to southern California to assist in the last-chance tournament for AWAD archers.  This was their last chance to submit qualifying scores for ranking and a possible berth in the Beijing Paralympics.  I am happy to report that our new woman AWAD member turned in a very respectable score from this event, and may even have secured another spot for Canada at the 2008 Paralympics.  We will not know for certain until the final list is published, so keep your fingers crossed.


Finally, after 13 years as a massage therapist, I have decided to go back to school.  After catching up on some pre-requisites, I will be applying for admission to the M.Sc. Physical Therapy program at the University of Alberta.  In order to support this added workload, I will need to reduce my efforts elsewhere.  So I will not be standing for re-election in 2009.  I will honour my commitment by finishing my current term, which will search for and secure a new recruit to take over the job.  I already have one person in mind, but feel free to make suggestions.


Respectfully submitted

Roger Murray



FCA’s third and fourth quarters saw heightened activity that strained both financial and human resources.  Averaging one meeting a month since the beginning of August, face-to-face meetings included the whole battery of meetings at the national championships, the successful IPC/COPARCO certification clinics that took place in Toronto, Coaching Certification Committee’s special meeting for transition to two contexts in the New NCCP Competitive Stream, Canadian Paralympic Committee’s AGA, Canadian Olympic Committee’s pre-Beijing meeting, Executive Committee teleconference, LTAD meeting, High Performance Committee, and all the necessary follow-up for each.  There is regular, constructive communication between the FCA President and the national office every two weeks, and now High Performance Committee communications are improving with monthly teleconferences and an active on-line forum.


FCA’s first quarter of 2008 will be just as busy now that the annual Board meeting and AGM have been moved to the end of March.  The normal workload for audits, production of the Annual Report, its translation, printing and distribution, selection of FCA Annual Awards, and elections for positions of Directors-at-Large and FCA Athlete Representative that normally occur in the second quarter, will now take place within the next 8 weeks.  It is anticipated that Board input and interaction will increase with a full weekend together, allowing for volunteer development opportunities as well as providing time for small working groups to handle macro-management concepts and planning for the Federation into 2012.  I would suggest inviting LTAD presentation as well as one marketing firm.


All new/revised policies and procedures arising from meeting minutes have been imbedded into pertinent FCA documents which include the FCA Task List, Volunteer Handbook and office procedures manual.  The Policy Manual was not revised pending the on-going discussions concerning the National Championship Rotation Policy.  The FCA Operational Plan was extended to 2012 and updated to reflect Board input at the August 2007 meeting, and both possible and probable impact of the Long Term Athlete Development Model draft on FCA decisions.  The Operational Plan will be reviewed for ratification by the Board in March.  FCA’s volunteer self-evaluation process was circulated, as was the FCA Conflict of Interest policy and Ethics policy.  

An annual staff evaluation was conducted for the occasional staff, but not competed.


With exception of Québec and Newfoundland & Labrador, all FCA/PSO agreements for 2008-2010 have been re-signed.  Don Lohnes represented the FCA President during negotiations and I thank him for his time, and Alain Gravel’s translation of the amendments into French.  The AANL is functioning on a minimal level and efforts have been made to tailor their agreement to the situation.  FTAQ’s agreement was delivered quite recently and is under review by the provincial body.


FCA’s Human Resource base has not expanded significantly and membership totals declined.  FCA has been able to attract and keep qualified volunteers in its elected positions, and one co-ordinator position.  The annual elections will be an important indicator as to whether or not FCA has turned the corner on recruiting new volunteers to the national level. 


Annual reports and indoor programme information were circulated as usual to all FCA-affiliated clubs.  Clubs are complying well with the increase to two Safety Officers/club judges for 2008.  This pro-active FCA policy has allowed FCA’s liability insurance programme premium to remain at its 2007 level.  The final membership report was submitted to the insurance broker, and the balance owing for 2007 has been paid.  The broker’s minimum payment of $13,000 for the 2008 membership premium will create cash flow problems in the first quarter.


Communication still appears to be top-down in most cases, but there has been a small increase in regular contact with the majority of provincial members.  The biweekly Info.E-mail bulletins continued to keep members up-to-date with a wide range of information, but not enough on 3D activities.  FCA’s volunteer translators continue to assist the national office and the web master weekly.  These people save the Federation thousands of dollars every year.  The Executive will select a web designer in the coming weeks to assist the webmaster and create a new look for FCA’s website, keeping in mind the financial restraints for this change.  Meeting minutes and reports have been circulated electronically to save money and “Go-Green”.

FCA’s LTADM process has progressed and provided interested members with a vehicle for discussion since the first meeting in Toronto in December 2006.  The document will have major ramifications for FCA and I addressed some of those in the revised FCA Operational Plan circulated to the Executive in advance of this meeting.  Research was conducted and analysed with the help of a summer student employed through Sport Canada funding block.  Paul Jurbala’s contract has been paid in full and version 3.1 of the overview document must be ratified by the Board, translated and distributed as soon as possible.  Next FCA must conduct a competition review.  I am recommending that Sport Canada funds be used to re-hire Paul in order to keep the continuity to take FCA through the next phases toward implementation.



2008-2009 is the third and last year of FCA’s multi-year funding guarantee under SFAF III.  I have undertaken all the tasks required in order for FCA to be eligible for funding under Sport Canada’s SFAF IV for the period 2009-2013.  It is hoped with the outstanding athlete results from 2007 and the much-anticipated competitions in Beijing in 2008 that FCA’s core funding levels will increase for Athletes with a Disability (AWAD) and Able-bodied athletes (A/B).  Once FCA successfully obtains funding through SFAF IV, I am recommending that the Federation apply for multi-year funding again in order to plan budgets more effectively.  Though this is a laborious process, it gives FCA a solid operational base for the coming quadrennial. 


FCA experienced a major cashflow crisis in its Q4 due to the differences between fiscal year ends with Sport Canada and the heightened level of programme activities.  The percentage of FCA’s budget relying on outside funding partners is reaching an unacceptable level for fiscal independence.  Marketing, promotion and fund-raising are essential tools to turn this situation around.  The FCA commemorative calendar was a fund-raising initiative, but more needs to be done to reach out beyond the FCA family for new revenue sources.   95% of all calendar sales were generated by Excellence members and though these purchases covered production costs, this is not the target group FCA should be focusing on.  The general membership needs to support these types of products.  A case in point was the original plan to produce two calendars, one for target/field and one for 3D.  The target calendar does not include field as I made a decision in the design to make sense of the flow of the material.  So, I opted to put field with 3D.  However, much to my disappointment, there were only 10 pre-orders for the 3D calendar by November 30th and Vice-Presidents Derek Hird and Jude Hooey decided to shelve the project.  This was a good decision because there have been no further requests for this calendar.  It is disappointing that the 3D community did not support this fund-raiser since all funds generated were assigned to international 3D team member costs.  Perhaps another product would be more attractive to this large percentage of FCA’s membership.


The 2007 audit is underway presently.  I am hopeful that all financial reporting will be available no less than 20 days in advance of the 2008 AGM.  I continue to work with the FCA contracted bookkeeping firm to iron out communication and reporting problems.  FCA's bank balance year-to-date for the fiscal year is approximately -$8,000 and Sport Canada will issue its last installment of 2007-2008 of approximately $50,000 in mid-February.  FCA used its Line of Credit throughout most of 2007.  Government instalments have been late, not in the correct totals listed in the original signed agreements, and not received in the month of December as requested, requiring adjustments and time.  The cashflow crisis in Q4 will not occur again in late 2008 because I have asked for Sport Canada to front-load as much as possible payments for their Q1-3. 


Regardless, with the amount of programme activity and travel, FCA cashflow problems should be dealt with through fund-raising and marketing, and increased membership, rather than relying on government payment schedules.


FCA’s Championship Travel Kit container contents are complete and the unit is being stored free-of-charge by The Archers of Caledon.  FCA thanks TAOC for their contribution to reducing FCA’s expenses.  It is unclear whether or not the Manitoba organisers will need the container in 2008 since they are trying to leave a local legacy.  I have drafted the second version of the Championship Rotation Policy after initial input from some Board members that indicated the cost of shipping the container should not be a consideration when setting the rotation cycle.

In accordance with FCA’s investment policy, $3000 was withdrawn from the cash balance generated on RBC Securities instruments.  The amount was allocated to the 3D ($2000) and target ($1000) outdoor championship expenses.  Enough funds remain in the cash balance for general revenues, reinvestment and/or contract requirements.  The Winnipeg Trust fund interest was used to assist FCA’s volunteer translators.


The PSO grid for funding athletes to national championships remains constant.  The PSO contribution grid has been updated to reflect changes in provincial membership numbers and transportation costs.  FCA continues to subsidise some PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSOs.  This is justified in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. 


The approved 2007 budget was implemented and original projections were quite close to final totals for expenditures and revenues; this meant a deficit at year’s end.  The 2008 draft budget was an integral part of the government application process.  Basic operational costs are stable, but the mail/shipping situation has changed for the national office.  3% inflation rate has been figured into the budget.  The 2008 draft budget #2 shows an anticipated deficit which must be addressed. 


High Performance

2007 was very intensive in terms of staff involvement, volunteer commitment and athlete-driven expenses.  This has been the trend for all pre-Olympic/pre-Paralympic years for the last 3 quadrennials. Every team, no matter what the size, requires considerable administrative work to support the athletes.  I wish to thank Joan McDonald and Susan Lemke for their constant assistance and support.  Regardless of inter-personal issues and individual idiosyncrasies displayed on various FCA’s teams, it can not be denied that 2007 was FCA’s most successful year for outstanding international performances:  1st 3D team to world championships, 3 men’s Olympic quota, 1 FITA world champion, 1 IPC world champion, 1 male Paralympic quota, 2 silver team medals at Pan Am Games, and more Canadian archers listed on international ranking lists.  It is hoped that one recurve A/B woman will earn Olympic quota at the Boé, FRA event.  IPC will be issuing its ranking list for quota within the week and Canada may earn one W1, 1 more Compound Open and 1 W2 female quota.  All of these archers have received presidential letters of congratulations and I would urge FCA committees and members to submit applications for FCA annual awards for 2007.


FCA has 4 A/B and 2 AWAD archers carded federally, four of whom are carded at the highest possible levels. Athlete Whereabouts Forms are submitted on time for individuals and FCA to FITA, CCES and WADA.  Athlete/coach education continues. Team leaders have been very helpful.  FITA has an on-line declaration form when registering for their major events, but no one physically collected these forms during the world championship and that is a concern for proper enforcement.


HPC’s Plan to 2012 report card was prepared last December.  The internal leadership and communications structure was reviewed to improve function.  Refer to HPC minutes from this meeting, and the first administrative teleconference held on January 28th, 2008.  I am hopeful that the change in RCC leadership will push HPC’s plans forward faster.


I work closely with all HPC programme co-ordinators and project managers.  HPC self-generated funds are not meeting demand and sales are flat, with the exception of the commemorative calendar.  Clothing sales are not sufficient to raise the kinds of funds needed to underwrite the ambitious plans this group has.  There is discussion of a new funding structure for Excellence 2012.  If this change eliminates the registration fee then FCA will not be able to continue to supply team uniforms at no cost.  Sponsorship will have to be found.


Archery Council

Coaching:  The Coach Certification Committee (CCC) has lost its chairperson.  James Wiebe did a tremendous amount of work during his tenure and a replacement is being sought for this important position.  CCC implemented Instruction of Intermediate Archers replacing level 2 technical, practical and theory.  I am working with FCA’s CAC representative in order to obtain final context approval.  Laura Kiraly has completed inputting French translations that could be obtained through CAC and now sport-specific work needs to be completed.  In late September 2007, CCC met to divide the CBET-based level 3 material in the competitive stream into contexts of Introduction to Competition and Competition Development.  All activities are suspended pending a new chairperson.


Rules/Judges:  The 2008 FCA rulebook must be published. Greg Durward is spending considerable time discussing a variety of rule changes and issues with members of the Rules Committee.  This group is very active and I would like to thank all of them for their input.  I would anticipate that the new rulebook will be available some time in April.


Products:  Indoor CanBow product sales continued strong.  Outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are negligible.  The National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP) was piloted in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.  It is hoped that it will augment and not infringe upon CanBow’s success.  FCA will not circulate CanBow kit information to every school in the country through CAHPERD’s mailing list because there was no increase in school sales from the initiative in 2006 and FCA’s budget draft does not allow for a further expenditure without sponsorship.  Target face sales have declined.


Championships:  Communication with both the indoor and outdoor 2008 3D championship organising committees is on-going.  I am waiting for the bilingual version of the outdoor 3D logo.  I have finally received confirmation of the NAIG dates and they will make it impossible to use the Dauphin championships as trials for this event as the Games are slated for August 5-7.  I find this quite frustrating because I had been developing communication ties with the Aboriginal Sport Circle. Changes in staff have meant that these links were broken.  Had FCA known the NAIG dates well in advance, it could have suggested earlier dates to ABAM for the bid. In terms of organisation of FCA events, both committees will use the FCA scorekeeping programme.  I have amended the host agreement to make this mandatory for all future championships.  The next step is the combined outdoor 3D/target & field agreement.  By combining these into one document, it should avoid the overlap in tournament dates experienced this year in Manitoba. 


The outdoor target/field championship committee is hard at work and the volunteers are pushing forward with weekly meetings.  There were considerable logistical problems and dates had to be changed.  I have a telephone meeting with chairperson, Jeff Gunter every week and Al Wills, acting as interim Technical Delegate, has been giving advice and input regularly.  Normally, FCA appoints a volunteer technical delegate but in 2008, all major meetings will be held in March.  I would suggest that I am able to take back this role.  I am suggesting that the FCA Executive decide to have only one representative at the national target championships:    Alain Gravel.  He has been appointed by HPC to oversee the trials.  He would be available for the medal presentations.  The Executive Committee will need to decide upon the field medal presenter.  I do not see how the FCA can afford to have this committee meet face-to-face for a third time in 2008 (January, March, and August).  FCA can not afford to implement the new Technical Delegate policy that I proposed in 2005 without sponsorship. In the meantime, FCA will continue to rely on experienced volunteers on the ground and electronic communication. 



All NSOs in Ottawa will lose their mail provider effective February 4, 2008.  This means that FCA needs to find another way to ship product from the Distribution Centre.  I have a meeting slated for next week to discuss FCA’s options and prevent lost sales and staff commitment to shipping.


FCA’s fiscal well-being is in jeopardy.  I applaud Derek Hird’s efforts to energise the Marketing portfolio and look forward to implementing his strategic plan.  FCA will not be able to realise its ambitious plans without the infusion of new revenue sources.  This portfolio should be a priority for the next quadrennial.


Respectfully submitted

Kathleen Millar



Since last meeting in January 2007, I attended two executive meetings (February and August).  The Executive was willing to adopt all the recommendations from the High Performance Committee, but one, that the EC asked us to revisit and to make sure that it is what we really want because it meant spending a lot of money (“full team of female recurve archers in Leipzig”). You know how it went; the HPC maintained its position, giving the rationale this time.  The Executive approved the recommendations and we moved forward.  It’s sad that no women qualified then for the Olympics, but on the other hand a full team of men recurve archers qualified in Leipzig, and Dietmar Trillus won the World Compound Archer title. Some shot their personal best, etc.


The Executive Committee’s request to revisit one of HPC recommendations was the first occasion I had to really act as a VP HPC.  Lots of e-mails were exchanged and through this, I got to know a very dedicated group of people better. The first reaction was, of course, natural “who do they think they are to question our recommendation”. After a while the HPC went back to business and gave rationale to support the recommendation. The “they”/“us” was something of the past.  After all we are all working for the athletes as FCA is proud to claim that it is athlete centered. 


When one sees the final product (FITA World Championship criteria, team selection process, etc) it seems easy to do.  But if we do not want to have “protests” at trials in particular, everything needed to be analysed.  “Act” rather than “react”. For the first time I was involved in the working progress of the HPC sub-committee.  After many hours of writing reading, proofreading, correcting and translating the many versions that were produced, the information documents were ready to be voted on by the entire HPC and posted on the FCA’s website in both official languages.  At some point, I was under the impression that my personal task, with so little experience I had on the technical aspect of it, was more to make sure all the archers got the information at the same time, no matter what their language is.  This effort demonstrated that FCA/HPC is fairness-conscious. The information package being posted on the website; the athletes knew well in advance what they had to do to qualify to attend, to be selected on the teams and what support they can expect from FCA. 


In conclusion, I was very pleased to witness such a group of dedicated workers in action, everyone having a tremendous knowledge on their own field of responsibility, the group working as a whole, everyone having a job to do to make the entire picture brighter.

Personally, at times, I was feeling more helpful as “VP-bilingualism” even if it doesn’t exist, than VP-HPC. But the job of a Vice-president is to make sure all the committee members do their job, not to do everything. I was very pleased to feel part of the team!


Respectfully submitted

Alain Gravel



I have represented FCA at 2 international archery meetings this year; FITA and COPARCO Congress plus 2 meetings with the Canadian Olympic Committee. As usual, our physical presence at the meetings allowed for a Canadian and in the case of COC archery, voice to the proceedings.


At FITA Congress the main controversial item was the increase in dues for ‘have’ countries to further assist ‘have not’ countries. This was a complicated matter, which could have cost Canada a significant increase in our yearly dues to FITA. Because Canada’s majority of archers are not high performance users of FITA services, I was able to get the COC to verify our approximate number of FITA archers.  This number enabled us to duck this increase. There have been a number of items that have required FITA clarification concerning rules and procedures; in each case I have been able to communicate and get answers to our proper committees. We have a very good working relationship with FITA. I am not aware of any outstanding issues with FITA.


I wish it were the same for COPARCO.  This organization continues to run in a ‘hap-hazard’ manner.  I have managed to get somewhat better communications in the past year; however, there still is a long way to go. I have volunteered to run their website for them; so we hope this will help in some small way. I am also running the MICA tournament again this year.  Last year was very successful with medals delivered in May rather than November. At COPARCO Congress this year we were able to set up the majority of WREs that work for our northern calendar.


FCA was quite amazed to see a Canadian coach, who is not a part of our coaching system, selected for a South American Olympic solidarity seminar.  I investigated this situation and have received the sincere apology from the committee chair. Suffice it to say, the coach had done a good job of selling himself and therefore, they thought it not necessary to ask us for a recommendation. I have provided the office with a disc containing the forms necessary should we want to host such seminars in Canada.


The COC continues its successful role for Canada. They are increasing their budget yearly and as you know, finally announced compensation for medals won in Canada. To clarify the question I’ve been asked most often, this does not apply to athletes who make more than $100,000.00 /year.


In the past year the COC has undertaken an initiative to streamline its decision making and meeting procedures. With 80-odd sports as members and other elected positions their board certainly was unwieldy; however, all sports were represented. I and the reps of many other ‘small’ sports were concerned that our voice would be lost in a re-organisation. It took a lot of effort and speaking and with the new structure approved. We were successful in retaining our representation and voice.  While the structure changes with their losing their executive to become the board, all sports are still represented at all meetings. The one change that will affect us is that or our 5 A class members we must have 1 coach and 1 athlete in this pool. One member will still be supported to all their meetings.


There was a great deal of discussion on the new ‘Youth Olympics’ (this was also discussed at length at FITA and COPARCO congress). There is a lot of apprehension amongst the sports concerning this push to younger athletes without a lot of planning and information presented beforehand. This is a pet project of the IOC President, Rogge and follows the youth sport model in Europe. The host city must cover the cost; the IOC pays for travel and accommodation. All sports are to be contested in the host city with no new venues to be built. Dates will be between August 6 and 29, 2010. The program is to include education and cultural activities where they will ‘question and debate the place of sports and Olympic values in society’ - whatever that means? Athletes must stay in the Olympic village. The candidate cities are: Athens, Bangkok, Moscow, Singapore, and Turin. Archery will have 3 events with 64 participants. FITA has already announced another world championship (probably in the US) after India.


There will again be a vote of sports on the Olympic program at the IOC session in 2016, to take it from 26 to 25, which will be the core number from then on. One sport will be dropped in 2012 and then sports can only be dropped for serious breaches of the IOC codes such as doping infractions. We are looking good for retention; however, we must not stop our lobbying until the votes are final. FITA is doing a lot of work in this area.


The COC is investigating a bid for the 2015 Pan Am games in the so-called Golden Triangle area southwest of Toronto. They are also considering a summer Olympic bid.


The real news was the announcing of the COC’s foray into television programming a 30 million dollar project. This network would be a subscription type (not internet) and have Olympic and other sport programming.


Respectfully submitted,

Al Wills,

Vice-President International





1. Orientation – the whole concept and operation of the FCA was new to me and it is taking quite a while to get a bit of an idea of what this job entails – Just when I think I have an idea about what is going on, along comes another “project” I did not know anything about (Coaching). There must be a list of projects, duties, contacts and expectations associated with this position and in the future would be good to give to the individual before they take on the job.


2. Judging-

a. Working with Ghislain and Jude on the judging requirements for the 3D Indoor and Outdoor National Championships

b. Assisted Ghislain in requirements for the call for Judges for the 3 National Championships

c. Informal discussions on judging at 3D tournaments, differences in knowledge and skills of Provincial Judges

d. Will be working with Ghislain in the very near future on development of a Judging budget for this year-


There are a couple things with judging that may or may not be issues –


 It appears there is a disconnect or distrust of Judges in the 3D community – whether this is at the organiser level, archer level or judges level – 3D is looked upon by most 3D archers as a social event or practice for hunting – when judges are present is like a game warden showing up at the hunting camp. Everyone gets nervous even though there are no problems. A considerable number of 3D archers are not aware of the rules or confuse them with target and field which causes grief for everyone. Somehow we have to develop a promotion campaign that judges are your friend and are there to help you do your best on a level playing field.


The other potential issue is that of consistency of judge knowledge and skills at the provincial level – some provinces have a detailed, intensive process for an individual to attain a provincial judge certification. Other provinces only require interested individuals take a one day seminar and then they are a provincial judge. If we are going to utilise Provincial Judges as officials at some National events, there will be a definite difference in skills and knowledge and Ghislain cannot be expected to recommend any of them. Perhaps Ghislain could work with the Provincial Judge Chairs to develop a minimum criteria and experience to become a Provincial Judge.


3. LTAD – Participated in the session and reviewed the information; I have difficulty understanding this as I have not been involved at this level but find the process and information interesting.


4. Coaching Certification Committee- I did not realise I was involved with this topic until I saw on the agenda that I had to report on it!! With the Chairperson resigning, I was referred to Bruce Savage for an up date and have copied the information I have received from him.  The biggest issue at the moment is to find someone to chair this committee that has interests in coaching and willing to take on the task. The retiring chair, I believe has suggested a replacement, but this person is unknown to the rest of the committee. Perhaps this person should provide a résumé and perhaps be offered a position as an Interim or Acting Chair until the committee is comfortable or finds someone else they feel is more qualified.

Comments from Bruce Savage on Coaching Certification Committee

“The transition to the New NCCP Competency based Coach Certification is progressing quite well. 


 The Instructor of Beginners certification (basically the replacement for Level 1) has been in place for a while and In Ontario I have done 6 clinics in 2007.  I am not sure what has been happening in the other provinces. Jim and Kathy were the people taking care of keeping track of what each of the provinces are doing - -- so I will turn that one back to Kathy if you need information about the other provinces


The Instructor of Intermediates certification (replacement for the former level 2) has also been completed and may be waiting for translation before final approval is given.  Again Kathy and Jim were the ones taking care of that. Conditional approval for this level and one clinic has been run in Ontario.  Again Kathy will be able to tell you if the clinic has been given in other provinces.  I know Jim did a pilot in BC


The replacement for Level 3 coach certification is just getting going and with the resignation of Jim, the future of that project is a little unclear.  In the mean time Kathy is the only person in English Canada that is able to conduct level 3 clinics.  This is a concern - not because Kathy doesn't do a good job, but because there is no one else certified if she stops doing the clinics.


Jim's resignation has left the committee without a chair.  Jim has suggested a replacement, but the person recommended is not well known to most of the committee members.  No one on the committee has indicated that they are able to step up to chair the committee.  Jim's resignation came just prior to the holidays so perhaps in the New Year a new chair will be found and the committee can continue with the New NCCP transition.  The work that needs to be done is to take the current Level 3 manual and adapt it to conform to the new NCCP competency based philosophy.  


Another task that is outstanding is the preparation of visual resources for both the Beginner and Intermediate Programs.  Larry Kelly on committee was working on the visual material.  I am not sure where he is at currently.


I don't believe a budget has been set for the Coaching Committee for 2008 - this is something Jim and Kathy worked on.  I don't think there are any plans for a Coaching Committee meeting either - Kathy might know.


So that is about all I can tell you.  Until a new chairperson steps up, the committee is somewhat at a loss to continue.  The transition of the Level 3 Coach certification to the new NCCP is a very important task for the FCA.  Perhaps the FCA Executive can offer a course of action for the committee.”


Respectfully submitted

Charlene Parlee



Since I accepted the tasks of this portfolio, I have:


  1. Surveyed archers concerning the proposal made at the last 3D meeting in Utopia concerning the requirement that parents provide chaperones for their children.  The consensus was to postpone the proposal until after the next meeting.  We will use this year to decide whether or not to continue pursuing the issue.


  1. Conversed with archers on the issue of admitting crossbows to the FCA Nationals.  The majority of respondents are not in favor of the addition of a crossbow category at this time.


  1. Attempted to get a response from the 3D Reps from the provinces.  As of this date, only three have responded.  I would like to set up a teleconference meeting with these reps in March.


  1. Made contact with the Organizing Committee of the 2008 Outdoor 3D Nationals in Dauphin.  They are on track with the exception of the judges that are required.  There has been a call for judges in the Info-Email.  We are waiting to see who applies.


  1. Prepared a preliminary proposal for selecting Excellence 3D archers for international teams.  The HPC was given the proposal, but I have not received any comments from the committee.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting and get feedback at the time. 


  1. Attended the LTAD meeting and commented from a 3D perspective.  I have reviewed the revision and submitted comments.


  1. I have edited the Outdoor 3D Hosting Manual and created a preliminary draft manual for hosting the Indoor 3D Nationals.


  1. Presented preliminary criteria for selecting athletes to the 2009 3Di Worlds to the HPC.  I have not received any comments yet.


  1. Have been involved with the hosting of the 2008 Spitz Canadian Indoor 3D Championship in Lethbridge.  Tom Paukovic agreed to be the Technical Delegate.  We have put a call for judges in the Info-Email. 


Respectfully submitted by

Jude Hooey

Rapport du Gestionnaire du programme national pour les athlètes ayant un handicap


Haute Performance

Voici un rapport sur l’état de la situation des possibilités que la Canada possède d’obtenir des places pour les prochains Paralympique de la fin de janvier 2008.


Au dernier classement que j’ai reçu d’Ann Web en date de la fin décembre :

Norbert Murphy           ARW2 Homme                        serait               2e

Kevin Evans                Open Compound Homme       serait               1e

Lyne Tremblay            ARW2 Femme            serait               16e


Nous aurions une possibilité de deux certains et une troisième chance avec Lyne puisque les vingt premières sont invitées.


Bob Hudson ce classerait en 21e et Rob Cox lui se retrouve au 31e.


Pour les catégories de Norbert et Lyne, il n’aurait pas d’obligation de tenir des essais puisqu’ils sont seul dans leur catégorie, mais pour se qui est de la catégorie (Compound Open men) nous aurons besoin d’avoir des essais.



Pour ce qui est du recrutement de nouveaux archers, je devrais donner une autre clinique pour les personnes à l’institut de réadaptation de Lucie Bruneau en mars.


Je pense  aussi que la publicité que Lyne à reçu dans sa région et comme elle est déjà connue de l’AQSFR je crois que cela devrais nous aidé.


Je pense aussi que si nous avions la possibilité de tenir un camp d’entraînement dans la région de Vancouver avant les jeux cela aurait pour effet de donner une certaine visibilité dans l’ouest.


Respectueusement soumis

Arthur Nault



FCA Complaint Policy – Revision Draft #2, 2008-02-03


This policy establishes the procedure by which FCA members may obtain redress for offences they suffered while at an FCA sanctioned event, or during the preparation for such an event.



Complainant    The person, group, or organization forwarding the complaint.  Said person, group, or organization must all be active members, in good standing, of the FCA at the time the complaint is made and at the time of the offence.


Respondent     The person, group, or organization against which the complaint is lodged.  Said person, group, or organization must all be active members, in good standing, of the FCA at the time the complaint is made and at the time of the offence.


FCA                 The Federation of Canadian Archers


Offence            Any action contrary to the rules of competition and/or rules of ethical behavior published by FCA, and in force at the time of the infraction, which negatively affects the shooting performance of the complainant.


PSO                 Provincial Sport Organisation



1. Before filing a complaint with the FCA, the complainant must have pursued the issue through both the appropriate local association and PSO.  The FCA will only address the complaint if all local and PSO avenues have been used.  Complaints dealing with national team selection will be addressed by the Resolution Committee in conjunction with the FCA High Performance Committee.



The complaint must be first lodged with the next higher organizational authority   (i.e. A complaint lodged against a local association must first be lodged with the PSO.), unless the complaint is against a representative of the FCA, in which case the complaint must be forwarded to the FCA President or, if against the FCA President, to the FCA office.


2. It is the responsibility of the complainant to forward their complaint (or notice of complaint) to the FCA office within 10 calendar days of the incident, or within 10 calendar days of notification from the local association or PSO. If the FCA Office or the President is contacted for information, then the 10 days will begin as of that day. If the complaint is not received by the tenth day, then the matter will be considered closed.


3. The complainant must fill in the FCA Complaint form (attached) with as much detail as possible and forward it as per items 1 and 2.


4. Once a complaint is received the FCA office (or President) will appoint a committee of 3 members of the Executive as a 'Resolution Committee'.  Should the complaint be against the Executive, members of the Board of Directors or FCA committees who are not in conflict, will be appointed.


5. The Resolution Committee shall elect a Chair from among themselves. This committee will then be forwarded electronic or hard copies of the complaint and all the documentation. The committee will meet in person with the complainant, call witnesses in person, and deliberate face-to-face when possible (as when a complaint is lodged at a National Championships).


6. The Resolution Committee will keep un-official minutes of all interactions so that the committee members can review all the findings prior to rendering a decision.  Minutes will not be made public.  Minutes will include a copy of the completed complaint form, notes from meetings, and a procedural checklist (attached).


7. The Resolution Committee will report its findings and decision to the FCA Board of Directors, and only the Board can dissolve the committee.  A motion from the Board will ratify the final decision and dissolve the committee.


8. The reported findings and decision of this Committee will be published on the FCA website as ratified by the Board of Directors, unless the information is of a personal nature, would injure, or damage the reputation of, any of the involved parties.


9. Should the decision not satisfy the complainant, The Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism can be pursued as an outside agency designed to mediate or arbitrate in cases where internal sport procedures fail to resolve an issue.


Penalty Guidelines:

The following are suggested penalties for the Resolution Committee, but their decision will be final.


First offence:

An FCA member in good standing who is found to be in violation of rules of competition and/or rules of ethical behaviour published by FCA, and in force at the time of the infraction, for the first time will:

·          Send formal letters of apology to all individuals represented in the complaint                AND

·          Comply with the specific terms detailed in the Resolution Committee report             AND

·          Complete all specific tasks and assignments from the report within the timelines stated.

Failure to comply will bring an automatic suspension of FCA membership for a period of one year.  During that time, the offender may not participate in any capacity representing Canada or the FCA.


 Second offence:

An FCA member in good standing who is found to be in violation of rules of competition and/or rules of ethical behaviour published by FCA, and in force at the time of the infraction, for a second time will:

·          Send formal letters of apology to all individuals represented in the complaint                AND

·          Comply with the specific terms detailed in the Resolution Committee report             AND

·          Complete all specific tasks and assignments from the report within the timelines stated AND

·          Be banned from the FCA for a period of one year.

Failure to comply will bring an automatic suspension of FCA membership for a period of two years.  During that time, the offender may not participate in any capacity representing Canada or the FCA.


Third offence:

An FCA member in good standing who is found to be in violation of rules of competition and/or rules of ethical behaviour published by FCA, and in force at the time of the infraction, for a third time will:

·          Send formal letters of apology to all individuals represented in the complaint                AND

·          Comply with the specific terms detailed in the Resolution Committee report             AND

·          Complete all specific tasks and assignments from the report within the timelines stated AND

·          Be banned from the FCA for a period of five years.

Failure to comply will bring an automatic lifetime suspension of FCA membership.  During that time, the offender may not participate in any capacity representing Canada or the FCA.