FCA 3D Committee Meeting

August 3, 2007, Utopia, ON

In attendance:             Tom Paukovic, FCA Vice-President 3D       

Ted Kennedy, BCAA              Harvey Giesbrecht, SAA        Honesto Navarro, ABAM

Clément Crête, FTAQ                        Wil Reinhart, AANB                Randy Stevenson, AANS


Guest: Alain Desrochers, FTAQ

            Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


Absent: ABAA, OAA representatives


The meeting commenced at 19:00.


1.         Welcome by the Chairman

Tom Paukovic welcomed all the delegates.  Randy Stevenson was attending the meeting on behalf of Terry MacKenzie, Harvey Giesbrecht for Ross MacAngus and Honesto Navarro for Jason Myers, but Clément Crête is the official FTAQ representative now.


MOTION #3D2007-01                        To adopt the agenda with additions.

Moved by:       BC                   Seconded by:  MB                  Carried


2.         Old Business

Numbering targets sequentially

There was no enthusiasm for numbering all the targets 1-80, rather than by loops or course letter and number.  There was some confusion at an indoor championship, but the committee decided to leave numbering as is.


Tournament hosting criteria

The committee looked at creating criteria for local tournaments so that all tournaments across the country are run by the same rules.  The committee felt that it was difficult to do, but will pursue it.  It was agreed that events registered with FCA, have to have a minimum of 40 targets and use FCA rules and FCA classes.  The more clubs that host tournaments according to national rules, the better success archers will have at the national level.


Team selection criteria

This has not changed.  The criteria were not needed for the 2007 world championships because of the limited number of archers in Excellence.


Hunter class

The rules committee removed one line about winning once.  The rule revision followed the policy, and Tom received no objections so the rule change was forwarded to Greg Durward.


Grand Prix Format

There is a need to standardise yet there is no consensus: 


ACTION:        8 people at the orange stakes, men and women will use 2 pools. 1, 3, 5 & 7 and 2, 4, 6, 8 butt assignments,  each pool shoot at one target and eliminate furthest arrow from the target vital; then move on to another target; until the group is down to 2 archers, then one arrow shoot-off for award.  Green stakes including youth was not deemed appropriate; white stakes should be included.  Women in traditional will take the top 4 instead of just putting them with the top 8 men.


ACTION:  If this 2007 format works, the committee will recommend this as a standard for future organising committees.


Rules package

It was circulated.  There is an option regarding how many courses are provided.  In Utopia, the committee decided to use 3 courses 27- 27 – 26 targets. Grand Prix will be based on 25 targets per round in 2007.


MOTION #3D2007-02                        That the minutes be approved as circulated.

Moved by:       NS                   Seconded by:  SK                   Carried


3.         New Business

3.1.1      Provincial Reports


The two representatives had little notice to be here so Tom gave an overview of what a report should have contained. 10-15 tournaments were held, both provincial indoor and outdoor championships were held and some were designated as qualifier tournaments to come to the FCA championships. 10 members here are shooting as team Québec.  70-100 archers per event meaning attendance is generally lower.  Black powder season has impacted on numbers for bowhunting season.



The report will be coming with Jason Myers at the FCA Board meeting.  Mano reported fewer 3D events this year; some events have more people coming or about the same number but there are new faces and families are coming to shoot.  The athlete development classes are growing.  ABAM has a new part-time Executive Director and there are quite a few changes with Sport Manitoba funding.


ACTION:  Clément needs to send his e-mail address to Tom and send FCA e-report



Randy reported that fewer people are attending 3D events, probably because of soaring gas prices and, also because of bad weather.  Some club memberships are down but some are growing – family-based instead of hunting only club. There are 20 club shoots per year, plus teaching archery in school and summer camp.  The province has issued 3000 bowhunter licences and only 300 belong to AANS so there is an effort to tie the association with licensing. 


BCAA reported that the Ministry has implemented electronic hunting licences and will be able to start quantifying bowhunter tags. BCAA is involved with the Ministry to get input for rules and regulations. The seasons do not match. The BC Wildlife Association is really rifle-oriented. BCAA proposed a youth rifle and youth archery season. The minister wants to increase youth participation, and it has done so: 10% to 30% archery tag increase over the past 10 years.



There was only one addition – 3800 CWD depredation tags were issued for mule deer.


3.2       3D Rule Review – request by OAA to include a crossbow division

Aside from insurance issues, is the committee in favour of including them and governing them? Tom passed the Chair to Kathy Millar.


ACTION:        Kathy will check with the FCA insurance underwriter regarding the inclusion of crossbows in the national championships.


Rules will be an issue. Manufacturers’ specifications look at 425 minimum grain weight right now, and this could be incorporated. The general feeling of the committee members was inclusion with safety, being able leave the bow unattended and cocked.  Committee members wanted to encourage proper technique and realistic expectations of accuracy; inclusion versus exclusion allowing for more practice and training.


MOTION #3D2007-03                        To accept crossbows as an FCA 3D equipment division contingent upon OAA producing a set of rules which FCA finds acceptable.

Moved by:       NS                   Seconded by:  SK                   Carried


ACTION:        Tom Paukovic will write back to the OAA to create a draft rule submission.


The chair returned to Tom Paukovic.


3.3       Lack of judges for 2007 outdoor championships

Judges were not secured for this event.  There was no interest by Ontario judges and Kathy was unable to obtain judges from any other province. Next year the Manitoba judge programme needs to anticipate the need.  Does 3D need 3-4 national-level judges?


3.4       String Suppressors

BCAA wanted clarification on the use of string suppressors (an arm attached to the bow that dampens the vibration of the string upon the shot) in Hunter class.  It was not an issue in other compound bow divisions.


MOTION #3D2007-04                        That commercially-available string suppressors whether integral or added to a bow, be allowed in all compound classes.

Moved by:       BC                   Seconded by:  QC                  Carried


4.            Policy Review

4.1       Allowing host clubs to add an optional equipment division

The philosophy behind this policy was to encourage local equipment interest groups to participate in the Championships when held in that area of the country.  This has not produced the desired results and sometimes means more work for the organising committee for only a few participants. 


MOTION #3D2007-05                        To eliminate the policy to all host clubs to add an optional equipment division.

Moved by:       SK                   Seconded by:  NS                   Carried


4.2          3D chaperones – non-shooters

As for target/field nationals, if parents are sending or bringing youth to the 3D nationals, the family is responsible to provide a non-shooting chaperone.  If the parents are shooting, the youth archer will shoot with the youth groups, not with the adults. 


MOTION #3D2007-06                        To add to the FCA rulebook that adults bringing cubs, pre-cubs or peewees to shoot the 3D nationals, must supply a non-shooting chaperone.

Moved by:       QC                  Seconded by:  MB                  Carried


5.         Status Report on 2008 Outdoor 3D Championship

Manitoba will be hosting the event in Dauphin and it will not be on the August long weekend. The date has not been confirmed. Tom Paukovic found out at the last minute that there would be no representative was available.  There will be 3 courses, one per day with a total of 80 targets on varying terrain.


ACTION:  Tom Paukovic will recommend the dates occur after the long weekend


6.         Bids for 2009 Indoor 3D Championships

The 2008 indoor 3D championship has been awarded already to Lethbridge, AB. A BC club is interested in bidding for it.  The deadline date for bids to be received by the national office is December 31, 2007.


ACTION:        Kathy will use Info.E-mail ask for bids.

ACTION:        Kathy will design a template for the bid process to include all necessary information.


For the outdoor championships, FTAQ is supposed to submit a bid by December from a club in the Eastern Townships.


7.         Bowhunter Safety – concerns and issues

AANS has brought the BAANS into their Executive.  One of the main goals was implementation of mandatory bowhunter education across the country and progress is being made.  There were no safety concerns raised.


8.         2007 National 3D team Report (attached)

Honesto Navarro had verbal additions regarding the differences between North American European 3Di.  String walking is very precise; there are more young adult men and women participating; the practice ranges are 15M-45M and most longbow & recurve archers practice longer distances more accurately, not with more weight or speed, but with better form.  The average European 3D and field courses are tougher and the Europeans are more used to these tougher courses.


8.1       Review of criteria used for 2007 team selection

It was posted on the website and Tom Paukovic reviewed it briefly.  The formula uses local, provincial championships, nationals and major events.  Archers must be Excellence members, submit scores and follow ranking.   It was not really needed in 2007 because there were so few interested archers.


8.2       Suggestions for criteria revisions for 2009 team selection

None were needed.


9.         Upcoming Events

9.1       IBO World Championships 2008

It is anticipated that it will be held in Indiana and conflict of dates with FCA championships can be an issue.  The 2008 committee has looked at it and the loss of shooters because of this conflict, but if the FCA 3D nationals are moved back one week, it may not be an issue.  No formal FCA team will be sent.

9.2       FITA 3Di World Championships 2009

Honesto reported that the next 3Di may be held in Spain.


10.       Marketing Strategies – Fund-raising for 2009 world team

Kathy Millar stressed that the new 3D Vice-President and the Vice-President of Marketing & Administration to work on a total marketing strategy for 3D because there is only general FCA revenue for these types of events.  She outlined her plan to create a 3D-specific calendar, separate from the target calendar that she is creating.  All sales and revenues would be captured for the 3D programme only.  Should sufficient funds be created, Kathy would invest the funds into secured instruments so that the funds would be used only for 3D international teams.


ACTION:        All 3D representatives will send digital photos of interest for the 3D calendar to Kathy Millar by October 1, 2007.


11.       Other Business

11.1     Peewees

For both 3D indoor and outdoor championships, peewee class remains a non-competitive class.


11.2       2007 Grand Prix schedule

The schedule will have to change because people are leaving early on Monday.  White and Green stake shooters will shoot on Sunday night and Orange stake shooters will shoot the Grand Prix on Monday.


ACTION:        The committee needs to decide whether or not White and Green stake Grand Prix rounds will become a formal part of the Grand Prix process and require their own plaques.


11.       Adjournment


MOTION #3D2007-07                        To adjourn the meeting until the 2008 3D outdoor championships.

Moved by:       NS                  


Report on the 2007 FITA 3Di championships – Sopron, HUN

Overall, this 3Di Championship event trip went smoothly.  I think the most important fundamentals were communication, and ample time to plan the event. 


The 3Di archery competition was a totally different competition - especially for us.  It was more than challenging.  The terrain was foreign; the 3Di targets were unfamiliar compared to what we shoot here in North America.  The organizers know their 3D.  Both courses were laid out to test the archers' abilities and put them on difficult, aching situations - if their abilities failed them.  I did not shoot any of the two courses; I walked it during my rounds to see if any of our archers needed any assistance.


Course A was brutal.  That course was a beast waiting for the archer to loosen his concentration, forget his basics and misjudge the shot.  There were a number of archers during my rounds that were using their second arrows to salvage *5 points.  Shots were up, down, through, on the side, shots I've never imagined possible - beyond.  I remember this one particular shot - a standing bear.  This standing bear was very close to six feet tall (I knew this from my prior visit on the website).  It was dark brown, almost cordovan, tucked in together with these large trees whose canopies produced shadows that altered the distance perception from the shooting stake, down to this target. The standing bear from the shooting stake looked like two feet tall!!, and from an angle that I cannot get my waist to bend to make a good form/anchor shot.  I had to move my trailing right leg back a foot to lower my shooting arm.  From target 4 to target 14 was a continuous climb!!  And when you think the climb was over, here comes a couple of more just to remind you that you are shooting from mountainous terrains.  The small turkey shot from 27 yards was a sure welcome shot.


Course B was a little tamer.  But what it missed from long distance shots, course B sure well made up with deception and smaller targets.  Well placed smaller targets, which were tucked in with the different hues and gradations of the shadows made distance judging fatiguing - is that 30 or is it 38?  During the journey from one shooting stake to another, the archers would go through a part of the forest which was laden with tall trees whose wide and broad light green leaves allowed enough sunlight to pass through it.  Everything in there was green.  When you looked around, there was a shade of green.  It was a much appreciated break from '3D'.


For the elimination rounds, two - eight target 3D courses and one twelve target 3D course were created from around the course A area, not necessarily the same areas from the original course A - there was more climb, climb shots.  All courses were made from scratch, and none of these areas were used for courses before.


I thought, after the first two twenty four target qualification rounds entering the elimination rounds that the archer will need his/her ability of judging both ground and animal.  The fine basic form on the use of the bow and arrow will also come into play as you try to manoeuvre and position yourself to make a strong & solid shot.  I also thought that the archer’s physical (mind & body) well being and capacity would determine if he/she could execute his/her judging and shooting.


The championship rounds were shot from a flat area (although they made some two feet high platforms to shoot from) with a total of four targets at different distances.  Archer 1 shot with archer 4, archer 2 shot with archer 3.  Winners shot for gold, losers shot for bronze.  -Some of the countries did not like this championship format.  They would prefer that the archers carried their scores with them and archer with the highest score after the qualification and elimination rounds is champion.  They also suggested that the qualification rounds be shot in two days rather than in one day.


I think this first 3Di experience should be team Canada's stepping stone to further pursue it's full participation as a contributor to the betterment of 3D World Archery and in fielding our top archers in the different archery divisions.


I had a wonderful and eventful six days with our archers, not to mention the archers and team captains from the other eighteen countries.


A few suggestions, some new, and some are already in place for future 3D team leaders:


1. Use the master checklist (distributed to all athletes and team support) of materials, documents that needs to be gathered here at home, with clear due dates on each item.  This master checklist should be started as early as possible, taking into consideration that some tasks may require more time or would require several steps to complete.

e.g. Passports, visas if necessary, Participant waivers, Anti-doping agreement, accommodation pre-payment and athlete biographies.


2. Use the FCA travel itineraries form showing of all athletes & support staff.

In relation to this, athletes and the team support staff will need to plan for pick-ups (if arrival is not event destination), ground transportation to and from the event site, and if the host organising committee is involved, this should be communicated as early as possible to give the OC ample time to prepare and/or to plan for alternative transportation if host cannot accommodate.


3. Use the FCA Hotel/lodging room assignments/arrangements, schedule. Also include name, address of hotel, post event lodging.


4. Use a checklist of supplies that will need to be gathered at home or on- site - tents, emergency/first aid items, uniforms, food (energy bars, etc.), water, other supplies needed by the event like flags, national anthem, etc.


5. I also would like to see a definition of supply (?) responsibilities, e.g. water, energy bars, ground transportation, meals, etc - these supplies will be needed during the event.  Are these the athletes' responsibility?


For the event, I brought energy bars from home, and I purchased bottles of water for the archers' and myself.  I did not ask nor assumed, I just told them that we have these supplies and everybody can take however many or often they want, and request if they need more or other than what we have.  These were available to all during the duration of the entire event.


Again, please do not hesitate to call/email me with any questions or concerns.


Respectfully submitted

Honesto (Mano) Navarro

Team Leader


* A second arrow is allowed if the archer missed his first arrow.  The second arrow has a starting