FCA Executive Committee Meeting

Orangeville, ON        August 16, 2007


Roger Murray, President                                Al Wills, International

Alain Gravel, VP High Performance

Charlene Parlee, interim VP Committees & Projects           


Absent:            Jude Hooey, VP 3D                Derek Hird, VP Administration & Marketing


Guest:             Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


The meeting started at 18:00.

In preparation for the next 5 months, the Executive has several tasks to follow up on.  Alain Gravel reported that he will be gone September 16 to October 21.  Roger Murray reported that he will be gone most of October 2007.  The returning Executive Committee members welcomed Charlene Parlee and thanked her for volunteering to fill the one-year position left vacant by Ed Wilson.  The Executive reviewed the Board agenda for comments and assignment of tasks.


1.         LTAD

Al Wills felt that this is the most important FCA document ever, since it has to lead us into 2020 and has to have every province buy into this process.  Alain felt that this presentation was less than enthusiastic and there were many people in the group who needed to be included and energised.  Kathy reported that Paul Jurbala had put a lot of work into this document and needs to be present for the next small group session.  All Executive members should be involved in the next phase. 


Alain felt that it is important to sell LTAD to the provinces.  The Executive agreed with Al’s suggestion to use a presentation template so that it could be taken across the country properly with a consistent message to all PSO Board meetings. 


ACTION:        Kathy will follow up with Richard Way regarding a LTAD model                                  presentation template for NSOs to use.


Concern #1 – Active-For-Life in the model

Roger had a concern with the document. There is a big base of fun on page 15 and then on page 37 the chart gives lip service to it and focuses on high performance.  All Executive agreed to this need to change page 37’s diagram, particularly with respect to coaching and judging. 


Page 37 should be going back recreational archery; horizontal arrows should have words in them that state recreational – active for life.  There are places for re-entry from competition but it is a matter of placement to show that the person does not have to re-enter at only certain spots. It looks like you go out but can not get back in.  A “Snakes and ladders” approach is needed.  If it appears to warrant it, Roger would like this concern stated in a formal letter.


ACTION:        Kathy will pass along these concerns to Paul Jurbala.


Concern #2 - National Championships

The Executive reviewed Richard Way’s comments in his Board presentation to the timing of national championships and coaches’ concerns with periodisation.  There was discussion of Bruce Savage’s comments about a qualification process to compete at the nationals. 


POLICY:         The Executive is not in favour of restricting entrance to the nationals. 


November LTAD meeting

Tentative dates were set as November 10-11, 2007 in Ottawa.

Members of working group:   Roger Murray, Al Wills, Alain Gravel, Charlene Parlee


ACTION:        Kathy will ask Jude Hooey and Derek Hird if they can be available for the                  LTAD meeting in November.


Other possible working group members identified by the Executive were:

Greg Durward             Susan Lemke              Joan McDonald          Don Jackson

George Wagner          Shawn Riggs               Hugh MacDonald        Jordan Eastman

Andrew Webber          Laurier Cusson            Kevin Evans                Stan Siatkowski


ACTION:        Kathy will contact all of these people after she liaises with Paul Jurbala.


2.         Executive Committee membership

A Board of Directors vote by e-mail will be necessary to formalise the appointment.


ACTION:        Kathy will organise this vote.


3.         Operational Plan

There was considerable discussion during the Board meeting from practical application to conjecture and thinking outside the box.


ACTION:        Kathy will organise this draft  input and circulate it to board for approval                  for discussion and approval.


4.         National Championships


When should the Technical Delegates be appointed?  Jude Hooey will need to touch base with the Manitoba organising committee.  Al Wills will start working with the target/field committee now.  3D looks like it will run well and the draft host agreement has been submitted already. The OC should start on time at 9AM. 



Québec did not have any site information during the AGM. 


ACTION:        Alain Gravel will ask questions in the province at FTAQ’s AGA about the                  2009 sites.


4a)       National Championship Rotation Policy

If there is a province that needs to drop out, then the whole rotation must be reviewed for consistency and adequate preparation for other provinces.


ACTION:        Add to the host agreement that no other provincially or nationally                              sanctioned tournament can be held in the province during the national                      championship.


5.         Forming a new committee

The Executive agreed that a formal Translation Committee should be created to work with the Rulebook Editor and the FCA office. 


ACTION:        Alain Gravel will chair the translation committee.


6.         PSO Best Practices Presentations

This was an experimental addition to the annual agenda.  The Executive reviewed the process and the results for the first attempt.  The presentations were meant to provide PSOs with a chance to demonstrate what the province does well or obstacles it overcame.  Alain felt it was a good start and it was worth considering and always ask them to make a presentation and a contribution.  Roger liked that the provinces had to bring the positive things that they are doing and have an opportunity to share the ideas.  Al Wills felt that this should be done at the AGM and the first part of the meeting was good but he felt that they did not do any business.  The Executive Director reiterated her concerns that meetings at the national championships are not long enough to accomplish a whole year’s worth of work in 4 hours.  There used to be 2 board meetings a year and then the November meeting was where the work was done.  FCA will not incur expenses for 2 meetings.  The Executive agreed to move the Board meeting into the spring.  The AGM would be with the Board.

ACTION:        Kathy will contact the bookkeeper and the auditor to make sure that the                    year end can be available in time for a March meeting.


ACTION:        Kathy will advise Board members of meeting on March 8th and 9th, 2008.  She will also work on the budget for this event and reduced Executive costs for the 2008 national championships.


7.         Indoor National Target Championships

Kathy Millar reported that membership validation continues to be the most time-consuming aspect of the indoor nationals.  Carolin Schmidt will take on the co-ordinator’s position.


ACTION:        Kathy will orient Carolin Schmidt to the Regional Co-ordinator role.


8.         Judges for 3D national championships

This year, the Executive Director acted as FCA judge for the outdoor 3D championships.  The FCA executive thanked her, but this was not her role and placed her in a position of conflict of interest.  The FCA Judge committee needs to make sure that it has assigned judges for all events. 


ACTION:        Charlene will supervise the call for judges for 2008.


9.         PSO Agreements 2008-2010

Don Lohnes reported that Alberta and British Columbia have re-signed for two years.  Don Lohnes has agreed to make sure that all other PSO agreements are signed.


ACTION:        Don Lohnes will continue to negotiate with the remaining provinces and                   work with Alain Gravel on the French translation of the PSO agreement              for 2008-2010.


10.       Finances

Calendar Fund-raiser

Kathy outlined the 3D version of this project and that she was waiting for IPC World Championship photographs in order to start the Target version in mid-October.  She would start advertising the calendars in Info.E-mail in late September.  There was discussion about re-sale opportunities for athletes.


ACTION:        Kathy will supply examples of pyramid sales and volume discounts.


ACTION:        Kathy will contact Derek Hird for his input.


ACTION:        Kathy will contact printing companies for possible under-writing of                           expenses in lieu of advertising opportunities.  She will also ensure that              all PSO logos appear on the back cover of all calendars.


Kathy Millar has forecasted anticipated costs for 2008.  FCA must develop a full-blow marketing strategy.


ACTION:        Kathy will work with Derek Hird to produce a Marketing Strategy draft.

11.       HPC

Regional Coaches Council

There is inactivity again.  Recruitment of provincial team captains is important to get away from sending the same support staff each time.  Also, Susan will be asked to take on the RCC and giving a seminar at the next nationals. 


ACTION:        Alain Gravel will contact Susan Lemke regarding her RCC role.


12.       Archery Foundation

It was reviewed as a concept.  (See Executive Meeting minutes 2007-08-12 for actions.)


13.       FITA

FITA’s new membership collection formula was not perceived as being fair to Canada.  A United Nations economic indicator was used along with approximately 3 different categories.  FITA took those numbers with the indicator and membership numbers.  Kathy Millar complained that it does not take in consideration a member association’s operating budget.  She expressed her views directly to FITA already.  FITA has forwarded an e-mail to all member associations asking each country’s NOC to verify membership numbers.  Al Wills felt that membership numbers should include only those archers who are involved with target archery and that bowhunters should not be included in the totals. 


ACTION:        Al Wills and Kathy Millar will research membership numbers for COC.


ACTION:        Al Wills will contact other MA representatives to determine how they                         report memberships to government and the NOC.


14.       Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 21:10.