FCA Executive Committee Meeting

Orangeville, ON        August 12, 2007


Roger Murray, President                                Al Wills, International

Don Lohnes, VP Admin & Marketing             Alain Gravel, VP High Performance


Absent:            Tom Paukovic, VP 3D


Guest:             Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


The meeting started at 18:30.

In preparation for the Board of directors meeting and the AGM, the committee reviewed the new Board agenda format and items of concern.  Then the directors-at-large election process was reviewed.  There was some hope that a potential volunteer would come forward to fill the one-year term of Vice-President Committees and Projects left vacant by Ed Wilson.


- National Championship Rotation Policy

ACTION:        Vice-President or President should note for the next round of PSO agreement negotiations, with regard to the FCA championship rotation policy, PSO agreements should include references to supporting championships in those years when each particular PSO will host the outdoor nationals.


- Marketing

There have been some recent car commercials on television in which archery is used to demonstrate the product. Kathy Millar circulated the SIRC pamphlets on the Cosmos marketing presentation.


ACTION:        Kathy will research those NSOs who approached sponsors successfully to see what the sport offered in order to get the sponsorship, e.g. Cycling and Tim Hortonís.


ACTION:        The Executive Committee members will return Kathyís Cosmo material to her.  Then, Kathy will approach Cosmos for a presentation at the January 2008 Executive Committee meeting.


ACTION:        Vice-President Administration and Marketing should approach these car companies to see if there can be a formal relationship with FCA since the company is using archery to brand the product.


- Archery Foundation

Al Wills had discussed the creation of a national archery foundation with Ghislain Arsenault.  Archery needs an independent body to raise funds and invest securities in accordance with Revenue Canada regulations.  The foundation would start out small and remain independent from FCA.  The Foundationís Board members would be life-time appointments and exclusive to this body. 


ACTION:        Kathy Millar will investigate Revenue Canadaís guidelines to establish a foundation and procedures for awarding funds and issuing tax receipts.


ACTION:        Al Wills will continue to consult with Ghislain Arsenault and provide a sample of a foundation to the Executive.


The meeting adjourned at 20:35.