Federation of Canadian Archers



2007-08-15 Orangeville, ON


President Roger Murray welcomed all members to the meeting at 15:55.  In particular, he welcomed all athletes.  He introduced the Executive Committee sitting at the head table and reminded all present that this was an informational meeting only in light of the fact that no new business had been received 60 days prior to the meeting. He also thanked the judge corps present, Richard Chong-kit, Director of Shooting for the target championships and Bruce Savage, chairman of the Organising Committee.  In remembrance of archery friends who passed away during the year, there was a moment of silence.


1. Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Sherbrooke, QC on August 16, 2006 be accepted as printed with the revision of the date and place on page 5.

Moved by AB, seconded by NS, carried


2. Report of the President

Roger formally recognised the continued success of our Canadian archers and thanked them for their hard work and dedication.


3. Reports of the Vice-Presidents


Finance & Marketing

As submitted in the annual report


Events and Services

As submitted in the annual report


Committees and Projects




As submitted in the annual report


High Performance

As submitted in the annual report



Al Wills reported that there have been changes to his report in the last 6-8 weeks. The IOC will be moving forward with the junior Olympics for summer sports only.  The new Games are meant to be more fun and the archery format has not been decided upon.  FITA Junior world championships will be held in 2008, and then in 2009 to earn quota for the junior Olympics.  The junior Olympics will follow with the rotation of the Winter Games.  There is discussion about offering money prizes at FITA world championships.  COC is looking at a bid to host the Games in 2020 or 2024.  The COC naturally thinks Toronto would be the logical choice, but the city of Toronto has been less than excited about the idea.


4. Reports of the Directors


Athletes’ Representative

Team selection sub-committee is still working on its projects.  In light of the recent successes, the committee members are satisfied with trials as a means of selection and will continue to refine the format.


Executive Director                    

As submitted in the annual report



Vickilynne Schleppe reported that the ATAA President in 2006 was David Milton and Larry Robins as FCA representative.


British Columbia                       

Susan Lemke outlined the recent successes in recruiting blind archers for disability a formal provincial event in the near future.



Jason Myers read ABAM’s report to the meeting and submitted a written version for the archives.


Newfoundland & Labrador        

As submitted in the annual report


New Brunswick                         

As submitted in the annual report


Nova Scotia                             

Ken Saulnier added that AANS now has 294 members.  FITA target participation seemed to be more popular this past year.



Bruce Savage, OAA Vice-President, reported new Continental Judge status for Laura Lynne Churchill and Randy Jones.  OAA’s Crossbow proposal was submitted to the Board.



As submitted in the annual report



Ryan Flannigan reported that the SAA was reviewing its governance structure and specific job descriptions were being developed for all Board members.


I move the Directors Reports of the Annual General meeting 2007 be accepted as printed.

Moved by ON, seconded by NS, carried


5. Committee Reports


Regional Indoor Championships Co-ordinator

Kathleen Millar reported that since no volunteer replacement had been found, the National office looked after this programme in 2007.  Carolin Schmidt (ON) has offered to fill the post in 2008.


Mail Match Co-ordinator                        

As submitted in the annual report


COPARCO MICA Co-ordinator                          

As submitted in the annual report


Coach Certification Committee Chairperson       

Bruce Savage spoke for James Wiebe in his absence.  Bruce explained transition and there is no loss of certification but Al Wills added that it is up to the coaches to stay certified.


Judge Committee Chairperson

Ghislain Arsenault reported IPC/COPARCO judge clinic in 2007 in Toronto.  After this tournament, FCA will add two new national judges.  Canadian judges were active internationally in 2007 at FITA’s 3Di world championships, Arizona Cup and Gold Cup.  The rules committee activities show continued judge commitment.  Greg Durward was thanked for his work to create the hosting package, as were organising committees across the country.  Kathleen Millar was thanked for her role in organising the IPC/COPARCO certification clinics.


Youth committee

As submitted in the annual report


National Records Co-ordinator

As submitted in the annual report


Disabled Athletes report

Arthur Nault was very pleased that Canada was able to host two IPC certification clinics and he noted the support of the Canadian judges. Arthur was happy to inform the AGM that Canada has a competitive female AWAD archer at these championships and hopes that this will be the start of a women’s programme.


FCA Rulebook Editor

Greg Durward asked people to use the website to see the updated rules and keep in touch because it is difficult to get the information from the committee to the judges and to the archers.


FCA Webmaster

Al Wills reported that he was working on the latest problem with the site.  With the new server, he created DADA mail.  He is not sure that the chatroom is necessary anymore. He is open to helpful suggestions.


Membership Chairperson

As submitted in the annual report


Alain Gravel stated that although there was no formal “translation committee” within FCA, the following volunteers should be recognised for their role:  Marthe & Laurier Cusson, Ghislain Arsenault, Jean-Marie Robert, Christiane Murphy and Denise Breault. Alain Gravel thanked them all and stated that FCA should consider establishing a formal translation committee particularly in order to assist the rules book Editor.


I move the Committees Reports of the Annual General meeting 2007 be accepted as printed.

Moved by NB, seconded by QC, carried


6.         Auditor’s Report

As submitted in the annual report


7.     Business arising - none


Constitutional Amendments - none


6.            Informational Items

FCA Annual Awards

Some of the Annual Awards were given out at other formal occasions.  Athlete Annual Awards were given out at the Target and Field Championship banquets.


Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year – Marie-Pier Beaudet

Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year – Alexandre Dupuis

Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year – 2006 Men’s Junior World Compound Team

Junior Female Athlete of the Year – Doris Jones

Sylvio Beauregard Judge of the Year – Jean-Marie Robert

DM Lovo Outstanding Contribution Award – Robert and Sheila Sheppard


Past President Award – Don Lohnes


Presidential Citation – Ryan Flannigan


Al Wills received FCA’s Honorary Lifetime Member plaque for his continued service to FCA.


FCA Gold Volunteer Pins

In honor of the work done by two executive members who were not seeking re-election, FCA presented Gold level volunteer pins to Don Lohnes and Tom Paukovic. 


FCA Silver Volunteer Pins

Kim Sandy received her pin as chairperson of the 2007 FCA 3D outdoor championship organizing committee during the event in Barrie, ON.  Mike Corman received his pin for organizing the 2007 FCA Field Championships at the Field banquet.  Gary Gillies received his pin for organizing the 2007 FCA Target Championships at the Target banquet.  Joan McDonald received a limited edition national coach pin at the Target banquet.


7.            Ad hoc committee reports - none


8.            Items for ad hoc committee study - none


9.            Recess - none

10.          Election Directors-at-Large

The Executive Director administered the election process and outlined the procedures to be followed.  As only three nominations for directors-at-large had been received, she asked for nominations from the floor.  None were received.


Each nominee, Derek Hird, Jude Hooey, and Roger Murray, was given an opportunity to address the AGM on their qualifications and what skills each would bring to FCA.  The Executive Director read the submissions for both Mr. Hird and Ms. Hooey in their absence.  Mr. Murray addressed the AGM.


The three nominees were acclaimed.  The meeting recessed for the election of officers.  The Executive Director reconvened the meeting to announce the results:

President                                                          Roger Murray

Vice-President Administration & Marketing          Derek Hird

Vice-President 3D                                             Jude Hooey


The one-year term for the position of Vice-President Committees and Projects may be filled at a future date by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will search for a qualified volunteer to fill the two-year position of Vice-President Events and Services.


There were no ballots to destroy.


11.          Appointment of the Auditors

I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2008.

Moved by NS, seconded by AB, carried


12.          Sites for outdoor 3D & target/field championships


Sites for the 2008

Jason Myers reported that the dates had not been set for the Dauphin 3D championships.  The Target Championships will be held either in Assiniboine Park or at a nearby college with dormitory facilities.  The Field Championships will be held at Sanford Range if modifications can be made.


Sites for the 2009

Michel Mathieu had no information about sites or dates.


Sites for the 2010

Field and 3D will be at Osprey and the target venue is yet to be determined.


13.          Good and Welfare

Roger Murray thanked Tom Paukovic for his contributions to FCA.  Tom received his gold pin at the 3D championships in Barrie.


Bruce Savage wished to speak to the format of the target championship. This year, 205 archers registered for FCA’s target championships.  He wanted members to consider that this tournament might have to change from an open event to some type of qualification event.  In order to support that number of competitors an organizing committee needs a field 200 meters long and it is becomes a massive organizational event.  Are all the provinces able to do this?  Should the event to be scaled down? 


Ken Saulnier recommended Bruce Scott for his lifetime contribution to sport in Nova Scotia and felt that he should be recognized.  He lives for archery.  Al Wills mentioned that Bruce Scott has received a gold pin and a 125 award.  The Executive Director suggested that Ken Saulnier apply for Bruce Scott to be considered next April for the D. M. Lovo award.


14.          Adjourn

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned. Moved by SK and seconded by AB