Draft Minutes / Procès Verbal Provisoire

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif

January 28-29, 2006 - Ottawa, ON - le 28-29 janvier, 2006 

Executive members present:

Roger Murray, FCA President                        Tom Paukovic, VP 3D                                               

Don Lohnes, VP Admin & Marketing              Arthur Nault, VP High Performance

Al Wills, VP International        


Absent with regrets:

Bruce Savage, VP Events & Services


In attendance:                                               Guest:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                 Carol Malcolm-O’Grady, Sport Canada


1.         President's Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 09:10 at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Ottawa.  Roger welcomed everyone to his first budget meeting as President.  He wanted to keep discussion on topic, not limiting discussion, but completing the agenda items first.


2.                  Acceptance of the Minutes, July 23 & 28, 2005

• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #200-04 on September 19, 2005 & on the FCA web site


MOTION #E06-01:               To approve minutes as published

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Don Lohnes                   unanimous


a) Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year

- Letter to Coaching Association regarding budget for MLF clinic

This letter was not sent and the timeframe for action has passed.  It will not be pursued.


- Member Complaint Policy – suggested changes from HPC (RM/AJ)

FCA’s High Performance Committee will work as a stakeholder with the FCA Executive to refine the process and penalties for second offences, now that the policy has been used.


- Comprehensive FCA membership package

Greg Durward and the Executive Director have put this ambitious project on hold for the time being.


- Submission of Constitution reviews to Industry Canada

The submission went to Industry Canada in early January.  There has been no response to date.


- FCA laptop

Funds raised by Don Lohnes for this project were applied to expenses to repair and provide integral back-up for FCA’s desktop instead.


-          Sylvio Beauregard Judge of the Year award process w/Judge Committee

Tom Paukovic has been working on this nomination process with Ghislain Arsenault.  Tom feels the nomination process is circuitous.  He is suggesting that Ghislain strike a nomination committee of national judges such as Patti Middlebrough, the Sheppards, Roger Garrod and Jean-Marie Robert to select nomination(s) to forward to the national office to appear on the ballot.


ACTION:           Arthur Nault will speak to Ghislain about the process at Trois-Rivières.


3.         Acceptance of January 2005 Agenda


MOTION #E06-02:               To accept the agenda as published, with additions.

Moved by:     Don Lohnes                  Seconded by:         Al Wills                        unanimous


ACTION:           Kathy will ensure that the indoor 3D chair receives FCA’s silver pin (policy).


4.         Reports

·         President

Roger stressed the need for appreciation of all forms of archery by all members in order to keep the community together.  It is difficult for the Executive to do, but it should encourage tolerance of others.  Bringing archers together in the same place at events like the combined National Championships is a start.  The Executive wishes to encourage the combined format.


·         Archery Canada - Events & Services 

Bruce Savage submitted his report electronically, but was not able to attend the meeting due to recent surgery.


ACTION:     Kathy will send Bruce Savage a fruit basket on behalf of the Executive.


·         Committees & Projects

The Executive has conducted a search to fill this vacant vice-president position with a qualified person.


ACTION:     Roger needs to keep in touch with Trina Snooks and encourage her to run for director-at-large in Sherbrooke


·         3D

The Vice-President will attend the indoor 3D Championships in Regina.  Indoor 3D championship will run on the newest version of 3D rules since terminology was the major change in youth categories.   Lethbridge (outdoor 3D) will have its website up this week.


ACTION:     Kathy will work with Greg Durward and the use of  new rules.


·         High Performance

Arthur Nault has been canvassing for possible director-at-large candidates for the vice-president’s position and is confident to have at least one qualified person run in Sherbrooke.


·         International

COPARCO - The president of Mexico was forced to resign but this will have no impact on organisation of the world championships other than possibly funding.  This development may have greater impact on the FITA World Cup finals; they may be less well-organised and funded.


FITA - The think tank is looking at the differences between the world championships and Olympic events, in particular the length of time in scoring.  These sessions are held with proven facilitators who had no ties with the sport. 


·         Administration & Marketing

Marketing FCA is not an easy task and committee is looking at something long-term.  Don Lohnes wants archer involvement to raise funds.  Lotteries are recognised as provincial jurisdiction and are hard to organise nationwide. Archers historically will not spend money.  Don is planning a pilot fund-raiser involving golf in Nova Scotia this year.  If it works, he will introduce the process to other provinces.


·         Executive Director

A volunteer retention/recruitment plan was discussed.  Extrinsic rewards may be essential in order to attract and keep good volunteers. 


ACTION:     All Executive Members will inform the membership about the power/ability to make change that comes from being at meetings.


·         Sport Canada Consultant

Carol reported that the new National Minimum Standards changes for accountability will come out this spring and it will be graded as “met”, “somewhat met” and “stretch targets”.  Some standards will be easier than others to work towards.  Translation, Long-Term Athlete Development Model (LTADM) and Sport Development funding will be available for 2006-2007. Single Sport Hosting block is part of application, but now the intent is for process to be NSO-driven, not municipality-driven.  Bids to host international events should be legacy-focused.  The new government and party may or may not have impact on sport’s profile, but the base $140 Million to sport should remain secure. 


ACTION:     Kathy will forward her CPC correspondence on the category 4 CSRP AWAD decision to Carol Malcolm-O’Grady for assistance.


MOTION #E06-03:               To accept the reports as submitted.

Moved by:     Don Lohnes                  Seconded by:         Al Wills                        unanimous


5.         Business

5.1.    Operational Plan and Policy-making

-          FCA Operational Plan, November 2005 Report Card

The Executive Director presented the report card, which was reviewed for budget considerations.


-          FCA Quadrennial Plan  & LTADM - Phase 1

There is insufficient time left in the present federal fiscal year to begin the buy-in process with a facilitator. The second phase of the process is the follow-up to make a sport-specific plan.  How far into implementation Sport Canada will fund has yet to be determined.  Sport Canada is working on an evaluation instrument to define “success” for implementing LTADM.


ACTION:      The Executive will wait to start the LTADM process until after April 1, 2006.


-          FCA Task List & Long-term vision for the FCA

Task List reviewed with few comments and then the President outlined that he wants to look at the bigger thinking and brain-storming to look at archery as a whole. Canadian archery be a force internationally, not just compound archers and have enough money to do what it needs to do; unification and support each other and in their endeavours.  FCA should encourage everyone to get better.  Perhaps after LTADM, volunteers should revisit the FCA mission and vision statement; perhaps Executive needs a specific or different mission statement.


ACTION:      Post on the website that decisions are made according to the vision, and set goals and objectives from that vision.


5.2.    Management Issues

-          2006 Election cycle and term of office for 3 Executive Committee members

ACTION:      The Executive Committee will draw up a long-list for VP International, HP, Events & Services, and fill a one-year term for Committees & Projects.


-          Letter to PSO presidents regarding Board member involvement at meetings

ACTION:      Roger Murray will draft a letter in February for this summer’s meetings.


-          Interim Vice-President ACC Committees & Projects

Don Lohnes has approached Trina Snooks for this position.


-          Votes-by-Mail from last meeting to the present

The Executive Director announced that recently HPC voted on team selection policy revisions and that it was passed unanimously.


-          PSO agreements renewal process for 2006-2007

Don Lohnes reported that OAA has a lot of questions and that he is waiting for Bruce Savage to recover from surgery before going back to negotiations.


ACTION:      In February Arthur will be Don’s representative with Kathy in Montreal to discuss the PSO agreement with FTAQ. 

ACTION:      Don needs to contact Ken White in Newfoundland & Labrador.


-          Insurance policies renewal

Kathy reported that the new Directors &Officers coverage was increased to $5 million each for FCA, AANS, AANB and BCAA; property insurance went up because of the new location and the storage of the national championship travel kit; and member premiums went down slightly but estimated increases in member totals for 2006 meant that demands on FCA’s cash flow increased in the first quarter of 2006.


-          Club Judge certification 2006

In light of the difficulties instituting the FCA Operational Plan for club certification, it would seem impractical to move ahead with the next step in 2007.


MOTION #E06-04:               To move back at least one year, the requirement to have two club-level judges per club by 2007 as listed in the Operational Plan.

Moved by:     Al Wills                        Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                  unanimous


-          VP Administration & Marketing action plan for 2006

The Action Plan is developmental and Don may do a test event in Nova Scotia this summer.


-          Scheduling meetings during the national target/field championships

KM presented a proposed schedule.  Don Lohnes will not be able to attend the meeting. 


ACTION:       Kathy will approach the O/C to confirm the second draft of outdoor championship meetings schedule.


-          IFAA affiliation

FCA is an affiliate.  Al Wills, Tom Paukovic, Roger Murray and Greg Durward were involved with IFAA rules update.  Al would like Sean McKenty more involved and Sean should be the FCA contact for IFAA matters.  Al Wills would be the contact as VP International.


-          Roberts Rules of Order

Al Wills provided an overview that should be available at Annual General Meetings.

ACTION:      Al Wills will further refine this document and Kathy will have it translated and available by the sign-in sheet in Sherbrooke.

5.3.    2005 Fiscal Year End

-          4th Quarter reports, comparisons year-to-date, Outstanding Accounts Receivables, Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships

The Executive Director reported on all of the above.  Reports have been circulated to the Board.  All Sport Canada funds have been accounted for.


-          NLAA $100 PSO agreement fee 2004


MOTION #E06-05:               To move forgive the 2004 PSO agreement fee for NLAA for 2004.

Moved by:     Al Wills                        Seconded by:         Don Lohnes                  unanimous


ACTION:      Roger will send a letter to Ken White & Andrew Webber outlining FCA’s hope for growth in Newfoundland and Labrador.


-          Other funding partners & Resources

Canadian Olympic Committee funds will remain at base levels until senior Recurve archers produce world-class results internationally.  Coaching Association is funded by Sport Canada.


Winnipeg Trust - The Executive Director reported that due to soaring administrative fees, the FCA may need to become Trustee.  This money should stay separate and not be placed in the General Accounts.


ACTION:      Kathy will contact Scotia Bank again and report on any developments.


Bowzone and Spitz – These companies are event sponsors but not funding partners. 


RBC Securities 


MOTION #E06-06:               To reinvest $5,000 from cash on hand into medium risk investments and allocate the remainder to general revenue.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                  unanimous


5.4.            2006 Fiscal Year

-          2006 budget draft

The Executive Director presented the budget based on G/L revenue totals as of December 2005.


MOTION #E06-07:               To accept the draft budget.

Moved by:     Don Lohnes                  Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                  unanimous


-          AANB pilot project / Sport Canada Sport Participation Development Programme

Kathy reported that this project is on hold due to the commitment volunteers in New Brunswick had to host the 2005 Target National Championships.  Also, there may be implications with the National Archery in the Schools Programme coming to Canada.


ACTION:      Roger will contact Trina Snooks to work with Robert McIntyre on this project.


6.         Committee Work & Recommendations

6.1       Archery Canada Council

-          CBET process status report

Kathy reported on Bruce Savage’s behalf.  The next CCC meeting is slated for March 11-12 in Winnipeg.  Certification equivalency and finishing instructor intermediate will be important topics.  Kathy has been unable to get the instructor beginner translation task done.  She has given this task to Laura Kiraly who will continue the work on starting on February 2nd.


-          Judge Certification activity report

Kathy reported that Provincial judge chairpersons were working very hard to get all club-level on-line judge tests evaluated and that there was a lot of activity at this level.  Once clubs were allowed a choice of which archery discipline to choose from, compliance was much easier for insurance requirements.  The judge committee will be working on a stand-alone 3D test for next year.


Al Wills reported that COPARCO has agreed to fund an international judge course conductor to lead a continental judge seminar in Toronto in 2007.  Sergio Font will attend.


-          Championships Hosting Guidebook status

Al Wills reported that suggestions from national championships had been incorporated.  The host manual does not include the 3D indoor championships.  Chaperones at national championships 3D were not given clear instructions as in target.


ACTION       Tom Paukovic will have the 3D committee review chaperones as non-shooters.


-          2005 Membership Report – final

Dan Churchill has not been able to finish the final report.  Kathy has not printed the hard copy.  Memberships were up in 2005 and she forecasts a slight increase for 2006.


-          2006 FCA/FITA Rulebook changes

Al Wills reported for Greg Durward.  The rules committee is including new FITA rules and IFAA rules were submitted.  Kathy anticipated that the rulebook will be available in print by the end of February.          


ACTION:      Al will contact Greg Durward regarding chaperones in rulebook chapter 3.


-          2006 FCA Regionals update

Greg Durward is ready and Kathy will be sending out host site packages on February 1st.

-          2006 FCA mailmatch update

Trina Snook is ready for the first set of monthly results to come in.  She communicates often with the national office and Andrew Webber with questions and ideas.


-          2006 MICA update

Jacqui Jenskey has sites lined up and all of them are posted on the FCA website and registered with COPARCO.  Al Wills reported that one club missed the deadline for registration, but was hoping to be accepted by COPARCO.


-          2005 outdoor nationals final report – discussion and recommendations

Greg Durward’s registration and results programme worked well and he has made adjustments for 3D.  The field course was not set up ahead of time because the target butts were used for the target championships as well.  The 3D Grand Prix needs two judges in order to handle the organisation and questions.  The organising committee reported a budget of $94,000 to run a combined championship.


-          2006 Equipment Divisions at outdoor target Championships

The process is working well and only a few people are planning to challenge reinstatement.


-          2006 Target championship progress report

Kathy reported on Bruce’s behalf that the host agreement has not been signed as yet.  The committee made arrangements with Gary Gillies to utilise 20 target butts and the cores have arrived in Canada.  The other buttresses will come from FTAQ and FCA’s championships travel kit.  The O/C has made arrangements with Bishop’s for accommodation.


The rental fee for 2006 was set at $300, but Kathy warned that this was only a nominal fee and that a fee structure had to be designed that included freight charges to the host committee.


ACTION:      Don Lohnes will send pictures and dimension of lined containers for kit.


-          2006 3D indoor championship progress report

Tom Paukovic reported that he has received nothing yet regarding the Host agreement.  The advertisement for the website was received electronically during the meeting.


-          2006 3D outdoor championship progress report

Tom Paukovic reported that the Lethbridge link is on FCA’s website and that the host agreement has been signed. 


-          2006 Technical Delegate for Sherbrooke


MOTION #E06-08:               To appoint Arthur Nault as technical delegate for the 2006 target and field national championships in Sherbrooke, QC.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Don Lohnes                  passed


-          2007 3D Championship and 2007 Target/Field Championship progress reports

Bruce Savage’s report mentioned that no firm bids have been received from Ontario clubs.   For 2008 ABAM has no bids in Manitoba either.


ACTION:      Kathy will send Orlo Myshrall’s e-mail to Roger so that he can work to move the bid process along.


-          2007 Indoor 3D championships

Tom Paukovic has been searching for hosts in eastern Canada, but there may not be any bids.  Lethbridge had expressed interest in hosting in 2006 but may hold it in 2007.


-          2007 Canada Games Update  & Youth Committee activities & LTADM

James Wiebe is working well with the host society and trained coaches and judges.  He will return soon to train more volunteers.  FCA Youth Committee delegates should be invited to the LTADM buy-in meeting.  Roger reported on the meeting he had this weekend with Youth chair Jordan Eastman and his plans to start a national challenge using the FCA website.

-          PSO provincial championship rounds for youth – report

The only PSO to respond to this request in July was BCAA.


ACTION:      Request Jordan Eastman to follow-up on this survey.

-          Aboriginal Sport Circle

Kathy made contact with Rod Jacobs, Manager of High Performance Programmes, and will work with him on coaching certification and High Performance leading to NAIG in Cowichan.


-          Cadet elimination round format at Canadian Championships

Bruce Savage had not received any comments from Saint John regarding their optional round.  FCA is dealing with parents on this event, not youth themselves.  Sherbrooke is encouraged to offer the event and see how many registrations are received.  Al Wills noted that FITA may change the elimination format to a round robin, so FCA’s cadet OR may be relevant but still optional.


ACTION:      Encourage Sherbrooke to offer  the event.


-          National Championship Travel Kit discussion

After considerable discussion regarding the two options presented in Bruce Savage’s report, the Executive Committee decided upon the purchase of 4x4x8 pallet-sized containers, trucking the kit from warehouse to warehouse and paying for storage charges as required.


ACTION:      Don will research the suitability and costs of insulated fish boxes that have locks and built in forklift function.  Kathy will contact the containerisation firm suggested by Al Wills.


-          Other items

National Archery In the Schools Programme (NASP)

NASP is going to happen in Canada and FCA should be part of that.  Minutes from the teleconference with Roy Grimes of NASP had been circulated to the Executive.  Kathy reported that a retailer in southern Ontario is willing to help.  This programme would fit into a LTADM at the “fun-damental” level and could be a useful programme at the elementary school level.


ACTION:      Bruce Savage and Tom Paukovic will research opportunities in Ontario & Manitoba.

ACTION:      The Executive Director was instructed  to buy 5 NASP manuals so that Al Wills, To Paukovic, Bruce Savage, James Wiebe and the national office have working copies.


6.2       High Performance Committee

-          Review of HPC meeting minutes from November 2005 – business arising


MOTION #E06-09:               To accept in principle the Team Selection Process Policy and suggest the inclusion of AWAD and 3D in the minimum standards grid.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   unanimous


-          Motion from HPC for new Junior Athlete Award


MOTION #E06-10:               To ratify HPC motion #05-3 and institute two youth annual awards entitled Under 18 male (Tom Mack) and Under 18 female awards.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Don Lohnes                   unanimous


-          Motions from November 2005 meeting


MOTION #E06-11:               To ratify HPC motions (attached) from the November 2005 meeting.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   unanimous


-          Athlete Assistance Programme update

FCA currently has the most carded athletes (5) since the early 1990’s: 3 able-bodied and 2 AWAD.  One A/B athlete has not reported on her summer activities, but the other two archers have.


ACTION:      Arthur will write a letter to the archer in question;, if no response in a month, Roger will write, outlining financial sanctions.

-          2006 IPC Archery international events - status report

Arthur reported on the first IPC Grand Prix event in London at end of August.  IPC wants to start the Grand Prix process with guidelines so Europe is a test event.  The 2007 IPC world championships will be held in Korea.  The location will have large financial implications for budgeting.  Arthur looks forward to more good performances, Bob Hudson did not earn AAP carding, but shot very well at his first world championship with a 1292 personal best.  Unfortunately, Jacques Millette will probably have to retire because of health problems.


The 2009 IPC world championships will include blind archers.  2008 Paralympics in Beijing will include Compound Open class for the first time and open up 36 more spots than Athens (98) and include 4 classes instead of 3 in Athens.


International AWAD Archery is managed by IPC.  At summer election, Ann Webb was elected president and within her term, IPC is going to re-structure along IOC governance guidelines.  IPC will have an office and budget for each IF (transition to perhaps in Bonn) after 2008.


-          2006 FITA Junior world championships status report

Al Wills reported here nothing new.  At HPC’s request he checked on the OR venue and archers will be bussed to site.  There were no rumours of difficulties with the O/C.  Archers will probably need to fly into the Cancun area.


-          2006 World Field Championships & team selection

There has been no other information from the O/C and FCA has not received preliminary entry forms as yet.  FCA’s team selection is on hold while HPC introduces the new policy to target events first.


-          2006 Pan Am Championship status report & COC quota issues

Al Wills reported that things at COC are going as predicted; archery is not like other sports and does not know in advance who could be named to the team.  Other sports name people out of a pool.  Kathy explained the two-part process to obtain spots on the line in 2007; she felt that the issue would be resolved in about 10-15 days, but probably not to HPC’s satisfaction.


-          2007 FITA indoor world championship ranking & status report

Mark Vallee is the indoor ranking co-ordinator for this event and under the new team selection policy he may have a different role to play.  Though indoors is not a priority for HPC, quite a few archers expressed interest in attending.  Perhaps the FCA indoors or MICA could be substituted for face-to-face trials.


ACTION       Tom will take the suggestion to use FCA or MICA championships back to HPC.


-          2007 FITA Senior World Championship status report

Leipzig will be the first outdoor world championship with 3 to a team and FITA reports that everything is proceeding well.  No entry forms have been received.


-          AWAD archer Talent Identification, recruitment & training

Arthur held 2 clinics in Montreal before Christmas.  The first had 8 children with no possible recruitment; the second one had 8 adults with 2-3 had good potential and one will visit Arthur to work with him further.  Kathy was able to obtain the Children’s Rehabilitation Centres mailing list for Ontario, with possible contacts coming from British Columbia and Québec.  Arthur will send each of the Centres a letter of introduction for clinic or visit from Alec Denys or himself.  Sport Canada funding made the big difference to FCA’s talent identification push and it was instrumental to training two new archers to perform at the international level.  But that funding level will not be repeated in 2006-2007. 


-          CCES/WADA Whereabouts Reporting system impact/status

Kathy confirmed with CCES that nationally carded athletes are not automatically in the FCA testing pool.  She outlined the recent letter from FITA stating that FITA has seen fit to move the TUE collection centre out of the Lausanne office.  Forms need to be sent to Sweden now and she has informed Allen Jenskey of this change.


-          2008 Beijing Olympics/Paralympics

Al Wills has heard nothing concerning Beijing; he can contact the competition manager if there are specific questions.  Kathy reported on the COC site visit briefing session held in January.


6.3       Administration, Communication & Marketing

-          Web site management

Dan Churchill’s changes to the site have reduced Al’s workload.  Dan has yet to submit an invoice for server space.  Kathy continues to work with him.


-          Fund-raising – a priority in 2006

-          “My Sports Dreams”

Don reported that he is not interested in putting out of money.  He would rather try profit-sharing at the club level.  His golf tournament plan will need less up-front money.


-          Fund-raising scheme - Avalanche jerseys

The indoor championship initiative has not grown.  Kathy will not advertise it any further.  Only two clubs took advantage of it every year and if those clubs wish to continue, she will work with them on an individual basis.  The outdoor championship fund-raiser is more productive.


-          Sponsorship update

Win & Win - Al Wills feels that he is at a crossroads with Win & Win and that he should step aside.  Personal contact is no longer as important as it once was.  Hayley Mott could take it over since Win & Win made direct contact with national office.


ACTION:      DON should describe the Excellence Equipment programme, with its checks and balances to send to American bow manufacturers.

ACTION:      Kathy will contact Walt Malone to see if a photo opportunity can be arranged with all archers shooting Win & Win bows at the national championships in Sherbrook.

ACTION:      Kathy will contact Hayley to conduct a survey of archers using Win & Win on the line in Sherbrooke.


Neet Products – This company’s products are not being used as much by senior elite target archers.  There is not as much interest in the quivers for the national team because they are not identified as “Canadian Team”.


ACTION:      Kathy will work with Don Lohnes to re-establish contact to purchase and receive FCA-specific quivers for the junior/cadet world championship.



Change in staff means an interruption of communication. 


ACTION:      Kathy will continue to work with Hayley Mott to establish contact with Jeff McNail and determine how many dozen arrows are available for the Excellence equipment programme this year.  Don Lohnes will help with this programme as well.



Kathy contacted COC and Margaret Doehler at VANOC Marketing regarding the COC/FCA Affinity card through the Royal Bank.  If this programme has terminated, Kathy suggested a new credit card be substituted with business incentives.  Suggestions were made to issue tax receipts for the donation of air mile points or failing that, donations of air miles points could be used to pay entry fees. 


ACTION:      Kathy will check on air mile points with Charities Branch.


-          Athlete  & Judge Biographies

Athletes do not promote themselves, but archery is no exception.  Judge biographies are new and on the website.


ACTION:      Kathy will ask Jacquie Saito to include the athlete biography form in welcoming package and list the link to send it as a word document format to website.

ACTION:      All Executive Committee members (including the Executive Director) must send their biographies to webmaster by March 15.


-          Info.E-mail

Kathy reported that the bi-weekly publication schedule was a positive change, but that regardless of the format, the spam controls would not allow her to send the message out just once.  It has to be sent out 8 times because there are over 560 addresses on the listing.


ACTION:      Al Wills will research economical mass e-mailer options.


-          Sales & Distribution Centre report

Sales are strong in CanBow, coaching and judging products along with target faces.  The new order of 3-spot triangular faces left the United States on Friday.  Kathy saw no other re-ordering necessary during the outdoor target season.  Other SKU’s that do not move as well should be discontinued or have “fire sales” at the national championships.


-          2005 Marketing & Communications with Bowzone

Tom Paukovic is registered with their website and chat rooms.  The company concentrates on product line promotion, not financial sponsorship.  The Bowzone team is 3 archers from southern Alberta and seems to be local in nature until the time of the 3D nationals.  A formal partnership is unlikely, so there is no link on the FCA website.  There has been talk about sending a “Canadian” team to IBO worlds but Bowzone wants to name it; this would not acceptable to FCA. 


MOTION #E06-12:               To award Gaston Bibeau Bronze FCA Volunteer Pin for verifying the French translation of FCA’s level 3 manual and workbook.

Moved by:     Arthur Nault                  Seconded by:         Tom Paukovic                unanimous


ACTION:      Kathy will search out a new translation firm with higher standards.


Ocean Waves Sunglasses

Kathy Millar has been in touch several times with Peter Turner who is in charge of the upcoming Canadian promotion of archery-specific sunglasses.  The company has a pre-determined introduction schedule and they appear to be sticking with it.  There should be more developments in 2006-2007.


Canadian Tire

Maurice Sporting Goods has been in touch with FCA.  FCA is offering to provide safety information in the archery section of stores, and is suggesting target faces sales.  It would be a tremendous opportunity with Canadian Tire’s hunting catalogue as a contact point for interested archers.  There also should be a “Welcome to the world of archery” on the web for beginners.  Bruce Savage has produced a draft for Al Wills;  


ACTION:      FCA should produce a bilingual, laminated safety poster and ask that all stores display it in the archery section as an initiative.  Carol Malcolm-O’Grady will review it for the committee.


6.4       International Committee

-          Canadian Olympic Committee – trends and representation

Al Wills welcomes committee member who wishes to go to Board meetings with him, but what he says or does has less impact because archery is a smaller sport with performance problems. Al Wills is well known for his opinions, but also for his request for funding in order to achieve results.  COC does not see it as its job to include help.  The board meeting travels to cities close to volunteers and Al Wills invites them to accompany him.


ACTION:      Arthur will accompany Al to the COC meeting in Québec City.


-          FITA policies update

Currently, no rule suggestions from Canada are outstanding. It took two years to get FCA’s judge committee recommendations to receive FITA approval.


-          FITA pin award programme

Al Wills reported that Tracy Klat is doing a good job.  1300 and 1350 pins should be presented personally, but the rest are mailed.

-          COPARCO

Since the President of COPARCO was elected to FITA Council, he has had less time for the Americas.  Al Wills updated the COPARCO website, but has had no response.  Meetings seem to be the only place to get things done.  Al will continue to go to the meetings as HPC requested, but it is very expensive.  North America is not likely to form its own continental association. 


7.0              Other Business

FITA World 3Di

FITA has not received any bids to host this event.  Rule changes have been received from FITA’s Trudy Medved, asking for input into the proposed round to use more than one arrow per target.


ACTION:      Tom Paukovic will formulate Canada’s reply to multiple arrows. 

ACTION:      Direction to Staff:  2007 budget item will include funds for 3 men & 3 women and a team leader for this event.

ACTION:      Criteria should be up to discussion for 3D meeting (Agenda item)

8.0              President's Closing Remarks

The President thanked everyone for their suggestions and attention.  Everyone thanked Carol for her input.

9.0       Adjournment

The meeting ended at 12:30 on Sunday, January 29, 2006.  The meeting was adjourned until Sunday, August 13, 2006 in Sherbrooke, QC. 


Motion from High Performance Committee:


MOTION #HPC 05-06:    If a recurve archer wins one match at the Junior World championships in 2006, the archer will receive $1000 to be used toward expenses to any major event within the next 12 months.

Moved by:         Gaston Bibeau               Seconded by:    James Wiebe                unanimous


MOTION #HPC 05-07:    If a recurve archer finishes the 2006 Pan American Championships in the top 4, the archer will receive $1000 to be used toward expenses to any major event within the next 12 months.

Moved by:         James Wiebe                Seconded by:    Allen Jenskey                Passed

                                                                                                            S. Riggs abstained


MOTION #HPC 05-08:    Due to the current international calendar for 2006 it is not practical to designate a B Team event for that year, there will not be a National B Team in 2006.

Moved by:         Jeff Gunter                     Seconded by:    Gaston Bibeau               unanimous


MOTION #HPC 05-09:    That due to the assumption that it was not communicated to the archer clearly for funding levels for recurve archers only on National B Teams, in this particular instance, FCA will cover the cost of the balance of accommodation for the compound archer to Santo Domingo.

Moved by:         James Wiebe                Seconded by:    Shawn Riggs                 passed

                                                                                                            G. Bibeau abstained



This is my first time reporting as president.  If I had understood what this position would be like, I probably would have declined.


After the Nationals in New Brunswick, I spent time dealing with some aggressive 3D archers, who seemed alienated by the FCA policies in general, and High Performance team funding/qualifications in general.  I have encountered versions of the same attitude amongst my “homies” as well.  It seems that we still have some work to do to unify the whole archery community in Canada.


In September, I was given the opportunity to serve the AWAD archers in Italy.  I was moved by the opportunity, the calibre of the archery, and by the sheer athleticism of the archers.  Finally, I had a chance to use the Spanish I learned in high school.  Not only was it close to Italian, but also some of the volunteers spoke better Spanish than English, so we got along.


Part of the trip to Italy was to start the process to certify me as an International Classifier for IPC.  For those who do not know, the International Paralympic Committee has officials who test potential athletes to place them in the appropriate competitive class for their event.  While archery has relied on Arthur Nault for this function, he has no “who-said” to provide official status to the athletes he classifies.  Since he has other pokers in the fire, I became a candidate for the job.


When I returned, I started to realize what being President meant in terms of workload.  I am still learning to deal with large doses of e-mail, while juggling job, family, and just trying to survive a life.  I have not kept up with my e-mails as well as I would like, so if I have not gotten to something important yet, please be patient.


Fortunately, the committees that reported to me as Vice-President of Committees and Projects, are autonomous so judges are still being qualified (Well, except one international), and the coaching certification system is still working toward transition to CBET.  The really good news is that we have a new volunteer for the VP – Committees and Projects.  Trina Snooks from New Brunswick has agreed to take over the post.  She will be confirmed next August, and I will be available to answer questions if she needs me.


I have been keeping an informal journal of sorts to spot trends of thought within the Executive Committee for Canadian Archery.  My hope is that we will be able to formalize our vision in a document of some form so that all archers can share the vision if they wish.


For 2006:


Respectfully submitted

Roger Murray






Still the most frustrating part of this portfolio is trying to get information from COPARCO; for the most part it has got worse since the President was elected to FITA Council. I have been able to discuss matters with my NAA contemporary and with him to FITA, so matters concerning Canada and North America are still being addressed. Just when I thought matters could not get worse, I actually got an answer to my (our) request for support for a Judge seminar in Canada next year. COPARCO has promised support for the Course Conductor and to lobby FITA for more funding. I have turned this program over to Ghislain for action. I am still awaiting word as to a COPARCO congress this year, which had been announced as Rio in the fall, I think my mandate from HPC would have me attend.



I was not invited back for the second FITA think tank, but then again, no one was. FITA used all ‘fresh faces’ for the second meeting. The initial feedback is that the discussions I reported on were mostly supported at this second meeting, which would mean changes in FITA.


FCA has not had any more motions for rule changes to FITA, however, if we do, I am confident the lessons we learned this past year, will make it a much better process. The unfortunate part of the lengthy delays caused by FITA was that even some of our own judges had forgotten that we used our judge program to initiate the changes.


Since our last meeting, Tracy Klat has taken over administering the awarding of FITA Stars, she is very efficient and the program is running well. She has taken some initiatives to make it easier for some stars to arrive directly and only major awards to be sent to Provincial representatives.



FCA is now a full member of IFAA.  With that has come a myriad of correspondence on changes to their rules and constitution and many other matters. It would appear that they do much more work by consensus than FCA (or FITA) does. I have been working closely with Sean McKenty who has the vested interest in IFAA (and who volunteered to be our IFAA representative), we both review items that come from IFAA and then respond based on our consensus. FCA got into quite a discussion with them concerning Presidential powers and ultimately they changed their proposal. I think this process works well; I will continue to share these duties with Sean and report back to you. I have asked that this item be added to the agenda for discussion.


Canadian Olympic Committee

The last Board meeting was in Ottawa last November, so I invited Kathy to attend with me.  It was a particularly ‘routine’ meeting with mostly routine matters. COC is moving quickly toward Beijing selection criteria moving the negotiations to specific sports, so any general matters are now concluded and it is again over to the HPC. The AGM is the last weekend in April in Quebec City and the fall Board Meeting is the last weekend in November in Toronto, I will ask Joan and/or Shawn if they would like to join me.



You will recall in my previous reports my frustrations with our arrangements through our service provider in how I was unable to do uploads of changed files. How quickly things change. I was finally able to get Dan to load a set of extensions, which make the task automatic. The work on the website since this was implemented (in the late summer) has been near magic! I have been able to do the routine updates and make new changes without any wasted time; I hope that this stays the same. So, we are still able to employ this powerful tool for our members without substantial cost! Kathy will have to report on our negotiations with Dan as to the cost and compensation to him.


The site is gaining in popularity with nearly 5000 hits a month. It would appear that means that more and more members are accessing the site to keep abreast of FCA happenings. The site is kept up-to-date with announcements for the Mailmatches, FCA Indoor, MICA indoor, Indoor and Outdoor records and our event calendar.


I am still trying to keep the site as bilingual as possible, but with the vast majority of material arriving in English, it is hard to get translations before the item is no longer topical! I have a few good translators for short announcements.




I made all the changes to the manual from the last championships; the latest version is on the website. There were few changes; I think our format is generally running well now!



We were to have a representative at this meeting.  However, in my discussions with Roy Grimes, it became apparent that we would not be getting much value for his visit as he would not be able to spend much time with us. So, we decided to begin the discussions by conference call, which will be reported on later in the agenda. NASP are offering us a significant contribution to be the next country to adopt the program.



At our last meeting I was asked to put together a format for the AGM and how we can start these meetings so the members feel more involved. I forwarded this to you in the fall.


Recently I found some information on Roberts Rules, which I condensed, made it more FCA specific and forwarded to you all, I hope you find it of some use.



I am up-to-date with correspondence, I try to answer anything that comes to me as quickly as possible and my goal is always 48 hours. If you’ve sent me something and haven’t heard back by then, please ask again!  I trust that I have not left any projects undone; I am not aware of any!


Respectfully submitted,


Allan R. (Al) Wills
VP International



After stepping down as president end of July, last summer, I agreed to take on the role of VP Administration and Marketing; an interesting position, but there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out in order to get it to run smoothly. This position has not been active within the FCA executive for several years. As a result there will be some growing pains as we move forward in defining and providing clarification for this role.


To start, I am attempting to set up a marketing committee from FCA members from across the country. The ideal situation would be a member from each province. Currently there are two FCA members who have agreed to serve on this committee. The first is Trudy Dryden from New Brunswick and the second is Mano Navarro from Manitoba. We have begun email correspondence with various ideas to promote FCA and to incur financial gain for the benefit of FCA members. This will not be an easy task. My view as chair of this committee is to ensure that those that benefit from any financial gain are involved in the process of incurring the gain. In other words, I do not expect a few people to work hard at raising funds only to be used by those whom have not been involved in the process.


Also, while the goal may be very high, the intent is to raise a significant amount of funds through one major effort and to stay away from the typical small revenue generators that require significant volunteer effort. This may be a lofty goal, but one that I believe is achievable provided that the right program is put in place. Further, the intent is to make it a legacy event that can continue to flourish in years to come. I firmly believe that this is a possibility and will encourage the committee to work towards achieving this goal. This will not occur overnight. It will take time and effort to find the right mix for FCA.


On the finance side, I have been reviewing the usual cheque runs and monthly deposits. Kathy certainly has this well in hand. I am just getting my feet wet in this portfolio and will be learning more as time permits. Fortunately, with the two year funding application in place, the majority of the work with the government is complete at this time and what is required is constant reporting. I will be able to report more as we move forward with the next funding application.


After stepping down as president, there was one unfinished job and that was the negotiation of the PSO agreements. I have attached a table of the provinces that have signed the agreements to date and I am still working with some provinces to complete this task. Hopefully this will be finalized in a few months.


Respectively submitted

Don Lohnes

















Robert McIntyre

19 July





Claude Langois

19 July

1 Sept




Patti Middleborugh

19 July

1 Sept




Chole Greenhalgh

19 July

1 Sept


with ABAM president for signature


Susan Lemke

19 July





Guy Brigas

19 July

1 Sept


in discussion


Andrew Webber

19 July

1 Sept


nothing expected


Orlo Myshrall

19 July

1 Sept


in discussion with Bruce Savage


Gib Henderson

19 July

1 Sept





Comme vous l’avez lu dans le dernier rapport de la réunion du comité de la Haut Performance, le comité c’est doté d’un nouveau président de comité afin de m’aider dans plusieurs dossiers. Vous avez reçu d’Allen Jenskey un très bon rapport de ci qui a été fait depuis la réunion.

Je suis heureux que Al  a accepté m’a demande de prendre la présidence du comité.


Comme vous l’avez remarqué qu’en plus des entraîneurs qui forment le comité des entraîneurs régionaux.  D’autres personnes ont accepté de collaborer avec le comité soit Ed Wilson, Hugh McDonald et Greg Durward, pour être en mesure d’avoir un plus grand nombre de personnes qui partagent leur expertise pour le bien de notre sport ; merci à toutes ces personnes.


En se qui me concerne, je ne solliciterai pas un autre mandat à la prochaine assemblée générale, mais si on le veut, je suis intéressé de continuer de travaillé avec les personnes ayant un handicap comme je l’ai toujours fait dans le passé.


Au niveau mondial, j’occupe encore le poste de vice-président international au niveau d’IPC section Tir à l’Arc, puisque j’ai été réélu l’été dernier pour un autre mandat de quatre ans.


Respectueusement soumis par

Arthur Nault




As you have read in my last High Performance Committee report, the committee has bestowed upon itself a new committee chairperson who assists me on many projects.  You have received a very good report from Allen Jenskey that detailed what he has done since the last meet.  I am happy that Al accepted my request to take the committee presidency.


As you have seen there are more coaches on the Regional Coach Council.  Other people who agreed to work with the committee are Ed Wilson, Hugh McDonald et Greg Durward, in order to have a greater number of persons who will share their expertise for the benefit of our sport; I thank these people.


Concerning myself, I will not be seeking another mandate at the next Annual General Meeting, but if acceptable, I continue to be interested in working with people with a disability, as I have done in the past.


At the world level, I again fill the position of IPC Archery International Vice-president, as I was re-elected last summer for another four-year mandate.


Respectfully submitted

Arthur Nault



As the newly elected chairman of the HPC, I am spending as much time as I can bringing myself up to speed with many issues that I have not been a part of in the past as an HPC member.  It is a challenge due to heavy work commitments, but I am confident that I can get a handle on things fairly quickly.


In our last HPC meeting, it became apparent that several committee members, including myself, had come to the conclusion that the way we select teams and motivate archers had to change.  Some of this thinking stems from our 2012 plan, but up until now we had not formed solid ideas on how to make some of the performance improvements in our archers that we are seeking.  The result of this is that we agreed to review the entire Excellence program, from membership to talent identification, and ranking to team selection – nothing is off the table.  This is a huge task, and certainly the timing of external events will to an extent drive the order in which we review these various aspects of Excellence.


A sub-committee was formed with some HPC members and others from outside the HPC that were selected in a multi-voting process at the last meeting.  Fortunately for us, all those who were asked agreed to volunteer their time to this important process.  The team consists of Joan MacDonald, Shawn Riggs, Tom Pauckovic and me from the HPC, along with Ed Wilson, Hugh McDonald, and Greg Durward.  Denis Beaudet was selected to research how other countries select their national teams.


The first item on our list is team selection, as we want to get the new system in place well before we actually select any teams, so archers who may be trying to make those teams know the system they are working under.  We have had several conference calls, and have sent emails and documents back and forth with the various members of this sub-committee, working on many areas of team selection.  In some cases the group worked on these items as a whole, and then we split up various tasks for smaller groups to work on.  We are making progress, and already have drafts for items such as the entry into team trials, and the trials process itself.  We have many other items to work on, and will continue to focus on the priorities that are related to upcoming events and team selection.


We have also been forming ideas regarding ranking and talent identification as we move forward with the team selection issue, as many of these things are related to each other.  Once we have a team selection process finalized, it will be submitted to the HPC for approval, and then we will move on to other aspects of Excellence.


In other HPC developments, Gary Gilles resigned as the Athlete’s Services Coordinator, and this presented the HPC with a significant gap that needed to be filled.  It was suggested that Don Lohnes might be someone who could roll this function into his marketing position, but Don felt that he had enough to focus on.  I approached Hayley Mott about the position, and she accepted.  Hayley has already begun the process of working through the equipment allocations from the 2005 outdoor season per the HPC policy already in place.


I am working on the process of defining my role as chairman in more detail.  I believe that a division of duties that are all currently under the VP-HPC job description is the most appropriate solution to allow me to focus on certain tasks the HPC needs to complete, and allow the VP to focus on items more at the board level.  I am working with Kathy Millar on this process to get something outlined that I assume will be given to the board when finalized.


As you will see in the minutes from our November 2005 meeting, we have made some attempts at allocating funds for various events throughout the 2006 season.  We may need to shift some funds to different events due to issues surrounding the Pan Am Games qualification process that we are trying to sort out with the COC.  I would like to submit a motion to accept our finding plan in principle, knowing that we may have to shift the funds to other events (specifically away from the Pan Am Championships if the COC does not agree to use this event for the Pan Am Games).


MOTION:  To approve the HPC budget suggestions for the 2006 outdoor season as outlined in the minutes from the November 5-6, 2005 meeting.


In summary, I am happy to be able to contribute more to the HPC in this new role, and hope that we can accomplish the tasks that we need to in a timelier manner.  We certainly have a lot of work ahead of us with our 2012 plan and the Excellence review, and I will keep the Executive up to date on our progress as we work through the various issues.  This is an exciting time for the FCA, and those on the HPC are looking for support from the Executive in making these changes, which will no doubt cause some strife for those who are used to working under the traditional systems that have been in place for many years.


Respectfully submitted,

Al Jenskey

Chairman – High Performance Committee



The following is a list of the events and services assigned to the position of VP events and services.


Þ     FCA Outdoor Target and Field Championship    

                        2006 Quebec - confirmed – Sherbrooke

                        2007 Ontario - no bids - on new rotation schedule – to coincide with the 3D Championships


·         No changes anticipated to format – participation has been good for the last 3 years.  

·         Championship infrastructure support kit has been completed – method of storage and transportation still to be determined

·         Equipment division offered at Championships have been amended for 2006 based on levels of participation.  A re-instatement policy has been put in place if membership demand creates a need.

·         Event sponsor still needs to be found to help  fund the Championships

·         Technical delegate for 2006  TBA


Þ     FCA Mail Match

            Welcome and many thanks to Trina Snooks for coordination the 2006 mail match program,  See FCA web site for details:


            Trina Snooks, FCA Mailmatch Co-ordinator
            E-mail:  mailmatch@fca.ca


Þ     FCA Regional Indoors

o        Host site registration is posted on FCA web page  - 18 sites registered at the time this report was written – similar to last year’s registrations

o        Greg Durward – coordinator


Þ     MICA Mail Match

o      Jacqui Jenskey co-ordinating event again  this year

o      12 host sites register at time of report –less than last year


Þ      Canada Winter Games 2007

o        PSO should be naming a Provincial coach and start a talent ID process

o        Jim Wiebe is contact person with host OC



Þ     Rule book

o        Greg Durward keeping rules up to date


Þ     FCA Records

o        Christine Murphy managing the data base.


Þ     Product distribution

o        Kathy Millar is managing the product distribution form the FCA office


Respectfully submitted

Bruce Savage



After a lengthy process of clarification and rewording, the FCA 3D rules have been modified. The changes were initiated by the provincial representatives at the annual meeting held in St. John last summer.   I would like to thank Greg Durward for the excellent job of leading the process and maintaining our focus.  His expertise and knowledge of the rules made this task possible.  The changes were made with the intention of bringing 3D age and equipment categories more in line with the Target portion of the FCA.  It is hoped that this will facilitate an easier transition for those archers who wish to compete in both events. 


3D Indoor Championships are scheduled for the weekend of March 10th and 11th in Regina.  Organizing Chair Harvey Giesbrecht has been in contact with me on a sporadic basis.  Our last phone conversation was Friday Jan 20th and Harvey assured me that the Hosting Agreement would be faxed early this week.  At the time of this writing there are 70 archers registered.  Harvey is confident that there will be an increase in numbers but does not think they will hit the 300 number.  There is a conflict with a large event in Alberta, which will limit the number of competitors from that province.  We need to look at this event and the regional nature of the competition.  If it continues to remain a 4 province affair I do not know how we can continue to call it a National Championship.  It is similar to the “World Series”; when did the U.S. become the world?  On the positive side the committee has a website and online registration.  So things are moving along well.


3D Outdoor Nationals in Lethbridge are scheduled for August 4th -7th is the same weekend as the IBO worlds.  There is no chance of changing the date as venues have been booked as well as a great deal of organization geared towards that weekend.  The Lethbridge Bowbenders are at this time still hosting the event and the hosting agreement has been sent in by Jude Hooey. 


As a member of the HPC, I was asked to sit on a committee to discuss the format for team selection.  After some lengthy discussion via conference call we decided to go to a trials format rather than submission of local qualifying scores.  The group divided the tasks and a sub-committee was struck to develop a format using a combination of FITA scores and match play.  This is a work-in-progress and nearing completion.  A draft has been circulated to HPC members and will be available to the executive.


National 3D team selection for the IBO Worlds and the FITA Worlds is at a standstill with some interest being shown by Quebec archers.  There is reluctance for archers to join the Excellence Programme and have their scores submitted for team selection.  It would seem that the two-year gap between FITA Worlds does not faze 3D archers who think they can qualify in a few months.  I am not sure where this is going; it was a great Idea when I had it.


Awards program and Judges:  At the meeting in Saint John I said I would try to come up with a process for Judges to submit a candidate for Judge of the year.  Over the past two years there has been some friction over this item and it is still not resolved.  I have e-mailed a proposal to Kathy for her perusal and suggestions and I am reworking the proposal based on her suggestions. 


Respectfully submitted

Tom Paukovic





By-law changes were submitted to Industry Canada in early January and approval should be forthcoming.  The anticipated not-for-profit corporation law changes were stalled in the House of Commons due to the federal election.  FCA should prepare to hold its 2006 Annual General Meeting according to existing laws and requirements.  All new/revised policies and procedures arising from meetings and minutes have been imbedded into pertinent FCA documents which include the FCA Task List, Volunteer Handbook and office procedures manual.  All FCA/PSO agreements to 2007 have not been signed, but when that task is complete, Harassment and Abuse education will extend to the provincial level.  It will then be up to the provinces to continue to educate clubs and individuals.  The FCA Operational Plan was initiated but it appears that some volunteers and committees were not fully prepared for the ramifications of its adoption.  Hopefully, volunteer leaders and working committees will review the Operational Plan on a regular basis in the future in order to provided much-needed corporate direction and good management.  The FCA Member Complaint Policy was implemented for the first time since its inception.  As with all policies, refinements are needed.  Several key volunteers will continue to work on this policy in 2006.  FCA’s volunteer self-evaluation process has had limited response.  A verbal summary will be given to the FCA Executive in accordance with established procedure.


Sport Canada’s Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF III) and the Canadian Sport Review Panel findings have had positive and negative impact on FCA.  Base funding was increased.  FCA was not granted funding for high performance for able-bodied athletes, and saw a substantial cut in funding for Athletes With A Disability due to the poor rating given despite athlete success at the recent IPC world championships.  FCA is waiting for a written justification of category 4 rating from Canadian Paralympic Committee.  FCA took advantage of the two-year funding application for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.  This was time-consuming as each year required separate applications for able-bodied and AWAD programmes, but was very rewarding in the long run.  FCA’s High Performance Committee could budget more effectively for the first time as FCA had received contribution information for 2006 in September of 2005.


Human Resource base has not expanded significantly though membership totals are higher and interest in archery across the country is growing.  FCA needs a concerted recruitment and retention strategy.  Inability to attract qualified volunteers to key elected positions continues to be a critical issue for this federation and I would urge the Executive to spend more of its energies in this regard.


The Distribution Centre and FCA's inventory are efficient and by-and-large effective.  FCA’s national office relocation had minimal impact on sales and service but created quite a few stressors since the move preceded all national-level meetings and championships in July.


Annual reports and indoor programme information were circulated to all clubs affiliated with FCA in 2005.  Upon renewal, up-to-date information is sent to each club.  Member and club liability insurance coverage remains at $5 million and the individual member premium assessment is $2.24 for 2006.  The final membership report was submitted to the insurance broker, and the balance owing for 2005 has been paid.  The broker wishes to receive minimum $14,000 payment for the 2005 membership premium in few instalments.  This outlay of cash always creates cash flow concerns.


In the fourth quarter 2005, FCA used its Line of Credit for the first time in several years.  The problem arose for a variety of reasons including:  government funding cycles versus FCA programme and services demands, FCA-generated funds required to complete projects from the one-time Sport Canada enhancement programme, financial support to the Regional Coaches Council and Operational Plan line items for international representation, and outstanding accounts receivables with respect to the FCA championship travel kit.  Further use of the line of credit does not seem necessary in the first quarter of 2006 and all loans have been re-paid.


Communication demands have increased.  The percentage of time spent answering e-mails promptly detracts from other tasks.  The biweekly Info.E-mail bulletins are well liked by the membership.  FCA’s volunteer translators continue to assist the national office and the web master on a regular basis and these people save the Federation thousands of dollars every year.


I represented FCA in many capacities and reported fully on all of them.  Along with the normal necessary communication between FCA and its various partners, Sport Canada, Sports Matters Group, CAC, CPC, COC, FITA and COPARCO, the new government Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTADM) initiative will require further meetings and representation. LTADM is a lengthy process requiring more volunteer involvement than simply financial assistance to hold meetings.  Initially, FCA’s application to begin the process in 2005-2006 was postponed one year.  Then in early December 2005, Sport Canada advised that funds would become available.  However, given the deadline of March 31, 2006 for the current funding cycle and the amount of work and co-ordination required in the first phase as reported to NSOs at the recent Sport Canada meeting, I would advise the Executive Committee not to proceed with this project until the next government funding cycle starting April 1, 2006.



The 2004 audit was completed on schedule.  FCA’s normal reporting pattern and procedures to its members should be satisfactory for the new government requirements created for the two-year funding cycle.  The office is in regular contact with the auditor and a contracted bookkeeper should receive orientation to the position some time in February.  This was not the original intent, but the delay was unavoidable. All bookkeeping practices were completed on time.  All purchases have been prudent, but large sums must be expended in order to obtain competitive target face prices.  Expenses have been kept to a minimum, but the national office operation budget has increased by approximately 20%.  FCA's bank balance year-to-date for the fiscal year is approximately $6,000 after Line-of-Credit repayment.  Government instalments have been received on schedule.  Payables and receivables are reasonable and small. 


The Championship Travel Kit will be a tremendous legacy for FCA.  Sport Canada’s contribution can not be under-estimated and FCA purchases for 2006 will be restricted to final target butts and stands, travel containers and the method of storage or trailer decision of the Executive. 


In accordance with the new FCA investment policy, $2300 was withdrawn from the cash balance generated on RBC Securities instruments.  The amount was allocated to office move expenses and the bookkeeper contract.  Enough funds remain in the cash balance for general revenues, reinvestment and/or contract requirements.  The Executive is urged to re-invest as much of the remaining cash balance as possible into medium risk instruments as soon as possible.


The PSO grid for funding athletes to national championships has been updated.  The PSO contribution grid has been updated also to reflect changes in provincial membership numbers and transportation costs.  FCA continues to subsidize some PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSOs.  This is justified in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. 


The approved 2005 budget was implemented and original projections were quite close to final totals for expenditures and revenues.  The 2006 draft budget was an integral part of the government application process and needed to be altered only to reflect FCA’s fiscal year.  Basic operational costs are stable.  Travel costs are difficult to anticipate, but ticket prices have stabilised.  The extra 3% figured into the budget may be sufficient.


Inventory orders for programmes and services have been anticipated.  FCA has been successful in retailing and wholesaling FITA-legal new 60 cm, 80 cm and 122 cm target faces.  At the time of this report, there was no confirmation whether the COC/VISA/FCA credit card programme is active or not.  FCA should seek out other credit card benefits if this current programme is void.


FCA must increase its own revenue base.  Anticipated costs associated with the FCA Operational Plan need the Executive’s full attention.  The FCA Marketing strategy must be aggressive and vigorous in order to meet these challenges and retain fiscally inter-dependence with outside funding partners. 


High Performance

2005 was a very busy year with many teams travelling to represent Canada, with varying degrees of FCA/Sport Canada support.  The constant interface between FCA and COC, FITA and Sport Canada requires daily attention.  2006 will be challenging as well, on many fronts.  There will be two major events that could impact on FCA:  junior/cadet world championships and Pan Am Games qualification process.  Internally, HPC has proposed a far different team selection process than the one in use since 1996.  This proposed change may have positive planning implications for the management of teams and their funding.  The proposal will be discussed further in the meeting.  The FCA office has been in constant communication with the new HP Committee chairperson regarding this proposal as well as other committee governance issues.


AWAD athletes Kevin Evans, Bob Hudson and Norbert Murphy competed well at the IPC World championships in October.  Kevin Evans and Norbert Murphy received Sport Canada carding for their performances.  Congratulations to them and Alec Denys who coached his first international AWAD team.  Alec should be encouraged to pursue his NCCP coach education path.  Roger Murray was certified as a national-level classifier in his first attempt at certification.  He is currently researching options to complete his international classifier certification as soon as possible.


Current HP and Executive members are cautioned to prepare for a leadership vacuum if candidates are not found for director-at-large this year.  HPC has reconfigured its structure to allow for a chairperson to oversee the day-to-day tasks, but the elected position for this committee may or may not be filled by a qualified person unless steps are taken in advance of the 2006 elections in Sherbrooke, QC.  The Athlete Representative’s position is up for election also.


HPC’s Plan to 2012 is partially implemented for 2005.  A report card was prepared as a status report for the November meeting.  HPC’s chair and vice-president need to keep the committee focused on implementation for each year.  HPC has its own task list and this was updated for the November meeting as well.  The HP chairperson is working to complete these tasks with the designated volunteers and groups. 


I continue to work closely with all HPC programme co-ordinators and project managers.  Along with Shawn Riggs, who has been a positive influence as Athlete Representative on a variety of projects, all HPC volunteers are to be commended for their dedication and time.  The Regional Coaches Council is operational now, and I look forward to seeing the Athlete Council meet face-to-face in 2006.  HPC self-generated funds are decreasing and sales are flat.  Clothing offers are not sufficient to raise the kinds of funds needed to underwrite the ambitious plans this group has.


WADA and CCES incur office administration time to ensure Athlete Whereabouts Forms are submitted on time for both individuals and the FCA.  Athlete and coach education is continuing and team leaders have been very helpful.


Archery Council

The Coach Certification Committee has begun implementation of the CBET transition.  The Coaching Beginners context has received conditional approval.  Full approval can not be granted until the materials have been translated.  This is an onerous job since the interwoven generic and sport-specific materials must be found in the original sources in both languages before a final draft can conclude what new translation must be done.  I have failed to find adequate time to do this task.  This will mean that delivery of Coaching Beginners in French will be delayed unless another way is found to finish the task.  Instructor Intermediate was piloted by James Wiebe and Master Learning Facilitator training is underway.  James Wiebe has done a tremendous amount of work and projects on-time completion of the Non-competitive Stream by the end of 2006.  CAC consultant David Hill has been very helpful throughout the process and his guidance has been much appreciated.


The 2006 FCA rulebook should be available in February due to the efforts of Greg Durward, Tom Paukovic and Ghislain Arsenault.  FCA’s policy regarding inactive equipment divisions is in effect this year and the re-instatement procedure has been documented where appropriate.  On-line club judge certification has been quite challenging.  It was listed as an integral part of the approved FCA Operational Plan and is linked to FCA’s ability to keep liability insurance programme.  More work needs to be done in this area in order to assist clubs and ensure that certification takes place whether it is for target, field or 3D.


Indoor CanBow product sales continued strong in 2005.  Outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are non-existent.  If the proposed National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP) comes to Canada, it is hoped that it will augment and not infringe upon CanBow’s success.  It is possible that FCA will be able to introduce the CanBow programme to the Aboriginal Sports Circle some time in 2006.  FCA is waiting to confirm AANB’s readiness to take on pilot projects at the elementary school level; this initiative with the support of government funding may change if NASP is adopted.


The 2005 3D championships were run well, although there were problems with the Grand Prix format.  FCA should ensure that more than one trained judge is available for this event as a number of challenges can crop up at any time.  Grand Prix keepsake plaques were sent to the individual winners at the 2005 nationals.  Regina and Lethbridge will host the 2006 indoor and outdoor 3D championships respectively.  Both committees are in contact with either Vice-President Tom Paukovic or the national office.  FCA judges will be assigned for both events.


The target nationals’ format was well received in 2005 in its combined version with target and 3D.  Les Flèchivores de Sherbrooke will host the 2006 target championships and the committee is progressing well.  The need still exists to appoint a Technical Delegate for these championships, as I am unable to properly fulfill both technical administrative roles during the event.  FCA’s national championship rotation policy takes effect in 2007, starting in Ontario.  The Board and Executive should ensure that the host provinces are working toward naming host clubs for this event.


The Youth Committee, struck with such enthusiasm in July-August at the target championships, has not been able to move forward on its review of the Canada Games technical package.  Team leaders from 2003’s Games, FCA Board members and PSO presidents have been surveyed for their opinions and input.  The deadline date for comments is April 1.  The office has received two replies to date.  Only one PSO replied to the request for technical information regarding youth provincial championships indoors and outdoors.  This committee is very important for FCA’s structure and future; members should be invited to participate in LTADM session.  Internally, more work needs to be done to co-ordinate this group’s activities.



The FCA Executive and Board should use the Operational Plan on a regular basis to assess its budget and anticipate funding demands; otherwise, it is ineffective.  FCA is in desperate need of a vibrant marketing strategy.  .  The LTADM process will need to be reflected in this Plan when the time comes.  The LTADM will require dedicated work by the existing volunteer corps.  It is hoped that FCA volunteers will not be stretched to the breaking point in order to institute this important reform.



Respectfully submitted

Kathleen Millar




Eligibility and assessment sections complete    Final rankings complete

Working on the accountability for the cycle


Les volets admissibilité et évaluation sont terminés        Les classements finals sont terminés

         Les travaux concernant le volet responsabilité sont en cours



SFAF III Notes – Remarques sur le CFRS


 Results make the most change

Increased funding due to increased participation numbers and new SFAF guidelines

Excellent athlete to official rate          Point changes in participation have had a big effect


Les résultats constituent le plus grand changement

Fonds accrus en raison de la hausse du nombre de participants et des nouvelles lignes directrices du CFRS                                 Excellent ratio athlètes/officiel

Les changements au niveau des points pour la participation ont produit un grand effet



Federal –Provincial Territorial Ministers Meeting Recommendations: Excellence

k       Athlete performance and sport system targets for Canada

k       The establishment of a Canadian Sport Review Panel to provide technical advice and funding recommendations to national funding partners

k       The development and implementation of a generic Long Term Athlete Development Model


Recommandations issues de la rencontre des ministres FPT : excellence

k       Établissement d’objectifs liés à la performance des athlètes et au système sportif du Canada

k       Création d’un Comité d’examen du sport canadien pour fournir des conseils techniques et des recommandations de financement aux partenaires financiers nationaux

k       Élaboration et mise en œuvre d’un modèle générique de développement à long terme de l’athlète


Federal –Provincial Territorial Ministers Meeting Recommendations

k       Canada Games framework is currently being reviewed

k       A national body for Aboriginal sport, physical activity and recreation to be established

k       Sport and recreation infrastructure identified as their number one priority; a needs assessment to be undertaken as a first step.


Recommandations issues de la rencontre des ministres FPT

k       Le cadre des Jeux du Canada est en voie de révision

k       Un organisme national en charge du sport, de l’activité physique et des loisirs pour les Autochtones sera mis sur pied

k       Les infrastructures de sport et de loisirs ont été désignées comme la principale priorité et une première étape consistera en une évaluation des besoins


Canadian Sport Review Panel

k       The objectives were to provide recommendations for targeting enhanced excellence resources and provide some ‘look forward’ feedback to the SFAF III assessment data

k       The Generic Sport Review Panel Report should be distributed shortly

k       $13M to targeted summer Olympic & Paralympic NSOs


Comité d’examen du sport canadien

k       Les objectifs étaient de formuler des recommandations pour cibler les ressources accrues consacrées à l’excellence et de fournir une certaine rétroaction prospective sur les données d’évaluation du CFRS III

k       Le rapport général du Comité d’examen du sport canadien devrait être publié sous peu

k       Un montant de 13 M$ est destiné aux ONS olympiques et paralympiques d’été ciblés



Workshop was held January 16-17,

31 sports in the process with 14 projected to finish phase I in this fiscal.

A FPTSC Work Group on LTAD Implementation is also being formed to prepare a plan for the full development and implementation of the LTAD model



Développement à long terme de l’athlète (DLTA)

Atelier organisé les 16 et 17 janvier

31 sports engagés, 14 devant terminer la phase finale au cours du présent exercice

Un groupe de travail du CFPTS sur le DLTA est également formé pour dresser un plan permettant l’élaboration et la mise en œuvre intégrales du modèle de DLTA


Funding Programs

k       First year that 2 year application for core support was available; 1/3 of NSOs chose that option

k       The Contribution Guidelines distributed in 2005 should continue to be used as your application guide.

k       The application deadline for this coming year is:          February 17, 2006 for summer sports


Programmes de financement

k       Première année où il est possible de présenter une demande de financement de base pour deux ans; le tiers des ONS se sont prévalus de cette option

k       Les Lignes directrices des contributions distribuées en 2005 devraient servir de guide encore cette année

k       Date limite pour présenter les demandes pour l’année qui vient : Le 17 février 2007 pour les sports d’été


Sport Participation Development (SPD)

k       Now a funding block within the Sport Support Program

k       Projects approved for multi year funding under former SPDP will maintain funding for the duration of previously approved agreements

k       Funding designated for the Sport Participation Development block cannot be used for other purposes, cannot be transferred to other blocks


Développement de la participation au sport (DPS)

k       Maintenant un bloc de financement au sein du Programme de soutien au sport

k       Les projets approuvés pour du financement pluriannuel selon l’ancien PSDPS continueront d’être financés pour la durée des ententes approuvées précédemment

k       Les fonds du bloc du développement de la participation au sport ne peuvent servir à d’autres fins et ne peuvent être transférés dans d’autres blocs


International Single Sport Hosting

k       This component assists sport organizations to host international single sport events

k       Multi-year contributions continue to be possible and are limited to 3 years. A contribution to any one event can be multiyear if the funding application is made over a year in advance.

k       Sport Canada continues to encourage NSOs to develop internal Hosting Policies, or at least positions, to facilitate the prioritization of events

k       Applications are due a minimum of 6 months prior to the event for requests up to $50,000.


Accueil de manifestations internationales unisport

k       Ce volet du Programme d’accueil vise à aider les organismes de sport à accueillir des manifestations internationales unisport

k       Il est toujours possible d’obtenir des contributions pluriannuelles, mais pas plus de trois ans, et une contribution à toute manifestation peut être pluriannuelle si la demande de financement est présentée au moins une année d’avance

k       Sport Canada continue d’encourager les ONS à élaborer des politiques d’accueil internes, ou du moins des énoncés de position, afin de faciliter le classement des manifestations par ordre de priorité

k       Les demandes de fonds jusqu’à concurrence de 50 000 $ doivent être présentées au moins 6 mois avant la tenue de la manifestation


Sport Canada Accountability Framework

k       The Accountability Framework is based on the strategic and annual operating plans of organizations.  It is essential that the goals and objectives of Sport Canada’s Accountability Framework be incorporated.

k       The Accountability Framework identifies National Standards within each of the Canadian Sport Policy Areas (Excellence, Participation, Building Capacity and Interaction).

k       It is expected that each funded organization will provide basic services to meet or exceed all the identified standards.


Cadre de responsabilité de Sport Canada

k       Comme le cadre de responsabilité de Sport Canada repose sur les plans stratégiques et les plans annuels de fonctionnement des organismes, il est essentiel que ses objectifs y soient intégrés

k       Le cadre de responsabilité énonce des normes nationales dans chacun des domaines de la Politique canadienne du sport (excellence, participation, optimisation des ressources et interaction)

k       On s’attend à ce que chaque organisme financé fournisse ses services de base de manière à respecter ou à dépasser toutes les normes établies.her limitation


NSO Accountability

k       The specific NSO Standards for the 2005-2009 cycle have been modified and are now supported by performance indicators

k       It is expected that NSOs will work toward the full attainment of these standards, allowing varying timeframes for implementation dependent upon organizational capacities


Responsabilité des ONS

k       Les normes propres aux ONS pour le cycle 2005-2009 ont été modifiées et sont maintenant assorties d’indicateurs de rendement

k       On s’attend à ce que les ONS travaillent au respect intégral de ces normes, des échéanciers variés étant prévus pour la mise en œuvre, selon les capacités des organismes


Canadian Sport Policy

k       Sport Participation:Bilateral agreements have been signed with all P/Ts

k       A Draft Sport Canada Policy on Sport for Persons with a Disability has been produced

k       The Policy on Aboriginal Peoples’ Participation in Sport has been released and is available on the Sport Canada web site

Politique canadienne du sport

k       Participation au sport : des ententes bilatérales ont été signées avec toutes les provinces et tous les territoires

k       Une ébauche d’une Politique de Sport Canada sur le sport pour les personnes handicapées a été rédigée

k       La Politique sur la participation des Autochtones au sport a été publiée et est accessible sur le site Web de Sport Canada