Saint John, NB – August 4, 2006

In attendance:

Tom Paukovic – VP 3D - Chair

Ted Kennedy     BC                    René Schaub                 AB                    Ross MacAngus            SK

Jason Myers      MB                   Gary Banting                 ON                   Roger Ménard                QC

Wil Reinhart      NB                    Terry MacKenzie            NS



Dean Thornton, Lethbridge Bowbenders (AB)






Tom Paukovic greeted all provincial representatives, and called the meeting to order at 19:06.



Motion #3D-2006-01: To accept the minutes from last year’s meeting.

Moved by:        NS                               Seconded by:              BC                               carried


Old Business 

- Sanctioned Tournament Package

Ted Kennedy reported that he made initial contact with both Richard Vogt and Terry MacKenzie.  He received no response from either and dropped the issue. There tends to be a lot of variety and local interpretation of the rules in different parts of the country


ACTION:           The committee should revisit this as an item to be considered for a vote by mail                     with the 3D reps. 

ACTION:           Tom Paukovic will put a summary statement together listing the criteria to have                      an event considered for sanction and to make it an event used for ranking.      


- Synchronising Scorecards with Target Butt Numbers

Tom Paukovic has updated the 3D section of the hosting manual. 


ACTION:           Tom will send the revised version to the national office.


- National Team Selection Criteria

Criteria was circulated and a further action item is, to send a form to the provincial reps and some of our national champion 3D archers asking them to submit their scores to be unofficially ranked based on the current criteria.  Upon verification of scores we will post a ranking and see if there is any interest by other archers to be included in the ranking system or challenge the order.


New Business

1.         Provincial reports

a)       Alberta

i)         3D and membership is growing strong

ii)       Currently have 3 Provincial Championships. Hoping to amalgamate into one.

b)       New Brunswick

i)         As submitted

ii)       Highlighted the exceptional youth growth

c)       Nova Scotia

i)         Approx 275 members

ii)       Huge increase in FITA archery.

iii)      Having some dissention between the 3D archers and the FITA archers

iv)      3 Clubs are no longer wanting to be a part of the AANS

v)        Currently without president

vi)      Numbers are down at 3D shoots

vii)     Hunting has no major changes this year

d)       Quebec

i)         4000 Members 90% 3D archers

ii)       A lot of old members are coming back.

iii)      Has grown a lot in the last year as old clubs are rejoining

iv)      Provincial teams are strong

v)        Having a lot of success with the provincial team funding. Trying to send as many people as possible

e)       Ontario

i)         The OAA is very FITA oriented. Would like to have more hunters

ii)       A lot of crossbow hunters, at some shoots crossbow shooters make up 20% of attendance

iii)      Having issues with too many categories at 3D events

f)         Saskatchewan

As submitted

g)       BC

i)         Reconstructing the Provincial Team selection policy.  Working much better with their new handicapping system.

ii)       Uses provincials only for team selection

iii)       Shooters seem to be much happier with the new system

iv)      Approximately 1200 members (remains constant)

v)        IBEP programme is not currently mandatory but would like to make it mandatory

h)       Manitoba

i)         3D’s are at a steady level of participation.

ii)       Just over 1,000 members this year

iii)      Having some changes made to team policy to allow more archers to hopefully be able to attend nationals

iv)      Overall membership is growing but 3D attendance is not.


2.         3D Rule Review

a) Discussion of the Cub 14 age only being allowed 40#.



b) Discussion of Hunter class.


Motion #3D-2006-02: To remove the line of the rule that you may no longer compete in the class if you have previously won.

Moved by:        BC                               Seconded by:  NS                                           carried


ACTION:           Remove Rule #7 from the Hunter class definition in FCA rulebook.



3)         Policy Review

i)         Discussion of the 3 courses instead of 4 at the outdoor nationals

The Committee decided to go back to the membership for discussion


j)         Discussion of the Grand Prix

The general consensus was that the present format takes too long.  This year’s format is experimental.  The top 8 archers from each stake will compete in single-arrow elimination. No gender distinction. Archers will compete in 2 groups of 4 until one in each is left, and then will compete head to head.


Motion #3D-2006-03: To accept the format used at this years nationals if deemed successful.**

Moved by:        SK                               Seconded by:  NS                                           carried


**The format is deemed successful is if the Grand Prix is completed is 1 hour or less.


4.      Status Report 2007 Outdoor 3D Championships

Things are going well.  Local community and city are helping out quite a bit.  The committee is still looking for some more targets


5.      2007 indoor 3D championship bids

The committee received a formal bid from Lethbridge Bowbenders in Alberta and Red River Archers in Manitoba.  The Committee voted to accept the bid from Red River Archers


MOTION #3D-200604:  To destroy the ballots.

Moved by:        BC                               Seconded by:              AB                               carried


6.      Bowhunter Safety- Mentoring Program

Tom discussed the program currently running in Manitoba and encouraged other provinces to consider running the same programme.


7.      National 3D team criteria for 2007

There was difficulty getting archers to sign up for the Excellence programme.


8.         2006 IBO World Championships & 2007 3Di World Championships

The committee needs to identify archers as the criteria are in place.


9.      Marketing Strategies

There was discussion that 3D committee members should sit on the FCA Marketing Committee.


10.  Officials Role in 3D

There was discussion of what the 3D committee expected of officials.  Tom Paukovic will be suggesting to the FCA to certify judges to judge at 3D events.  Judges need to judge the course rather than archers, which is very different from judging target events.  FCA needs 3D-specific judges.


11.       2008 Outdoor 3D bid

Manitoba has the rotation.  The last time Dauphin hosted this championships was in 2005.  A package was submitted by Jason Tomski of Vermillion Archers.  They are proposing a 3-course event instead of 4.  PSOs needed to consult on this format change.


ACTION:           Tom Paukovic is responsible for putting a package together for the 3D                                    committee to discuss and present to the rules committee. 


11.       Adjournment

Moved by SK to adjourn FCA 3D committee.






August 4th, Lethbridge Alberta


New Brunswick had another good year for Archery.  The Nationals were a tremendous success, resulting in the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Bob McIntyre, being awarded the Venue Saint John 2005 Sports Planner of the Year.  This award was for increasing awareness of the sport, extensive media coverage, both locally and nationally, utilisation of the airport, booking over 350 hotel room nights and registering over 500 participants.  


The event had just over 200 3-D archers.  Nine out of the twenty provincial clubs raised money for 3-D targets for the Nationals.  These clubs received money and targets back equalling 146% on their initial investment.  There was over $8,000.00 in cash and over $30,000 in targets that were divided amongst the participating clubs.


AANB membership is growing with a significant increase in youth memberships over past years.  This increase in youth memberships can be attributed to demonstrations, CanBow and funded GO NB programmes that are aimed at introducing children to the sport of archery. 



As at April 30, 2006






16 & UNDER






















Not Available

Not Available




Not Available

Not Available









The Judging Program is underway with most clubs getting on board.  Currently, we have 6 provincial judges, 11 club level judges and 1 nationally-certified judge. The new NCCP coaching certification program “CEBT” Competency Based Education Training is also up and running with 5 learning facilitators across the province.  We have 7 Level 1 coaches, 5 Level 2 coaches, 1 Level 3 coach and 1 Level 4 coach.


Bowhunting licenses in the province are combined with the rifle, resulting in a loss of important data.  Each license that is sold has a box that is checked at the bottom that is labelled “archery”.  This data is not key-punched in and therefore we have no accurate record of bow hunters in the province.


The province sold 52,000 resident and non-resident deer hunting licenses last year.


 Urban deer are plentiful and causing problems for home owners and motorists.


Traditional archery in the province is very popular but they tend to hold their own tournaments and are not members of the provincial association. They are insured through the National Rifle Association.


Hunter Class in New Brunswick

The Hunter Class started as a way to get bowhunters and non-competitive archers to join the provincial associations, local clubs, and to shoot tournaments.  The class was also designed so that the bowhunter could use their hunting equipment and shoot from realistic hunting distances. It allowed an alternative to MBR archers to move to another class and compete shooting shorter distances. This also enabled more classes, more medal winners and more content archers.  Hunter class is small in New Brunswick and needs more exposure to get the hunters out.  Nova Scotia uses the class at its regular shoots and has an average of 8 shooters per event. It remains to be very popular in the West.  Below are the Hunter Class archer’s statistics from the last five national events. This class is alive and well and will continue to grow in the future.


2002     13

2003     32

2004     28

2005     21

2006     25 (Indoor)



Respectfully submitted

Wil Reinhart


August 4th, Lethbridge Alberta

The competition for the 3D Nationals team was strong.  Although a lower than anticipated turn out, about 100 archers, a diversity of good shooters was recognized.  This year I modified the selection process in a few areas, the main one being selecting up to three archers in the same class.  The team has been selected via our handicapping system, four women and four men in various classes:


Samantha Wright           Loni Mancini                  Sandy Dueck                 Christine Reimer

Al Campsall                   Wayne Lougheed           Paul Amenta                 Mark Washtock


The team will represent BC at the 3D Nationals in Lethbridge in August.


Paul Amenta assisted in instructing an IBEP clinic at Burke Mountain in July.  Our attendance was lower than anticipated but the clinic was well received.  I have an opportunity to meet with the NBEF Canadian rep for IBEP later this month to discuss new material, ideas, etc.


The United Bowhunters of BC has been active lately.  The minister of the Environment has given little attention to the BCAA or UBBC and has given most of his attention to the BCWF.  The challenge at this time is that the BCWF has made a few recommendations that do not support bowhunters.  One in particular being the creation of a Youth hunt season that overlaps the Bow only season in a particular region.


Attendance at many local 3D shoots seems to be lower than in the past.  This last year a few clubs decided to lower the number of shoots they would offer in hopes that attendance would be stronger as a result.  It seems the attendance is similar regardless of the number of shoots being offered.


Respectfully submitted,


Ted Kennedy

VP Bowhunting & 3D


August 4th, Lethbridge Alberta

Saskatchewan archer numbers continue to grow.  This year again our membership will be over 1100, with almost half being kids under the age of 18.  We now have 34 clubs in Saskatchewan that are members of the SAA.


Saskatchewan hunting is still one of the best in Canada.  With all big game licences for archery being sold over the counter except for antelope which is draw-only.


Chronic Wasting Disease is still a problem with 37 new positive cases found in 2005.  These positive deer come out of 5 areas near Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park.


I hope everyone has a great 3D and hunting season.


Respectfully submitted


Ross MacAngus

Saskatchewan 3D Director