FCA High Performance Committee Teleconference May 10, 2005

In attendance:

Arthur Nault, VP High Performance          Allen Jenskey                Joan McDonald 

Jeff Gunter                                             Susan Lemke                Shereen Farrell

Gaston Bibeau                                       Shawn Riggs


Guest:  Kathy Millar, Executive Director


1.         Opening Remarks and greetings from the Committee Chairperson

The meeting began at 21:40, with Gaston Bibeau joining the group at 21:50.  The Vice-President of High Performance welcomed all Regional Coaches and HPC members.


2.         Date, site and lead-up work necessary for the first RCC coach training session
It was obvious that there were too many RCC members with too many prior commitments to travel and competition for a formal coach training camp to take place this summer. Jeff pointed out that momentum should not be lost.  Gaston suggested the allocation of funds to equipment only if face-to-face contact with coaches was not possible. 


RCC members were available during the National Championships.  The goal for the national championships will be to produce and distribute an archery-specific fitness enhancement document for coach education and athlete information.  Archers have to see themselves as athletes and train that way.  This document will be distributed and a guest speaker with archery-specific physiology/training expertise will be contracted to stay for the presentation, answer questions and circulate on the field of play (total of 2 days).  This person could address the group after the Annual General Meeting as well.  Other “keynote” speakers were too expensive to entertain.


ACTION:         The four Regional Coaches will meet via Skype at 21:00 EDT on          Tuesday, May 17 to share all the documentation found to date for the           booklet.  All RCCs will forward their access information to themselves and       Arthur Nault before that date.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will check on the Physiologists’ availability to travel to Saint John, NB on May 11, 2005 (see meeting/event schedule below).


DECISION:     FCA will pay for the microphones needed for the free Skype software.


ACTION:         Joan will source out printing cost estimates for the publication and   contact Kathy Millar for comparison with her sources in Ottawa by Friday,         May 13.


FCA National Championship Meetings Schedule

Friday, July 22                         Welcome BBQ                                               18:00

Saturday, July 23                    Executive Committee Meeting #1                   19:00

Sunday, July 24                       Board of Directors Meeting                             16:00

Monday, July 25                      Fred Usher Cup                                              15:00

Tuesday, July 26                     Target Banquet                                               18:00

Wednesday, July 27               Annual General Meeting after FCA Open       15:00

                                                Youth/Canada Games Meeting                       16:00

Thursday, July 28                    Executive Committee Meeting #2                   19:00

Friday, July 29                         3D Welcome BBQ                                          18:00                                                               3D Committee Meeting                                   19:30

ACTION:         Kathy will check with the O/C as to tent availability for the guest         expert,


2.    Date and lead-up work necessary for the National Championship kiosk

From the March 12-13 meeting, the following had been decided already:

·         Regional Coaches at the 2005 National Championships

It was agreed that Regional Coaches should staff an information booth during off hours at the Saint John championships.  The main goals for the booth would be:

-           To introduce the RCC to coaches and parents, educating FCA members that RCC was       looking for coaches and helping archers to find coaches in their home location;

-           To build a broader coach network;

-           To provide a professional approach and materials for coach support across Canada

-           To provide a motivational speaker to archers, coaches and parents as a keynote speaker    during the Championships


REVISED ACTION:        Shereen Farrell, Allen Jenskey, Joan, Gaston, Jeff and Susan, and      perhaps Ann Balmer, will work on materials for the kiosk.

ACTION:   Kathy will use Avalanche sponsorship to promote attendance at the booth.

ACTION:   Arthur will keep everyone in the committee on task for deadlines.


Further Details

Introductory documents for the booth will include:

- BRIEF biography (in both official languages) of 4 Regional Coaches

- Overview of the RCC roles & responsibilities


ACTION:         The kiosk material and quality will be an agenda item for the Skype

session on Tuesday, May 17.  Decisions will be forwarded to Kathy Millar     and HPC members for budgeting and input.


3.         Other Business –Madrid World Championships
a)         Confirmation of Excellence Memberships

The deadline date for joining Excellence in order to qualify for the team to Madrid is now past.  No other archers will be considered.  The Race to Madrid listing is final.


b)         Confirmation of Support Staff

Joan McDonald had circulated a question to all HPC members regarding support staff on May 7th as follows: 


Team Leader -            Bruce Savage
Coach -                       Joan McDonald
Assistant Coach -       Jeff Gunter
Assistant Coach -       Gaston Bibeau 


All HPC members supported the selection and the support staff is confirmed.  One other person asked to join the support group after the submission was made to HPC and efforts will be made to accommodate this personal coach if possible.


ACTION:         Kathy will announce both parts a) and b) in Thursday’s Info.E-mail.


Discussion continued on flight arrangements and the need to pre-pay the accommodation.  Marie-Pier Beaudet has agreed to pre-pay accommodation already.

Bruce Savage will contact Kathy tomorrow for details for travel and accommodations.


If there are not enough people to make a team in each division, archers may not wish to stay to the end.  FCA may have a rebate after May 20 because there may not be enough qualified archers for a team.


Team uniforms are an issue.  Avalanche will only take orders in groups of 6 units. 


ACTION:         Kathy will contact Marthe Cusson regarding AWAD archers’   uniforms for Italy in September.


4.         Other Business – Centre Claude Robillard
Gaston informed the committee that archery is danger of losing 70M training facilities at the Centre Claude Robillard because of the new security level for access to fire exits.  Though renovations have not begun yet, 70M is still in jeopardy.   Gaston will update HPC regularly.


5.         Adjournment

The teleconference was adjourned at 22:15.