Minutes / Procès Verbaux

New Executive Committee / Nouveau comité exécutif

July 28, 2005 – Saint John, NB - le 28 juillet, 2005


Executive members present:

Roger Murray       FCA President / VP Committees & Projects

Don Lohnes         VP Administration & Marketing

Al Wills               VP International

Tom Paukovic      VP 3D


In attendance:   Kathleen Millar, Executive Director


 1.        President's Call to Order

The meeting began at 18:41 at the Glen Carpenter Centre.  Roger Murray welcomed the committee to his first Executive Committee meeting as president. 


2.         Minutes and Business Arising

Since there were no formal minutes, the Executive Committee chose to review business arising from events during the national championships:


a)      PSO agreements 2006-2007

Kathy Millar received the signed agreement from BCAA.  Since Don Lohnes started the process, he will finish it.


ACTION:           Don Lohnes will send the generic copy of PSO agreements to Roger Murray.


b)      Youth committee meeting

Roger Murray summarised the meeting as well populated and enthusiastic.  An e-mail contact list acts as a beginning and other interested people who were not able to attend will be included in the discussion group.  The group may split into 2 committees later, but their first goal is to suggest changes to the Canada Games technical package and positioning within Canada Games.  Jordan Eastman (ON) will chair the committee and Monai Wanner (SK) will be helpful as a mentor.  Kathy Millar will supply support.


ACTION:           Kathy Millar will forward an electronic copy of the Canada Games technical package to the group on August 29.  The deadline for suggestions to the  national office is September 15, 2005.


c)      Sylvio Beauregard Judge of the Year Award

Judges at the nationals claim that someone with 25 years experience had been nominated but no Judge nominations were received as of July 21. The judges were approached for a solution.  Perhaps the FCA Judge Committee should run the nomination process themselves. The committee would still fill out the nomination forms for submission to the national office.


ACTION:           Tom Paukovic will draft a proposal and process with Kathy Millar.


d)      Meeting Preparation

FCA Board Meetings

Procedure changes:       Board packages will be sent out electronically before the meeting

Hard copies of the Board packages will be handed out at meeting


ACTION:           Roger Murray will draft a letter to PSO presidents about the Board turn-out and the generally poor level of preparation and  participation at the board meeting.


Pre-board meeting of the Executive

The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the Executive committee members are apprised fully of all current information in advance of the board meeting.  It is also an opportunity to discuss possibly divisive issues as an Executive.  The agenda for this meeting establishes leadership responsibility for Board agenda items, but the EC members can add or delete items on the EC agenda as they see fit.  The amount of time this meeting takes is determined by the EC members’ need for discussion.


Annual General Meeting

At this year’s meeting there was great confusion over the purpose of the meeting, how the meeting works and who votes.  Until the federal law governing not-for-profit organisations changes and face-to-face AGM’s are no longer required in front of the general membership, an introduction to the general meeting needs to be written.  The introduction should be included in the FCA policy manual as well as featured as a preamble in the annual report.


ACTION:           Al Wills agreed to draft a message for both the board and AGM.  Kathy Millar will include the synopsis in the 2006 Annual Report.


Procedural Change:       The Executive Director will hand out the delegate voting card as they sign in. Voting Delegates will be introduced to the group using a roll call.


ACTION:           Kathy Millar will add the roll call to the AGM agenda.


e)      Productivity and Timing of Board Meetings

During the nationals meetings are not productive.  Again this year, the designated PSO Board member did not attend.  Board members have no other responsibility than to attend the meeting.


ACTION:           To re-schedule the annual Board meeting to February or March in a centrallocation.  Kathy Millar  will produce a draft budget for Ottawa and Winnipeg, with FCA contribution to each PSO’s expense. 


f)        Constitutional Review


ACTION:           Julien Hatherell (MB) will review the FCA constitution and by-laws.  He will work with Kathy Millar to ensure that he is working with the updated version and that changes to the federal incorporation law will be included.


3.         Acceptance of Agenda


MOTION #E05-21:               To accept the agenda as circulated.

Moved by:     Don Lohnes                  Seconded by:         Tom Paukovic                carried


4.         Business

4.1 Management Issues – orientation of members to new portfolios

The Executive Committee is responsible to review job descriptions for his/her respective position(s).  FCA signing officers will change.


ACTION:           The Executive Director forward Royal Bank signature forms to Don Lohnes.

Al Wills’ signature stamp will remain at the national office.



MOTION #E05-22:               To close the FCA account at the Bank of Montréal.

Moved by:     Don Lohnes                  Seconded by:         Tom Paukovic                carried


g)      Immediate action plan for all executive members

President                      - Obtain Roberts Rules from library and national office information

Administration & Marketing – Re-build portfolio by reviewing goals from the 2002 Presidents Planning Meeting,

- Reviewing the PSA in stock;

- Create a committee;                                        

- Establish provincial contacts

                                    - Start hiring process for contracted bookkeeper

- Investigate upgrade licence for office pro and XP


3D                                - Submit rule changes after meeting;

- outline process for election of 3D Vice-President through the 3D committee


Committee & Projects -  recruitment of new vice-president is a priority; suggested names were Karen Reinhart (NB), Patti Middlebrough (AB), Monai Wanner (SK)

                                    - Coaching Certification Committee chairperson – confirm candidate


Events & Services -        recruiting new mail match chairman; suggestions included Greg Durward (BC)                          

ACTION:           All EC members to confirm availability for next meeting January 28-29, 2006


4.2              Finance

2005 Fiscal Year – budget and SFAF concerns

Kathy Millar confirmed that the Sport Canada letter was not clear and the report does not stipulate CSRP funding.


ACTION:           Kathy Millar will contact Carol Malcolm-O’Grady.


4.3              Archery Canada

Roger Murray will supervise the Vice-President for Committees & Projects until replacement found. 


4.4              High Performance

It is unlikely that Arthur Nault will stand for re-election next year.  Efforts must begin now to find other candidates.


ACTION:           Don Lohnes will lead the nomination search for 2006.


4.5              Other Business

Al Wills reported that COPARCO will be holding another meeting in Rio in spring 2006. 


ACTION:           Direction to staff for financial implications.


5.                  Presidential Comments

Roger thanked everyone for their input and guidance.  Monthly President-ED teleconferences will assist him to keep on track and meet deadlines.


6.                  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 19:56.  The executive committee will reconvene in January 2006 in Ottawa.