Minutes / Procès Verbaux

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif

July 23, 2005 – Saint John, NB - le 23 juillet, 2005

Executive members present:

Don Lohnes, FCA President                                Arthur Nault, VP High Performance

Al Wills, VP International/Admin & Mkt’g             Bruce Savage, VP Events & Services

Tom Paukovic, VP 3D                                        Roger Murray, VP Committees & Projects


In attendance:                                                 Guest:                                                

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                       Carol Malcolm-O’Grady, Sport Canada


 1.        President's Call to Order

The meeting began at 19:00 at Lake Lilly Interpretative Centre.


2.                Acceptance of the Minutes, January 29, 2005

• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #2005-02 on February 24, 2005 & on the FCA web site

a)   Business Arising from the Minutes is covered in the agenda items of this meeting.


MOTION #E05-018:             To approve minutes as published

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Al Wills             carried



 3.        Acceptance of August 2005 Agenda


MOTION #E05-019:             To approve the agenda as circulated

Moved by:     Al Wills                        Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   carried



 4.        Report Addenda to Annual Officer Reports

• Vice-President Committees and Projects – only 3 candidates have been secured for directors-at-large election.

• Vice-President Events & Services – The Technical Delegate for the 2005 championships has found everything in order though signage is an issue for people from outside New Brunswick; there were some programme glitches due to combining the three championships; the FCA Championship Travel Kit items are working very well and there were few worries for the rest of the week.



5.         Business         Preparation for the annual Board Meeting

The following topics were reviewed in preparation for the Board meeting:


5.1.    Operational Plans and Policy-making Review

Directors-at-Large election procedures were reviewed.  Notices of Motion will be presented in advance of the Annual General Meeting to alter FCA by-laws/number of terms, and number of voting delegates; FCA’s Operational Plan was updated for  2005-2006 projects; Kathy Millar reported that FCA would not be receiving funds for Sport Canada’s Long-term Athlete Development Model project, but should in 2006-2007; Al Wills, as Vice-President International, applied for membership as of May 1st, 2005 but there was no answer from IFAA.


ACTION:           Al Wills to follow up on the IFAA application status and report back to Executive Committee.


Al Wills, as Vice-President International, has been in contact with the National Archery School Programme representative and has the NASP DVD to show to those Board members whose province has not contacted the company yet.  Manitoba, New Brunswick, Alberta and Nova Scotia have contacted the company to include the programme in elementary schools.  The company representative wants to meet with FCA and perhaps come up to EC meeting in January.  Should this presentation be productive, the Executive may request a presentation to the Board in the next year.  There are some reservations with acceptance of the programme as-is; it is not what FCA does though it is a great programme.  There is no variety in equipment, which is compound, but it could develop the programme to play downs and high school qualifications and championships.  So it is elite in nature and does not compete with CanBow.  There could be resistance to purchasing the equipment.  Tom mentioned that school boards want these types of programmes and one-day certification for teachers so that they can run it themselves.  Delivery will be the next issue after acceptance at the board of education level.


ACTION:           Al Wills will introduce a motion to the Board to pay for expenses if  necessary to bring the NASP representative to the Executive Committee meeting.


-          Use of investment cash to fund contracted staff positions


MOTION #E05-20:               To institute a policy for interest earned from FCA investment instruments, to come before the Board prior to their summer meeting for a decision on its allocation to further investment or into general revenue.

Moved by:     Al Wills                        Seconded by:         Bruce Savage                carried


ACTION:           Kathy will present staff severance costs to date.



5.2.    2005 Fiscal Year Update

Second Quarter reports, comparisons year-to-date and outstanding Accounts Receivables were discussed.


ACTION:     Don Lohnes will draft a letter to CAC regarding budget and MLF clinic problems at the end of the fiscal year.  He will consult with Kathy Millar first.


The FCA Board must ratify the revised budget with Sport Canada official contributions, and review the 2004Official audit showing a loss due to investment purchases; the FCA financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships is operational and most provinces have named their athlete(s) prior to the championship; 2005-2006 FCA revenues projection is stable/disbursements will include higher rent; and the One-time Sport Canada financial support was completed for all approved projects; the SFAF III & Canadian Sport Review Panel increased base funding and archery moved up to 47th place in domestic and high performance ranking for next 4 years; no CSRP report as yet since Sport Canada letter was not clear; translation of the website becomes an issue again; Al Wills works on it 40 hours per week at times; FCA has received a $16,000 instalment for COC’s Financial contribution 2005-2008, but has no word on total amounts; and Don Lohnes secured a new $1000 contribution to national championships, but a third attempt to re-sign Robin Hood Multifoods failed.


5.3.    Management Issues

Don Lohnes indicated a late start to negotiate PSO agreements for 2006-2007 and ATAA president’s e-mail address bounced.


ACTION:      Don Lohnes will complete this task after the elections.


More volunteers and Board members should go through the self-evaluation process; the Executive will suggest contracting a bookkeeper; and Al Wills will present a Member Complaint summary to the Board.


ACTION:      Don Lohnes will ensure a follow-up letter is sent to the plaintiff.



5.4. Committee Work & Recommendations


a) Archery Canada Council 

A Membership comprehensive database system should be in place for all levels from club to PSO to FCA.  Carol reported that Athletics Canada had a good software package, but that it cost approximately $10,000.


ACTION:      Kathy Millar will work with Greg Durward on this project and create a draft budget.


Greg Durward will be invited to the Board meeting to lead the session on 2006 Rule change recommendations and the equipment re-instatement policy; 2007 Canada Games preparations are going well and a Youth Committee meeting is slated after the AGM;  the CBET process has been slowed down financially, but also due to the resignation of Reed Fowlie and Roger Murray is working on a replacement actively; the Judge Certification Programme is running smoothly; Tom Paukovic reported on the 2005 3D indoors and the judging budget needed for 2006.                                                                                          

ACTION:      Kathy Millar will forward FCA silver recognition pins for Janet and Wendell Mills to Tom Paukovic for appropriate presentation.


2005 3D outdoor nationals registrations were still coming in and the organising committee would allow walk-in registration until noon on day 1.  Classification questions received to date were answered and follow-up was completed with Wil Reinhart; Lethbridge Bowbenders are sending a representative to the 3D committee meeting to present a 2006 3D Championship progress report;                                                        

René Bellerose will present the 2006 Target/Field Championship progress report to the Board; Tom Paukovic has one bid to host the 2006 indoor 3D championship, but has been unsuccessful in his quest for an eastern Canada site; Bruce Savage reported that the  2007 joint champion-ships will be hosted by at least two separate clubs/cities in southern Ontario and Caledon may not be able to host the event on club property; the Youth Development Committee Co-ordinator Position may be filled after the meeting this week;  Kathy reported that she had not received any PSO technical packages for youth archery at provincial Championships as yet. 


b) High Performance Committee

The new HPC Regional Coaches Council will present its first educational workshop at these nationals on Monday night; Shawn Riggs will try to form his Athletes Council during the annual Town Hall meeting this week; FCA is sending a small team to Santo Domingo in August as part of the HP Plan to 2012;  Canada sent the biggest delegation ever to the FITA Indoor Championships and the juniors did quite well; the AWAD Talent Identification Camp in Powerview, MB was successful and Canada will qualify 3 archers to the IPC Outdoor Championship in Italy in September; Bruce Savage reported that the team to FITA Outdoor Championships worked well together as a unit and that he has a 5th place certificate to award to Kevin Tataryn; one archer and one team leader will attend the FISU Games Archery event in August; Mexico will host the 2006 FITA World Junior/Cadet Championships in October and preparations have begun already for the new 3-person teams; Rio will host the 2006 Pan Am Championship, which is the qualifying tournament for quota at the 2007 Pan Am Games in Rio; Al Wills suggested that FCA recognise Don Rabska’s assistance over the years as Jeff Macnail will replace him.


ACTION:        Kathy will draft the wording for the plaque and circulate it.


c) Communications & Marketing

Easton, Neet, Win & Win, VISA Sponsorship were reviewed.  Kathy will find an air-miles type credit card to replace the COC/VISA programme if it is no longer functioning; Al Wills felt that HPC should review the Win & Win equipment programme again because there was no clause when archers fail to fulfil the requirements after the bows had been ordered and received; in light of the recent problems with the server provider and the size of the FCA website, the Executive was concerned that this communication tool was placing an unfair financial burden on a volunteer.


ACTION:        Kathy will contact Dan Churchill to make sure that he is not using his own money to support the website and to see if he thinks that FCA should approach commercial providers directly.

InfoExcellence will be an educational tool now and an issue will be available after the RCC presentation; the Info.E-mail format with links allows more archers using hotmail.com accounts to receive information but some people do not like the new format; Denise Breault is checking translation quality before the bulletin is issued now, instead of afterwards; target face purchases greatly inflated the inventory value for 2004, sales for faces and CanBow products remains strong but other products just sit in the Distribution Centre.


d) International Committee

Al Wills commented on FITA business and direction, on COPANARCO / COPARCO business and direction, and the lack of MICA medals in Canada for the 2005 event.



6.         Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 23:15 until Thursday, July 26 at 19:00.