Minutes / Procès Verbal

Executive Committee / Comité exécutif

January 29-30, 2005 - Ottawa, ON - le 29-30 janvier, 2005 

Executive members present:

Don Lohnes, FCA President                           Arthur Nault, VP High Performance

Al Wills, VP International/Admin & Mkt’g         Bruce Savage, VP Events & Services

Tom Paukovic, VP 3D                                          Roger Murray, VP Committees & Projects


In attendance:                                               Guest:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                 Carol Malcolm-O’Grady, Sport Canada


1.         President's Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 09:12 at the FCA national office in Ottawa.


2.                Acceptance of the Minutes, August 3, 2004

• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #2004-06 on September 9, 2004 & on the FCA web site


MOTION #E05-01:               To approve minutes as published

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Al Wills             carried


a) Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year

- FCA model

In August, Roger Murray had presented a draft model to the Board.  Suggestions were made to change the design similar to a Dynabow or Oneida Eagle to make compound archers to feel part of the community.  Questions arose as to the purpose of the model, showing how FCA runs graphically.  The Executive re-visited the old model prototype from the 1980s.  Old one was still difficult to visualize on paper.  Carol mentioned that other sports had used less complicated graphics using pillars, etc.  FCA’s PDM is simple and clear without a visual that related to archery per se.


ACTION:      Tabled until after the LTADM process is in place.


- Canada Games sub-committee

Roger Murray reported that he had heard only from BCAA and ABAM.  Provincial chairs should be represented on FCA’s committee to discuss youth development differences. 


ACTION:      Roger will e-mail PSO president and junior development person responsible                    as well as Chloe Greenhalgh and Clifford Doody.  He will set a representative          meeting during the national championships and let the members choose a                                                             chair. PSO representatives names must be sent to FCA by May.


- Complaint Policy

Roger felt that there were differences of opinion and areas of jurisdiction between the general policy and that of HPC.


ACTION:      Kathy will send HPC’s complaint policy to the Executive.

ACTION:      Roger will review HPC’s complaint policy and compare it with FCA’s general one. HPC Committee should be part of the chain of evaluation. 

ACTION:      Wording needs to be changed to “said or alleged offence and explored”. 


- Youth Development Co-ordinator

Neither Bruce nor Roger had found prospects.  Both AANB and AANS had voiced interest, but got no further.  FTAQ was supposed to send a name but it was not received yet.


ACTION:      Combine this initiative with Canada Games Committee formation and meld          the 2 searches together.



- 3D international team selection criteria

Tom Paukovic took the criteria to HPC.  He has eliminated subjective criteria and HPC endorsed his work.  It identifies the new FCA 3D Indoor nationals and any leg of IBO Triple Crown as specific major event, trying to encourage 3D competitive experience at provincial, national, and international events.  Team members must join Excellence 2008.  There will be no athlete funding to the FITA 3Di World championships in Italy. 


ACTION:      Info.E-mail and web site will be used to publish the final criteria.  Provincial 3D directors must circulate the information to those who are interested in this level of involvement.

ACTION:      Kathy will review the budget for team leader expenses and uniform    discounts.


MOTION #E05-02:               To accept the 3Di criteria as circulated and begin accepting                       scores to name the team.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Al Wills             carried


- Non-members at FCA-sanctioned events & ramifications with WADA

Kathy reported that WADA and CCES had established testing pools.  FITA had set criteria and the national is defined as Excellence Gold squad, Red squad and those archers who represented Canada.  Therefore, those are the only archers who will be tested.  Other FITA Member Associations will look after the doping control of their own members.  All other FCA members not in the testing pool and non-FCA members at sanctioned events would not be included in testing.


- FCA Executive membership proposal not discussed at Board meeting


MOTION #E05-03:               To withdraw this proposal.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   carried


- By-Law No. 1/04, Motion #E04-15

This Motion had been withdrawn and the topic tabled for further discussion. 


MOTION #E05-04:               To withdraw this Motion.

Moved by:     Tom Paukovic               Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   carried


The proposed concept of representation through PSO membership is acceptable in principle.  However, FCA membership alone would not allow for Canadian demographic differences.  A representative scale should be included which reflected both FCA and Canadian demographics in order to determine number of voting delegates.  Block voting would be discontinued.


MOTION #E05-05:               To re-instate Motion #E04-15 with amendments.

Moved by:     Roger Murray                Seconded by:         Al Wills             carried


ACTION:      Kathy will research Canadian demographics, re-word the Motion to change the    by-laws and re-submit to the Executive for a vote by mail.  The motion will be         sent within 60 days to all voting Board members in time for the AGM.


- Other Business

Al Wills had been working on the By-laws in order to clarify the role of the Executive.  In past By-law editions, this explanation had been deleted and should be included in the next revision with Motion E04-15.


ACTION:      Al Wills will send the wording for the by-law to the national office.


3.         Acceptance of January 2005 Agenda


MOTION #E05-06:               To accept agenda as published.

Moved by:     Arthur Nault                  Seconded by:         Al Wills             carried



4.         Reports

·         VP Events & Services - Clarification of CBET process and promotion during transition


·         VP Committees & Projects - Nothing to add.


·         VP 3D

Tom is planning for the 2006 indoor 3D championships, perhaps in the East.  Spitz and Forty-Mile Archers have the mechanism to hold it elsewhere.  The format uses either a hockey arena, or to set up in limited space.  Tom Paukovic will be in attendance in Alberta.


ACTION:     Tom will send facilities specifications for the 3D indoor championships to the                               PSO presidents.


·         VP High Performance

Arthur has been very busy outside of archery since November, but will be able to devote more time to High Performance in February.  There has been a lot of discussion surrounding the HPC Plan to 2012.  He feels HPC is moving very well and next regional coach planning meeting will be in March.  This will be the time also to plan the AWAD training camp.  Arthur reported on the recent Canadian Sport Review meeting.  He has tried writing frequently to Gary Gilles and next week Gary will have the arrow order.  However, FCA needs to get the Win & Win bow order done as well.  Bows are an issue again.  The 2004 order came in after the national championships.


ACTION:     Arthur will telephone Gary again but then if there is still a problem, he will ask someone else to assist with the position.


Shawn Riggs is representing both compound and recurve archers.  Having one rep unites the archers.  Arthur felt FCA elects an archer rep, not an equipment rep.


ACTION:     The President will correspond directly with Shawn.  HPC’s structure will be discussed as an agenda item in March.


·         VP International

COPANARCO was updated. Al Wills brought 60 FITA motions in hardcopy for the committee to review.  He reviewed FITA’s rule changes procedure, and how it is affecting FCA negatively.   Al Wills was very concerned about the arbitrary change in timing for the finals in the OR and contacted everyone he knew about the timing change.  The 30-second-per-arrow rule was suggested because of Olympic TV coverage.  FITA rules should be very, very specific for the Olympic event.  Al felt also that FCA needs more representation at COC meetings.


MOTION #E05-07:               That KM attends the next COC meeting in Regina                                     in support of Al Wills.

Moved by:     Al Wills                        Seconded by:         Tom Paukovic                carried


·         VP Administration & Marketing

Al Wills suggested a change to FCA’s expense claim form to add box and signature to donate claims to FCA for a tax receipt.


ACTION:      Kathy will revise the expense claim form.


·         Executive Director

Kathy was very concerned about the negative fall-out from the language and tone reported on FCA’s website Discussion groups.  The moderator will continue to check them and identify misuse of “n-etiquette”.    Kathy’s workload has become an issue and hiring accounting staff is advised.


·         Sport Canada

Carol highlighted the Long-term Athlete Development Model (LTADM) initiative on-going in 21 sports for 18-months Able-bodied sports & 12 months for AWAD.  There was emphasis on movement education.  In terms of the application process, FCA can apply for 2 years now instead of one.  All guidelines and procedures remain the same, but one submission.   The Canadian Sport Review Panel reports will be issued soon to assist integration of funding sources, allocate targeted funds and to give advice.  Excellence funds will be awarded on top of base reference levels, the participation pillar and capacity.  Canadians are now interested in obesity; movement training in daycare; sports are developing curricula to give to the schools and schools are looking for people to help them get the job done.


MOTION #E05-08:               To accept the reports as submitted.

Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:         Roger Murray                 carried



5.         Business

5.1.    Operational Plan and Policy-making

-          FCA Operational Plan, November 2004 edition

The Operational Plan updates from the HPC planning session were reviewed.  The Hosting plans were discussed and FCA’s experience with non-guaranteed hosting money from Sport Canada. Carol explained the differences in Spot Canada’s new policy.  Once a sport decides to bid, contact is made with Sport Canada to work through the whole process, and guarantee of funding limit is established before the sport presents the bid to the international federation.


MOTION #E05-09:               To recommend the Operational Plan to the Board as submitted.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   carried


ACTION:      Include All Operational Plan items for 2005 on FCA Task List.


-          FCA Quadrennial Plan

Item tabled.  Operational Plan is a viable tool.


-          FCA Task List

Items on the listing that needed action are included in the agenda.


-          FCA Affiliation with IFAA

Bruce Savage stated that CFAA ceased to exist as of December 31, 2004.   FCA can apply to be IFAA’s Canadian affiliate and Bruce felt that the application should be made affiliate after March 31.  IFAA terms and conditions were reviewed and FCA rules met the requirements.  It suggested, but not required to host NAFAC.  Sean McKenty interested in chairing a field committee within FCA..


MOTION #E05-10:               To affiliate FCA with IFAA.

Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:         Tom Paukovic                carried


ACTION:      Al Wills will correspond with IFAA that FCA is interested.



5.2.    Management Issues

-          2005 Election cycle and term of office for Executive Committee members

Don Lohnes listed the positions up for election in 2005 under the new by-laws: President, VP 3D,

VP Projects & Services, and should there be an interested party, VP Administration & Marketing to relieve Al Wills of the additional portfolio.


ACTION:      Roger Murray will strike a nomination committee.

                   Roger and Kathy will develop an advertisement for nominating.


-          Votes-by-Mail from last meeting to the present

The Executive Director reported that the only vote-by-mail was the Executive Committee’s ratification of HPC’s Plan to 2012.

-          PSO agreements renewal process for 2005

Don Lohnes and Kathy Millar will develop the generic PSO agreement in March to circulate to all PSO Board members and Presidents.  The negotiations should be finalised by the end of the national championships in Saint John in order to begin implementation on January 1, 2006.


-          Insurance policies renewal (D&O/property/member)

Kathy Millar reported that the individual member liability insurance rate increased by only one cent, which is much more acceptable than past increases.  Premiums will be pre-paid based on anticipated 5900 members.  Directors & Officers liability premiums went up slightly.  AANS is interested in applying for the FCA coverage along with BCAA and AANB.  Property insurance premium rates could go up because target face stock increased inventory value.


-          Scheduling meetings during the national target/field championships

Kathy will suggest the following schedule to the Saint John organising committee:

July 23 Executive Committee #1                 Official hotel               19:00

July 24 Board of Directors                           Official hotel               16:00 w/supper

July 26 Target/Field Banquet                       TBA

July 27 AGM                                             UNB                          15:00 ASAP after the FCA Open

July 28 Executive Committee #2                 Glen Carpenter Ctr     19:00

July 29 3D meeting                                    Glen Carpenter Ctr     19:30 after Field Awards

July 30 3D banquet                                    TBA


-          Other items

Volunteer self-evaluations

The Executive Director summarized the results received and input from the confidential questionnaires.


Volunteer Handbook

The Executive Director circulated the draft copy for 2005.  The old Directors Handbook had been expanded to include relevant policies and would be circulated to all 2005 affiliated clubs.


The Executive Director reported that she had not had time to update the FCA Policy manual but that it would be circulated to everyone in the near future.  The Harassment/Abuse policy updates needed to be translated and the scaled-down athletes agreement for Excellence 2008 needed to be added.



5.3.    2004 Fiscal Year End

-          4th Quarter reports, comparisons year-to-date

Reports had been circulated previously.


-          Outstanding Accounts Receivables


MOTION #E05-11:               To forgive NLAA’s PSO fee for 2003.

Moved by:        Al Wills                      Seconded by:         Arthur Nault                   carried


ACTION:      The President will write to Andrew Webber regarding the forgivable fee in support of archery nationwide.


-          Approval of the revised budget with Sport Canada official contributions


MOTION #E05-12:               To approve the final 2004 budget as listed with official Sport            Canada contributions.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                Seconded by:         Roger Murray                 carried


-          Sport Canada and GST audits final report

The Executive Director reported that the final Sport Canada audit report had been responded to and small changes made in financial procedures.  The GST audit was more difficult due to an entry mistake that the FCA auditor did not catch at year end.  The financial report was not included in the annual report.  The correction had been made.  FCA’s refund was smaller than anticipated.


-          Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships

Kathy reported that all PSOs had objective criteria on file and all 2004 payments to athletes had been made.  The objective criteria would become a permanent requirement of the PSO/FCA agreements.


-          2004-2005 FCA revenues/disbursements projection

Disbursement payments continue as FCA receives scheduled Sport Canada contribution instalments.   Most of these funds were being used to offset FCA’s pre-payment of expenses.


-          August 20, 2004 One-time Sport Canada financial opportunity $150,000

$80,000 was granted to FCA for Excellence and Capacity, $20,000 of which was earmarked for AWAD.  The Championship Travel Kit components could be sourced out now and components gathered as per the budget submission.  AWAD talent identification camp plans will be addressed during the HPC meeting in March, along with Regional Coaching structure.


-          SFAF III and Sport Review Process status report 

Vice-President Arthur Nault, Olympic Coach Joan McDonald, Athlete Rep Shawn Riggs and Executive Director Kathy Millar represented FCA during the Sport Review Panel teleconference in January.  There were a few follow-up topics required to complete the review.  The HPC Plan to 2012 was very well received and encouraged.  Kathy has another 3-4 hours’ work to complete the remainder of the SFAF III process by February 4th.


-          Other funding partners

Alumicor will make small annual contributions to the national championships.  Kathy will be working with American Whitetail.  Strategies have been attempted in the past; things have not worked yet, but can.  Don Lohnes was very positive about fund-raising in the future.


ACTION:      Kathy will contact Mike Patterson at COC for VISA brochures.

                   Kathy will contact Sport Marketing programme administrators at Algonquin                              College and Brock University.



5.4.            2005 Fiscal Year

-          2005 budget draft

The draft had been circulated.  The Executive Director was estimating a $7,000 shortfall on under-anticipated revenues.


MOTION #E05-13:               To recommend the draft budget for board approval as submitted.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:         Bruce Savage                carried


-          Sport Canada one-time funding 

The first payment was received after January 1, 2005. AWAD grant money has yet to come.  Though it is government year 2004-2005, the expenses and disbursements will appear on FCA’s 2005 cash flow totals and projections.


-          Increasing funding to Board of Directors’ travel to annual meeting

There was general agreement to remain at status quo for airfare.  Depending upon Sport Canada contributions, funding could be extended to offset accommodation costs during meetings.


-          Increasing FCA volunteer annual expense claim level

The Volunteer handbook lists $30 and $60 maximum for telephone and postage. This should be altered so as not to detail this directly since expenses could be combined to allow for payment of internet fees.


ACTION:      Kathy will remind the Board that such expenses are allowed with receipts.



-          AANB pilot project / Sport Canada Sport Participation Development Programme

Kathy was in contact with New Brunswick but was not sure if they were ready to move their elementary school programme forward.


ACTION:      Tom Paukovic will contact Terry & Chloe in Manitoba to see if they wanted to      work into the project.

                   Don Lohnes will ask AANB President Robert McIntyre if New Brunswick is     interested.

                   Al Wills will contact US programme co-ordinator for “National Archery In The     Schools Programme” for advice and suggestions.



6.         Committee Work & Recommendations

6.1       Archery Canada Council

-          2004 Membership Report – final

As Membership Programme Chairperson, Kathy reported final numbers as 5851, up front 4648.


ACTION:      Kathy will ask Roxanne Jobin if bringing in 800 new members from   Ontario would bring down the current per person premium.


-          2005 FCA/FITA Rulebook changes


MOTION #E05-14:         That all rulings and rule changes from FITA be adopted as FCA rules with an effective date which is the same as the effective date decided by FITA. 


Other rule changes, which do not originate from FITA require board approval before becoming effective and these rule changes will be voted on from time to time by email vote.  However, an attempt will be made to make such changes once per year unless there is an urgent need to effect changes.


The FCA rule web site and the FCA weekly electronic bulletin should be used to disseminate information on rule changes.

Moved by:         Al Wills             Seconded by:    Arthur Nault                   carried


-          2005 FCA Regional Indoor Championships update

Kathy reported that there were more sites registered and that host packages would go out on January 31st.


-          2005 FCA mailmatch update

Andrew Webber has not been in contact with the office very often but next week results should be January results on the web.


-          2005 MICA update

COPANARCO is more up to date.  Host clubs have to be listed for MICA sites in Info.E-mail.  


-          CBET process status report

Jim Wiebe has been done a lot of work under contract.  The Learning Facilitator pilot clinic was successful.  The coach pilot clinic will take place in February.  The Master Learning Facilitator clinic is planned for late March/early April, probably in Winnipeg.


-          Judge Certification activity report

Roger reported that the seminar in Caledon was successful and Ghislain has advertised for 2005 championships position.  The budget is including international re-certification for Ghislain.


-          3D 2004 nationals final report – discussion and recommendations

Tom stated that the proposal to change 3D age categories to match those for FITA would be an agenda item at the 2005 meeting.  Grand Prix format will speed up by reducing the number of arrows per round.  Greg Durward has flighting in results programme, and has developed standardised score cards and registration form as requested by Kent Maitland.


-           Target/Field 2004 nationals final report – discussion and recommendations

Bruce reported that two lines may be needed during the target event if the championship continued to grow.  There was no need to go back to splitting target and the field.  He reported that the FCA Open costs the organising committee an additional $500-$600 in expenses. There were difficulties in allowing more than 32 to enter the event.  The rules state that all those wishing to participate will be ranked.


MOTION #E05-15:         That the FCA Open event include only the top 32 archers qualified from                                          the National Target Championships in each of the four divisions.  

Moved by:         Bruce Savage                Seconded by:    Al Wills             carried


ACTION:      To direct Greg Durward to take the championship schedule out of rulebook.


-          Championships Hosting Guidebook status

Due to miscommunication between Kathy and Al Wills, there are currently two versions of this document.  


ACTION:      Al Wills will combine the two versions into one and circulate to the   championship host committees.  The 3D indoors will have to be added.


-          Re-instatement Policy for Equipment Divisions at outdoor target Championships

The policy for the elimination of equipment divisions will affect the registration for 2006 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.  It was suggested that if the organising committee received 10 registrations for the next year, by a stipulated date when to pre-registration, that the organisers could re-instate that division.  The registration form would have to be altered to allow space for this possibility.


ACTION:      Roger Murray to submit draft policy.


-          2005 championship progress report

Bruce reported that progress was going well and plans for borrowing installation equipment were in place.  Kathy reported that all clubs in the province are supporting the organising committee.


Does Cracklins fit into the schedule?

Roger’s field event has not been tested.  It takes an hour to an hour and 30 minutes to complete, using 4 targets visible to an audience.  He has adapted a golf example for archery.  There was some concern that it was an extra burden to Host club.  Phil Parlee had not responded.


ACTION:      Roger will contact Phil Parlee to confirm interest on July 29 and give a reply by   a certain date.


-          2005 Technical Delegate for Saint John

Al Wills will act as technical delegate for 2005, but there was concern to expand the base of qualified volunteers who could fill this position when FCA employs only one staff member.


ACTION:      Kathy will contact FTAQ to see if they wish to send a trainee in 2005.


-          2005 indoor 3D championship progress report

Tom Paukovic had worked on format, rule changes and addendum with Greg Durward and Wendell Mills, so Pat Ukrainetz needs those changes.  At last count, there were 234 pre-registration. The organisers had been able to access Alberta’s Centennial funds.


-          2006 3D Championship progress report


ACTION:      Tom Paukovic will send a revised hosting agreement draft to Lethbridge.


-          2006 Target/Field Championship progress report

Other than the fact that Sherbrooke had been chosen, there was no more information.


ACTION:      Kathy will translate agreement before sending it out.

                   Bruce will work with Sherbrooke and FTAQ.

-          2006 Indoor 3D championships


ACTION:      Tom will investigate bids from eastern Canada.


-          2007 joint championships status report

Bruce Savage reported the possibility of using two permanent field courses in southwestern Ontario, one target facility and 3 3D clubs.  Ontario can run all three events.  They will not be one club, nor held as one continuous event.  Progress is being made.


-          2007 Canada Games Update

James Wiebe, 2007 FCA delegate, has organised an April training session.  Rick Dale is a main contact but he will not be in Whitehorse by the time the Games arrive.  Kathy is trying to get them to re-establish the Yukon Archery Association so that the Whitehorse club can access Host Society funds.


-          PSO technical packages for archery at provincial games – final report

This survey is now complete.  Kathy wants to gather more youth information.


ACTION:      Kathy will gather technical packages for all junior provincial outdoor championships.


-          NAIG in Canada – working relationship with Aboriginal Sport Circle

Kathy began work with ASC and tried to arrange learning facilitator training in New Brunswick.  But there were communication problems between ASC and the provincial rep.  ASC had forwarded some very important data, but not all.  ABAM may still have registration information from NAIG to find out where the archers came from.  This information is necessary to track where the interest; NWT ON MB SK; The Pas.


ACTION:      Tom will contact OCN club.


-          Cadet elimination round format at Canadian Championships

Bruce reported that he had received a petition from Marthe Cusson during the 2004 national championships to create an event, but that scheduling is an issue.  Bruce had left this issue with Phil Parlee.


ACTION:      Bruce will check with Phil Parlee if the committee is willing to host it.  He will check       with Marthe, too, as those people who submitted the petition were asked to provide        possible solutions.


-          Other items

Kathy submitted price quotes for FITA 80 cm and 122 cm target faces.  Target faces could be included as part of the Championship Travel Kit.


MOTION #E05-16:         That FCA order 2500 Tyvek 80 cm and 122 cm faces.  

Moved by:         Tom Paukovic                Seconded by:    Arthur Nault                   carried


ACTION:      Kathy will ask Phil Parlee if the 2005 organising committee will place the target face        order through FCA.  

                   Kathy will contact Al Reinhart at American Whitetail to order butts.

                   Bruce will send to Kathy prices for the purchase of 50 Whitetail butts. 


The Archers of Caledon paid $350 for shipping and handling in 2004.



6.2       High Performance Committee

-          Archery at the Athens Olympics (able-body & AWAD)

Arthur reported that all results were posted; AWAD was a disappointment.  He felt that if Norbert Murphy had changed to W1 a year earlier, FCA would have had a Paralympian in Athens because Norbert’s current scores would rank him in the top 3 in the world.  At the Paralympic Games W2 have only 32 spots available.


-          Team to FITA indoor world championship ranking issues & status report

Kathy reported that there had been some difficulties training a new volunteer ranking co-ordinator.  There had been lost e-mails, acceptance of non-sanctioned events, and incorrect standings sent to the webmaster.  On the other hand, Jeff Gunter in his first-time role as team leader and coach, has been a tremendous asset.  Karen Wallace has reprised her role as assistant team leader and has provided a high level of administrative assistance again.


ACTION:      Bruce Savage will contact Fred Truscott and Mark Vallee to volunteer for indoor ranking co-ordinator for 2007.


-          Athlete Assistance Programme update

Kathy reported that FCA has one development card only.  She has to verify with Bob Price at Sport Canada whether or not archers who meet the new development criteria with performances in 2004 will be allowed to apply for carding in 2005-2006.  She will re-submit Crispin Duenas’ carding for another year.


-          FITA Senior World Championship 2005 status report

Al Wills reported that contrary to FITA rules, the Madrid organising committee has sent nothing to member associations and he will investigate; FITA information is not available, six months notice has past, and there is no website.  This is not the same Organising Committee as the very good one that ran IPC worlds in 2003.  Arthur reported that the recurve team would be small.


-          IPC Archery World Championship 2005 status report

Arthur reported that Invitation has been received. Norbert will compete in W1; Kevin Evans and perhaps Jacques Millette will be ready to compete.  The event takes place late in fall so there is long time to attain criteria for team selection.  Alec Denys may not go.  Arthur will run again to sit on IPC’s Archery Council.


ACTION:      Arthur needs letter of support from FCA President.

                   HPC needs to create team selection criteria for the Standing classification

                   Kathy and Arthur must plan the AWAD camp during the March 12-13 HPC meeting.


-          FITA World Junior/Cadet Championship 2006 status report 

FITA has received no bids for this event and Canada is not in a position to bid for international events.


-          Pan Am Championship 2006 status report

This is an important recurve event for quota at the Pan Am Games in 2007.


-          AWAD archer Talent Identification, recruitment & training

There are approximately 4-5 new archers to bring to the next camp.  Don Lohnes has been working with very young AWAD archers in Nova Scotia.  They may not benefit from the 2005 camp.


-          CCES/WADA Whereabouts Reporting system impact/status                          

Kathy stated that the Whereabouts quarterly reporting is time-consuming.  This position can not be handed to a volunteer, however, in order to respect athlete privacy.  FITA requires quarterly reports on national team activities from member associations (MAs) even if no individual archers are in the international pool.  CCES and WADA have different terms of reference now for reporting; next quarter only one Canadian will need to report to FITA, yet four archers will continue to report to CCES.


-          Avalanche contract for next 4 years (unsigned)

Kathy has not been able to obtain a signed copy of the verbal agreement to continue for 4 more years.


-          Other items                        


ACTION:      Kathy must edit the FCA rate card to include 3D sanctioned events for the new 3D            criteria.


There was concern that HPC had chosen the regional coaches without putting out a call.  Process and how this looks when it looks in-house; HPC has asked people from the regions in order to construct the base of the regional coach programme and after March 12-13, then advertise for the positions.


6.3              Administration, Communication & Marketing

-          Web site management

The work involved with managing the website was becoming onerous.  Bruce Savage reported that the OAA pays $500/yr to have its website maintained commercially.   Are Olympians interested in helping new Olympian hopefuls?  Was there any interest/value in having former archery Olympians write articles for the FCA website?  Item tabled.


-          Discussion page format and negative impact (see above)


-          Archery Contacts on the web

FCA is losing track of valuable contributors to the association.  The fact that Terry Dickson had died without acknowledgement of FCA was disappointing, so the EC wanted to start maintaining a list of these contributors. Because Al had just produced a listing of all the Olympians, the Executive decided to merge that list with the life members and begin a process of contacting these members once a year.  Perhaps this list could be used to send annual greetings.


ACTION:      To combine a list of prominent archery personalities for annual greetings from                            the FCA President. 

                   Kathy and Dan Churchill will send addresses of all Life Members to Al Wills.


-          Sponsorship update


ACTION:      Tom will follow up on Spitz contract for future years.

                   Arthur will continue with Gary’s portfolio. 

                   Don will write a letter to Gary Gillies.


-          InfoExcellence

Since the nature of the publication has changed to an educational vehicle, the next edition will be published after the March 13th meeting has finalised the Regional Coach structure.


-          Athlete Biographies

Kathy had tried to develop biographies of all the medallists from Lilleshall.  It was difficult to get them from archers, even though parents and personal coaches had been advised.  She will continue to work on this for Info.E-mail and the website.


-          Info.E-mail

Due to the work required to publish a weekly bilingual bulletin, it was decided to change the publication to bi-weekly. 


ACTION       VP Administration & Marketing, when in place, needs to create an     Advertisement rate card for commercial ventures interested in sponsoring the  bulletin.


-          Sales & Distribution Centre report

Target face sales and regular CanBow products continue to bolster Archery Council sales.  HPC sales are uniforms only.  Kathy is keeping tight inventory on coach manuals since the CBET transition will make stock redundant.


-          2005 Marketing & Communications with Bowzone

Since national 3D outdoor championship, there was no answer concerning financial sponsorship.  It appeared that the sponsorship provided no funding, just product and live web cam services.  It was agreed that publicity and promotion of 3D could be beneficial.  There had been good will and partnering at the 3D championships, and FCA should expand on this initial contact.  Don Lohnes had written to Bowzone stating the price of $3000 as a title sponsor.


ACTION:      Don will contact Bowzone to offer them retailer programme rates.


-          HP Fund-raising programme - Avalanche jerseys

Kathy reported that this initiative was failing with only two clubs participating last year.  Only one had shown interest this year.  The notice will go out again on January 31st in the Regional Indoor package.


-          Sports Manager – Bring your Sports Organisation to a higher level

There was no interest to pursue this product offer.


-          Other items


MOTION #E05-17:         To include in the draft budget the team leader’s expenses to 3Di.  

Moved by:         Arthur Nault                   Seconded by:    Tom Paukovic                carried


ACTION:      Al Wills will check with FITA on 3Di package again.



6.4       International Committee

-          Canadian Olympic Committee – trends and representation

The Executive Director is going to the Regina meeting.  It is important to have a small, organised sport voice to work with COC on its very specific role to send teams to the Olympics.  It appears that COC staff will make further policy changes to increase excellence standards in the future.


-          IPC/FITA Memorandum of Understanding

Arthur advised that during the Athens Games IPC and FITA signed a co-operative agreement.


-          FITA policies update and annual affiliation rate change

Al Wills expressed frustration over FITA’s lack of warning and timing of release of information, particularly regarding important rule changes.  Kathy reported that FITA had changed its MA annual fee structure and FCA’s affiliation costs dropped by $200 US for 2005.  Al stated that this would mean fewer dollars passed on to COPANARCO.


-          FITA pin award programme

Al Wills used to co-ordinate the programme and now Marthe Cusson runs it.  It involves checking requests and in the past sending out pins to PSO rep for proper reception.  But the archer waits too long to receive the pin sometimes, and this causes problems.


ACTION:      Al will continue to work with Marthe to ensure the archer receives pins          promptly.


-          COPANARCO update & MICA medals

Al Wills will have more information on this after the COPANARCO meeting in May.


-          “Cuban Situation”

The communication thread and list of actions taken was reviewed.  The matter was closed.



7.0              Other Business

-          FCA Annual Awards


ACTION:      Kathy asked EC members to review the draft Annual nomination form and           provide feedback.  She will be sending the draft to committee chairpersons for      their input if applicable.


-          Maurice Sporting Goods

FCA had been approached by Canadian Tire Corporation’s supplier of shooting products for information to increase sales.


ACTION:     Kathy will continue to work with this company to produce a safety brochure         and contact information.



8.0              President's Closing Remarks

Possible date for the next annual meeting is January 28-29, 2006.



9.0       Adjournment

Adjourned until Saturday, July 23, 2005 in Saint John, NB; meeting ended at 13:30 on Sunday, January 30, 2005.


FCA Complaint Policy


This policy establishes the procedure by which FCA members may obtain redress for offences they suffered while at an FCA sanctioned event, or during the preparation for such an event.



Complainant    The person, group, or organization forwarding the complaint.  Said person, group, or organization must all be active members, in good standing, of the FCA at the time the complaint is made and at the time of the said or alleged offence.


Respondent     The person, group, or organization against which the complaint is lodged.  Said person, group, or organization must all be active members, in good standing, of the FCA at the time the complaint is made and at the time of the said or alleged offence.


FCA                  The Federation of Canadian Archers


Offence            Any action contrary to the rules of competition and/or rules of ethical behavior published by FCA, and in force at the time of the infraction, which negatively affects the shooting performance of the complainant.


PSO                 Provincial Sport Organisation


Club                 Fundamental sport structure affiliated with FCA through PSO.


1. Before filing a complaint with the FCA, the complainant must have pursued the issue through both the appropriate club association and PSO.  The FCA will only address the complaint if all local and PSO avenues have been used.



The complaint must be lodged first with the next higher organizational authority   (i.e. A complaint lodged against a club must be lodged first with the PSO.), unless the complaint is against a representative of the FCA, in which case the complaint must be forwarded to the FCA President or, if against the FCA President, to the FCA office.


2. It is the responsibility of the complainant to forward their complaint (or notice of complaint) to the FCA office within 10 calendar days of the incident, or within 10 calendar days of notification from the club or PSO. If the FCA Office or the President is contacted for information, then the 10 days will begin as of that day. If the complaint is not received by the tenth day, then the matter will be considered closed.


3. The complainant must fill in the FCA Complaint form (attached) with as much detail as possible and forward it as per items 1 and 2.


4. Once a complaint is received the FCA office (or President) will appoint a committee of 3 members of the Executive as a 'Resolution Committee'.  Should the complaint be against the Executive, members of the Board of Directors or FCA committees who are not in conflict will be appointed.


5. The Resolution Committee shall elect a Chair from among themselves. This committee will then be forwarded electronic or hard copies of the complaint and all the documentation. The committee will meet in person with the complainant, call witnesses in person, and deliberate face-to-face when possible (as when a complaint is lodged at a National Championships).


6. The Resolution Committee will keep un-official minutes of all interactions so that the committee members can review all the findings prior to rendering a decision.  Minutes will not be made public.  Minutes will include a copy of the completed complaint form, notes from meetings, and a procedural checklist (attached).


7. The Resolution Committee will report its findings and decision to the FCA Board of Directors, and only the Board can dissolve the committee.  A motion from the Board will ratify the final decision and dissolve the committee.


8. The reported findings and decision of this Committee will be published on the FCA website as ratified by the Board of Directors, unless the information is of a personal nature, would injure, or damage the reputation of, any of the involved parties.


9. Should the decision not satisfy the complainant, The Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism can be pursued as an outside agency designed to mediate or arbitrate in cases where internal sport procedures fail to resolve an issue.







COMMITTEE MEMBERS (Name and FCA Membership Number):


(Indicate Chair with a check.)



Processing fee received                              _____

Documentation complete                             _____

Witnesses interviewed                                 _____
















Findings:            ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Committee Signatures:







COMPLAINT SUBMITTED BY:       _____________________________________

FCA MEMBER NUMBER:              _____________________________________

MEMBER MAILING ADDRESS:    _____________________________________

City:                _____________________________________

Province:        _____________________________________

Postal Code: _____________________________________


TELEPHONE NUMBER:                 _____________________________________


E-MAIL:                                              _____________________________________



Description of Incident (Include Date and Event description): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________











(Description of complaint in 50 words or less, include identities of involved parties or individuals, and witnesses)  Supply documented proof with this form if available.


_____________________    _____________________          _______________

Signature of Complainant      Signature of witness                       Date Submitted


For office use only:


DATE COMPLAINT RECEIVED BY FCA:            __________________________

COMPLAINT FORWARDED TO:                           __________________________




From Roger Murray, FCA VP Projects & Committees



Bowhunter, Barebow and Compound Limited Participation at

 Outdoor Target Championships  

Data for last 3 years


2003 Championship


            Bowhunter Limited                0          Bowhunter Unlimited 3

            Bowhunter Unsighted           0

            Barebow                                2

            Compound Limited               0


2002 Championship

            Bowhunter Limited                0

            Bowhunter Unlimited 9

            Bowhunter Unsighted           0

            Barebow                                0

            Compound Limited               2


2001 Championship

            Bowhunter Limited                2

            Bowhunter Unlimited 6

            Bowhunter Unsighted           0

            Barebow                                0

            Compound Limited               2



DATA BY YEAR                                                 DATA BY DIVISION

2000 Championships                                        Bowhunter Limited

                                                                                    2003                                         0

Bowhunter Limited                     4                      2002                                         0

            Bowhunter Unlimited                  3                      2001                                         2

            Bowhunter Unsighted                 0                      2000                                         4

            Barebow                                    0                      1999                                         4

            Compound Limited                     0                      1998                                         7


1999 Championships                                        Bowhunter Unlimited

                                                                                    2003                                         3

            Bowhunter Limited                     4                      2002                                         9

            Bowhunter Unlimited                  7                      2001                                         6

            Bowhunter Unsighted                 0                      2000                                         3

            Barebow                                    1                      1999                                         7

            Compound Limited                     0                      1998                                         8

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bowhunter Unsighted

1998 Championships                                        no participation 1998 to 2003

            Bowhunter Limited                     7                                                                     

            Bowhunter Unlimited                  8                      Barebow                                 

            Bowhunter Unsighted                 0                      no participation  2000 to 2002

            Barebow                                    2                      2003                                         2

            Compound Limited                     1

                                                                                    Compound Limited

2003                                         0

2002                                         1

2001                                         2

2000                                         0

1999                                         0

1998                                                                                  1



D.M. Lovo Award

Prix de reconnaissance D.M. Lovo

• Outstanding contribution to the sport of archery in Canada


Volunteer of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Bénévole de l'Année

• A significant contribution to the development of archery in Canada

• An active volunteer on at least 2 levels of the archery network (NSO &/or PSO &/or club)


Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Hank Wiseman pour entraîneur de l'année

• Minimum level 2 technical and practical certification

• Coach demonstrates athlete development principles, fair play and sportsmanship

• Coaches at least 1 squad athlete

• Exemplifies dedication to coaching by promoting coaching certification


Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Frank Jones pour athlete masculin de l'année

• A member of the Excellence Men Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics of fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in major competitions and a commitment to training


Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Dorothy Lidstone pour athlète feminine de l'année

• A member of the Excellence Women Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in major competitions and a commitment to training


Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Tom Mack pour athlète junior de l'année 

• A member of the Excellence Junior Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in competitions and a commitment to training


Judge of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Juge de l'année

• Minimum provincial level Judge status

• Judges; athlete development principles, fair play and sportsmanship

• Exemplifies dedication to judging by promoting judge certification



Please note that these are national awards, pertaining to those FCA volunteers and athletes making outstanding contribution to archery at the national and/or international level.  Read the definition of each award and minimum requirements BEFORE completing this form.


1.      NAME OF AWARD (circle one)

- D.M. Lovo Award / Prix de reconnaissance D.M. Lovo


- Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year Award  / Prix de reconnaissance Dorothy Lidstone pour athlète feminine de l'année


- Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year Award  / Prix de reconnaissance Frank Jones pour athlete masculin de l'année


- Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year Award / Prix de reconnaissance Hank Wiseman pour entraîneur de l'année


- Judge of the Year Award / Prix de reconnaissance Juge de l'année


- Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year Award / Prix de reconnaissance Tom Mack pour athlète junior de l'année 


- Volunteer of the Year Award / Prix de reconnaissance Bénévole de l'Année






3.   NAME OF NOMINEE            ____________________________________________



A)   Describe the nominee’s role FCA-related activities and/or programmes that relate directly to the definition of the FCA Annual Award selected above in the last calendar year (except D. M. Lovo Award).  (minimum 25 words)












B)   If nominating for the D. M. Lovo Award, describe in detail the person’s long-term commitment to the FCA. (minimum 100 words)























C)   If nominating for the Judge of the Year Award, list certification and judge-specific activities












D)   If nominating for the Coach of the Year Award, list certification and coach-specific activities












E)   If nominating for any athlete of the year awards, list specific accomplishments, rankings, and medals won at the national and international levels only.














Send this nomination form to the FCA national office NO LATER THAN APRIL 30.


#200 – 2460 Lancaster Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 4S5

Fax:      (613) 260-2114                           E-mail: Information@FCA.ca


Federation of Canadian Archers Annual Awards Policy


The FCA sponsors recognition of volunteers who have distinguished themselves in the support of archery at or toward the national level. The FCA also has a program where Individuals, Clubs or Provinces can nominate outstanding volunteers for recognition pins.


Annual Awards


The FCA Annual Awards are intended to recognise those volunteers and archers who have excelled at a level above that of Provincial or local awards. These awards are not intended to replace those which may be awarded by a province or any other organisation. These awards are intended to show a progression in volunteerism, coaching, judging, management, and shooting from provincial through to national and international level. The awards are awarded for dedicated service to archery in the preceding year.


Specific criteria have been established for each award and these are circulated to the membership with the nomination call.


The awards themselves are large wall hung plaques that are kept at the FCA office with the names of each recipient engraved on plates for that year. The awards are kept at the national office in Ottawa. The current holder of the award's picture is displayed in a picture holder in the centre of each award.



In the early spring of each year, the national office advertises the awards to the membership, soliciting nominations from members of the Board of Directors and FCA Committees (The Executive Committee does not make nominations as it casts the ballots). Because of their national level significance, nominations should come from the national level, that being an FCA Committee, Board of Directors member (who represents a province). Individual FCA Members are encouraged to contact their Board of Director with their input. Nominations may also be made to the FCA President who will decide if the nomination can be referred to one of the preceding or stand on its own for inclusion or be rejected. All Nominations must include a brief (one page) listing of the accomplishments of the nominee. Nominations without the résumé will be returned. Nominations must be submitted during the month of May. The office then publishes the call for nominations twice in the weekly electronic bulletin and then, in June, produces a ballot containing all the names for each award. The ballots are distributed to the FCA Executive Committee who consider the applications and vote in secret on their choice.


The FCA Executive votes on the slate of names produced by the national office. The Executive may vote that no award be given if it feels the level of nominees is not high enough or that the applicants do not qualify. The Executive can also decide to move a nominee from one category to another. The FCA office receives the ballots and once the winners are known by the office (the results may have to be discussed with the President). The plaques are updated with the names of the winners, and keeper plaques are produced and sealed away confidentially until the announcements of the winners at the FCA Annual General Meeting. The national office will make every attempt to alert family and friends of the recipients to be present at the Annual General Meeting for the presentations by FCA executive members.









US unit



CDN x 1.25


freight est.


CDN total

unit shipped


unit cost





































Estimated markup








122 cm



US unit



CDN x 1.25


freight est.


CDN total

unit shipped


unit cost











 $   0.012












 $   0.012












 $ 0.0004


Estimated markup












FCA President Report – January 2005

Since the AGM held last summer in Caledon Ontario, there have been a number of items that have crossed my desk on behalf of FCA. The email is constant and I try to answer each and everyone that is directed to myself and to read the ones that are for information.


The office now has received the event reports, for both the 3D and the Target and Field, held last summer. Many thanks to the efforts of both those event chairman in forwarding those reports.


The big event of last summer was the Olympics held in Athens Greece. Our athletes did as well as expected.  However, we have a lot of work to do to reach the goal of winning medals.  Joan MacDonald’s daily reports were a pleasure to read and away to share the experiences of Jonathon and Mare-Pier from half way around the world.


The host agreement for the combined event of Target, Field and 3D is now signed with New Brunswick and their website is up and running. Phil Parlee and his committee are working hard to make this event a great success. I hope that many of the FCA members will be able to attend this event.


I was pleased to see Tom Paukovic, FCA 3D VP, attend the HPC meeting held in October. There are emerging opportunities for 3D archery on the world stage and FCA is investigating a ways and means to send 3D archers to attend these events. Tom and his committee are working on criteria for team selection presently.


Finance continues to be a major problem for the FCA. Without proper finances it is difficult to support and train our athletes for international competition. While I do not have the answers to this concern, suffice to say that this is becoming a major obstacle to getting to the podium.  Options and alternatives have to be investigated as we move forward in 2005 and beyond.


The FCA office, through the efforts of our Executive Director, continues to get information out to the executive, board, and provincial chairpersons. Without this information flow, little would be accomplished on behalf of Canadian archers.


Many thanks to the members of the executive, for their continual support and advice.  Without their assistance, this position would be more difficult. Thanks to you all.


Respectfully submitted

Don Lohnes


FCA Vice-President High Performance Report – January 2005

Dans un premier temps, je crois qu’il serait de mise de féliciter nos deux archers qui ont participés au Jeux olympique d’Athènes ainsi que l’entraîneur John MacDonald. Je crois que Marie-Pier et Johnathan ont pris une très grande expérience qui leur servirons pour les prochaines grandes compétitions. Pour rester dans ce domaine j’ai vécu une très belle expérience aussi en participant au Paralympique comme délégué technique.


Comme vous l’avez lu dans le compte rendu de la dernière réunion de HPC,  le comité a mis de l’avant certaine réforme. Il est évident que cela ne peut pas faire l’affaire de tout le monde, mais je crois que c’est le chemin que nous devons prendre si nous voulons conserver les subventions de Sport Canada.


Pour continué dans le plan qui a été mis de l’avant par le comité une 1e réunion des entraîneurs régionaux  aura lieu Toronto  le 12 et 13 Mars 05.  Je crois que cela peut être le début d’un bon changement.


En terminant, un grand merci à Kathy pour tous le travail fait dans ce dossier.





First, I believe I should thank our two archers who participated in Athens along with Olympic Coach Joan McDonald.  I believe that Marie-Pier and Jonathon had a great experience that will assist them in their next big competitions. To continue in this vein, I enjoyed a very good experience at the Paralympic Games as technical delegate.


As you have read already from the summary of the last HPC meeting, the committee made certain changes.  It is evident that what was done will not pleased everyone, but I believe that it is the road we must take if we wish to keep government funding from Sport Canada.


In order to continue the plan set out by the committee, the first meeting of regional coches will take place in Toronto on March 12-13, 2005.  I believe that it is the start of good change.


In closing, thank you to Kathy for all her work in this portfolio.


Respectfully submitted

Arthur Nault


FCA Vice-President International Report – January 2005


I have managed to make slight inroads with COPANARCO; that is to say that at least this year I know when the Annual Meeting is (16 May). I have been assured they will be sending out information according to a timetable such as FITAs, but that will remain to be seen.


The 2 motions from Canada went to FITA this fall (changing arrow values on scorecards by archers rather than judges before the arrows are drawn; and requirement for archers to have identification on their arrows). The motions were to be discussed at the last FITA council meeting.  However, they are now somewhere in the FITA bureaucracy. I have been assured they will be dealt with before Congress. I sought clarification on shooting under a roof from FITA and challenged FITA’s new timing rules, which were returned to council for clarification. I did a lot of background work on the change in timing and discovered (surprise, surprise) that it is to do with (again) the Olympics and the strict demands of Television on Olympic sports. Right now the challenge is reviewing and getting familiar with the more than 60 resolutions that will be discussed at FITA council this summer. I will bring them to the meeting.


Canadian Olympic Committee:

I attended the Board meeting in Toronto this past November.  As expected, the big discussions were on how the selection criteria at the Athens games worked and how we can do better at the next set of negotiations for 2008. This is extremely important to FCA, so with this in mind I have asked that you approve Kathy to attend the next meetings in Regina with me this April. I need to have someone who is, was and will be ‘on the ground’ for the next negotiations to hear first hand how COC perceives the importance of these standards. Also it will give Kathy another chance to renew her COC contacts. We can discuss the days at the meeting. As this is the election AGM, I will need proxies from our voting members before the meeting, so we must ensure we have those names in place.



FCA VP Administration and Finance Report – January 2005

I continue to work with the office on matters financial and the president on matters concerning the day to day running of the association. As we all know the amount of administration is not diminishing and the demands on our ED by government agencies and the Excellence programme in particular, mean we are getting closer and closer to when we need to look at additional staff.



FCA Webmaster Report – January 2005

I believe the website is still a very valuable tool for the association.  I think we could be looking at putting more historical minutes on the site so that the website could be burned to CD every now and then and these minutes could be available on our laptop at meetings the staff have to travel to. I think this could be done by a volunteer.


I have been putting a priority to getting as many of the navigation pages in a bilingual format.  I have been fortunate to have access to some great volunteers who have assisted. Pages such as Records, Results, Excellence and many more are completely bilingual and as new ones are made I attempt to make them bilingual also. The actual content of some pages have to stay unilingual (sometimes French, usually English) depending on the author and because I am often the author, I’m afraid, most are English! I don’t see how we can have it any other way without significant additional funding.

The uploading of files to the site continues to be a major source of frustration and wasted time; however, I feel it is better than spending more money on an outside server. This will, however, have to be dealt with in the future, but we are alright for now.


The new format and the new software are working well and saving a lot of time and energy, they are much appreciated.


Respectfully submitted

Allan R. (Al) Wills


Addenum to Webmaster’s Report – Etiquette on the FCA Discussion Page

* On Jan 25, 2005, at 11:38, FCA wrote:

What is wrong:

1.    People are allowed to hide behind a detractor that opinions printed are not those of the FCA.


Dan:  If I understand you correctly, you are saying that people that represent the FCA ('officially') are stating their personal opinions and that those opinions differ from the official FCA position.  This issue was discussed when the forum was initially created.  The forum is not meant as an official means of communication and so an FCA 'official' is posting their personal opinion unless explicitly stated otherwise.  I think that they should be free to do so, provided that they are not violating FCA policy.  I don't know if this was expressed clearly to FCA 'officials' but it certainly hasn't been to the readers of the discussion forums.  As I mentioned earlier, I'll be posting some sort of notice shortly.  I also think that the FCA should have a policy for representatives that post to the forum.  Perhaps the policy *should* state that they may not post their personal opinions, but must hold to their position as a representative of the FCA (while 'in office').  I can help draw up guidelines if necessary.


2.    People are allowed to hide behind pseudonyms so they can perpetrate character assassinations.


Dan:  Personal attacks are not tolerated and when I see them, they are dealt with.  Hiding your identity is a fundamental part of public discussion groups and I think is a good thing.  In fact, it is not normal for a person to reveal their private identity in many forums.  However on our forum, in order to post you must register by providing an e-mail address.  So from a legal and technical standpoint, I have access to all relevant information should any action be required.


3.    The lace of ground rules stating that entries which contain personal attacks on FCA members will be stricken from the thread. 


Dan:  If you are aware of a post that you feel crosses the line, then point me to it and I'll take a look.


Here are some of the actions that I take as moderator when I see something that needs attention:

 1. The individual is contacted privately and reminded of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) if necessary

- they are asked to modify their post

- they are warned that if the post is not modified, I will either modify or remove the post

   2. A public reminder is posted in the appropriate thread

   3. A post is removed


In any public forum, but especially on-line, there is a very fine line between allowing discussion and perceived (or real) censorship.  If there is too much moderation, then people will not participate.  I think that so far I have done a good job of allowing discussion, while curbing topics from getting out of hand.


Dan Churchill

FCA Discussion Page Monitor


FCA Vice President Events and Services Report - January 2005

The following is a list of the events and services assigned to the position of VP events and services.


Þ     FCA Outdoor Target and Field Championships

      2005 New Brunswick  - 3D - Target - Field   

      2006 Quebec  - confirmed – Sherbrooke

      2007 Ontario - no bids on new rotation schedule–coincide with the 3D champs


·  Current format seems to have been accepted by the membership – The size of the last 2 Championships (approx 160) is placing host clubs in the situation of needing 60 or more butts.   If the size of the Championships continues to increase, splitting the field into morning and afternoon flights should be considered. 

·  Funds have been allocated to have the FCA purchase a Championships support package (butts, stand, timing system etc) to be used to assist host clubs.

·  Equipment division eligible to enter the Championships are being monitored for participation levels.   Divisions not being supported by the membership will be discontinued in 2006.  A re-instatement process will be established if member demand warrants a change

·  Event sponsor is needed in order to keep entry fee down and to help host clubs make a reasonable profit for the time invested to run the event

·  Technical delegate for 2005 – to be appointed at Jan Exec meeting


Þ     FCA Mail Match

o                        started for 2005 – Andrew Webber accepting scores


Þ     FCA Regional Indoors

o        25 host sites registered – 5 more than this time last year

o        Greg Durward co-ordinating the event


Þ     MICA Mail Match

o        Jacqui Jenskey co-ordinating event again  this year

o        16 host sites register at time of report – one less than last year


Þ     Canada Winter  Games

o        Next Games in Yukon  2007

o        Local contacts have been made through Jim Wiebe

o        Technical Package has been developed

o        PSO should be naming a Provincial coach and start a talent ID process



Þ     Rule book

o          Greg Durward keeping rules up to date

o          FITA is making rule changes on an ongoing basis making the revision of the FCA rule book more difficult


Þ     FCA Records

o          Christine Murphy managing the data base.


Þ     Product distribution

o          Kathy Millar is managing the product distribution form the FCA office


Respectfully submitted

Bruce Savage


FCA Vice President 3D Report - January 2005

2004 3D Championships

Kent Maitland and the organizing committee have finalized the championship by submitting a final report complete with recommendations for upcoming events.  Their profit from the event was about $10,000 plus numerous legacy benefits.


2005 Indoor 3D Championships

Wendell and I have been in contact and worked out a format and set of rules that are flexible enough so that other groups can host the event.  I have been working with Greg Durward trying to adapt our outdoor 3D rules for the indoor event.  Greg’s understanding of the FCA rule books is incredible.  It seems that this event will be well attended even though the majority of shooters are from Saskatchewan and Alberta.  This begs the question should we have a Western Canadian and an Eastern Canadian Indoor 3D Championship.


National 3D Team and Selection Criteria

There have been a number of interested archers who have contacted me a couple from Manitoba and some from Quebec.  The abbreviated time line that we are working under will cause us some difficulty.  There has not been a tremendous response to this programme from provincial reps and I think we will have to rely heavily on these people to make the programme work.  Once the programme is ratified by the executive we can do a better job of selling it to archers.


2005 3D St. John

Phil Parlee and his group have things well in hand and we are looking forward to another great event. 


2006 Indoor 3D

It’s time to put out tenders for hosts for this event.  It would be nice if it rotated from west to east if we decide to have only one championship.  Are there some major indoor 3D events in Ontario, Quebec, or the Maritimes that we could tag onto or use as a possible host.


Respectfully submitted

Tom Paukovic


FCA Vice President Projects and Committees Report - January 2005



Ghislain has the committee motoring along at a good, steady pace.  My role has been simply monitoring the news from the committee.  There have been some problems with budgeting. Fortunately for both of us, Kathy knows quite a deal, and has been able to keep the committee within its funding parameters for events like the Nationals with the Judging Clinic, etc.


We have funding assigned to maintain Canada’s continuing presence in the arena of international judging, and have candidates arranged both for re-certification and initial certification.



Reed Fowlie’s committee is moving forward at full speed.  This is a challenging time for Coaching in Canada; the conversion from the old certification system to the competency based (CBET) system has created reams of paperwork, and a communications nightmare.  Fortunately, the Coaching committee is quite motivated, and has the services of Jim Wiebe (for an honorarium) to keep track of the details.


I have asked Reed to start learning my duties in case I ever leave my post.  He has had great results with the Coaching committee, so I think he’d be a natural.  He is still thinking about it.


Canada Games

I have two potential committee members, one from BC, the other from Manitoba.  Neither one has committed, yet.  This is a huge job.  I think the national committee will be made up of the chairs from all the provincial committees, so whoever is on the national committee will have to organize and campaign in two different arenas.  This may make finding members troublesome.


Women in Archery

I have only one volunteer from Alberta; not enough to form a committee.  This seems to be a low priority committee, so I have put my energies elsewhere.  If that is wrong, or changes, I expect the EC will let me know.


These last two committees need to be populated.  Any help the EC can offer will be appreciated.  My next step will probably be to dig out the e-mail addresses Kathy has provided, and send a letter to all the PSO presidents.




This project was intended to increase participation in the Field Championships by adding excitement for both participants and audience.  The idea seems to be rejected, since I have only had feedback from the ED, and that was some time ago.  I still think the idea has merit (I would like to participate, and I’ve asked a few archers who haven’t shot the Field Champs whether they’d try if Cracklin’s was included.  The answer was yes.).  But I need EC feedback and approval to complete the idea for presentation to the OC in NB.  I have attached the most recent proposal so that we can discuss it if desired.


Film at Eleven

I had approached Bowzone last summer, when the 3D Championships were under consideration, regarding Web-casting the Target and Field Nationals.  They were interested but could not make arrangements for Caledon in the time remaining.  We agreed to discuss this further at a later date.  I’ve let this slip; first because I have not forced myself to visit Calgary since summer 2003, and more recently because the EC wants to discuss their reciprocal advertising request.  I would like to put the ad request to bed and receive direction regarding the Target and Field Nationals.


Sources Directory & Media Relations

I had planned a joint meeting in Ottawa with Don and Mary Feely-Roberts to settle this.  We’d decide whether it was a good opportunity for FCA.  Unfortunately, my itinerary does not allow for this, so I won’t have the time until late Saturday evening.  I am looking for EC direction on this one.



Nominations will be needed to fill the posts up for election this summer:  President, Vice-President Committees & Projects and Vice-President 3D.



As a member of the EC, I have the duty to hold the vision of Archery in Canada for the future.  This helps me make decisions based on where we want to go, not how hard are things right now.  I have been doing that.  Further, I have documented my vision and forwarded that to Mr. President last fall.  I have included this vision as an attachment so that we can discuss this a the meeting, if desired.



·         Eligibility:  Senior & Junior archers who have completed the Field Championship, and who have paid the entrance fee.

·         Entrance Fee:  $20 per archer

·         Cracklin' for each target for each category is equal to total fees collected divided by # of targets to be shot

·         Equipment Categories:  Recurve & Compound

·         Gender Categories:  None

·         Age Categories:  None

·         Targets:  4 targets minimum, chosen to maximize spectator access.



·         Competitors register in the appropriate category before shooting the Field Competition.

·         The Field competition results are used to rank the Cracklin’s competitors

·         The top 4 archers in each category shoot the additional targets.

·         Highest score on each target wins the Cracklin' for that target.

·         If there is a tie, the Cracklin' is carried over and added to the next target.

·         If there is a tie on the last target, then the archers who have tied, and only those archers, will return to the first Cracklin’ target and shoot the course again until there is one winner in a “sudden death” format.  There will be no additional prize money for the additional targets.


I have a Dream

·         Full male & female teams @ the Olympics.  (2008)

·         Full teams & medals @ the Olympics.  (2012)

·         Rotating Excellence clinics in each province each month.  (2005)

·         At least 1 level 4 coach in 5 new provinces.  (2006)

·         At least 2 level 5 coaches in Canada.  (2010)

·         Membership double.  (2007)

·         Membership triple.  (2009)





By-law changes were submitted to Industry Canada after the August Board meeting, and approved by the Minister in November 2004.  All new/revised policies and procedures arising from meetings and minutes have been imbedded into pertinent FCA documents which include the FCA Task List, Volunteer Handbook, Excellence 2008 welcome package, Championship Hosting Manual and office procedures manual.  The full implementation will be complete when the 2006-2008 FCA/PSO agreement templates are produced some time in mid-March.  Board approval of the FCA Operational plan provided much-needed corporate direction and good management.  The addition of the Vice-President 3D and the chairperson of the FCA Coach Committee to the High Performance Committee has strengthened FCA’s structure and increased communication among programme administrators.  This was a very positive step.  All outstanding governance issues have been resolved, with the exception of a new corporate schematic model and the assembly of members on the permanent Canada Games Committee.  FCA implemented the volunteer self-evaluation process and a verbal summary will be given to the FCA Executive.


The emphasis over the last quarter has been the preparation and submission of the Sport Canada Sport Funding and Accountability Framework III (SFAF III).  This has required much research and time.  Though some members may view it as a strictly financial exercise, the SFAF process defines Sport Canada expectations of NSO policies as well as measurement of NSO fiscal responsibility.  In order for FCA to carry out its ambitious plans to 2009, government funding will be necessary.  So the submission quality is extremely important.


In conjunction with this process, FCA had to submit High Performance projections and assessments for the Sport Review Process, conducted jointly by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), Sport Canada and Canadian Sport Centres (CSC).  The significance of FCA’s HPC Plan to 2012 and FCA’s Operational Plan can not be over-stated.  These two documents, showing FCA’s clear direction, were extremely important tools complimenting the joint questionnaire.  FCA met with the Sport Review Panel via teleconference on January 24, 2005.  The next submissions in the process are due on February 7 detailing efforts in official bilingualism and other governance issues.  Due to the increased workload in the national office, deadlines for the whole process had to be extended, but the final submissions should be completed by the date mentioned. 


FCA continues to be blessed with a core of very dedicated, hard-working committee members and at times it is difficult to keep up with demand.  However, human resources are stretched to the limit.  FCA needs a concerted recruitment and retention strategy.


The Distribution Centre continues to provide good service to our clients.  FCA's inventory is being accounted for in an efficient manner.  The FCA office calculated the inventory value for year-end and it was forwarded to FCA's auditor.  The FCA national office site is secure until June 30, 2005.  Equine Canada's major planning process will be completed in late February and FCA will have a clearer idea by March 2005 where its office may be located for the next five years.  As predicted, the monthly rate increased slightly under the renewed sub-lease.  Rent is still quite manageable.


Annual reports and indoor programme information were circulated to all clubs affiliated with FCA in 2004.  Up to date information will be mailed to each club upon renewal.  Member and club liability insurance coverage remains at $5 million and the individual member premium assessment is $2.25 for 2005.  The final membership report was submitted to the insurance broker, and the balance owing for 2004 has been paid.  The broker wishes to receive minimum payment for the 2004 membership premium in two instalments.  This totals nearly $14,000.  Hopefully, FCA will not have to use its Line of Credit in order to pay the premium without incurring carrying charges.


Communication is a priority and demands have increased.  The percentage of time spent answering e-mails promptly detracts from other tasks.  The weekly Info.E-mail bulletins are well liked by the membership, but the format may have to change to bi-weekly.  FCA’s volunteer translators continue to assist the national office and the web master on a regular basis.  The proceeds from the Winnipeg Trust Fund are utilised as a token of FCA’s appreciation of their work and the thousands of dollars they save the Federation every year.  More FCA-generated and Sport Canada restricted funds have gone to translation of important policies, job descriptions and high performance and coaching programmes on the web site.  I am troubled by reports of poor judgement used by participants on FCA’s website discussion page.  Though I am not in favour of restricting free speech, libellous remarks and character assassination can not be tolerated.  New, stricter monitoring protocols will have to be instituted since participants seem unwilling to police themselves.


I represented FCA in many capacities and reported fully on all of them.  High Performance activities continue to demand considerable time in preparation for 2005 major events, as well as the necessary communication between FCA and its various partners, Sport Canada, CAC, CPC, COC, FITA and COPANARCO.



The GST audit was resolved and FCA will use the quick calculation method for future submissions.  Corrections, clarifications and responses were made to the Sport Canada audit.  The office is in regular contact with the auditor and an updated version of Simply Accounting was installed during the conversion process to Windows XP. All bookkeeping practices were completed on time.  All purchases have been prudent.  Expenses have been kept to a minimum.  FCA's bank balance year-to-date for the fiscal year is lower at $6,000 since government payments were not scheduled until January 2005.  There were greater than usually accounts payable at December 31 as I restricted cash flow.  The need to purchase 30,000 vertical 3-spot targets faces in advance of the anticipated purchase time was the major cause.  This situation has since been rectified.  Payables and receivables are reasonable and small.  Regular Sport Canada contributions remained at 2002-2003 levels.  Sport Canada’s one-time contribution has arrived and the Championship Travel Kit can be assembled now.  Within that one-time total of restricted funds are high performance projects.  Some funds have been allocated already to recurve archers.  The rest of the budgeted HP funding will be spent according to the HPC Plan to 2012 and the formation of the regional coach network. 


The PSO grid for funding athletes to national championships has been implemented and all PSOs have complied with submission of objective selection criteria.  This grid is used for PSO expenses to meetings, and was updated this fall to reflect changes in provincial membership numbers and transportation costs.  FCA continues to subsidize some PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSOs.  This is justified in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. 


The approved 2004 budget was implemented and projections were quite close to final totals for expenditures and revenues.  Sport Canada funds arrived in a timelier manner and assisted cash flow.  FCA was able to employ Laura Kiraly 6 hours per week to assist with secretarial and desktop publishing duties.  I prepared the 2005 draft budget very late due to SFAF III demands on my time, and I apologise for any inconvenience it may have caused the Executive Committee.


I have anticipated the inventory needs for programmes and services.  Those orders, other than the annual medals order, will be going out after the January meeting.  FCA has been successful in retailing and wholesaling FITA-legal indoor 40 cm and 60 cm target faces.  Prices for Tyvek 80 cm and 122 cm faces have been estimated.  FCA can be competitive; but cash flow may be an issue in 2005 while other HP initiatives are implemented.   COC/VISA/FCA credit cards generate approximately $400 per year for High Performance activities.  This is down considerably from past years.  FCA will support this venture until it is discontinued.


Basic operational costs are stable.  Travel costs are difficult to anticipate, but ticket prices have stabilised.  The extra 3% figured into the budget may be sufficient.


Due to archery’s performance in Athens, COC’s contribution is bound to diminish.  I do not anticipate additional “targeted” funds to be forthcoming from the Sport Review Process.  Since Canada sent no Paralympic archers to Athens, overall HP funding from Sport Canada may not match 2004-2005 levels in the next quadrennial.  As I have written on countless occasions over the past 8 years, FCA must increase its own revenue base.


High Performance

In 2004, FCA did have real success with juniors and cadets at the FITA world championships in Lilleshall, GBR and at the Championship of the Americas in Colombia.  FCA has capitalized on these successes to funding partners as much as possible; but there is limited financial impact because compound archers, not recurve archers, produced medal results. 


The ranking system was reviewed by HPC.  There is no intention to use 70m rounds in the ranking system for the foreseeable future.  HPC reviewed the use of trials for international teams.  The current selection process will remain as-is.  Posting an up-to-date outdoor ranking list on the website was quicker and the software is currently being revamped.  Indoor ranking was a challenge but posting was attempted.  The "Race to Madrid" will start soon. 


The annual fall meeting was a planning session.  HPC has re-organised itself (see HPC Plan to 2012).  The FCA Executive Committee ratified the Plan.  Some positions were re-named and certain job descriptions re-defined such as Team Selection Co-ordinator.  The Executive Director assumed this role until the transition is completed.  New positions were created due to the inception of the Regional Coach concept.  With this change in philosophy, HPC may revert back to an older structure to include a compound Athlete Representative as a sitting, elected member. 


WADA and CCES incur office administration time to ensure Athlete Whereabouts Forms are submitted on time for both individuals and the FCA.  Athlete and coach education is continuing and team leaders have been very helpful.


One would have anticipated that the HP workload would have lessened with the Closing Ceremonies for both Olympic and Paralympic Games.  This has not been the case.  There have been de-brief sessions, assessments, and ofcourse the HPC planning session, and Sport Review Process.    Sport Canada’s one-time grant needs to be utilised in a timely manner.  HPC’s second planning and implementation session is scheduled for Toronto on March 12-13, 2005 with 4 of the 5 prospective regional coaches invited to attend.  A venue will be selected for the first nationwide regional and personal coach training camp to take place within a month of the meeting.


HPC’s Plan to 2012 will need to be promoted and carefully communicated to the membership for some time to come.  Though the emphasis is on recurve archery, through their improvement the whole sport will benefit.  The philosophy of increased facility access, increased coach training and increased talent identification is a break from the past, and will be challenged by some.  However, the majority of comments received by the national office to date is favourable.  I commend HPC’s efforts.  It is very unfortunate that some FCA members write negative, derogatory remarks thwarting the efforts of some of our most committed volunteers, and yet do very little to assist or ease their workload.  HPC members need support, not vindictive criticism.


Jonathan Ohayon and Marie-Pier Beaudet represented Canada in Athens and received Olympic Preparation Athlete Assistance for a specified period of time leading up to the Games. Since this programme is finished, Crispin Duenas is now the only carded archer.  Crispin Duenas’ performance at the Junior World Championship was exceptional and allowed FCA to apply for Sport Canada Athlete Assistance funding on his behalf.  The application was successful and marked the first time that the revised FCA/Sport Canada carding criteria was used to assist development/juniors.  No Paralympians are receiving carding benefits at this time.


I continue to work closely with Marthe Cusson regarding national team clothing production and Hayley Mott in her new position assisting with team shirt orders.  The proposed FITA uniform regulations slated to take effect in November 2005 are nothing short of ridiculous.  FCA will continue to work with suppliers to produce appropriate shooting shirts for the Indoor World Team and the Madrid team members.  The supplier reimbursed 10% of FCA’s cost for errors made on shirt shipments during 2004 and FCA is replacing 2 golf shirts to those team members. Interest in Microtherm products continues, but sales are flat.


Archery Council

The Coach Committee continues to implement the CBET transition under the leadership of Reed Fowlie and James Wiebe.  Concentration has been on the Non-competitive Stream and the Coaching Beginners context.  I conducted a pilot Master Learning Facilitator course in Miramichi, NB in December 2004.  All suggestions and corrections were forwarded to James for revision of the materials.  I would like to thank AANB for its support in this project.  It was very much appreciated.  At the end of February 2005, James will conduct a pilot coach course in the same context in Prince George, BC.  PSOs will be asked to send at least one representative to a national Master Learning Facilitator training session at the end of March 2005.  The course will be held in western Canada with the assistance of the Coaching Association of Canada, and consultant David Hill.  The committee will move onto the next context immediately – Intermediate.  Both courses and materials should be fully implemented in English nationwide within the year.  Then the current CBET-based FCA level 3 will be split into two contexts in the Competitive Stream.  Those contexts should be ready for piloting in 2006.  I attended several CAC meetings and a three-day planning session on CBET and CAC direction, on behalf of the volunteers.  I made full reports.  I am a member of CAC’s working group on transition problems, and on the NSO sub-committee for NCCP. 


FITA seems determined to introduce new rules and regulations at irregular intervals.  This is creating communication problems as well as training problems for judges, coaches and international-level archers.  Greg Durward and Ghislain Arsenault are communicating regularly. Greg’s rules committee, of which I am a member, is trying to re-package the rules so that updates can be incorporated easily.  Ghislain has been involved in FCA’s efforts to receive FITA’s rules in French.  This has been frustrating, and finally, unsuccessful.  In terms of rules and policy-making, FCA needs to create a re-instatement procedure for those inactive equipment divisions slated for removal from the outdoor TARGET championship after 2005.  This item was tabled during the Victoria Board meeting and needs to be resolved no later than the Board meeting in Saint John.


CanBow Indoor product sales continued strong in 2004.  Outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are non-existent.  Target sales are very healthy.  Coaching product sales continue to be strong also.  Outdoor award pins are of little interest, but there has been increased use of FCA indoor award pins at the club level.


3D Grand Prix keepsake plaques were sent to the individual winners at the 2004 nationals, although there was confusion over these awards in Prince George.  The O/C made its own version.  A new membership rate of $100 was imposed for those archers who showed up to nationals as non-members.  The Prince George club did an excellent job.  Lethbridge Bowbenders will host the 2007 outdoor 3D championship.  Vice-President Tom Paukovic has surveyed his committee regarding team selection criteria for the next FITA 3Di tournament, scheduled in Italy this summer.  Much still needs to be done. I have not received clear direction from the 3D committee on the criteria’s acceptance and have not been able to publish the information.  The 3D indoor championship is very close now and criteria need to be available to PSOs now.  This first 3D indoor championship appears to be coming together quite well, but I have not been in contact with the organisers lately.  The FCA 3D committee needs to address the future of this event.


The target nationals’ format was well received in 2004.  The combined format for 2005 presented scheduling problems.  I would suggest that the schedule be taken out of the FCA rulebook and kept in the Championship Host Manual because of the frequent changes caused by circumstances beyond FCA’s control.  The schedule must be addressed in time for the combined format policy to take effect in 2007.  The FTAQ has confirmed that the 2006 target championships will be held in Sherbrooke.


I have been in regular contact with 2005 outdoor championships organizing committee.  Work is progressing well.  The whole New Brunswick association is supporting the O/C in this venture and it looks very positive.  The change in dates to avoid conflict with the Quebec Summer Games caused some problems for venues and re-scheduling put the event two weeks earlier than usual.  All tasks associated with this event, and meeting requirements, will have to move forward by two weeks also. 

The portfolio of national youth development co-ordinator remains inactive.  The Canada Games permanent sub-committee has not been finalized.  This is an extremely important event for the provinces and archery can stay in the Games only with active involvement of members.  These Games are a priority and I have budgeted for judging and technical delegate support to Whitehorse in case the Host Society does not assist archery for administrative reasons.



a)         Financial Stability

FCA’s financial health for the next 4 years will be determined quite soon. If the SFAF III process does not award FCA continued levels of existing support, funds will be reduced overall due to The Canadian Olympic Committee’s top-12 focus.  Unless FCA makes a concerted effort to fund-raise, plans will have to be shelved.  This can not be allowed to happen.  There is too much at stake.  A marketing plan as outlined from the 2002 Presidents’ Conference must be implemented.  FCA should use its international success in 2004 to promote membership and more human resources.  Sponsorship is only one element. 


The FCA Board should follow the Operational Plan, assess its funding base and allocate discretionary funds in specific, concentrated areas.   Emphasis should be put on youth and spreading CanBow outside of the present archery community, in conjunction with HPC’s Plan to 2012.  Volunteers are need to design and submit a proposal to access Sport Canada’s Sport Participation fund from the work done so far in New Brunswick.


b)         Staffing

Should sufficient funds be made available to FCA, I would recommend hiring an administrative assistant contractually.  This person has to be a professional bookkeeper, and under my supervision, would also look after the membership programme and administrating goods and services at the Distribution Centre.  Once this person is trained and able to operate independently, I would be able to concentrate my efforts more on good governance, technical leadership, planning, marketing and implementation of the Operational Plan, budgets and the HPC Plan to 2012.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Millar