Minutes / Proces Verbal

Board of Directors / Comité administratif

July 24, 2005 – Saint John, NB - le 24 juillet, 2005


1.         President's Call to Order

In attendance:

Don Lohnes, President           Roger Murray, ACC                Shawn Riggs, Athlete Rep

Bruce Savage, ACC               Al Wills, VP International         Arthur Nault, HPC

Tom Paukovic VP 3D             Sean Wyatt, AANS                  Phil Parlee, AANB

René Bellerose, FTAQ           Maciej Karlowski, OAA            Ed Wilson, ABAM

Ken Chipley, SAA                    Patti Middlebrough, ATAA       Susan Lemke, BCAA


Guests:          Carol Malcolm-O’Grady, Sport Canada

                        Greg Durward, FCA Rulebook Editor

Rick Comeau, AANS

Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


The meeting was called to order at 16:20.  The President welcomed new representatives and invited self-introductions.


2.                Acceptance of the Minutes, August 4, 2004

Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #2004-06 on September 9, 2004 & on the FCA web site


Motion #B2005-01:               to approve the minutes as published.

Moved by:         Arthur Nault                   Seconded by:    Bruce Savage                            unanimous


3.         Acceptance of August 2004 Agenda

The order of the agenda was altered to allow Greg Durward to present rule change proposals to the Board.


Motion #B2005-02:               to accept agenda as revised.

Moved by:         Al Wills                         Seconded by:    Susan Lemke                            unanimous


4.         Reports

              • Verbal addendum only to Annual Report submission

  4.1. President                                                  Nominees needed for 4 Directors at Large positions

  4.2.  Vice-President, Finance & Marketing         Nothing to add

  4.3.  Vice-President, High Performance  Nothing to add

4.4.    Vice-Presidents of Archery Canada

- Events & Services                                  Nothing to add

- Committees & Projects                           Youth Committee will meet after AGM

- 3D                                                         Nothing to add

4.5.    Director, Alberta                                       As submitted (attached)            

  4.6.  Director, British Columbia                          BC government confirmed funding requirements were                                                                    completed

  4.7.  Director, Saskatchewan                            Nothing to add

  4.8.  Director, Manitoba                                    Nothing to add

  4.9.  Director, Ontario                                       Nothing to add

4.10.  Director, Quebec                                      Nothing to add

4.11.  Director, New Brunswick                           Nothing to add              

4.12.  Director, Nova Scotia                                Nothing to add

4.13.  Director, Newfoundland                              Nothing to add              

4.14.  Athletes Representative                             Nothing to add

4.15.  FCA Volunteer positions                            Not applicable               

4.16.  FCA Executive Director                             Archery has moved up 4 positions in NSGB ranking                                                                      under Sport Canada’s SFAF III points system



• Recommendations from FCA Rules Committee {see pages (i) – (iii) for discussion}

The President thanked Greg for his work and assistance in guiding the Board through the process.  After the presentation, Greg Durward and Rick Comeau left the meeting.


5.         Business

5.1.    Operational Plan and Policy-making

                  • Notices of Motion to alter FCA by-laws/number of terms & voting delegates

The by-law proposals were reviewed in preparation for the Annual General Meeting.


• Operational Plan, Status Report and review of 2005-2006 projects

Kathy updated the Board on the plan.  For discussion on use of investment cash to fund contracted staff positions, see motion below.


• FCA and Sport Canada’s Long-term Athlete Development Model

Kathy reported that FCA’s budget submission to begin the model process had been postponed one year by Sport Canada.  Carol Malcolm-O’Grady confirmed that the LTADM required more input that high performance and that the process took approximately 36 months to complete.


• IFAA and possible membership

Al Wills reported that as of April 1st there appeared to be no further barriers to IFAA affiliation.


ACTION:           Al Wills will follow up with IFAA and finish negotiation on behalf of the Board.


• NASP and possible Memorandum of Understanding

Al Wills introduced the American National Archery in the Schools Programme and showed the video.  He recommended that FCA bring the NASP Executive Director to make a presentation to the Board.  There was considerable discussion on this topic: Boards of Education were banning archery so this type of programme gave educational support to departments of education as a ready-made programme for in-school activity; the programme’s link with one manufacturer could impact on retailers and retail sales to existing school programmes; questions on delivery and numbers involved; there would be an impact on clubs and Canadian certification programme; FCA’s High Performance Committee was committed to the promotion of recurve archery so that the goal and this programme are at odds; and more bows and more participation is good for sport.  Are the PSOs willing to take this to each ministry of education in support of a commercial venture?


Motion #B2005-03:               to invite a NASP representative to make a presentation to the January 2006 Executive Committee meeting, so long as FCA costs do not exceed $1000.

Moved by:         Al Wills                         Seconded by:    Ed Wilson                                 passed


• Use of investment cash to fund contracted staff positions

Motion #B2005-04:               To institute a policy for interest coming from FCA investment instruments to come before the Board before their summer meeting for a decision on its allocation to further investment or into general revenue.

Moved by:         Al Wills                         Seconded by:    Bruce Savage                            passed


5.2.      2005 Fiscal Year Update

• Quarterly reports, comparisons year-to-date

Motion #B2005-05:               To accept quarterly reports as submitted.

Moved by:         Al Wills                         Seconded by:    Tom Paukovic                            unanimous


• Outstanding Accounts Receivables

There had been accounting issue with Coaching Association of Canada and how this impacted not only on FCA cashflow, but on FCA’s Coaching Certification Committee activities for 2005-2006.  She also explained the follow-up problems working with TICO to recoup losses from the Jetsgo bankruptcy.


• Approval of the revised budget with Sport Canada official contributions

FCA applied for, and received multiple year funding commitment from Sport Canada for 2005-2006 and 2006-2007.

Motion #B2005-05:               To approve the revised budget.

Moved by:         Arthur Nault                   Seconded by:    Susan Lemke                            unanimous


• Official audit 2004 / investment sale & purchase (see policy above)

The audit was completed in time for inclusion in the annual report.  In response to a question regarding the high dollar value of inventory, Kathy reported that it was due to purchase of volume target faces near year end.


ACTION:         Kathy will create a new G/L number to split general clothing sales separately from team clothing sales


• Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships

All PSOs had objective criteria in place.  Most of them had named their archers for support.  The rest will name them before the end of the Target Nationals.  This funding is guaranteed under Board policy regardless of outside financial support.


• 2005-2006 FCA revenues/disbursements projection

International meetings and events had been quite expensive.  Other international federations put a cap on registration fees to world championships; FITA does not.  Should FCA be able to recoup losses as mentioned above, cashflow could be sufficient to finish the fourth quarter.


• One-time Sport Canada financial support

All funding for the national championship travel kit, equipment, AWAD training camp and Regional Coach Council meetings had been allocated.  Kathy was very positive about the legacy this support leaves to all future championship host committees.  FCA will need to contribute more of its own funds to complete the kit and store it.


ACTION:           Carol will assist in obtaining a Sport Canada sponsorship banner in both official languages for the travel kit.


• SFAF III & Canadian Sport Review Panel

The review process had proved very successful for FCA, although it is not clear whether or not FCA will be able to access more high performance funding.  Archery moved up in rank 4 places against other sports both domestically and in terms of high performance.  This change recognises the efforts of volunteers and staff over the past four years and will translate into higher levels of financial support from Sport Canada. 


• Other funding partners, COC contributions 2005-2008

The first installment of COC’s contribution arrived without further details on the total amount FCA may expect per annum.  Don Lohnes reported a $1000 donation from a building account with Ashford investments.  Al Wills’ efforts to revitalise the Robin Hood Multifoods sponsorship had not been successful.


5.2.    Management Issues

           • FCA Task List

The list is updated and revised every two-three months by the President and the Executive Director.  It continues to be a good tool in order to identify areas of need.


• Votes-by-Mail from last meeting to the present

There were none to report.  However; the President stressed the great difficulty getting response from each of the province; it is difficult to do business when there are no/insufficient responses to votes-by-mail.  One vote-by-mail that was abandoned was Approval of Executive Committee Motions.  The changes to the by-laws will correct this procedural problem.  There were no objections voiced to any of the motions.


            • PSO agreements for 2006-2008

Don Lohnes sent out agreements last week electronically.  There were comments on judging programme.  Kathy explained that each club will have to have at least one club-level judge starting in 2006 in order to receive FCA liability insurance.  The club level on-line test was the only requirement, not the practical component.


ACTION:           Don Lohnes will complete the PSO agreement process as follow up.

Kathy Millar will communicate the exact requirements for judge certification in detail to each club and through Info.E-mail.


            • Board self-evaluation form & process and Member Complaint Report (status only)


5.3.1  Committee Work & Recommendations

a) Archery Canada Council

            • Membership Report (status only - as published in annual report)


• 2007 Canada Games Update

James Wiebe held judge and coach certification courses in Whitehorse.  He is following his plan.


• CBET Status report

Reed Fowlie has resigned as FCA’s Coaching Certification Chairperson.  Roger Murray has a prospective replacement.  As soon as it is confirmed, the name will be published and the committee will continue work on Instructor Intermediate pilot courses and Master Learning Facilitator Training.


• Judge Certification Programme

There are approximately 20 active national-level judges and quite a few candidates.  Canada has 2 international judges.  FITA has instituted continental judges to help judge transition from the national level.  FCA will work with COPARCO and perhaps host a continental seminar.


-          Re-naming Judge of the Year Award

Motion #B2005-06:               To rename the annual Judge of the Year award to the Sylvio Beauregard Judge of the Year award.

Moved by:         FTAQ                            Seconded by:    Al Wills                                     unanimous


• 3D 2005 indoor championships

The event was very successful but more judges would be helpful.  The judges’ recommendations from the event will be discussed at the 3D committee meeting.


• 2005 outdoor Target/Field/3D Championship interim report

Phil Parlee reported that attendance was an issue with lower than expected pre-registrations, but promises to be very well run.   He worked with good volunteers, favoured the format and liked the software.


• 2006 3D Championship progress report

Lethbridge Bowbenders will be making a presentation at the 3D Committee meeting.  The dates are set for August 4-7.


• 2006 Target/Field Championship progress report

René Bellerose, on behalf of the Sherbrooke Organising Committee, gave a presentation.  They had secured an agreement with the City of Sherbrooke and Bishop University.  The FCA host agreement had been translated and sent to the Sherbrooke club.  There had been one conference call with the FCA national office.  Dates were set as August 12-19, which do not interfere with the 3D championship dates one week earlier.  The committee is working well and will submit the logo and fees soon. 


• 2006 indoor 3D championship - Status Report

Regina Archers had submitted a bid.  The FCA 3D committee will be voting at its meeting.


• Joint championships Rotation Policy– Status Report

For 2007, Bruce Savage reported that several clubs were interested in hosting field and 3D.  There was some question as to the venue for the target championships.  OAA would be prepared. 

For 2008, Ed Wilson stated that ABAM was soliciting interest from Manitoba clubs already.


• Youth Development Committee:

There will be a Youth Committee meeting after AGM tomorrow and some young people have expressed interest in attending.


b) High Performance Committee

• Formation of Regional Coaches Council, role and projects

RCC roles and projects had been established to reflect where the work is needed.  Skype meetings were held regularly. The committee has one vacancy to fill for the Atlantic Region.  The RCC members have agreed to set the 2006 World Juniors as a priority with potential on the field as well as the opportunity to work with the coaches of these athletes.  Again, the emphasis is coaches, not athletes, in order to have coaches involved throughout the process.  Susan and Arthur report an increased level of coaches in all the regions and need training of coaches in all regions.


Maciej Karlowski expressed the need to create a system to motivate coaches and clubs to perform better, with results on based performance of athletes.  Points should be awarded for medals at provincial and national championships, records earned, and number of athletes to international events.  He felt it was all about success and using simple methods based on healthy competition.  He stressed that success has to come up from the bottom and FCA can provide the environment.


ACTION:           The FCA High Performance and Coaching Certification Committees will review                       Maciej Karlowski’s suggestions to rank coaches. 


• Formation of extended Athletes Council and role

Shawn Riggs held an Athletes’ Townhall meeting at which the new Athlete committee was formed.  Members assisting Shawn with his work will be Ed Wilson (MB), Marie-Pier Beaudet (AC), Ryan Flannigan (SK), Jordan Eastman (ON), Angela Cramer (BC) and perhaps Kevin Evans (AWAD).  The Executive Director suggested an initial face-to-face meeting in order to establish priorities and a workplan that could be implemented with electronic communication.


Motion #B2005-07:               To approve funds to host an athlete council face-to-face meeting not to exceed $5000 of FCA funds. 

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs                 Seconded by:    Tom Paukovic                            passed


• Implementation of HP Plan to 2012 – Implications

The Executive Director reminded the Board that increased financial requirements for the Plan 2012 to work required Board commitment to the goals and process.


• FITA Indoor Championships

Jeff Gunter submitted a report previously.  The Aalborg team was managed very well by Jeff and Karen Wallace.  The young people who competed so well will be able to inspire other young archers to compete at Indoor world championships to experience the travel and stressors of international competition.  Aalborg team leader financial support was allocated by HPC in accordance with the goals of the Plan to 2012.


• AWAD archer recruitment – Report from Talent Identification Camp

Arthur Nault thanked Tom Paukovic and the Powerview-area volunteers for their help to run this camp.  He stressed that recruitment was more than athletes in wheelchairs and he was pleased to note that Canada’s first amputee archer will be at the IPC world championships.


ACTION:           Arthur and FCA will continue to work with rehabilitation centres.


• FITA Outdoor Championships

A formal report will be coming from Joan McDonald, team coach.  Bruce Savage reported that the team did very well, with Kevin Tataryn in 5th place.  The tone and atmosphere was good with regional coaches and Athletes.  He commended the good team effort by compound men.


• FISU Games – Archery

Kathy Millar, as team leader, reported that one Canadian archer met both eligibility rules and FCA squad criteria for this Olympic-style event.  Brian Arcand will represent the University of Toronto.


• B Team for 2005

Bruce Savage, as B team leader to the WRE in Santo Domingo in August, reviewed the B Team concept as part of the HPC Plan to 2012.  It is meant to provide an opportunity to gold and red squad athletes who did not make world team or major event.  This first B team will have three archers, Claude Rousseau, Valerie McDuff and Racheal Savage.  He hoped that HPC would be able to send a larger team next time and recommended PSOs to encourage this Excellence programme.


• IPC World Championship 2005

Arthur reported that 3 archers had qualified for Italy.  Alec Denys had retired from shooting and has agreed to coach the team.  Roger Murray will be attending as team leader and begin training as an international classifier.  Arthur Nault will be Technical Delegate for the event.


• 2006 FITA World Junior/Cadet Championships preparation

Susan Lemke reported that an announcement had been circulated by the Regional Coaches Council to interested coaches and athletes for this team.  The event will be held in October due to the unstable weather in Mexico during July and August.  RCC members fear that this late date will prevent some elite youth from attending.


• Pan Am Championship 2006

Kathy reminded the Board that this was the athlete quota event for recurve archers for the 2007 Pan American Games.  It would be a high priority event to fund in whole or in part.


• Pan Am Games 2007

PASO has reviewed athlete numbers for all events and archery may have received an increase.  Brazil still intends to fund a great deal of the expenses as Canada did for the Winnipeg Games. 


ACTION:           Al Wills will check on the number of archers allotted in the revised technical              package for Pan Am Games


• Other items

Maciej Karlowski felt FCA had a role to play in helping kids in schools who are trying to excel.  Adapted individual programmes were needed in order to train and compete.  Susan Lemke reported on BC schools for sport, René Bellerose stated that there were sports schools in Québec; and Kathy reported that Crispin Duenas attended such a high school in Ontario.  There seemed to be a growing movement across Canada to combine education with athletes who want to excel.


ACTION:           HPC will review Maciej’s suggestion at the fall meeting.


He suggested also that FCA find ways to assist national champions in cub and pre-cub divisions and fund their development.  There was a general consensus that FCA was not able to fund seniors, juniors and cadets adequately at this time.  The idea was tabled.


c) Communications & Marketing

• Sponsorship update – Status Report

Easton supported FCA’s Equipment Programme again in 2005 with 12 dozen arrows to Canadian archers not covered under their direct sponsorship programme.  A new person is taking over the international sponsorship programme from Don Rabska.  Neet Products sponsorship is an open relationship based on Kathy’s personal connections.  However, lately she has not had enough time to pursue this sponsor.  Win & Win generously sponsored three bows again for 2005.  The bows arrived promptly this year.  COC/FCA/VISA Affinity card programme is under review.  Kathy is hopeful it is functioning and will continue working with COC.


ACTION            FCA will send a letter of thanks to Don Rabska for his efforts to support                                  Canadian archers over the years.


• Website

Al Wills reported that the server is back up thanks to Dan Churchill’s quick utilisation of ace-of-space to keep it going.  FCA has a volunteer paying for this and that is not fair.  Dan Churchill is doing a fabulous job but it may be time to budget for the web space or service provider.  Al Wills is actively pursuing options.  Bandwidth is up because of traffic and discussion forum.


• InfoExcellence

Info.E-mail has replaced it as a news bulletin so it is changing its mandate to educate the archers.


• Info.E-mail

The format uses web links to the FCA website because many members use hotmail.com and there is limited storage space.  There have been one or two problems with this change.  There is no consensus on a preferred format.  Info.E-mail changed to a bi-weekly bulletin.


• Distribution & Sales (see comments above on inventory values)


d) International Committee


Al Wills represented Canada at Congress.  Dr. Ugur Erdener (TUR) was elected FITA president.  Mr. Tom Dielen has returned to FITA as both the Secretary General and Director General.  The IOC Singapore meeting voted to keep Archery in the Olympics for another cycle.



Al Wills represented Canada.  COPANARCO was asked to change its name due to a perceived connection with narcotics.  General lack of up-to-date information was a major issue for Canada.  Al Wills has volunteered to assist with COPARCO’s website.  MICA medals had not arrived in Canada in time for presentation at these championships, but they were expected soon.


5.4.      2006 Fiscal Year

The Board recommended funding a contract bookkeeper and a RCC training camp.


5.5       Other Business

• Member Complaint

The FCA Member Complaint procedure was initiated due to an incident arising at an FCA-sanctioned event.  The FCA Member Complaint Policy was followed, a tribunal was struck, the case was investigated, and a decision was made.  That decision was conveyed to the plaintiff, the defendant, and the Vice-President HPC.


6.         President's Closing Remarks

The President thanked all the Board members for their input.


7.         Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned until the Annual General Meeting at the University of New Brunswick on July 27, 2005.



Recommendations from FCA Rules Committee

The following is a summary of discussion and decisions taken as a Board to the Rules Committee suggestions.  Those rule changes that were accepted will appear in the 2006 FCA rulebook.  Any revision in wording will be addressed.  Greg Durward and Tom Paukovic will continue to work on 3D rules for the 2006 edition.


(1) Registering events with the FCA

Recommendation: that the following rule be added

4.10.6 To be recognized by the FCA, an event must be registered with the FCA at least 30 days in advance of the tournament start date. An event is not considered registered until the registration fee for the event is received by the FCA. To be eligible for registration, organizers must be able to accommodate at least ten archers.

-                     Passed


(2) Eligibility to compete in FCA registered 3D events (primarily our national championships)

Currently, the rule says: " In order to compete in an FCA event, an athlete must be a member in good standing of FCA or another FITA-affiliated national archery organization."

Recommendation: We should leave this as is. If the athlete belongs to the FITA 3D affiliate in their country, they can compete in our guest category. Otherwise they can participate, but their scores will not be posted and they are not eligible for guest medals.

-                     See 3D Committee minutes 2005-07-29


(3) Multiple Registrations at the Regional Indoors

Recommendation: The rule should remain unchanged on the grounds that there is no clear consensus for change. Under the current rules there is no unfair advantage gained by one archer over another archer. The fact that a given archer has the opportunity to compete for more than one medal does not give him/her any advantage against any other archer for winning a particular medal.

-                     Leave as is


(4) Allowing other events to be run simultaneously with the Regional Indoors
Recommendation: The following rule should be added: Host sites are not permitted to promote the FCA Regional Indoor Championship simultaneously with any other championship or tournament.

-                     Passed


(5) Remove schedule of event for the Target Outdoor Championships

Recommendation: Remove the schedule table in Rule 3.1.7

-                     Passed


(6) Should archers be allowed to compete on more than one team and can they choose which club to shoot for in the team event at the Regional Indoors

Recommendation: Leave rule     as is "A team will consist of three athletes all of whom are members of the same club. An athlete may compete on only one team."  (This leaves it to the athlete to decide which club he will compete for) 

-                     Leave as is


 (7) Should FCA continue to promote the use of the X-10-9 scoring system indoors whereby arrows are called as they are outdoors (X-10-9) and the resulting outer ten score is converted to an inner ten score at the bottom of the scorecard for FITA compound categories by converting outer tens to nines for those divisions.   

Recommendation: There was no clear consensus from the Rules Committee on whether to change this rule. The Board should discuss this issue.  One problem has been that the scorecard used for the Regionals was confusing. A clearer scorecard has been developed.

-                     Use X-10-9 scoring for indoors and simplify scorecard instead – Passed


(8) For FCA Open matches, what is the appeal procedure?

Recommendation: Add the following to
"... An intention to appeal during the Canadian Double Elimination Round must be expressed in writing to the DOS within 5 minutes of the end of the match, or prior to the start of the next match, whichever is first."

-                     Edit chapter 7 for all double elimination matches – Passed


(9) Cut for the FCA Open

Recommendation: Because of time constraints and field size, it is recommended that Rule be changed to read:

"The FCA Open is a Canadian Double Elimination Round with ranking done on the score from the double FITA of the Target Championship event. There will be a cut at 32 athletes per division with ranking and entry ties being broken using number of tens and X’s. Ties of score, tens and X's will be broken by a coin toss.

-                     Passed


(10) Should lighted sight pins be allowed in bowhunting divisions? (What about lasers?)

Recommendation: This should be referred to the 3D committee for their recommendation.

-                     Passed by Board


(11) Coaches during Match Play

Recommendation: FCA rules for the FCA Open matches should follow FITA Championships Rule (

Add FCA rule "During the Match Play Rounds of the FCA Open, only one coach per individual archer shall be on the Field of Play. That coach must remain on the designated area on the Field of Play."

-                     Do not add


(12) Discrepancies when double scoring

Recommendation: Change rules and to the following and add it to rule
".. When double scoring is used, a discrepancy between two score cards may be discovered after the arrows have been drawn from the target. A judge may correct the scorecard(s) if he/she finds sufficient evidence of what the correct scores (arrow values) are. Otherwise, the lower value recorded on the two scorecards will be awarded." 

-                     Passed


(13) Registration Status of Rounds
Currently part of rule 1.4 on Terminology reads, "FITA Rounds which are not registered with FITA but which are registered with the FCA are prefaced with the word “Canadian” to indicate this. Thus a “Canadian FITA” is a FITA Outdoor Target Archery Round which is not registered with FITA but is registered with FCA."

This can be confusing because there are rounds called the Canadian 300, Canadian 900 and Canadian 1200 rounds which may or may not be registered. A clear way of indicating the registration status of a round is desirable.

Recommendation: Replace the above section of Rule 1.4 Terminology with:
“The registration status of particular rounds may be indicated in brackets after the name of the round. A round that is registered with FITA, should have "(FITA)" the name. A round which is registered with the FCA should have "(FCA)" after it. (A round which the FCA registers with FITA is automatically a registered FCA round."

-                     Passed


(14) Reinstatement Policy

Recommendation: Definition: a "Conditional" division is one which has been eliminated as a Championship division pursuant to Rules,, or
Reinstatement of a suspended Target or Field division:
The organizers of a Canadian Championships will specify a "refund deadline" after which refunds are not made to registrants. The registration forms for the Target and the Field Championships will indicate which, if any, divisions are currently conditional. If 10 or more registrations for a Conditional division are received by the refund deadline, that division will be included in the Championships for the current year and is thereafter reinstated as a regular division again. If a Conditional division receives fewer than 10 registrations by the refund deadline, that division will not be offered in the current Championship.   A Conditional division may be reinstated only by a vote of the FCA Board meeting [or presumably using the new Rule Change procedure].                         

-           Passed as revised Following each Outdoor Target Championship, the number of registrants in each equipment division will be determined by combining the number of (non-guest) archers of all age and sex classes registered for that equipment division. An equipment division which has had ten or fewer registrants for three consecutive years beginning with 2003 will become a "conditional" division and will remain conditional unless The FCA board approves its reinstatement as a regular Championship division.

The organizers will specify a "refund deadline" after which no registration fees will be refunded. The registration form for the Championship will indicate which, if any, divisions are currently conditional. Anyone registering in a conditional division will be required to either (a) indicate a second choice division or (b) request a refund in the event the conditional division will not be offered. A conditional division will not be offered if fewer than 10 registrations are received for it before the refund


The registration form will require athletes selecting a Conditional division to either (a) indicate a second choice division or (b) request a refund, in case the Conditional division receives fewer than 10 registrations.                                                                                                                                 

-           Passed as revised


Reinstatement of a suspended Indoor division:
A form will be made available on the FCA Regional Indoor Championship web site which must be completed by athletes wishing to register for any currently Conditional divisions. The deadline for people to complete the form will be January 21.  If more than 15 people complete the form for a division, that division will be offered that year at the Regionals and medals will be awarded. (A notice will be posted on the Indoors web site by February 1 indicating which, if any, Conditional divisions will be offered and an email will be sent to any athlete who completed the form telling him/her if the division will be offered or not).  Participation will be examined after the Championships and Conditional divisions in which 10 or more people actually competed will be reinstated. If fewer than 10 people actually compete, the division will remain Conditional.

The registration package (which is sent to Host sites in the first week of February) will indicate which (if any) Conditional divisions will be offered and the scorecard and the Excel reporting spreadsheet will not contain suspended divisions.  A Conditional division may be reinstated only by a vote of the FCA Board meeting [or presumably using the new Rule Change procedure].                                                                                                  P
assed as amended Following each Regional Indoor Championship, the number of registrants in each equipment division will be determined by combining the number of (non-guest) archers of all age and sex classes registered for that equipment division. An equipment division which has had ten or fewer registrants for three consecutive years beginning with 2003 will become a "conditional" division and will remain conditional unless the FCA board approves its reinstatement as a regular Championship division.

A form will be made available on the FCA Regional Indoor Championship web site which must be completed by athletes wishing to register for any conditional division. The deadline for people to complete the form will be January 21. If 15 or more people complete the form for a given division, that division will be offered that year at the Regionals and medals will be awarded.

A notice will be posted on the Regional Indoors web site by February 1 indicating which, if any, conditional divisions will be offered that year and an email will be sent to any athlete who completed the web form telling him/her if the division will be offered or not. Conditional divisions which are not being offered will not appear on the official scorecard and no scores will be accepted for them.


(15) Breaking ties in the Fred Usher Memorial Cup

There is no procedure currently in place for breaking ties in this team event.

Recommendation: Add the following rule:

-            A tie is broken according to the normal Olympic Round team shoot-off rules except that one third of the team’s per-end bonus points (ignoring fractional points) will be added to the three-arrow score shot in tie-breaking ends.

-                     Passed


3D Rule Approval Procedure for FCA Board Approval

A 3D rule change shall be deemed approved if a “rule change proposal” has been approved by the FCA 3D Committee provided:

(1) the proposal is in a form acceptable to the Rulebook Editor in consultation with the Rules Committee,

(2) subsequent to approval by the 3D Committee, the FCA Executive Director has circulated a notice of  the proposal by regular mail or email to all provincial 3D reps and the FCA board and published the rule change proposal in the FCA newsletter. The notice will indicate that anyone with comments on it should contact their provincial FCA representative and,

(3) no more than 2 board members has replied with a written objection to the rule change proposal within 30 days of the proposal being so circulated.

The rule change proposal shall include a specified effective date for the change and shall indicate the end of the 30 day period for registering written objections with the Executive Director.

In the event that more than 2 such objections are received by the deadline, the rule change will be adopted or rejected by a vote at the next regular FCA board meeting.

-                     Approved with agreement of FCA 3D committee (see Minutes 2005-07-29


Target Rule Approval Procedure for FCA Board Approval

A rule change made by FITA will apply to all relevant Target and Field rounds and shall have the same effective date as adopted by FITA.

Any other Target or Field rule change shall be deemed approved if a “rule change proposal” has been prepared and:

(1) the rule change proposal is in a form acceptable to the Rulebook Editor in consultation with the Rules Committee,

(2) the rule change proposal has been approved by the FCA Executive,

(3) subsequent to approval by the FCA Executive, the FCA Executive Director has circulated the a notice of  the proposal by regular mail or email to the FCA board and published the rule change proposal in the FCA newsletter. The notice will indicate that anyone with comments should contact their provincial FCA representative and,

(4) no more than 2 board members has replied with a written objection to the rule change proposal within 30 days of the proposal being so circulated.

The rule change proposal shall include a specified effective date for the change and shall indicate the end of the 30 day period for registering written objections with the Executive Director.

In the event that more than 2 such objections are received by the deadline, the rule change will be adopted or rejected by a vote at the next regular FCA board meeting.”

-                     Passed




PSO Director Report Form to Annual General Meeting




YEAR IN REVIEW:  ____2004___

Provincial Executive:

















John Schleppe


Isabelle Warwa


Petra Hermens


Provincial Directors, Board Members, and Programme Co-ordinators

Zone Director

Patti Middlebrough

High Performance, Coaches & Judges

Jude Hooey

Grant Director Brian Struthers

Junior Director Shane Olsen

Director-at-Large Eileen Ferrier

Director-at-Large Mike Kryger



Total number of members for the year listed above __850___

Active Judges:






Approximate revenue from all sources for the year listed above


Approximate expenses for the year listed above






Accomplishments/Highlights for the year listed above:



Three ATAA youth attend the Pan American Championships.

At ATAA coach was team coach for this event.

Lac La Biche club had an increase to over 72 juniors and more families getting involved.

3 coaching clinics for 3 new clubs.

Top team honours plus many individual medals.

3 new clubs with junior programmes

Judge clinic certified 6 new PJC’s.

Two ATAA members qualified for indoor world championships 2005.

Two ATAA youth attended the Junior outdoor world championships.

They achieved a good showing for Canada and Alberta.



Challenges for the next year:






In 2005, clean up some programming areas.

Update coaching programme with CBET.

Planning and preparation for Canada Games in 2007.


Representative completing this Annual Report:

_Patti Middlebrough_