July 27, 2005, Saint John, NB

President Don Lohnes welcomed all members to the meeting at 17:30.  In particular, he welcomed former FCA President, Alain Gravel, members of FCA’s Regional Coach Council, and FCA judges in attendance.


1. Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Caledon, Ontario on August 5, 2004, be accepted as printed.

Moved by ON, seconded by FCA Athlete Representative, carried


2. Report of the President

As submitted in the annual report


3. Reports of the Vice-Presidents

Finance & Marketing

Acting Vice-President Allan Wills was happy to report that FCA finances withstood the audit and all financial procedures are within the current standards.

Events and Services

As submitted in the annual report

Committees and Projects

Roger Murray underlined the need more Coaching and Youth committee members.


As submitted in the annual report

High Performance

Arthur thanked the Regional Coach Council for their presentation during the championships and reminded members to spread the word about the Council’s formation and goals.


Al Wills spoke to FITA rule changes.


4. Reports of the Directors

Athletes’ Representative As submitted in the annual report

Executive Director                      FCA has been ranked higher against other sport governing bodies at the national level, both domestically and for high performance.  This in turn translates into higher core funding in 2006-2007.  She thanks volunteers at all levels for their work and commitment.

Alberta                                      ATAA submitted its report after publishing date.  Copies can be                                                     supplied to those who are interested.

Arctic                                        No report

British Columbia                        BCAA secured block funding from government and happy since the                                                PSO was going to lose 50% of its financial support.

Manitoba                                   As submitted in the annual report

Newfoundland & Labrador           No report

New Brunswick                          As submitted in the annual report

Nova Scotia                               As submitted in the annual report

Ontario                                      As submitted in the annual report

Québec                                     As submitted in the annual report

Saskatchewan                           As submitted in the annual report


I move the Directors Reports of the Annual General meeting 2005 be accepted as printed.

Moved by NB, seconded by BC, carried.


5. Committee Reports

Regional Indoor Championships Co-ordinator        As submitted in the annual report

Mail Match Co-ordinator                          As submitted in the annual report, resignation

COPARCO MICA Co-ordinator                            Al Wills reported that the medals are not in Canada

Coach Certification Committee Chairperson          As submitted in the annual report, resignation

Judge Committee Chairperson  Whitehorse clinic has increased the number of judges in the area for Canada Winter Games; Fred Liddle is now a national judge; there were 6 judge candidates at these championships; FCA will have to work more closely with COPARCO for a continental judge clinic for 2007; 2 international judges have completed re-accreditation process; Ghislain thanked Danielle Racette who translated 2 chapters into French and Christiane Murphy has travelled and have worked hard to become a well-rounded judge.

National Records Co-ordinator                             As submitted in the annual report

FCA Rulebook Editor                                          As submitted in the annual report

FCA Webmaster                                                FCA’s web provider declared bankruptcy, but due to Dan Churchill’s efforts the site is back up and running. Members will see changes as FCA migrates over into   a new site; the addresses have to change  and site will go elsewhere.

Membership Chairperson                                    As of July 27, FCA’s membership has risen to 6200.


I move the Committees Reports of the Annual General meeting 2005 be accepted as printed.

Moved by AB, seconded by MB, carried.


6.                  Business arising - none


7.                  Constitutional Amendments

The President read the amendments to the voting members present.  The amendments to the by-laws had been circulated to the voting members 60 days in advance of the meeting.

MOTION E05-18     For election of directors-at-large 5 voting delegates per member            defeated

MOTION E05-18A   For election of directors-at-large 1 voting delegate per member  unanimous

MOTION E05-19     Responsibilities for the Executive Committee                           unanimous

MOTION E05-20     Extension of Officers terms                                                                carried


8.                  Informational Items

FITA Certificate

Kevin Tataryn received a certificate and congratulations for his 5th place finish at the 2005 FITA world championships in Madrid.

FCA Silver Volunteer Pines

Robert McIntyre, Philip Parlee and Wil Reinhart were recognised for organising the 2005 combined national field/target/3D championships.

FCA Annual Awards

Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year – Marie-Pier Beaudet

Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year – Jonathon Ohayon

Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year – Doris Jones (Doris gave a little speech thanking FCA for its support, that she gives back to the sport, and she presented a plaque and photo for the FCA office.

Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year – Susan Lemke

DM Lovo Outstanding Contribution Award – Joan McDonald


The President thanked the judges for their efforts during the national championships. 


9.                  Ad hoc committee reports                       none


10.               Items for ad hoc committee study            none


11.               Recess                                                 none


12.               Election Directors-at-Large

The Executive Director conducted the election of the 4 director-at-large positions.  Since she received no nominations from the floor, the 3 nominees were acclaimed, Don Lohnes, Roger Murray and Tom Paukovic.  No ballots were required.  The Board of Directors recessed to elect the FCA officers as follows:  President – Roger Murray, Vice-President Administration and Marketing – Don Lohnes, Vice-President 3D – Tom Paukovic.  No ballots were required.  There were no nominations for the position of Vice-President Committees and Services.  Bruce appealed to the general membership to assist in filling this position as the domestic component of Canadian archery is important, and growing.


13.               Appointment of the Auditors

I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2005.

Moved by Vice-President International, seconded by MB, carried.


14.               Sites for the 2007 3D & outdoor championships OAA – Maciej Karlowski had nothing to add

Sites for the 2008 3D & outdoor championships ABAM – Ed Wilson stated that ABAM was still in discussion with host clubs, and that it would be run concurrently under present format.


15.               Good and Welfare

Don Lohnes, as out-going FCA President, thanked the organising committee for a terrific championship.  René Bellerose, Chairman of the 2006 Target Championship in Sherbrooke, QC reported that everything will ready and had nothing to add from the presentation at the Target Awards banquet on July 26th. Then Don Lohnes passed the gavel to Roger Murray who invited the general membership to stay to participate in the first Youth & Canada Games Committee meeting immediately following.


16.               Adjourn

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned. Moved by NB.