Saint John, NB – July 29, 2005

In attendance:

Tom Paukovic – VP 3D - Chair

Ted Kennedy                 BC                    René Schaub     AB                    Pat de la Sablonière       SK

Richard Vogt                 MB                   Roger Ménard    QC                   Wil Reinhart                  NB

Terry MacKenzie            NS



Roger Murray                 FCA President

Doug Cutler                   Chairman Lethbridge OC

Kathleen Millar               FCA Executive Director



Ontario              Newfoundland



Tom Paukovic greeted all provincial representatives, and in particular acknowledged Mr. Doug Cutler who made a presentation on behalf of the 2006 outdoor 3D championship organising committee.  For Mr. Culter’s convenience, agenda item 4 was brought forward.  Mr. Cutler was confident that the Lethbridge Bowbenders would run a first-rate event.  The city of Lethbridge had donated a venue and all venues were within 5-10 minutes of each other.  He circulated brochures and stated that the website would be operational within two months.  The host hotel is Howard Johnson; camping is in-town and not on the range because it is a city park.  The 3D courses are mainly wheelchair-friendly.  The Organising Committee will be arranging for tourist attractions for families.  The official logo and rate card would be ready in approximately three weeks.  Tom thanked Doug for his presentation.  Doug stated also that Lethbridge would be interested in hosting the 2006 FCA 3D indoor championship.  (See agenda item 5).  Mr. Cutler left the meeting.


Old Business              none


New Business


1.         Provincial reports

AANS had some concerns with Hunter class and not policing equipment enough.  There are some concerns.  Tom Paukovic suggested that the mistakes should be reported by back number.  There was discussion concerning voluntary versus mandatory equipment inspection (see below).  Terry suggested that the 3D committee record who wins and who should be able to compete in subsequent years.  That would be a specific task to be addressed.  He had an issue with 5-pin sights in certain equipment divisions; somehow cover them up and lighted sights should not have the battery connected.


Rulebook consideration:

Coaches who walk the course are not a problem so long as they do not give tips or clues and do not carry equipment either.  Coaches are not allowed range finders on the course but are there to encourage or give water.  After the archer shoots the target, coach-archer contact is acceptable, but not before. 


Québec held no competition for the FCA championships in the last 4 years but now archers must shoot the Québec provincial championship, plus 3 best scores.  FTAQ provides financial support for 6 top athletes as a team.  There are 175 elite 3D archers in FTAQ; 3500 3D members, of which 2000 are outside FTAQ.  FTAQ is waiting for those people interested in competing to come back.  FTAQ wants to institute a system that is 6 months ahead of the competitive season so archers can train for competition.


AANB recorded a 10% loss in participation.  Most attention centered on the 2005 championships. Wil gave an interim report.  The second parking lot was created to increase capacity and there should not be an issue tomorrow now that field is over.  The club had very few pre-registrations, of 108.  As of the meeting there were about 196 registered; his goal was 200, so it should be achievable with walk-ins tomorrow morning.  It was a bit disappointing.  Thanks to good support from Quebec, the championships were saved; the breakdown was usually 120 out-of-province archers, but here it is a problem.  It happened in Nova Scotia that 70 people walked-in from home province on the first day, and he was hoping for that in Saint John.  He felt that the Saturday night banquet should be good.  Bowzone came through with support equal to that of the Prince George championships.  Each course has 1 judge and marshals; judges are not out there to call arrows.


ABAM   nothing to add to the submitted report

SAA     nothing to add to the submitted report

ABAA   nothing to add to the submitted report

BCAA   nothing to add to the submitted report


MOTION #3D-0501:  To accept the reports as submitted

Moved by:        SK       Seconded by:              BC                                                       carried


2.         3D Rule Review

Role of the committee and purpose of this committee and meeting

Tom Paukovic is looking for best practices, for 3D as well as bowhunting.  He asked everyone to e-mail their reports to the national office if not done so already.


ACTION:           Roger Menard will forward an electronic version.


a)         Rules and regulations need to be reviewed annually, then look at IBO and FITA trends and changes.  FCA and FITA 3Di (which come from working with IBO) classes need to be harmonized if FCA ever wants target and field shooters to switch over to 3D.  FCA should follow FITA 3Di rules.


Rulebook consideration:

FCA 3D ages and titles have to match the rest of the FCA rulebook: Junior, cadet and cub and pre-cub senior and masters, with over 61 for 3D.


-           Elite and national teams; international teams

IBO is an annual event.  FITA has no site and no date for 2007.  For 2005, 3D team selection criteria information was late for Genoa and Canada’s season made it difficult to prepare so early May.  FCA 3D sanctioned events need to be registered30 days in advance for use in team selection.


ACTION:           Ted Kennedy will chair a committee with Terry MacKenzie and Richard Vogt to create a sanctioning package to define a 3D sanctioned event for the end of September.  The draft will include details on small, medium and large animals at certain distances.

                        Kathy Millar will add 3D tournaments to the FCA rate card ($25+GST).


b)         Eligibility to compete as a guest

FCA 3D committee should be encouraging affiliation with a recognised 3D association.  Rule remains as is.  This rule will be altered when FCA becomes an IFAA affiliate.


c)         Non-FITA classes, lighted sights & 3D indoor championship

IBO allows it.  The committee agreed that laser sights be allowed only in Open class.


d)         Other Rule Changes

Rulebook consideration: A new 3D rule section is needed for indoor 3D championships

- Guest divisions – 3 top medals now includes indoor championships

- Schedule of Events needs to be listing for the indoor championships

- All competitors may have their weight checked.

- Maximum distances for indoors – advertised well in advance what distances to be prepared for.

- FCA classes defined – MBR classes to get rid of lens and so get rid of open-class concept of the wording; youth (now junior male) wording to add that they can be shot with a glove, tab or fingers.

- Change the rule Recurve Unaided - no stabilisers.  Anchoring – all finger shooters regardless of equipment:  there will be no face-walking, no string-walking, and index finger touches the arrow with one anchor point.


ACTION:           Wil Reinhard will review Hunter Class and what it was designed for.  There were 15 competitions in 2004.  He will check registration for 2005



            Indoor 3D Championship Format and Rules

The recommendations submitted by Pat Ukrainetz were reviewed and discussed. 

Timing 2 minutes per arrow like indoor target was rejected. The FCA 3D committee will leave it up to the organisers and depending on how much space they have and how many people they want to get through.  Repeated let-downs for shoot-offs will be handled by the organisers also.  There was a lengthy debate over mandatory equipment inspection.  Benefits included fewer protests over class and equipment descriptions with archers registering correctly, and an opportunity to educate archers.  The main drawback was time, particularly if there were few judges, and that only certain divisions have these problems, but not all. 


MOTION #3D-0502:  To make equipment inspection before 3D tournaments mandatory.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:              QC      1 in favour       defeated


MOTION #3D-0503:  To leave equipment inspection before 3D tournaments as optional.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:              BC       6 in favour       carried


Rulebook consideration:

- The wording in the rulebook should state shooting stations as opposed to shooting stakes.

- 3D Archers will wear back numbers for easier identification.

- Remove 11.12.4 and include the comment of 11.12.4 in 11.12.3

- Change 11.9.3 to the same wording as

- In Chapter 3 of the FCA rulebook, change the first sentence to five (5) annual Canadian National Championships:  outdoor target, field, regional indoor target, 3D outdoor and 3D indoor.


ACTION:           To add to the FCA Hosting Manual

- At indoor and outdoor 3D championships, registration confirmation packages will include a summary of rules for the host committee to use. 

- Host committees will include a PSO/FCA membership form along with the registration form on the host website.

- To synchronise scorecards with target butt numbers.


ACTION:           Include judges’ expenses to indoor 3D national championships in accordance with the other host agreements.  FCA funds travel & per diem; the organising committee funds accommodation.


3.                3D Rule Approval Procedure for FCA Board Approval

Rulebook consideration:

Discussed and approved as submitted.


4.                Status Report 2006 Outdoor 3D Championships      see above


5.                2006 indoor 3D championship bids

The committee received a formal bid from Harvey Giesbrecht at Frontier Archers in Regina, SK.  Jude Hooey sent an e-mail bid from Lethbridge Bowbenders in Alberta.


MOTION #3D-0504:  To accept the Frontier Archers bid to host the FCA 2006 indoor 3D championships in Regina, SK.

Moved by:        Nova Scotia                 Seconded by:              BC                               carried


Tom Paukovic was committed to a national east-west rotation of the event in the future.


6.                Bowhunter Safety

IBEP is administered by the provinces.  All FCA 3D committee representatives need to get in touch with hunter education ministry for the province.  Find out where all the programmes are and where the provincial governments are going with the safety programme.  Manitoba has a bowhunter mentor programme to get new people going, and all mentors have to take IBEP and hunter safety programme.


7.                National 3D team criteria for 2007

The current criteria will remain.  FCA was hoping to get one archer to Italy, but personal issues prevented this. To be qualified archers submit best scores, attend PSO championships and indoor FCA 3D championships if possible; IBO qualifiers and the FCA 3D championships, and then the scores are weighted.


ACTION:           Tom will circulate the national team criteria again to the committee members.


8.         2006 IBO World Championships & 2007 3Di World Championships

In years when FITA does not hold a 3D world championship, IBO championships could be used as the Excellence event.  FCA could use the 3 FITA equipment divisions to select a team to the IBO world championship.  It would be more affordable to send archers in some categories to the US rather than FITA countries.  It is easier to plan participation because IBO world championships are always going to be held in August. 


ACTION:           Committee members should go back to their PSOs to sell the programme to go to IBO or FITA world championships.  Now is the time to start planning


9.      Marketing Strategies

Sponsorship, products and funding own programmes – ideas should be sent in.  Northern BC shoots have percentages for teams.  A Spot-shoot ring on 2 targets out of 20 was described.  Kathy Millar reminded the committee that fund-raisers could be included at the national championships if a sponsor was provided.


10.  Other Business

ACTION:           FCA will forward Silver Volunteer Recognition pin to Wendell Mills as 2005 indoor 3D chairman.


11.       Adjournment

Moved by NS and seconded by SK to adjourn FCA 3D committee.