High Performance Committee Meeting

Teleconference April 18, 2004

In attendance:

Gary Gillies                              Allen Jenskey                          Shawn Riggs

Arthur Nault                             Marthe Cusson                       Joan McDonald          

Guest:             Kathy Millar

1.      Opening Remarks and greetings from the Committee Chairperson

The meeting was called to order at 18:10 EST.

1a. Approval of the Agenda

The request from FTAQ for its provincial championship was added to the first part of the meeting.


2.       Reading and Motion to approve of the minutes October 25, 2003 as circulated with corrections regarding Indoor Worlds qualification period qualification period will be October 1st 2003 to February 1st 2005 with no major.                                                                                                                           

2a. Business Arising from the Minutes

            Part 1:             Immediate Issues

·         Vote for team leader positions summer 2004                             


MOTION #HPC 04-01:            To accept the applications of Susan Lemke as coach for the Junior/Cadet world championship team and Larry Kelly as coach for the Pan American Championship team in 2004.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


ACTION:         KM to continue support to both individuals and  have them submit the  name(s) of their assistant(s) to HPC.


·         Ranking system review - elimination round criteria 12&18 arrows         

Marthe Cusson's 18th Jan 04 proposal was discussed.  FITA match play is more common than double 70M rounds, so match play was preferable.  The additional criteria will encourage archers to participate in match play.  It would be beneficial for all squads.  Issue:  defining match play and what to do if no competition is available at a particular event, handicaps and guidelines. Hugh MacDonald stated that he would work on this system.


MOTION #HPC 04-02:            The future HPC ranking system will be a combination of FITA and match play.

Moved by:        Joan McDonald           Seconded by:  Marthe Cusson           unanimous


ACTION:         Marthe will contact Hugh MacDonald to assist with the handicap system.


·         Team Leader Handbook                                                              

Joan reported that the handbook is 50% completed.


ACTION:         Joan will forward work to date for Kathy to circulate to Larry Kelly and Susan Lemke.



·         Team Leader Criteria                                                                               

Shawn felt that he could not go forward with this project because HPC does not attract a large number of team leader applicants.  A listing of suggested skill sets will have to be open-ended and preferred.


ACTION:         Kathy will review Info.E-mails for Joan’s ad for support staff to New York, and send that to Shawn.  Shawn will send out his suggestions again to the group. 


·         Athletes Can meeting report from Alec Denys                            

Shawn has asked Alec very recently for this report.  However, Shawn was more concerned with the fact that COC's Athlete council has been re-organized.  Athletes Can appears to be a more democratic voice for all sports.


ACTION:         FCA should write a letter to COC complaining about lack of Athlete input. Kathy will draft a letter for Shawn to respond to.  When he is satisfied Arthur will translate it and send it to COC.  There may be also a formal press release.


·         Use of major event in team average for Pan American Champs'04       

To change criteria at this point would be inconsistent. Criteria need to be out two years in advance with HP policy manual and team selection process and same criteria.

Flexibility should be given to how many scores have been used from the previous year.  Three may be a better number and line up with ranking system.


ACTION:         Kathy will review Allen's response and draft a formal reply to Larry Kelly from it.


MOTION #HPC 04-03:            That the published criteria for the Pan American Championship remain.

Moved by:        Marthe Cusson           Seconded by:  Gary Gillies      unanimous


·         CQT criteria and its impact on FCA - letter to Jim Easton                      

FCA is still dealing with the effects of this change.  A letter should still be sent to Mr. Easton regarding the lack of clear FITA process in decision-making.


ACTION:         Joan and Kathy will work on this in 2-3 weeks.


·         New Team Selection Co-ordinator advertisement                                  

This action item had been over-looked.


ACTION:         Kathy will send out HP job descriptions.  Joan will draft the ad.


·         Win & Win junior champion 2003 bow recipient - follow up                    

Joan reported that a young female archer is shooting it, and this fulfills the purpose.


·         Easton sponsorship of junior/cadet national team                                  

Gary Gillies spoke to Don Rabska in Arizona.  Don Rabska does not wish to budget for a separate interest.  Only the best archers are to receive arrows.


ACTION:         Kathy will follow the procedure outlined in the fall minutes to allocate the extra arrows and Win & Win bow.


On a related issue, Gary received a request for 2 sets of Win & Win limbs in November 2003.  Gary missed that request, which came from an archer who had declined a Win & Win bow previously.  When the request was sent out to recurve Excellence members for this year, the same family refused the bow again.  Under the terms and conditions of the Win & Win sponsorship, FCA receives 3 bows and the company does not offer the programme any other way.   There is no policy for a special request for Synergy limbs.  This should not be viewed as a one-off case.


ACTION:         Kathy will send a draft policy to Gary.  Gary will ask Al Wills for his comments on the draft policy.


·         Major Competitions - 3D World championship                           

HPC wishes to extend any perceived expertise to the 3D community, when 3D wants it.  There was agreement that all national 3D team members need to be Excellence members in order to provide services and educational opportunities, such as the anti-doping programme.  HPC would provide input for team selection criteria.  It was agreed that a direct link should be established between HPC and the 3D committee for national team matters.


ACTION:         Arthur will ask Tom Paukovic if he wishes to sit on HPC.


·         2005 Team Selection Criteria & athlete interest in Trials format

Unfortunately, Shawn received very few responses to his survey.  From his research of 2002-2003 tournaments leading up to the selection of the world team for New York, a trials system would not have picked a substantially different team than the system in place now, with the exception of compound men.  Due to the fact that the 2005 world championships take place in June, HPC decided that 1 score from 2005 would be required in order to select team members with current rather than past ability. 


ACTION:         Kathy will write a communiqué in this week's Info.E-mail for Madrid.

The effective dates will be Jan 01, 2004 to May 16, 2005 with 1 score in 2005.

ACTION:         At the annual Athletes' Townhall in August, Shawn will begin facility inventory.


·         Avalanche re-negotiations 2008                                                  

This item has been on-hold while new FITA clothing requirements have been clarified.  Kathy can now proceed since clothing rule changes apply to the Olympic programme only.  Marthe can provide new shorts in lighter material for Olympics, junior world championships and Pan American championships along with zip & go pants.  Kathy will use the Ontario Spring Classic as a fund-raising opportunity to off-set the costs of HPC absorbing the Olympic uniform costs. 


ACTION:         Marthe will confirm prices.   She will send a shorts sample to Joan.


·         FITA Anti-Doping Code considerations                                       

Allen reviewed his submission. TUE's are needed regardless of level of ability because Canadian archers travel to the USA to shoot world ranking events and testing will be done at these events.


ACTION:         All athletes interested in competing should sign FITA's forms.

ACTION:         Kathy will confirm who was tested at 2003 Ontario Spring Classic.


Under “results Management” there seems to be a discrepancy between point 7.3 and 14.3 for tests initiated by the MA.  It is not clear whether or not reporting is necessary for all results, or just positive results.


ACTION:         Kathy will contact François at FITA.


Under point 15.1, it will be difficult for FCA to collect this information regarding sanctions from other Member Associations if the archer does not join Excellence but is a FCA member. 


ACTION:         Jacquie Saito will add a declaration to the Excellence membership package.

ACTION:         Agenda item for the Board meeting in August  to ask PSOs to include this declaration on membership forms.


In conclusion, Arthur Nault thanked Allen Jenskey for all this work to make the process easier to understand and identify FCA's responsibilities. 


·         Update on progress of all COC schedules for Athens                

Schedules A and B have been signed and Schedule A is posted on the COC website.  FCA has learned only recently that it is responsible for translation of Schedule B.  Hopefully, this will be available by mid-week.  Schedule D can be circulated to all archers on the long list after Schedule B has been published in both languages.  All archers on the long list have received the English version.  Joan noted arrow number errors in the trials format and the reference to the grid should be removed from the document.


ACTION:         Kathy will advise HPC when Schedule B is ready.  Joan will circulate all schedules to long-list archers.  Kathy will send a translated version of D. Beaudet's April 8th e-mail to Allen.


ACTION:         Joan read Mike Christie's reply regarding Schedule D consequences.  She will ask him for further clarification.


·         Olympic Trials update                                                                              

The dates and place have been published twice in Info.E-mail.


ACTION:         Kathy will ask Ghislain Arsenault to head the judge corp.  Arthur Nault has agreed to be Chairman of the Jury d'Appel.  Richard Chong-kit and Randall Jones will be judges and Oscar Vienneau will be the Director of Shooting.  FCA will pay travel costs for Ghislain and Arthur.  Gary will send the final trials schedule to Kathy to publish.


·         Survey from 2003 AZ training camp results                    

Kathy submitted the survey results.  There was a lack of response from compound men. 


·         FTAQ request for major event

FTAQ's provincial championship was approved at the last meeting due to the change in format. 


ACTION:         Arthur will ask Clifford Doody to supply entry forms and information in both languages for the FCA website.


            Part 2:             HPC Policies & Procedures

·         HPC Mission statement

Allen drafted a mission statement.


ACTION:         Allen will refresh everyone's memory and refer to Kathy's e-mail of March.  Then HPC members will vote to formalize the approach.  Following that, Allen's next step is the plan.


·         Athlete and Coach Abuse education

Shawn and Susan Lemke have not as yet produced.


ACTION:         Shawn will contact Susan.


·         Accepted Standards for Running a Domestic Major Event

Kathy forwarded FITA's WRE hosting manual to Joan to pull out practical things that can be done in Canada, e.g. utilising a judge from another area.


ACTION:         Joan will review FITAs WRE package and revise to Canadian expectations.


·         Team Round at Major Events

Substitution of 4th person during team round and how the team is picked is a matter of HPC policy.  Definition of national team event was necessary, as well as HPC's role.


ACTION:         Allen Jenskey will work first with HPC.  Then he will seek input from gold and red squad archers.


·         Items for Team Leader Manual

-Work with the national office to canvas national team shooting shirt orders

-Team manager must be at the airport to meet team members who arrive at various times.  Team leader handbook will include many suggestions from this experience. 


·         Coaching development and spending funds to promote it

Infrastructure that is lacking and FCA is missing talented archers because they do not live in heavily populated places.  Coaches are not there to work with these archers.  There needs to be a joint effort with PSO to keep people in the sport with project-based funding to coaches to go out to work with the archer and the personal coach if available.

How do we progress the talent already evident, particularly with no national team coach Other sports do not have an open national championships, so there is a progression with athletes and coaches.  There is no incentive in the system to spark volunteers to become a better coach. 


ACTION:         A financial way must be found to bring coaches together in order to learn from each other.


·         Appeal Process as adopted in COC Schedule B for Athens

MOTION #HPC 04-04:            To adopt the revised COC schedule B appeal process in principle as FCA's process for team selection appeals.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


ACTION:         Allen will modify Schedule B into a generic document.  When it is translated, it will appear on the FCA website.


·         Considerations for 2008

Establish a series of policies for COC qualifications for Beijing now.


ACTION:         Kathy will add the 2004 COC schedule A to the HPC policy manual, with caveats that volunteers in 2006 make any necessary changes if, a) COC changes its qualification system; b) FITA changes its qualification process, or c) a better system is created to replace the present grid.


·         Other Items

Uniforms for summer events other than Olympic Games


ACTION:         Kathy will circulate information to both team leaders to have archers get in touch with Marthe Cusson as soon as possible to order uniforms.


Athletes Rights document draft


ACTION:         Shawn will send out version 3 to the committee.


·         Adjournment

The meeting was completed at 21:30.  The next formal meeting will be in the fall.



Calendar Decisions



1.      2005 World Indoor Championships, March 23-25, Aalborg, SWE.

Team criteria will include results from Nîmes World Championship.



2.      2005 World Target Championships, June 20-26, Madrid, ESP

Team criteria will include results from New York World Championship.



3.      2006 Junior/Cadet Target Championships, July ?, in ?

Team criteria will include results from Lilleshall World Championship.



4.      2006 World Field Championships, August 20-25, Gothenburg, SWE

Team criteria will be set if necessary.



5.      2006 Championships of the Americas, TBA? In Brazil.

Team criteria will include results from New York World Championship.



6.      2007 World Target Championships, July 19-29 in Leipzig, GER

Team criteria will include results from Madrid World Championship.


7.      2007 Pan Am Games TBA in Brazil.