High Performance Committee

Teleconference Minutes December 3, 2004


In attendance: Arthur Nault, HP Vice-President

Marthe Cusson, FITA awards/team uniforms

Joan McDonald, Ranking Co-ordinator

Gary Gillies, Athlete Services

Shawn Riggs, Athlete representative

Absent with regrets:    Tom Paukovic, VP 3D

Guests:                       Reed Fowlie, Chairperson FCA Coach Committee

Susan Lemke, Regional Coach applicant

Kathy Millar, FCA Executive Director


The meeting was delayed due to a problem with the teleconference dial-up number.  The meeting began at 21:30 EST.  Arthur Nault greeted everyone.  He appointed Kathy Millar to chair the meeting.


1.      Implementing the HP plan, Phase 1 – 2005 initiatives

a)          Naming and ratifying four regional coaches

The following coaches were accepted by HPC:

Susan Lemke              BC/AB

Joan McDonald           ON


The following coach’s name was submitted to FCA by FTAQ:

Michel Perreault          QC


The following coach expressed interest in becoming a regional coach:

Shereen Farrell           MB/SK


ACTION:         All 4 regional coaches and candidates plus Reed Fowlie should be in attendance at the next HPC planning meeting along with regular committee members and the Executive Director. 


ACTION:         Kathy Millar will circulate possible dates for this meeting (attached) and include possible dates for the AB and AWAD camps (attached).


ACTION:         Arthur to invite Michel and Shereen to become regional coaches and attend the next meeting and training camp.


Agenda Items for the HPC meeting should include:

·                     LTADM

·                     Sport Science     


b)          Introduction of Excellence 2008

Jacquie Saito and Kathy met to discuss the athlete welcome packages.  After they are complete, the next project will be to institute the parent welcome packages.


ACTION:         Articles for the welcome package due for next week are:

·                     Archery and Sport Canada’s carding programme          Shawn Riggs

·                     FCA finances – how FCA gets its money                       Kathy Millar

·                     Welcoming letter                                                              Arthur Nault

·                     Exc ’04 members application for ’08 crests                    Marthe Cusson


c)          InfoExcellence 

The next edition’s deadline for written articles will be late February 2005, after the Regional Coach meeting.  The mailing date is March 1.  This edition will include an equipment programme inventory list of all bows in circulation.


ACTION:         Marthe to send reminder to everyone who is writing for it.


d)          Team Co-ordinator position

The job description is in Joan’s report from the October meeting.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will produce an advertisement on December 4th.


e)          COPANARCO action plan & FCA VP International

HPC wants FCA’s VP international back on e-mail circulation listing in order to stay current with Canadian issues.  As well, Reed Fowlie will be included on the HPC e-mail listing.


ACTION:         Supply input to AW would like some input into his role in Madrid


ACTION:         Kathy will update HPC contact names on Tuesday. 


f)            Talent Identification System

Using National Championships & the CanBow programme, HPC’s talent identification network will group.


ACTION:         Regional coaches will be present and man an information booth with promotional materials for the championships in 2005, 2006 and 2007.  After that time, HPC will review whether or not it is necessary to continue this service.


ACTION:         Instead of using CanBow national certificate requests as information to give to regional coaches, Kathy Millar will supply the club names for all Level 3 badges ordered through the FCA office.  This will increase the information network more quickly.


g)          Designing a facilities inventory tool

This is a 2005 plan initiative.  In order to survey facilities properly across the country, a standardized assessment tool needs to be developed.  OAA used to have a simple one.  BC’s “Action in Schools” programme is trying to obtain similar information.


ACTION:         Joan will design a draft inventory tool using OAA’s old inventory as a template.  Susan Lemke will send the BC’s example.


ACTION:         When HPC obtains facility information, HPC will send it back out to the PSOs as a service.


h)          FCA target championships for coach training

The goal is to have as many opportunities as possible for regional coaches and personal coaches to work together during the championships.


ACTION:         This is another agenda item for the next HPC face-to-face meeting. HPC will develop an overall plan for improving level of coaching & CBET awareness in conjunction with FCA’s Coach Committee.


ACTION:         Reed Fowlie will educate the HPC regarding CBET, starting with the circulation and explanation of FCA’s Participant Development Model (PDM), which was approved by the FCA Board in 2002.


i)            Increase archer fitness levels

This is another 2005 plan initiative for InfoExcellence and the welcome packages.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will have a draft ready in February 2005.


j)             2005 Budget 

·  Training Camp for personal coaches and regional coaches

A date and place needs to be confirmed for no later than the beginning of April.  Ideally, it should have indoor 70m shooting facilities.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will see the availability of Downsview, ON


ACTION:         KM will budget for 4 Regional Coaches, AWAD identification camp participants and camp co-ordinator.


·  Indoor 2005 team and team leader to Aalborg


ACTION:         The HPC decided to support both team leaders’ travel and accom-modation and pay for archer registration fees.


·  Send VP International to next COPANARCO meeting in May 2005.


ACTION:         Kathy will check to see if this meeting is in conjunction with a COPANARCO tournament.


·  World Target Team, Madrid 2005


ACTION:         As well as the 3 nationally-selected coaches and the joint FTAQ/FCA-appointed coach expenses, HPC will cover the cost of archer registration, first-time uniforms/shooting shirts, and a fund for on-field expenses for water and first-aid kit up to $200.


·  Regional Coaches to ranking events in the Americas later in the year

The B team event for 2005 will be an August world-ranking event.  The Blue Squad will be invited to try out in order to fill any available positions.


ACTION:         Kathy will check the host country for August in the Americas.


·  4 Regional coaches to Saint John, NB for FCA championships


·  AWAD talent identification camp and IPC world championships

The FTAQ had plans to organise an event but Arthur has heard nothing lately.  IPC world championships will be held in Italy.


ACTION:         Arthur Nault will send all IPC information to Kathy Millar. 


ACTION:         Arthur will contact the FTAQ regarding its proposed AWAD event. 



2.      Tabled items from October 2004

-          Event Manager's Handbook

FCA plans to scale down the FITA event manager’s handbook to assist those clubs hosting major events other than the Canadian championships.  This handbook will set minimum standards for hosting major events such as the Canada Cup, Ontario Spring Classic, FTAQ provincial championships, and any future major events held in Canada.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald projected that she would have updates for the Canadian version of the Event Manager’s handbook by January 04, 2005.


-          2004 FCA Annual awards nominations

Initial discussions included recognising medallists from the recent junior/cadet world championships in Lilleshall.


ACTION:         Kathy will forward a survey to the committee by week’s end.


-          Level 4/5 Programme status –

Susan Lemke reported on her work to date at the NCI Victoria.  The two tasks currently underway are Leadership and Rest & Recovery.  She had been working with a fitness specialist who utilizes medicine ball exercises.  She was able to access a “Women In Coaching” (WIC) Professional Development grant for travel.


ACTION:         Susan will forward the terms of the WIC grant to Joan and Reed.


Individual tasks by level 4/5 candidates will be recognised under the new CBET so none of the effort will be lost.  But tasks will fit into contexts instead of levels in the competitive stream.


-          Ranking system review - elimination round criteria

This item is tabled for one-year.


-          Major Competitions 2005: Annual HPC calendar of Major events for 2005

There has been considerable delay due to lack of available international information.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will post the most up-dated listing by December 31.


3.      3D Team Selection Criteria – status report from Tom Paukovic

Kathy reported on Tom’s behalf.  Tom had included the HPC suggestions from the October meeting, but the 3D committee had not finalized the criteria yet. 


ACTION:         Kathy will continue to work with Tom in order to publish the criteria as quickly as possible on the FCA website.


4.      Assistant Team Leader to Aalborg

Jeff Gunter has submitted the name of Karen Wallace as assistant team leader.  HPC endorsed his choice unanimously.


ACTION:         Kathy will continue to work with Jeff on team logistics.


5.      Other Business

Arthur thanked everyone for their time and input.


The meeting was adjourned at 24:00 EST.