Board of Directors / Comité administratif

August 04, 2004 - Caledon, ON - le 04 août, 2004


1. President's Call to Order

In attendance:

Don Lohnes, Presidnt Roger Murray, ACC Shawn Riggs, Athlete Rep

Bruce Savage, ACC Al Wills, VP International Arthur Nault, HPC

Tom Paukovic VP 3D Claude Langlois, AANS Phil Parlee, AANB

Guy Bigras, FTAQ Bill Embury, OAA Honesto Navarro, ABAM

Tim Shostal, SAA Patti Middlebrough, ATAA

Guests: K. Millar, FCA Executive Director Clifford Doody, FTAQ Executive Director

Regrets: BCAA


The meeting was called to order at 17:10. The President welcomed new representatives and invited self-introductions.


• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing on November 25, 2003 & on the web site

Motion #B2004-01 : to approve the minutes as published.

Moved by: Al Wills Seconded by: Bill Embury unanimous


3. Acceptance of August 2004 Agenda

Motion #B2004-02 : to accept agenda as published.

Moved by: Arthur Nault Seconded by: Claude Langlois unanimous


4. Reports

• Verbal addendum only to Annual Report submission

4.1. President nothing to add

4.2. Vice-President, Finance & Marketing nothing to add

4.3. Vice-President, High Performance nothing to add

- Events & Services nothing to add

- Committees & Projects Youth Development Co-ordinator needed urgently

- 3D nothing to add

4.6. Director, British Columbia nothing to add

4.7. Director, Saskatchewan Ken Chipley will be the new FCA Director

4.8. Director, Manitoba nothing to add

4.9. Director, Ontario combined OAA/FCA membership in place

4.10. Director, Quebec nothing to add

4.11. Director, New Brunswick nothing to add

4.12. Director, Nova Scotia nothing to add

4.13. Director, Newfoundland nothing to add

4.14. Athletes Representative nothing to add

4.15. FCA Volunteer positions not applicable

4.16. FCA Executive Director nothing to add


5. Business

• Notices of Motion to alter FCA by-laws/term of office

In preparation for the Annual General Meeting, the President reviewed the Notices of Motion as circulated 60 days in advance of the meeting. The Executive withdrew Motion E04-15 for further study. The Executive amended E04-16 affecting By-law 4.03 to include e-mail or fax ballots. The board accepted unanimously motions E04-14-1, E04-14-2, E04-16 and the amendment to Motion E04-18 affecting By-law 8.02 to increase the maximum number of vice-presidents to 6 to ensure that the Archery Canada portfolio remains split into 3 positions. Along with the vice-president 3D, the names of the former Archery Canada vice-presidential positions will be changed to Projects & Committees, Events & Services. All motions will be presented and accepted at the AGM on August 5.

• Draft Operational Plan, December 2002 strategic planning meeting

Kathy Millar outlined the draft plan developed out of the Presidents' conference, and explained how important it was for the organisation. It proposes ambitious projects and fiscal challenges. All committees and board members need to review the draft. The judge committee has supplied input already. The Operational Plan will be put in place in January 2005.


ACTION: The president will organise the vice-presidents to garner input.

PSO Board members and presidents must respond in a timely manner.

ACTION: Roger Murray will contact Reed Fowlie for Coach Committee input.

ACTION: Kathy will combine input and refine plan; 2005 budget draft will follow plan


Motion #B2004-03 : to accept the Executive Director's draft operational plan as a guide .

Moved by: Philip Parlee Seconded by: Bill Embury unanimous


• FCA Strategic plan and model

Roger Murray presented a sketch of the proposed model. The present design needs to be honed.


ACTION: Roger Murray and Kathy Millar will refine the draft model (attached) and circulate to the Board for input.


• Formation of permanent Canada Games sub-committee

Roger Murray will form a committee from people at the provincial level to determine how FCA can qualify archery for the Summer Games. The method of ranking sport from one province to the next is very different, and how that information is moved from the province to the Canada Games Council also differs. Quebec has already asked the Canada Games Council to move archery back to the Summer Games. The Executive Director is waiting to hear from Council staff whether or not archery must sit out 6 years again to move to the other season. Roger wishes to establish a national-level committee and build provincial counter-parts into the structure. The volunteers on the national committee should have knowledge of how their provincial government ministry in charge of Games works and who to talk to for input and the sport ranking method. The volunteer should be willing to contact the chef de mission from Canada Winter Games 2003 for the respective province.


ACTION: Roger will contact all PSO reps for a volunteer contact for the committee.


Motion #B2004-04 : to form a permanent subcommittee dealing with Canada Games issues .

Moved by: Roger Murray Seconded by: Shawn Riggs unanimous


• Athlete Rights & Responsibilities

Shawn Riggs addressed the revised contract for all Excellence 2008 members, not just for archers receiving Sport Canada AAP funding as is currently the case.

Motion #B2004-05 : to accept the new Athletes Rights & Responsibilities agreement as submitted .

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Arthur Nault unanimous


Motion #B2004-06 : T he new Athletes Rights & Responsibilities Agreement must be signed as is in order to participate in or receive benefits from FCA .

Moved by: Guy Bigras Seconded by: Philip Parlee unanimous


• Athlete Abuse/Harassment policy & education process

K. Millar submitted the policy revisions and process on behalf of Susan Lemke, Shawn Riggs and Laura Kiraly. Those PSOs utilising FCA's policy will be listed on the front of the document. PSOs with this policy and process in place already will compare FCA's document and incorporate all minimum standards for education.

Motion #B2004-07 : to accept the revised Athlete Abuse/Harassment policy & education process as submitted .

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Arthur Nault unanimous


• Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Aboriginal Sport Circle

The Board was unanimous in its support of this initiative and agreed that the ASC contact would be positive for both associations.


ACTION: Kathy Millar is directed to implement the MOU.


• Sport matters Lobby group

The Executive Director outlined the benefits of sport financial contribution to this group.

Motion #B2004-08 : That FCA contribute $250 per annum for the next 2 years to Sport Matters Group and review this commitment after that time has elapsed.

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Bill Embury unanimous


ACTION: This item will be added to the FCA Task List.


• Member Complaint Policy

The Board agreed with the following changes. In procedure 3, add to sentence 2 that a deposit of $60 will be included and the deposit will be refunded if the complaint is upheld. The Hearing appeal procedure must correspond with that outlined in the athlete rights and responsibilities document.

Motion #B2004-09 : To a ccept the draft policy and make further revisions suggested by the Board at the Executive Committee level.

Moved by: Tom Paukovic Seconded by: Claude Langlois unanimous


ACTION: Roger Murray will add suggested revisions to present to the Executive for the annual January meeting.


The President thanked Lynda Savage for ensuring that dinner was available during the meeting.


• Quarterly reports, comparisons year-to-date No further discussion

• Outstanding Accounts Receivables No further discussion

Motion #B2004-10 : To a ccept the financial reporting as submitted.

Moved by: Claude Langlois Seconded by: Arthur Nault unanimous


• Approval of the revised budget with Sport Canada official contributions

The Executive Director reviewed the allocation of government funding to the various projects, outlining any changes. For the first time, Sport Canada has allotted a specific amount of support for translation costs. This will allow FCA to translate job descriptions and policies for publication on the website. A new funding partnership was outlined to ensure that qualified Francophone support staff are funded to international teams starting in 2005.

Motion #B2004-11 : That the FTAQ & FCA agree to fund 50% of the assistant team coach to Madrid in 2005 provided that the FTAQ recommend a qualified coach and HPC accepts the candidate .

Moved by: Roger Murray Seconded by: Arthur Nault unanimous


• Official audit

The Executive Director explained the Sport Canada and GST review process that took place in early 2004. Due to a misunderstanding, GST credits were attached to the wrong G/L number. The FCA auditor felt the error should have been caught in 2002 and has reduced his fee for the 2003 audit. Pierre Charron was still in negotiation with the federal government at the time of printing and therefore the Annual Report 2004 lacks a published audit. The audit was provided to the Board members for this meeting. Negotiations with the government should be completed in September 2004.


• Financial commitment for PSO athletes to national championships

The Executive Director confirmed that most PSOs had submitted an objective criteria for athlete selection, but had yet to name specific archers. Some Board members requested an extension in the deadline to name the archer until September. The Executive Director agreed with the extension.


• 2004-2005 FCA revenues/disbursements projection

The Executive Director reported that the two international team expenses were quite large and that some FCA/Sport Canada projects for early 2005 may not be possible. Computer and website expenses were expected to increase.


• One-time Sport Canada financial opportunity

Sport Canada has informed FCA quite recently of a one-time financial opportunity to a maximum of $150,000 for able-bodied and $30,000 AWAD programmes. However, the application must be received by Sport Canada no later than August 20, 2004. The Executive Director submitted a proposal for the Board to consider. There was considerable interest and support for the national championship hosting kit to travel to venues on the rotating hosting schedule.


ACTION: The Downsview project should be removed in favour of regional training camps in conjunction with PSO input. Budget for infrastructure needed at regional training camps CanBow kits should be included. Kathy Millar will research the deadline for these expenditures, if accepted, and how far forward Sport Canada will fund events, as well as augment those now competed for 2004.


Motion #B2004-12 : That FCA submit the application with revisions before August 20, 2004 .

Moved by: Claude Langlois Seconded by: Bill Embury unanimous


• SFAF III review process

The Executive Director advised the Board that the process would start soon. The process requires a considerable time commitment for both staff and volunteers. She asked for everyone's co-operation as government ranking and subsequent funding will have considerable impact on both provincial and national organisations for the next 4 years.


• Other funding partners

The Executive Director advised the Board that unless there was a marked increase in performance by Canadian archers at the Athens Olympics, FCA should expect decreased funding from the Canadian Olympic Committee.


• FCA Task List

Don Lohnes stressed the importance of this tool and reviewed the list briefly.


• Votes-by-mail

The President stressed the importance of prompt voting so that FCA's business is uninterrupted.


Motion #B2004-13 : That the vote-by-mail results be ratified by the Board .

Moved by: Claude Langlois Seconded by: Bruce Savage unanimous


Motion #B2004-14 : That the vote-by-mail results be ratified by the Board .

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Claude Langlois unanimous


• PSO agreements

Don Lohnes gave a status report since all agreements expire on December 31, 2005. He outlined the timetable for re-negotiation. Don was pleased to report the signing of the new ABAA PSO agreement, uniting ABA and ATAA groups. That document would be used as a template for 2006-2008 along with agreement to enact the WADA Code and PSO member information (membership form & on website), adoption of FCA Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Athlete Abuse Education policies, Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada within the FCA appeal process, and the PSO Criteria for FCA-funding of PSO athlete to national target championships. Add to these changes will be the submission of an annual report. The Executive will produce a template form for all reports.


• Self-Appraisal Performance Questionnaire

There were no comments. The questionnaire will be added to the Volunteer Handbook and administered by the national office.


• CAAWS Project and Women in Archery

Al Wills reported his findings and recommendations. These recommendations will be added to existing documents and policies.


• Past President Award

Don Lohnes, on behalf of the Executive Committee, felt that FCA did not recognise the contribution of past presidents well enough. A listing of FCA past-president will appear on the FCA website.

Motion #B2004-15 : Effective 2004, the FCA Executive will present a plaque to the past president as needed.

Moved by: Arthur Nault Seconded by: Philip Parlee unanimous


• FCA Volunteer Recognition Awards policy

Al explained the current policy and procedure, explaining that FCA recognising volunteer efforts for FCA events and programmes, not provincially based achievement. The policy revision allows for individual FCA members as well as FCA committees to nominate candidates, using a new standardised form outlining all the required information for an acceptable application.


5.3.1 Committee Work & Recommendations

a) Archery Canada Council

• Membership Report as published in annual report No further comments

• American Income Life Insurance Company offer to FCA

The Executive Director outlined the offer to the Board and answered questions. There would be no breach in FCA policy protecting the FCA membership list.

Motion #B2004-16 : That the FCA not take advantage of this offer to members .

Moved by: Arthur Nault Seconded by: Shawn Riggs unanimous


Provincial-level Life Membership was discussed in conjunction with FCA life membership. Kathy Millar defined the two types of FCA life membership. There was no agreement on linking PSO life members with FCA life membership.


• 2007 Canada Games Update & Technical Package

Kathy Millar reported that there continues to be an error on the Canada Games website copy of the 2007 technical package. Kathy continues to work with CGC to correct this. James Wiebe has let his name stand for Canada Games 2007 Technical Delegate. However, the position has not been advertised to the general membership.


ACTION: Canada Winter Games Technical Delegate position will be advertised in InfoE-mail and on the general information section of the FCA website. If there are no other applications by September 30, then James Wiebe would be acclaimed.


• CBET update

Roger Murray confirmed James Wiebe's contract and the timetable presented in Reed Fowlie's annual report.


• Judge Certification Programme

Roger Murray reviewed the committee's changes to the draft operational plan.


• 3D 2004 nationals interim report

Tom Paukovic stated that the event was very successful and that Silvertip Archers had done a terrific job designing the courses. The tournament registration fee has not been received as yet.


• 2004 Target & Field

Bruce Savage reported that late registrations has caused trouble here due to size of field. This had resulted in unacceptable verbal abuse of members of the organising committee. Other than the complaining, the event was going well. The transition between the end of the field championships, and official target practice is hard to accomplish. There was a suggestion for looser application of dress code on the Official Practice day.


ACTION: To change the Fred Usher Cup to the afternoon of day 3 in the championship schedule.


• Participation numbers in equipment divisions in time for 2006

Participation numbers were reviewed in light of FCA policy for outdoor championships.


ACTION: FCA needs a re-instatement policy for divisions eliminated by the policy.

• 2005 championship progress report

Phil Parlee made a presentation. The proposed dates will be in conflict with Québec Summer Games and US Nationals. Therefore, in order to accommodate the Québec Summer Games, the Championship dates will be moved ahead. The organising committee must adjust contracts with hotels to ensure dates can be changed. The new dates will be July 22 to August 1. The organising committee is proposing to flip the standard programme with the Target first, FCA Open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday start banquet on Saturday for 3D.


ACTION: The Executive will review the schedule format, with input from archers. The Executive will review the rulebook in time for 2007 and the combined championship format.


There will be no change to the format or Grand Prix events.


• 2005 Indoor 3D February 19 th in Medicine Hat

Tom Paukovic reviewed the offer by SPITZ sunflower seed company as sponsor and Forty Mile Archers. This offer included financing for future host committees. The current form of 4 courses of 20 targets in one building plus youth rounds requires a large facility. This may not be possible across Canada.


ACTION: Tom Paukovic will continue to work with Wendell Mills to sign the 2004 host agreement and review the indoor format for future championships.


• 2006 3D Friday August 4 th Lethbridge, AB

Only one bid was submitted for the 2006 3D championship. The Lethbridge Bowbenders made a presentation to the FCA 3D committee during the 2004 annual committee meeting. Tom Paukovic stated that the committee endorsed the bid to host the championship.


• 2006 Target & Field Championships

Guy Bigras stated that, should FTAQ receive approval for the bid, there will be 2 venues in the general Montreal area. The FTAQ has not set dates as yet.


• 2007 joint championships rotation schedule

Don Lohnes reviewed the 8-year cycle. The PSO responsible should be Ontario due to the change in the rotation agreed to by the 3D committee. Bruce Savage reported that Ontario has 3 clubs interesting in bidding for the 3D championship, and one for field. Comments were made regarding the rotation back to Ontario, keeping the target/field championships in eastern Canada for 3 consecutive years.


ACTION: President Don Lohnes will publish rotating schedule on the web site with explanation of what has happened in the past and when.


• Youth Development Co-ordinator

Roger Murray and Bruce Savage stated that potential candidates for this position were unavailable. A committed volunteer was needed if plans to increase youth participation and talent identification were going to happen.


• AANB's Go-NB Initiative

Philip Parlee described the federal government offer through the province to promote youth participation with schools. There were 4 applications for archery and 3 were funded. AANB is using FCA's CanBow skills award programme for these 3 projects. Go-NB allowed the projects because they utilised a nationally-based programme already in existence, targeting elementary school children. Fredericton will start in the fall. Dalhousie was too late to begin in the last school year, but 40 young people came out. Saint John has 63 participants and the fall programme and equipment in place. Go-NB is a popular project and available funds were divided among the sports, $2600 to archery. The provincial government has received favourable reports. Kathy Millar stated that this project could be the lead in to SPDP funding from Sport Canada.


ACTION: Kathy will keep the Board up-to-date on Go-NB developments.

• Championships - Double 70m and OR instead of FITA

There was some discussion as to whether or not the format of the Canadian Outdoor Target championship should change to the Olympic round and eliminate the double FITA 1440 round plus FCA Open used currently. Bruce Savage felt that FCA's championship is a domestic, open event. Perhaps the Olympic Round should be used for HPC major events instead.


• Cadet elimination rounds at the Canadian Championships

Internationally, cadet elimination rounds are shot at 60m now. A formal question was submitted to Bruce Savage by some parents and archers on the youth field at these championships to offer a cadet elimination round. The current championships are being held in accordance to the existing host manual. Caledon does not have the capacity to offer any more than what was required. Currently, there is not enough participation yet to have a standard OR but perhaps round robin instead. Something could be proposed for 2005, but the Board must consider the demands on the organising committee. The suggestion is important.


ACTION: Bruce will take this proposal back to the people who submitted the request for suggestions as to how to make a cadet elimination round at the championship work well.


b) High Performance Committee

• Archery at the Olympics - update

There is a chance for more visibility in Athens due to the early start in the schedule and the site for the Olympic Round. Both Radio Canada and CBC plan some limited coverage and interviews with archery but there will be no live feed.


• Team Leader Criteria and guidelines

Shawn Riggs felt that FCA had an objective way to choose team leaders and this system will be in place for the team to Madrid next year.


• FITA World Junior/Cadet Championship results & ramifications

Canadian archers had great success at the recent championships with 2 junior team medals and one individual, as well as two 8 th place finishes. Crispin Duenas' performance allows him to apply for Sport Canada carding and Kathy Millar will work on this application in September.


• Pan am Championship results

Canadian archers had good success at the event in Valencia. Senior recurve men won the team round and several individuals won medals. This was the first event that HPC allowed Blue Squad participation and it was well-received and successful. No American archers attended the event.


• World Field Championships

One Canadian barebow archer competed, finishing 32 nd.


• AWAD archer recruitment from the provinces - progress & problems

With PSO assistance, Arthur Nault hopes to organise an AWAD clinic in Québec some time after October 2004. Much depends on the success of the one-time grant to bring in new AWAD archers from British Columbia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. More assistance and information was needed from the provinces in order to rebuild the FCA AWAD programme.


• Election of Athlete Representative

Due to an over-sight, the nomination process started quite late this year. One nomination has been received to date. The Athlete rep will be announced by Arthur Nault at the Annual Meeting.


• HPC planning session 2008

HPC will review the draft Operational plan and performances at major events this year in order to provide more structure and set goals for 2008. This will be the major focus of the annual meeting.


c) Communications & Marketing

• TrueNorth Marketing & new Hoyt/Easton initiative in Canada 2004


ACTION: The Board directed Kathy Millar to obtain more information on True North's request number 3 and clarification for compound bows & 3D championships.


• Sponsorship update

Easton's 2004 arrow order has yet to arrive. Kathy did not have time to contact Neet, but was reluctant to ask for so many quivers in one year when FCA does not buy products directly. Win & Win bows have not arrived for 2004. VISA credit card sales remain constant. FCA does not know when this agreement between VISA and the COC will terminate. FCA earns $250-$400 per quarter.


• Web-site/InfoExcellence/Info.E-mail

Info.E-mail is well accepted but the format changes are not agreeable to all. InfoExcellence is published once each year. Al Wills reviewed future website demands and costs in the view of the fact that it soon will be too time-consuming for a volunteer to handle.

Motion #B2004-17 : To approve expenditures for website software as recommended by Al Wills .

Moved by: Tom Paukovic Seconded by: Tim Shostal unanimous


• Sales & Distribution Centre report

Kathy reported strong sales particularly in target faces. She will need to order more 40 cm single faces.


ACTION: FCA will purchase 30,000 40cm single faces.

Kathy Millar will cost out 80 cm & 122cm in Tyvek target faces now that freight charges on larger sizes will be reduced. She will contact the 2005 organising committee in order to combine orders if agreeable.


d) International Committee

• FITA update

Al Wills reported that many member associations, including Canada, protested the dress code changes effective April 2004, initially listed under FITA championships. These regulations are intended now for Olympic Games only. The controversy meant that FCA had to delay re-negotiations with Avalanche Skiwear to continue to supply national team uniforms.


• COPANARCO update

Al Wills reported that MICA medals were not given to Canada's team leader at the Pan Am Championships, and could not be given out at these championships. COPANARCO continues to suffer from poor administration and planning.


• Canadian Olympic Committee

Al Wills reported that COC has a board of directors of 70 votes and archery is only 1vote. COC's financial statement shows a $34M budget for Olympic Games at top 12. This is not so much a money issue as a team size and IOC's desire to downsize. He reminded FCA board members that COC saved FCA financially when government funding was cut. On the issue of athlete representation, it would appear to be a popularity contest.


• HPC letter to FITA

Arthur Nault and HPC sent a letter to FITA advising its president and executive of the continuing difficulties and internal strife caused by FITA's policy change for participation numbers at Continental Qualifying Tournaments so late in the process.


The Operational Plan revisions will determine staff direction for setting the budget.


The President thanked board members for their input.


7. Adjournment

Adjourned at 23:20. The Board will reconvene in Saint John, NB in 2005.