Ottawa, January 24-25, 2004

Executive members present:

Don Lohnes, FCA President                           Arthur Nault, VP High Performance

Al Wills, VP International                                 Bruce Savage, VP ACC Events

Tom Paukovic, VP 3D                                          Roger Murray, VP AC Committees


In attendance:                                               Guest:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                 Gwen Prillo, Sport Canada Consultant

The meeting was called to order at 08:50.


1.  President's Opening Remarks

Don Lohnes welcomed the committee.  Gwen Prillo will attend the meeting at 13:30.

      President’s report       as submitted.


2.  Reading of Minutes, August 2003

The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #2003/05, dated 03/10/03

a)                  Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year

-          Job description of target/field technical delegate

The job description was completed as an appendix to the new FCA Championship Hosting Guidebook.


Motion E#04-01:        To accept the minutes as circulated.

Moved by:        Allan Wills                   Seconded by:        Arthur Nault           Carried        


3.  Acceptance of Agenda


Motion E#04-02:        To accept the agenda as circulated.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:        Arthur Nault           Carried        


4.  Reports

·         Archery Canada - Events & Services                   as submitted

·         Archery Canada - Committees & Projects           as submitted

·         Archery Canada - 3D                                            as submitted

·         High Performance                                                 as submitted

·         International                                                           as submitted

·         Administration & Marketing                                   as submitted

·         Executive Director                                                as submitted

·         Sport Canada Consultant                                     as submitted


Motion E#04-03:        To accept the reports as circulated.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        


5.  Business

5.1.  Management Issues

·         Task List - Strategic Planning Meeting Update

A formal Hosting agreement is needed for the new 3D indoor championships in Medicine Hat, Alberta in 2005.  FCA rulebook does not have any guidelines for this event.


ACTION:         TOM PAUKOVIC will contact Wendell Mills regarding the host agreement and contact Greg Durward regarding the FCA rulebook


The Youth Development Co-ordinator position and all other affected programmes are vacant.  FCA must seek out a new person for this position.


ACTION:         Bruce Savage will contact Steve Meggeson (ON) and Roger Murray   will contact Diane Dalman.  Kathy will forward all PSO Youth          programme contacts to Bruce and Roger.


2004 Hosting agreements have been circulated.  Prince George's has been signed.


ACTION:         The national office will Invoice Silvertip Archers.

                        The Championship Hosting guidebook moves to "on-going" status.


3D rules are status quo.  The Grand Prix format may change.  It must be clearer which archers are allowed to compete in it (orange stakes).  There may be a separate shoot-off for juniors and traditional.


ACTION:         Al Wills will ask FITA for the complete 3Di technical package.

ACTION:         Arthur Nault will contact Gary Gillies re: equipment programme.

ACTION:         Kathy Millar will design a draft host agreement for the 2005 indoor     3D championships.


·         FCA Quadrennial Plan status

The Model needs to be re-designed to be understandable and projections must be made.  All Executive Committee members must undertake this task.  The status quo is an acceptable plan.


ACTION:         Roger Murray will work on the model with the national office.


·         Election cycle and term of office for Executive Committee members

Overlapping terms is important in order to keep continuity at the Executive level.  A past-president would not be necessary.  Three portfolios will need a one-year extension to the term of office.  Workloads should be re-visited for each vice-president. Revision: the President should not be required to break voting ties; divisive items should be tabled.


ACTION:         The ED will alert the membership about by-laws changes via Info.E-  mail.

ACTION:         Bruce Savage will lead the process for delegate voting, delegate         terms and the transition for extra year and write in a specific section        regarding e-mail voting.


·         PSO agreements – status report

The FCA has received a formal request from The Alberta Target Archers Association (ATAA) to revert back to the Archers & Bowhunters Association of Alberta (ABAA).  The Alberta Bowhunters Association (ABA) and ATAA are going to work together again. 


ACTION:         The ED will send a revised agreement to Don Lohnes, and then to      the two other signatories.


·         Non-members at FCA national championships rate

Part 1:


Motion E#04-04:        In order to support the PSO membership structure, effective February 1, 2004, any archer arriving to register as a competitor on-site at any outdoor national archery championship, who is not already a member in good standing of the Federation of Canadian Archers, will be required to pay a membership fee of $100.  If the archer does not agree to pay this sum, the archer can not compete at those championships.


The PSO for the province in which the archer resides will be compensated the full PSO/FCA individual affiliation fee for the current membership year.  The residual will rest with FCA.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:        Bruce Savage       Carried


ACTION:         This information must appear on the championship registration form and/or must be available on the web site link.


·         Non-members at FCA-sanctioned events & ramifications with WADA

Part 2:  Discussion centered on implementation of the WADA code and limits to participation and membership.  Testing pool definition must be restricted to Excellence 2004 and sanctioned only for those people.  Tabled.


ACTION:         Kathy Millar and Laura Kiraly will educate through club renewals.

ACTION:         Al Wills will work with Allen Jenskey to create homepage FCA            information so that FCA and all PSOs will link with WADA

ACTION:         Don Lohnes will include this in all future PSO agreements as a           mandatory requirement that all PSOs have this information on their         website.


·         Member Complaint Form & Process

ACTION:         Roger Murray will define scope of policy through FCA’s hierarchy,                            steps to take unless the complaint belongs at the national level, and                             set a fee.  He will respond to Executive by the end of February 2004.


·         Self-evaluation forms for Executive and Board members

ACTION:         Don Lohnes will provide an instrument by the end of February.


·         Athlete/Coach Abuse Education Project Report

Susan Lemke provided an interim report (attached). 


ACTION:         The Executive directs Susan Lemke and Shawn Riggs to broaden                              the abuse project’s scope to include athlete-to-coach, coach-to-                           coach, coach-to-FCA etc.


·         Winnipeg Trust Fund

Al Wills and Kathy Millar gave a brief description of the terms and usage.


·         Confidentiality

Al Wills expressed concern with the last minutes published on the web wherein an archer, owing money to FCA, was mentioned by name.  As webmaster, Al was concerned that the archer may react negatively to this publication. 


ACTION:         Minutes should be tailored to avoid direct mention of a person in                                contentious issues.


·         New National Privacy Policy

The Executive Director had submitted a draft.  Changes were made to consent form.


ACTION:         The policy and consent form will be circulated to the Board for           comment and ratification.  Afterward, the national office will                 implement the policy.


5.2.  Finance

-          Reports, status, challenges and audit preparations 

ACTION:         Team leaders’ handbook should outline the financial penalty for         money spent on archer’s behalf

ACTION:         Arthur Nault will contact the archer owing money to FCA.


Motion E#04-05:        To forgive NLAA’s $100 PSO agreement fee for 2002, with a letter from the President outlining FCA’s continued commitment to archery nationwide.

Moved by:        Al Wills            Seconded by:  Tom Paukovic             Carried


-          General FCA Status & Projection

2003 budget projection, accounts payable, receivables and projects to be completed by March 31, 2004 were reviewed.


-          FCA funding partners - COC Sport Review meeting & ramifications

No further funding was allocated due to the COC or CPC Sport Review process.


-          FCA funding partners - Sport Canada Inclusion budget status 2003-2004

Inclusion projects are completed.  FCA will request funding for two archers to travel to the Arizona State championships instead of the Arizona Cup.


-          FCA funding partners - Sport Canada budget status 2003-2004

Archery did not receive Relève funding and no additional funding is projected for the next 4 months.  Athens will have an impact on assessment for Sport Canada funding.  Coaching is still a priority.


-          Health Canada's Physical Activity Programme

Any time Gwen Prillo comes across funding opportunities, she sends them out to her sports.  Health Canada has an activity programme and some NSOs have taken advantage of the funding.  Sport Canada co-ordinates its own Sport Participation programme.  FCA lacks the human resources at the national level to pursue this initiative, however New Brunswick has signed a bilateral agreement allowing AANB to access funds for CanBow at the club/school level.


ACTION:         Kathy will contact Clifford Doody regarding the danger status             archery has been given in Québec schools.


-          Salary considerations in budgeting

There were sufficient FCA funds to employ Laura Kiraly 4 hours per week for 8 months during 2003 to look after the club membership packages and desktop publishing.  The draft budget increases Laura’s employment to average 6 hours/week for all of 2004.


-          FCA funding partners - CAC budget status & translation funding 2003-2004

Roger Murray reported on the progress made to CBET transition.  There was sufficient budget remaining to schedule another meeting before March 31, likely in Winnipeg.


-          Distribution Centre Year End Values

Replacement values for all FCA products were calculated as part of the audit process.  Totals had been circulated to Al Wills and Don Lohnes.  Values remain constant.


      -     Preliminary budget

The draft budget detailed all programmes and sub-committees.  Revenue projections did not include possible increases in membership from Ontario and Alberta.


ACTION:   To send draft budget to Board for ratification.


-          Teleconferencing

Teleconferencing is projected in the draft budget.


-          Translation of FCA job descriptions

All FCA volunteer positions have job descriptions, but 99% are English only.  The Executive Director cautioned against posting them on the website until they were available in both official languages.  Estimated professional cost is $2100.00. 


ACTION:   Tom Paukovic works at a French immersion school and will ask                                             teachers if FCA job description translations could be used as student                                   assignments.  Kathy will forward the job descriptions to Tom.


-          Liability Insurance Premiums and membership fees

FCA pays liability insurance premiums for Directors & Officers (FCA/BCAA/AANS), individual members, clubs and retailers.  The only area of concern was the retailer programme.  Premiums have jumped to $100 per annum, but FCA charges only $75.


Motion E#04-06:        To absorb the cost of the increased retailer premium, with a letter from the President to each retailer, outlining FCA’s continued commitment to archery nationwide.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:  Al Wills                        Carried


Motion E#04-07:        To invoice the 2 PSOs using FCA’s Directors & Officers insurance respectively to the cost to FCA and to send out the same offer to the other PSOs to remind them of this service.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:  Bruce Savage             Carried


-          Staffing considerations and costs

The Executive Director has asked for a two-year contract with annual increases of 2%, and additional employment hours to Laura Kiraly.  This topic was discussed in camera.


-          Judge funding to Canadian Championships and numbers involved

Bruce Savage suggested that the FCA Judge Chair might be responsible for determining financial allocation.  The host committee might give a pre-determined lump sum for all judge requirements in the hosting agreement.  PSOs sending judge candidates to the championships should be responsible for those expenses.


ACTION:   Roger Murray, Bruce Savage & Ghislain Arsenault will work together on                                          the funding structure.


-          Sport Canada's Sport Participation Development Programme

The Executive felt that FCA could not take advantage of this programme at this time due to a lack of human resources.


-          FCA funding partners for 2004

COC’s contributions will diminish in the next quadrennial assessment without improved results at the Athens Olympics.  Sport Canada will begin SFAF III reviews in October 2004; FCA will receive less or no support in the next quadrennial unless there are positive results in Athens for Olympics and/or Paralympics.


-          Number of Statutory Holidays

There was confusion regarding the number of statutory holidays in the Executive Director’s contract.  This was discussed in camera. Remembrance Day is included.


5.3.  High Performance

·         Follow-up from 2003 HPC events, reporting procedures, budget

Projected expenses to the FITA world championship were less than expected.  With the exception of funding to the AZ Cup for Olympic archers on the qualification grid, all HPC events were completed under budget.  Final reporting to Sport Canada is May 2004.


·         AAP carding for 2004

Neither AWAD archer has achieved carding levels for re-nomination.  However, Olympic & Paralympic team members will receive $1100 for four months as preparation support.


·         2004 Paralympic Games update

Arthur Nault visited the proposed site of the Paralympic Archery event in October 2003.  Nothing was ready.  The Paralympic venue is out by the old airport.  For the Paralympic Games, travelling time between the Village and competition site will be 1.5 hours each way if the traffic is good.  The Practice field will be near the village and construction should have begun in December.


·         Canadian Paralympic Team update

The ASAA tournament will have to be substituted for the AZ Cup for qualification scores since full FITA rounds are needed under CPC’s Schedule A.  The Ontario Spring Classic is another opportunity to achieve the required score.


·         COC meeting report and ramifications

Bruce Savage submitted a report previously.  He reviewed down-sizing for the COC board as well as the athlete committee.  The board may be down-sized to include only those sports that produce results.  At this meeting, the summer sports did not work together.  In the USA once you make the team, you must go; in Canada, COC calculates a capped number for team size.  Only improved results will improve funding.


·         2004 Olympic Games update

The COC staff leaves on Monday, January 26th to review progress to date.  A report will follow their return.


·         COC Team Selection negotiations update

Issues arising regarding COC's list of qualifying events still were not resolved.  FCA had just received the COC response on Friday afternoon.  More questions had been asked and FCA will formulate a reply as quickly as possible.


ACTION:         The Executive Director will ask COC to clarify the intent of the                                    second question in its response.


·         Sport Canada's Alternate Dispute Resolution programme

FCA internal process must be complete and the process straight-forward.  All policies have been reviewed to assure compliance.  By-laws will be revised in 2004.


·         CCES & WADA testing reports for 2003

The FCA office received all paperwork from testing archers this year.  All tests were negative.  There was more unannounced testing, and this trend should continue.


·         WADA Code & implications for testing pool/all tournaments

Allen Jenskey produced two reports for the meeting.  There are concerns over membership at tournaments.  Al Wills felt this issue was the biggest threat to FCA membership and could cause greater division than seen in the history of the sport.


ACTION:               Kathy will make archers aware in 2004 that they are supposed to                          advise the office of their whereabouts generally, particularly                                  recurve archers.  At that time, she will have them sign the new                   Privacy Consent form.


·         Team Leader Handbook

Joan McDonald is producing the draft but her computer hard drive crashed and she is re-writing the document.  Joan has not got a back-up copy.


ACTION:               Kathy will advertise for 2004 team support staff and contact                      Tracy Klat for input.


·         Revised athlete agreement & Athlete Complaint Mechanism

Shawn Riggs provided a written update for the meeting.


ACTION:               Laura Kiraly will work with Shawn to complete this project.


·         Fund-raising scheme - Avalanche jerseys

Sales are improving, but number of units sold is still small.  Five jerseys will be purchased for fund-raising during the FCA indoor regional championships.


·         Indoor Ranking Concerns from Bruce Malmberg

A written complaint was received because FCA has not published indoor scores.


ACTION:               Arthur Nault will contact Mark Vallee regarding indoor ranking.

ACTION:               Kathy will request a status report on the Access programme         changes from Claude Malouin.

ACTION:               Bruce will reply to Bruce Malmberg that action is being taken.


·         Hosting Manual for HPC "major events"

This manual is not available at this time.


ACTION:               Kathy will work with Shawn Riggs and Joan McDonald.


·         Aboriginal Sport Circle

There is little communication between this body and most NSOs.


ACTION:               Kathy will make contact with their representatives for NAIG.


·         Complaint and Apology

A formal written complaint was received regarding correspondence between two FCA members.


ACTION:               Don Lohnes will ask that an apology be sent.


Motion E#04-08:        The Executive affirms its support for Joan McDonald as a volunteer and Olympic Team coach. 

Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:  Al Wills            Unanimous


5.4.  Archery Canada

·         Rule Change Proposal for 2004 rulebook

FITA has produced its updated and Greg Durward is working through the changes.  Cadet females' maximum distance changes to 60m.  This late change must not be allowed to impact on FCA's 2004 team to Junior/Cadet worlds.


Motion E#04-09:        Due to the fact that FITA has changed the cadet female distances to 60m, there is no further need for the FCA Youth division and therefore it should be deleted from the rulebook.

Moved by:        Tom Paukovic             Seconded by:  Arthur Nault     Unanimous


ACTION:   Tom Paukovic will send 3D changes and corrections to Greg Durward


·         Indoor Practice (FITA vs FCA format)

Some clubs shoot 1 30-arrow round per wave with a break and there must be no practice before the second 30-arrow round begins.  This will be included in the new rulebook.


·         Records Database - computer upgrades

Not needed at this time


·         3D business arising from the annual meeting

The 3D hosting agreement in 2005 is combined with target/field.  Turn-out at the annual 3D committee meeting was disappointing.


ACTION:   Tom Paukovic will survey his committee on Grand Prix changes.


·         National Target/Field Hosting Manual

Thanks to Al Wills for his work.  This is now a living document and revisions are expected.


·         Canada Games Technical Delegate pool & changes for 2007

Phil Parlee and Paul Hicks submitted a draft job description for a Games Technical Delegate.  Al Wills submitted changes (attached). 


ACTION:   Kathy will continue to work with Phil and Paul.


There has been no response from the provinces regarding a Games committee to review the technical package.  Manitoba is lobbying actively with provincial Games associations to go back into summer games.  There is a lack of feeder system and Western Canada Games is an example of games operating outside the structure.  There is no record of technical packages for regional or provincial games at the FCA office.


ACTION:   The board is directed to submit its Games technical package to the                                 national office to keep on file and then provide the new Youth                                        development co-ordinator to review them in order to see best practices                                   and consistency.


·         Coaching Programme & level 3

All committee members were given tasks to post on the website for a discussion on transition.  FCA has not received formal acceptance of new level 3 manuals.


ACTION:   Roger Murray will work with Dan Churchill to facilitate secure-link for                             discussion on FCA's website.

ACTION:   Kathy will to follow up with Dave Hill, FCA's new CAC consultant,                                    regarding formal approval of the level 3 manual.


·         CBET transition & CDM project update

The meeting minutes were circulated.  Roger Murray reported on progress since then.


·         Judging Programme status

The Executive felt that PSOs should fund judge candidate costs to nationals.  Ghislain is grooming a successor to his position.


·         International Judge certification update

Bob Sheppard's status has been confirmed as international judge.  More certified international-level judges are needed.  Future budgets should include funds to send a new judge candidate to an international judge seminar so that Canada will have future international judges.


ACTION:         Roger will ask Ghislain to identify possible international judge                                    candidates, and then determine when and where the next clinic will                           be held.


·         Update on 2004 national - indoors

Greg Durward's system is running well.  Kathy will report on membership issues.


·         Update on 2004 MICA championship

Jacqui Jenskey is satisfied with the response this year.  MICA dates have returned to their normal time slot.  There is less confusion regarding MICA/FCA indoor registration.  Medals for 2003 were given to Arthur Nault in June.  One medal was missing.  Efforts are being made to obtain a replacement.


·         Follow up from 2003 3D nationals

Tom reported that Estevan did a very good job.  Recommendations should have been forwarded to Prince George.


ACTION:         Tom will verify whether Kent Maitland has looked at the                                               recommendations or not.


·         3D team selection criteria

Two draft proposals were reviewed and discussed.


ACTION:         Tom will contact Pascal Colmaire for rule clarification.  He will                                    question archers for interest and circulate the proposed criteria                          outside the 3D committee.


·         Update on 2004 3D nationals

Tom reported that Silvertip is very enthusiastic and sending minutes and updates directly to him.  The club has 80 new targets, 40 of which are sponsored already.  There are 12-13 dedicated volunteers helping out.  The Coast Inn of the North is the official hotel.


ACTION:         Kathy will book airfare; Tom will check on room reservations.


·         Follow up from 2003 target/field nationals

The break in between distances was discussed.  For 2004, Caledon will have a small break during the target distances.  Field was very popular and the format may need revision requiring two separate courses.  Chaperones should not expect to have a cub or pre-cub placed in a group other than their proper age and equipment divisions.  The format is very good the way it is.  Team captains got results from the website.


·         Update on 2004 target/field nationals

Bruce reported that 2 target ranges would run simultaneously, senior and cadet/youth.


·         Approval of logo and fees & DoS/assistant DoS

The logo has been approved already.  Richard Chong-kit is DoS.  Randall Jones is assistant DoS for second field.  The club will use a digital wireless timing system and count-down clock.  The Howard Johnson - Brampton is the official hotel ($85/room 4 per room. Sheridan College rates are $70 2-person rooms.  Meetings will be at Howard Johnson.  Caledon will host the AGM and larger meetings such as the athlete town hall.


·         Status of Hosting agreements

Caledon's agreement was revised and needs OAA's signature.


·         PSO criteria for funded athlete to FCA target/field championships

FCA has not received all PSO formula for objective selection criteria.


ACTION:         Board members must submit criteria in order to receive funding.


·         Judging at the 2004 nationals

Positions were advertised. Applications for judges and judge-candidates have been received.  There has been no formal notice of who the 6 judges will be.


ACTION:         Ghislain will supply names to the national office and Kathy will work                         with travel arrangements.


·         Naming of Technical Delegate 2004 national target

Al Wills and Bruce Savage abstained from voting.


Motion E#04-10:        To appoint Al Wills as technical delegate in 2004.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:  Roger Murray              Carried


·         Scheduling meetings during the national target/field championships

Monday, August 2       - Opening Ceremonies 17:00

                                    - Field championship Medal Presentation/BBQ/novelty round

Tuesday, August 3      - Athlete Town hall (doping control education if requested)

                                    - Executive Committee meeting 19:00

Wednesday, Aug 4     - Fred Usher Cup                    - Board meeting 17:00

Thursday, August 5     - AGM 16:00

Friday, August 6          - Doping Control                      - Banquet 19:00

Saturday, Aug 7          - Elimination Rounds


TAOC will send out reminders to parents of cub and pre-cub registrants to explain expectations and chaperones.


·         Future national championship bids

A national rotating schedule is advisable.  Negotiations with provinces and the PSO have 8 years’ notice.  Québec is interested in 2006.


Motion E#04-11:        That the target & field championships follow the rotation used for 3D championships effective 2007, subject to Board ratification.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:  Bruce Savage             Unanimous


·         Records - removal of inactive rounds after 2 years

The Records chair will advise the national office if a round has not established a new record in the last 2 years, and if no tournaments using that round have been registered, it will be removed from the list.


·         Youth Development Co-ordinator & SWAT-type programme

This programme is on-hold until a new co-ordinator can be found.


5.5.  Communication & Marketing

·         Camp instruction resource video & FCA Logo

Logo use was approved and the Executive viewed the product. 


ACTION:         Tom will take a copy of the new video to Reed Fowlie to see if this                             resource would receive Coach Committee endorsement.


·         Marketing follow up from Planning Meeting

Roger continues to refine a Field skins game concept including mail matches.


·         Distribution Centre Products and Sales

FCA has 60cm single faces in stock.


·         Kinsey's Dealer show & ramifications

Kathy Millar will represent FCA to existing FCA sponsors and pursue new ones.


ACTION:   Kathy & Bruce will research replacement of  Win & Win and FCA banners.


·         Win & Win sponsorship (AW)

Al Wills reported that everything is ready to go for 2004 and is waiting for names.


ACTION:   Arthur will ask Gary Gillies to supply recipient names to Al Wills.


·         "Property of" shirts quote & production

Kathy produced pricing options for t-shirts and shells.  These products are fund-raisers for HPC and none will be given away.


Motion E#04-12:        to purchase both items at 50 quantity levels as described.

Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:  Al Wills                        Unanimous


·         Athlete Biographies on the Web

Roger reported that there was some progress.


ACTION:   Kathy will re-send Doris Jones website address to Roger.


5.6.Other Business

·         FCA annual awards nominations from the Executive Committee

The Executive recommended the following nominations: Female Athlete, Racheal Savage; Male Athlete, Rob Rusnov; DM Lovo, men’s compound team; and Junior Athlete - Crispin Duenas.


ACTION:   Roger will contact Ghislain Arsenault and Reed Fowlie for nominations


·         Proposal for FCA lifetime membership (attached)


Motion E#04-13:        to accept the FCA proposal providing Board approval.

Moved by:        Al Wills                        Seconded by:  Tom Paukovic             Unanimous


·         Fund-raising

Kathy will supply Don Lohnes with fund-raising materials to take to Prince George.


·         Policy for Team Event

The Executive supports HPC's efforts to define a policy on the FITA team event at world championships and the involvement of all 4 team members present.  This policy may not be needed in the future if FITA reduces registration to 3 persons per division.


·         Bowhunter education as part of the 3D Vice-President's portfolio

Since bowhunting and education are provincial jurisdictions, the vice-president encourages each PSO to report developments/changes for the annual meeting.


6.  President’s Comments

The president thanked the committee for the quality of their work and input.


7.  Adjournment

The meeting ended on Sunday, January 25th at 14:30.  Adjourned until August 3, 2004.





My report at this stage of the first six months of my term as president will be brief.  I have to admit that the number of items and various issues that the FCA and the executive have to face on a continual basis never ceases to amaze me.  The emails are constant, time lines are short for response and the issues are varied.  With the help of the Executive I try to answer these emails as quickly as possible and the only delays are due to employment travel outside the office or the occasional opportunity for some vacation time.



The teleconference in November seems to have solved some of the issues that have been brought before the Executive and the Board.  There are some items that are still under review such as the Rusnov appeal, HPC Motion #03-18.  Other than that the teleconference worked very well.



Our number of volunteers and the efforts that they put forward on behalf of the FCA are beyond reproach.  What appears to be unnecessary attacks on various individuals within the organisation is a major concern and must be dealt with as soon as possible.  I am seeing this in many emails of late and I find this quite disturbing.



1.       I do have a concern regarding the Executive and the continuation of knowledgeable persons in the executive positions.  I believe we have to have a position of past president that can be tasked with specific duties.  Also, I believe that specific terms should be established to ensure that we do not lose the valuable information that exists with the Executive all in one year as their will be a turnover at some point in time.

2.       I also have a concern over the status of our national championships.  I believe that they should co-exist together, in one province, each year.  Perhaps we could look at the rotating schedule that has been established by the 3D board as a means to determine where the Canadian Archery Championships will be held on an annual basis.  I am looking forward to 2005 when they will host together in New Brunswick.


Respectfully submitted,

Don Lohnes



The following is a list of the events and services assigned to the position of VP events and services.


·         FCA Outdoor target and Field Championships

            2004 Ontario –Caledon   approved

      2005 New Brunswick                  approved

      2006 Quebec has indicate they will bid at the 2004 AGM for the 2006 Event

·        Current format seems to have been accepted by the membership – no need to revised format -  still too many “Champions” - under used equipment division may need to be removed - equipment division are to be monitored for participation levels – Youth division removed from Championships

·        Event sponsor is needed in order to keep entry fee down and to help host clubs make a reasonable profit for the time invested to run the event

·        Provincial rotation of event should be aligned with 3D Championship rotation

·        Technical delegate for 2004 – to be appointed at January Exec meeting


·         FCA Mail Match

·        started for 2004 – Andrew Webber accepting scores


·         FCA Regional Indoors

·        17 host sites registered at the time of this report

·        Greg Durward looking for someone else to take over


·         MICA Mail Match

·        Jacqui Jenskey co-ordinating event this year

·        17 host sites register at time of report


·         Canada Games

·          Next Games in Yukon 

·          Need to lobby for re admission to Summer Games

·          Local contacts needed to host the event



·         Rule book

·          Greg Durward keeping rules up to date

·          New publication needed this year


·         FCA Records

·          Christine Murphy managing the database

·          New format has been used this year on web site

·          Some categories have been archived

·          Youth category not being used by membership – delete or retain?


·         Product distribution

·          Executive Director handles day-to-day operations from national office


·         Web Master Report from Al Wills

The Web site has now grown to over 300MB of files, covering over 8500 files.  It has actually shrunk a bit in the past month, due to our change in the way FCA reports FITA Stars and Records.  We have streamlined record reporting and while it may take a little longer to have a new record on the web page, the amount of work for the webmaster and Record co-ordinator has been reduced greatly.  We have added a Judge and Coach area to the FCA discussion forums.  I would urge all of you to keep an eye on these discussions as a lot of FCA policy is discussed there.  A few files were removed inadvertently from the HPC policy pages late last year, but they were found in back ups and restored.  The web site holds most of FCA’s policies and information.  However, I feel that Executive, Board and Committee Chairs need to take a more active role in telling me what should be on their respective pages and when they should be changed.  I do not feel comfortable making policy decisions as the webmaster.  I think the web site is an excellent tool, which keeps the association informed.  It is running well at very little cost to the association.


Respectfully Submitted

Bruce Savage



National 3D Team identification

As an item of business arising from the AGM in Victoria I have polled the 3D provincial chairs with respect to the naming and development of a National 3D team eligible for status at international events.  To date I have received limited input from the Chairs with regard to specific eligibility requirements and program definition.  Kathy has submitted changes to my original proposal that make the selection process more respective of time constraints and added some qualifying criteria.  You will find the proposal and changes attached for discussion.


2004 3D Championships

Kent Maitland and the Silver Tip Archers are doing an outstanding job of preparing for this year's event.  They are well underway with preparations and the club has a strong history of hosting 3D events.  This is the first time the event will be held in BC and the terrain challenges should make it one to remember.  As there is not yet a sponsor for National events the FCA will once again cover the cost of plaques for the Grand Prix event.  There is ongoing discussion on the format of the Grand Prix and possible changes to make it more inclusive for other archers.


2005 Championships

New Brunswick is well on the way to having this event organised.  The long lead up time will really benefit them, as hosting a combined Championship requires a more concerted effort.


3D Rule Changes

Provincial chairs have been asked for input on changes to rules and format for our Championship.  Maintaining a Canadian identity while facilitating shooters who compete in the U.S. is similar to the debate that has plagued the Target shooters with respect to format and the need for Major events. 


There is a difference in the wording of age classes for target and 3D that should be consistent for the sake of clarity.  Our affiliation with FITA and IBO makes it difficult as they have different definitions of age classes. 


While there has been some communication via e-mail a conference call may be of some benefit to get opinions on the Grand Prix format, Equipment and age classifications.  At the present time I do not for see any major rule changes in the upcoming year.


Respectfully submitted

Tom Paukovic



Voici mon rapport sur les activités du comité de la HPC depuis cet été à Victoria.  Mais je crois que chacun de vous été en mesure de suivre probablement mieux que moi tous ce qui a été écrit dans les e-mails ainsi que sur les forum de discutions sur le sites de la FCA


Comme pour la plus part d’entre vous, vous avez participés à la conférence téléphonique du mois de novembre qui a mon avis fut une réussite, autant pour les discutions que nous avons eu, que les sous qui furent épargner en évitant les déplacements de chacun.  Je crois que cette expérience pourrait se répétée.


Il est certain que je trouve vraiment difficile le lire tous ses E-mail et surtout de comprendre toute les subtilités que je devrais.  Mais une chose que je comprend bien, mais je peux pas admettre ce sont les mensonges que l’ont écrit sur compte Joan McDonald.


Je crois que nous devons un grand respect pour tout le travail fait au fil des années par Joan et oublier une personne qui n’a de respect pour personne.


Merci a toutes les personnes qui consacrent toute cette énergies pour notre sport, je pense à Shawn Riggs, Marthe Cusson, Gary Gillies, Allen Jenskey, Joan McDonald et spécialement Kathy qui est vraiment un support incroyable à tous le Tir à l’arc Canadien.


Il est a noté q’une réunion du comité de HPC est prévu en avril prochain.  


Il serait aussi possible d’avoir une présence de nos archers aux jeux Paralympique comme au Olympique puisque le classement final sera fait après la compétition qui se tiendra la fin de semaine du 23 Janvier en Malaisie.  Présentement Alec Denys est classé 24e et Norbet Murphy 27e .


Respecteusement soumis par

Arthur Nault




Despite my promises that I was going to step back from FCA duties in order to pursue my studies, I’m afraid that has not happened!  It seems that archery work is always preferable to studying!


I have kept up on happenings at Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and FITA, disseminating information from each to appropriate committees within FCA and posting some on the website.  FCA asked for official FITA clarification concerning Indoor practice, which the Executive will be discussing at this meeting.  I was not able to attend the COC Board Meeting in Toronto due to my studies; Bruce Savage attended in my stead.  He came away from the meeting with a fresh view of the bureaucracy that is COC.  I tend to be a bit more optimistic with them, but I have worked with them for quite a while now.  I will be speaking with my contacts as to what we can do to speed up the Schedule negotiations in the future.  I don’t hold forth a lot of faith as we were assured that the experience from Sydney was going to make these negotiations much easier!!  I will certainly speak on this at the AGM and next Board Meeting.


Marthe Cusson continues to distribute the FITA Star awards for me.  She does an excellent job.  FCA posted all the winners since the mid-seventies to the website.  We have a few glitches every year, because we insist on having the awards presented formally, which make the hassle worth the effort.


Respectfully submitted

Allan R. Wills




All cheque runs received have been reviewed, clarified where necessary and returned to the office in a timely manner.  The ED keeps me informed on accounts receivable and some bookkeeping and stocking matters, but most of this is done by the office.  I am comfortable in saying that financial matters are being well looked after at FCA.


Respectfully submitted

Allan R. Wills





Due to the number of meetings and teleconferences held between August and December 2003, the follow-up from and completion of my tasks have been difficult to complete.  All tasks were ranked in priority order and the most critical responsibilities have been addressed.  As well, the difficulties surrounding the negotiations with the Canadian Olympic Committee’s Schedules A & B, and complications arising from the process, meant that other tasks were delayed as priorities changed.  There is considerable follow-up work from to do from the 2003 Presidents’ conference and August Board meeting concerning planning and policy creation.  Quite a few of the recommendations and suggested initiatives require volunteer commitment as well as financial planning. Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics policies will be carried out and the FCA link with the ADRsportRED process will be completed this year.  FCA needs to produce educational tools on athlete abuse and revise its Athlete agreement as an example for PSOs to follow and/or adapt. 


In accordance with the wishes of the Board in August, the first teleconference to approve minutes was held in November.  The Board demonstrated leadership and knowledge, as well as concern for all athletes, in its review of High Performance Committee motions.  Board members are to be congratulated for their degree of preparation and desire for background information that was required for sound decision-making.  FCA continues to be blessed with a core of very dedicated, hard-working committee members and at times it is difficult to keep up with demand.


The Distribution Centre continues to provide good service to our clients.  FCA's inventory is being accounted for in an efficient manner.  The FCA office calculated the inventory value for year-end and it was forwarded to FCA's auditor.  The FCA national office site is secure until March 31, 2004.  At that time, Equine Canada's lease will be up for renewal.  At this time, it does not appear that Equine Canada has either the inclination to move, or the need to expand further.  However, I have not received confirmation of FCA's sub-lease renewal.  The monthly rate will probably increase slightly, but relocation appears unlikely during the winter months.


Annual reports and indoor programme information were circulated to all clubs affiliated with FCA in 2003.  Up to date information will be mailed to each club upon renewal. The Board showed good judgement in ratifying a rate increase for 2004.  Member and club liability insurance coverage is $5 million and the individual member premium assessment is $2.24.  However, retailer fees have increased to $100 and FCA is losing money on this programme.  Directors & Officers insurance increased substantially and FCA will have to consider whether or not to invoice BCAA and AANS for part of the premium.  The final membership report was submitted and the balance owing for 2003 has been paid.  The broker wishes to receive minimum payment for the 2004 membership premium in two instalments.  This totals nearly $11,000.  Hopefully, FCA will not have to use its Line of Credit in order to pay the premium without incurring carrying charges.


Communication is a priority and demands are increasing.  The percentage of time spent answering e-mails promptly detracts from other tasks.  The weekly Info.E-mail bulletins are well liked by the membership and are worth the effort.  FCA’s volunteer translators continue to do yeoman’s work in assisting the national office on a regular basis.  The proceeds from the Winnipeg Trust Fund are utilised as a token of FCA’s appreciation of their work and the thousands of dollars they save the Federation every year.  I represented FCA in many capacities and reported fully on all of them.  High Performance activities continue to demand considerable time in preparation for 2004 major events, as well as the necessary communication between Sport Canada and FCA.


FCA's return to Sport Canada base funding has allowed the federation to assess, review and plan.  Future government funding is dependent upon FCA's ability to refine the plan, implement it successfully and assess outcomes in a timely manner.  FCA is working to develop policies and educate members in accordance with Sport Canada guidelines and good management practices.



All bookkeeping practices were completed on time.  FCA's bank balance year-to-date for the fiscal year is $16,000 greater because most government-funded projects have been completed, and Sport Canada contributions have arrived on time.  Of that total, approximately $8,000 is restricted funds.  All purchases have been prudent.  Expenses have been kept to a minimum.  The Board has decided to meet by teleconference rather than incur the large expense of meeting face-to-face more than once per year.  This is a wise use of funds, as well as diminishing the workload during the annual meeting.


A PSO grid was instituted for funding athletes to national championships based on the travel distance from the home province to major cities across the country.  The Board priority to fund this programme annually showed its commitment to youth in sport.  This sliding grid mirrors the one used for PSO expenses to meetings, and provides incentives if and when provincial membership numbers surpass certain levels.  In some cases, FCA continues to subsidize PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSOs.  However, this is justifiable in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. 


The 2003 budget was approved very late in the year due to the delays from Sport Canada.  The government is making efforts to insure that this same situation does not happen in 2004.  Due to the lack of confirmation of funds, a new project to support junior archers to the US nationals could not proceed as planned.  I would encourage FCA to apply for this funding again for 2005 since there will be no major world event for youth in that year.  Again, I attempted to produce understandable reports tracking restricted funds through the bookkeeping system, and reflecting differences in year-ends.  The values that I projected for FCA's discretionary funds were accurate, and FCA was able to employ Laura Kiraly 4 hours per week to assist with secretarial and desktop publishing duties.  I prepared the 2004 draft budget and forwarded it electronically to the Executive in December 2003.  I have anticipated the inventory needs for programmes and services as well.  Those orders, other than the annual medals order, will be going out after the January meeting. 


FCA has been successful in retailing and wholesaling FITA-legal indoor 40cm target faces.  Effective January 13, 2004 FCA began stocking 60cm single faces.  It was not possible to secure a good price for 3-spot 60cm faces.  COC/VISA/FCA credit cards generate approximately $800 per year for High Performance activities.


Basic operational costs are stable.  Travel costs are difficult to anticipate, but ticket prices seem to have stabilised.  The extra 5% figured into the budget may be sufficient.


Sport Canada contributions remained at 2002-2003 levels, despite the fact that FCA did not host another planning meeting.  This positive response from the government indicates a certain level of satisfaction with archery’s efforts and progress to date.  With the review of SFAF II in late 2004, it remains to be seen whether archery continues to receive Sport Canada financial assistance or not.  COC’s contribution diminished to finish the quadrennial.  Unless there is a dramatic turn of events in Athens, this trend will continue.  FCA must increase its own revenue base in the upcoming fiscal year.


High Performance

For the first time, Sport Canada contributed funds to a national junior/cadet archery team to the US Open.  Unfortunately, the approval for this project came one week after the event.  FCA is using this money to assist recurve archers in their quest to complete the qualification process to trial for the 2 Athens spots.  In 2004, FCA plans to assist juniors and cadets as much as possible to the FITA world championships in Lilleshall, GBR.  Interest is high and requests for information as well as applications for membership in Excellence 2004 have been greater than anticipated.


The ranking system was reviewed by HPC.  The committee will discuss the relevance and use of 70m rounds in the ranking system some time in April.  There is no intention to use this round for 2004 ranking or team selection criteria.  HPC is reviewing the use of trials for international teams.  An ad hoc committee is studying this option.  Posting an up-to-date ranking list on the website has been an issue and the software continues to be a handicap.  Indoor ranking is a challenge since few archers submit enough scores to have an average.  The "Race to New York" was a good motivator, and should be used again for other teams. 


Unfortunately, due to the amount of discord and accusations regarding team selection criteria this past year, Joan McDonald resigned as Team Selection Co-ordinator though she remains an important member of HPC, and will continue to look after the ranking programme.  The Executive Director has assumed this role in the interim until a replacement can be found.


The annual Brossard meeting was very busy and productive.  WADA and CCES now take up a larger percentage of meeting time because of all the regulations and athlete tracking demands of the new anti-doping programme.  I wish to thank Allen Jenskey for his work on behalf of the archery community this year.  Minutes were circulated to the Board and voted on. 


Schedule "A" negotiations with COC are still not complete due to the appeal over CQT versus WRE events this fall.  The national office has requested a decision.  The whole situation could have been avoided if FITA had given NSOs 6-9 months' notice, instead of the revising CQT technical package in late July 2003.  The COC Sport Review Process did not provide FCA with increased funding levels.  Even though our archers did well at the FITA world championship in 2003, it will have no impact on funding either.  The Paralympic archers did not receive any funding through the CPC Sport Review Process either. 


Wheelchair archers failed to win quota spots for Athens during 2003 IPC World championships.  Alec Denys and Norbert Murphy may still earn quota depending upon their overall ranking on the IPC list.  Their results were forwarded to IPC and the final quota allotment per country will be known in mid-February 2004.  Rob Rusnov and Racheal Savage were able to earn quota for Canada at the CQT so for the first time since 1988 Canada has a chance to send a female archer to the Olympic Games.   Congratulations to both archers.


HPC members have committed a great deal of time in the past 4 months to a variety of concerns and I commend their efforts.  It is very unfortunate that some FCA members write negative, derogatory remarks thwarting the efforts of some of our most committed volunteers, and yet do very little to assist or ease their workload.  HPC members need support, not vindictive criticism.


I continue to work closely with Marthe Cusson regarding national team clothing production.  Uniforms and shooting shirts will be needed for junior/cadet world team members as well as some senior team members.  Interest in the Micro-therm product continues to increase unit sales.


Archery Council

The Coach Committee met in Winnipeg in November to continue the CBET transition under the leadership of Reed Fowlie.  Roger Murray enlisted the help of two new committee members and tasks have been assigned as follow-up.  The committee will meet again before the end of March.  I attended several CAC meetings on behalf of the volunteers and made full reports, and I am a member of a CAC working group charged with anticipating certification problems with the phase out of theory levels 1 & 2. 


2004 will be a rulebook year and Greg Durward is awaiting the release of FITA’s new book before combining those changes with the approved rule changes from the August Board meeting.  Production should begin in March.  Practice time and tournament procedures need clarification.


CanBow Indoor product sales continued strong in 2003.  However, outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are non-existent.  Coaching product sales continue to be strong also.


3D Grand Prix keepsake certificates were sent to the individual winners at the 2003 nationals.  Some archers attempted to shoot the 3D nationals without being PSO members, in violation of the FCA/PSO agreement.  A new membership rate of $100 will be imposed in 2004 for those archers who show up to nationals as non-members.  Vice-President Tom Paukovic has surveyed his committee regarding team selection criteria for the next FITA 3Di tournament, tentatively scheduled in Italy in 2005.  Much still needs to be done, but this new international event is certainly a welcomed competition for FCA’s 3D membership.  The new compressed target nationals’ format was well received in 2003, particularly by the organisers who used a skeleton crew of very experienced volunteers to pull off the event successfully. 


A combined outdoor Championship hosting manual has been revised and edited by Al Wills, and is available through Distribution for $5.  Event preparation guidelines address 3D, target and field championships as well as the FCA Open event.


I have been in regular contact with both organizing committees of FCA's 2004 outdoor championships.  Work is progressing well.  There has been some dissatisfaction with the date selection for the national field championships as it overlaps with the 3D event in Prince George.  However, at the AGM the membership accepted Caledon’s bid without a confirmation of dates because the Ontario archery schedule was so crowded.  Fortunately, this regrettable situation will not occur in 2005 when Saint John hosts a combined national championship.  I have been in regular contact with both AANB President Bob McIntyre and FCA rep Phil Parlee regarding this event.  Everything is running very smoothly and many clubs are committed to help out.


The portfolio of national youth development co-ordinator has been inactive.  The call for volunteers to assist with the Canada Games 2007 technical package has received minimal response.  This is an extremely important event for the provinces and archery can stay in the Games only with active involvement of Board members.  These Games should be a priority.



a)         Financial Stability

The Canadian Olympic Committee has reduced funding support to NSO's.  Unless archers perform very well in Athens, FCA may receive as little as $10,000 per year in the next quadrennial.  Due to the fact that some sports did not adhere to the “exclusivity” clause with Labatt’s, COC was not able to re-negotiate a contract with them and that money is gone.  None of the national outdoor championships and FCA Open has a title sponsor, though President Don Lohnes has been using his contacts to rectify this situation. 


Increased revenue is expected from Ontario memberships due to the integration of FCA and OAA fees.  Congratulations to Bruce Savage and Bill Embury for their efforts to heal the breech of the past 22 years.  Alberta membership will increase also as ABA has decided to re-affiliate with ATAA and re-establish the ABAA as the governing body.  Congratulations to all concerned.


The FCA Board must assess its funding base and allocate discretionary funds in specific, concentrated areas.   Emphasis should be put on youth and spreading CanBow outside of the present archery community.  A task force should be appointed to design and submit a proposal to government in order to access Sport Canada’s participation fund and implement the programme.


b)         Leadership

The Executive has many tasks ahead of it, including the discussion regarding terms of office and the election process.  Should major changes be agreed to, the membership will vote on these changes at the 2004 AGM; then FCA will need to submit the revisions to Industry Canada. Lastly, each vice-president should be actively recruiting interested parties NOW to run for office in 2005.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Millar




Political Changes within Canadian Heritage

·              Paul Martin and his Cabinet were sworn in on December 12, 2003.  Hélène Chalifour Scherrer has been named the new Minister of Canadian Heritage, while Stan Kazmierczak Keyes has been named the Minister of Revenue and Minister of State (Sport). 

·              Minister Keyes’ sport portfolio continues to fall under Canadian Heritage. Hélene Scherrer (Louis Hébert) has sat on a number of municipal committees dealing with culture, leisure and family issues.  She has had a strong interest in sports, as seen by her involvement in regional and national committees that organize sports events.  She was vice-president for development with Challenge Bell and in 1999-2000, and president of the Quebec 2000 world junior alpine championships.

·              Stan Keyes (Hamilton West) enjoyed a successful career as a broadcast journalist before entering politics.  He has been Co-Critic for Fitness and Amateur Sport.  His currently portfolio includes revenue (from the former Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency), however he considers sport to be an important part of his portfolio. 

·              Currently this change in Cabinet does not affect Sport Canada or its operations.


Sport Participation

·              The February 2003 federal budget allocated an amount of $45 million over five years to Sport Canada for participation activities: $5 million for 2003/04, and $10 million per year for the next four fiscal years until 2007/08.

·              Sport Canada is continuing in 2004/5 the Sport Participation Development Program piloted in 2002/03 (see information under “Funding Programs section.)

·              Sport Canada is also entering into bilateral agreements with Provinces and Territories, some of which will focus on enhancing participation (see F-P/T Bilateral section).

·              Sport Canada is planning to release to the sport community a discussion paper on current Sport Canada programs and initiatives in sport participation and to ask for feedback on future Sport Canada investment in sport participation.  This discussion paper will be circulated early in the New Year.


F-P/T Bilateral Agreements

·              Federal-Provincial/Territorial (F-P/T) governments’ endorsement of the Canadian Sport Policy and F-P/T Priorities for Collaborative Action 2002-05, in April 2002, have created the opportunity for the governments to enter into bilateral agreements to advance the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy.  Multi-year bilateral agreements have been negotiated with all P/T governments in 2003 with the exception of Ontario and Quebec. 

·              As of January 2004, the following agreements have been concluded:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia


Northwest Territories

Prince Edward Island



Newfoundland & Labrador

Sport Participation Initiative

Aboriginal Youth F.I.R.S.T. Excellence Program

Canada-Manitoba Sport Development Partnership

Active School Community Project

Sport Futures Leadership Program

Pan-Territorial Sport Strategy: Nunavut Program

Pan-Territorial Sport Strategy: NWT Program

Sport Development Initiative

Building Future Champions Program

Pan-Territorial Sport Strategy: Yukon Program

    (Not yet announced)



·              The F-P/T Work Group on Athlete Performance and Sport System Target Setting has developed a draft report.  Further meetings to finalize the report are scheduled for the early part of 2004.  The final report is to be presented at the 2004 F-P/T Ministers' Conference in Quebec City (April 29-30)

La Relève

·              December 10, 2003, former Secretary of State (Physical Activity and Sport) Paul DeVillers announced funding of $7.4 million over two years for La Relève, a project aimed at Canada’s next generation of Olympic and Paralympic champions.

·              Under La Relève, the Government of Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), identified athletes and teams with a high probability for success in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver-Whistler, and beyond. Funding is going to 27 Summer Olympic, 11 Winter Olympic, and 10 Paralympic sports for 2003–04 and 2004–05

·                La Relève was designed to complement COC and CPC priorities identified in the Sport Review announced earlier in 2003. 

·                Funding for La Relève comes from the five-year, $25-million investment in high-performance athletes announced in the federal Budget 2003.  La Relève aims to build and strengthen the Canadian sport system through long-term initiatives, such as support for developmental coaching positions, improved access to training and competition, and funding for sport science and medicine.


Sport for Persons with a Disability

·              A Work Group on Sport for Persons with a Disability, established by the former Secretary of State (Physical Activity and Sport), held its first meeting on December 12, 2003.  It's primary task is to develop a generic sport Participant’s Development Model that could be adapted to the needs of each of the three movements of sport for persons with a disability (i.e., Paralympics, Special Olympics, and Deaflympics).  The next meeting is scheduled to take place at Sport Canada on January 23, 2004. The Work Group's final report is due by May 31st, 2004.

·              The Review of Sport for Athletes with a Disability (SAWAD Review), commissioned by Sport Canada and being conducted by Rose Mercier, is expected to be complete by the end of February 2004.  This review will look at the state of integration/inclusion at the national team/NSO level and will identify gaps in the delivery of sport to persons with a disability.  Rose Mercier will be doing some targeted consultation with specific sports. She has been invited to attend the next meeting of the Minister of State’s Work Group to share information.

·              The draft of the Sport Canada Policy on Sport for Persons with a Disability has been put on hold until completion of the work of the minister of State’s Work Groups and of the SAWAD Review.



·              In April 2002, Federal, Provincial and Territorial (F-P/T) Ministers Responsible for Sport, Recreation and Fitness agreed that a new Canadian anti-doping policy would be drafted. 

·              Officials of Sport Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) and F-P/T governments, have been working toward developing a comprehensive Canadian anti-doping policy and ensuring its compatibility with the World Anti-Doping Code.

·              This policy is currently being prepared for formal endorsement by F-P/T Ministers at their meeting in Quebec City, Quebec in April 2004, and will replace the current Canadian Policy on Doping in Sport.

·              In April 2004, the CCES will release the new Canadian Anti-Doping Program – Rules and Standards, which have also been developed to be in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

·              The adoption of the new Canadian Policy Against Doping in Sport and the Canadian Anti-Doping Program will be a condition of funding from Sport Canada, and a requirement of participation at the Olympics and Paralympics.

·              A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Sport Canada and the CCES has also been drafted. This MOU will guide respective anti-doping activities of the two organizations over the next few years.



·              The Sport Canada Accountability Framework is the means by which the government will ensure the achievement of key goals and is designed to assist nationally funded Sport Organisations to work toward sustainable change in partnership with the federal government and, potentially, with other organisation that are committed to similar goals.

·              The Accountability Framework will be based on each organization’s strategic and annual operating plans.  It is essential that all the goals and objectives of Sport Canada’s Accountability Framework be incorporated within the organization’s plans.

·              The Accountability Framework identifies National Standards within the 4 Canadian Sport Policy Areas (Excellence, Participation, Building Capacity and Interaction). The National Standards describe a consistent set of attributes that will apply across all Sport Organisations, ensuring a minimum level of service from Organisation to Organisation.  It is expected that each Sport Organisation will provide basic services to meet or exceed all the identified standards.

·              Sport Canada is currently studying strategies to address lack of compliance with the National Standards.  Any strategy devised will consider the difference between lack of compliance and not meeting the standard due to barriers or other limitations.   



·              Sport Canada is undertaking a major review and update of the methodology, namely the Sport Funding and Accountability Framework (SFAF), used to determine which organizations are eligible for Sport Canada funding, in what areas, at what level and with what expectations.

·              The objective is to revise the SFAF, with input from the sport community, to better achieve the goals of the Canadian Sport Policy in the areas of Excellence, Participation, Capacity and Interaction.

·              At the same time, Sport Canada will be expanding our collaborative approach with our provincial/territorial counterparts and our national funding partners to strengthen the combined impact of our respective programs.

·              The work will occur from Fall 2003 - Spring 2005:


            Fall 2003 - Spring 2004: framework review/design and consultation

·              Eligibility parameters will be reviewed; the assessment content will be revised and will include parameters to assess future potential in Excellence area. During this period an eligibility and accountability framework for MSOs will also be piloted.


            Summer - Fall 2004: Assessment data collection (50+ NSOs and 30+ MSOs)

·              Collection of assessment data from each organization.


            Fall 2004 - Spring 2005: NSO and MSO assessment

·              Sport Canada assessment and verification of data provided.  The Excellence assessment component will be integrated with the Sport Review Process for NSOs.


            April 2005: start of SFAF III

·              Commencement of 2005-2010 funding cycle for NSOs and MSOs.


·              The revised SFAF will pertain to all organizations: National Sport Organizations, Canadian Sport Centers and Multi-Sport Service Organizations.

·              The SFAF modifications, to be completed by April 01, 2005, are expected to result in a significant realignment of Sport Canada’s funding programs and have substantial long-term impacts on the Canadian sport system.

·              The success of this important work relies on effective communication and a consultation strategy that will engage interested individuals and organizations, both within the sport community and among our provincial/territorial counterparts, in meaningful discussions to address key issues at specific touch points throughout the process.

·              Throughout the process, the national sport community will be kept updated and have numerous input opportunities.


CANADIAN SPORT POLICY                 

National Sport Policy

National Alternate Dispute Resolution Program (ADR)

·              The ADR-sport-RED program was established to resolve sport conflicts in a more timely and cost-effective manner than the court system.  This is particularly important in situations where an athlete's ability to compete is at stake.

·              Commencing with this funding year, it is a condition of Sport Canada funding that the policies of funded organisations that govern national team programs and the selection of athletes to teams representing Canada at international events provide for an appeal to the ADR-Sport-RED program.  The ADR appeal must be automatically available after the sport organisation has exhausted its own internal appeal process. Funded Organisations will be receiving further detail on how this requirement will be implemented in the near future.

·              For more information, visit the WEB site :   www.adrsportred.ca


Canadian Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (SDRCC)

·              Work has begun on putting this new centre in place. It is expected that the new centre will be up and running by April 2004.

·              The Board of Directors has been appointed by the Minister and held their first meeting in December.





Upcoming Events


Arctic Winter Games, Wood Buffalo, AB                                                       February 2004

Summer Olympic Games, Athens, Greece                                                    August 2004

Summer Paralympic Games, Athens, Greece                                                September 2004

Special Olympic World Winter Games, Nagano, Japan                                   March 2005

10th FINA World Championships, Montreal, QC                                              July 2005

Summer Canada Games, Regina & Moose Jaw                                             August 2005



Part 1:        Registration costs on-site at FCA national championships

Effective February 1, 2004, any archer arriving to register as a competitor on-site at any outdoor national archery championship, who is not already a member in good standing of the Federation of Canadian Archers, will be required to pay a membership fee of $100.  If the archer does not agree to pay this sum, the archer can not compete at those championships.


The PSO for the province in which the archer resides will be compensated the full PSO/FCA individual affiliation fee for the current membership year.  The residual will rest with FCA.



Part 2:        FCA Membership at FCA-sanctioned events

With regard to the enforcement of the new WADA code for anti-doping, effective February 01, 2004 all clubs hosting FCA-sanctioned events must designate on the participant score card and final results sheets one of the following options:

a)       FCA member in good standing

b)       Member of a FITA member association

c)       Guest


Submitted by K. J. Millar




When I first started looking into this issue I looked at it from the wrong angle. I thought that it would be an extension of the existing Harassment policy with the procedures on how to ensure that our athletes and support staff were made aware of policy and ensure that due diligence was observed in an attempt to protect all parties involved.  Many organizations have Harassment policy, however after some research really only Australia has a very well thought out child protection and procedure policy in sport.

The FCA Harassment policy is a very good policy that has well defined procedures and expectations established in it.  When one types in Abuse policy on the search engines on the Internet dozens of titles come up.  The unfortunate thing about this is that a large number of these sites no longer exist. For one reason or another the policies have not been updated and kept up.

These procedures and policies include:

·         Screening of coaches and support staff that will be in direct contact with the athletes

·         Criminal background checks

·         Interviews and reference checks

·         Confidentiality forms etc.

Once a policy is developed and put into place, we then need to ensure that when athletes become part of the National Excellence programme they are issued an information package and two forms.  The one is an athlete code of conduct and the other is the Harassment and Abuse policies or Member protection policy.  These forms are to be signed by the athlete and their coaches, parents, guardians, etc.  Once signed they are returned to the FCA for the file. Upon being selected to participate as a member of the National team this form is again issued for signature regarding the team event that they will be attending. Their signature is mandatory to ensure that the athletes and support staff are aware of the policy and procedures regarding abuse, and the guidelines are laid out in the event of a report of an incident.

I am going to take a much closer look at a couple of other sports and recreation policies and try to see what can be developed to fit the FCA, my target deadline is April.

Respectfully submitted
Susan Lemke








General Information            

·         There are two important pieces of privacy legislation that are federally administered.  It is important to distinguish between the two pieces of legislation because they address different purposes.  The first is the Privacy Act, which protects the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by a government institution. The second is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, which received Royal Assent on April 13, 2002.  This legislation governs the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by organizations involved in commercial activities.


·         Both pieces of legislation are of interest to National Sport Organizations (NSOs), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs) and Canadian Sport Centres (CSCs) that are funded by Sport Canada for different reasons.  The Privacy Act determines how government institutions manage personal information that they have in their possession that have been provided to them by NSOs, MSOs and CSCs.  The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act that will be coming into force on January 1, 2004, could determine how NSOs, MSOs and CSCs manage personal information that they have in their possession


·         Federal works are not exempt from the application of this legislation.  The Federal government institutions subject to the Privacy Act are not subject, however, to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act


·         The Privacy Commissioner is responsible for administrating the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.  Complaints will be filed for investigation with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.  An individual dissatisfied with the results of the investigation conducted by the Privacy Commissioner can apply to the Federal Court - Trial Division for a hearing. 


·         Regulations under the Act have been prepared by Industry Canada that will also come into effect also on January 1, 2004.  A Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement (RIAS) accompanies the regulations which explains their purpose and impact on Canadian society.  


·         Another piece of legislation is also of interest to NSOs, MSOs and CSCs.  It is the Access to Information Act, which provides a right of access to information in records under the control of a government institution in accordance with the principles that government information should be available to the public.  Information submitted to Sport Canada by NSOs, MSOs and CSCs is subject to the provisions of this Act and their interpretation.


Prepared by Gwen Prillo

Sport Canada

December 2003



Effective January 1, 2004, the Government of Canada will implement the last phase of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA).  PIPEDA was created to ensure all Canadians' basic right to privacy is upheld.


We at the Federation of Canadian Archers Inc are dedicated to keeping your personal and financial information in strict confidence.  As technology continues to change, FCA will always protect your privacy.


Before or when FCA collects information about you, FCA will explain how it is intended to be used.  Unless law requires FCA, the Federation of Canadian Archers Inc will not use or disclose any personal information that has been collected.  Once FCA has received your consent and unless your information requires amendments, it will be kept on file and will not be used or disclosed to anyone not directly pertaining to FCA's programmes and services.  In order to safeguard your personal information, FCA may require you to provide sufficient identification information to permit us to authorize access to your file.


The information FCA asks of you is information that refers to you specifically that may include the following:

Name                                                                Mailing address
Business & Home Phone number                        Fax number
Emergency contact name and phone number       Email address
Passport number                                               Visa numbers if applicable

Date of Birth (for tournament registration purposes)
Credit card number


FCA will use the above-mentioned information to communicate with you and to process your requests.  Your information may be sent to a third party such as a hotel, organising committee, supplier, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, or FCA's travel agency allowing FCA to complete your travel itinerary.  FCA will do its utmost to ensure that these companies and contacts also have privacy policies in place prior to releasing such information to them.


FCA will make every effort to ensure that your personal information is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.  If you need to have your information amended, please contact the FCA office directly.


The Federation of Canadian Archers Inc does not provide or sell its membership lists to any outside company for use in marketing or solicitation.  Only FCA employees are granted access to personal information about our members.


FCA and employees are not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of other web sites to which FCA's site may be linked.  Although FCA will endeavor to link only to sites with high privacy standards, FCA's policy will no longer apply once you leave FCA's web site.  FCA suggests you examine the privacy statements of those sites to learn how your information may be gathered and disclosed.

Kathleen Millar

FCA Executive Director/Directrice Exécutive de la FCA

#200 - 2460 Lancaster Road,

Ottawa, ON

K1B 4S5

(613) 260-2113   Fax: 260-2114   Information@FCA.ca




I, _________________________, authorize the Federation of Canadian Archers Inc access to my personal information allowing them to provide me with my requested programmes and services.  I also acknowledge that my personal information may have to be provided to a third party in order to complete my request.


Before or when FCA collects information from me, FCA will explain how it intends to use this information.  Unless required by law, FCA will not use or disclose any personal information that has been collected without documenting the new purpose and obtaining my consent.


I would also like to authorize the following people access to my file. (Check off the following please)


1 - ______ Membership database supervisor


2 - ______ Accounting personnel


3 - ______ Team leader/coach/mission staff









Print Name:












I am part of a group that are in the process of making an instructional video for camps and schools.


The equipment used will be:

red fibreglass "Indian" bows

Fibre glass arrows

simple or no sights


very, very basic!!!


There will be a section on how to correct common beginner faults, equipment maintenance and storage, safe range design, safety issues and award


We are asking both the OAA and FCA to endorse the product and to allow the use of both logos.  We will have a promo version of the tape ready next month and hope to have the final product ready for June


Since I am on both the OAA and FCA exec.  I have a definite conflict of interest so I will as need your input on the use of the FCA logo.  As soon as the promo tape is ready, I will send copied to you.  I would like a decision on endorsement before our first release in June - if possible.   We are not expecting this to be a huge seller, but we hope to at least break even.  What I am saying is- we are asking for endorsement and the use of the logo for free!!!


I thought I would let you know what is coming



Bruce Savage



From: Bruce Malmberg


Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 9:43 PM

Dear Executive Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to formally request a review by the Executive (at the January 2004 meeting) regarding the lack of ranking for those who are current Excellence members.

There has been nothing posted on the web site for indoor ranking from 2002-2003.

It is my understanding that a decision was made not to post indoor rankings due to a lack score submissions from across Canada.


There is obviously much greater participation in outdoor FITA and I understand that, however I shoot indoor and outdoor FITA, but cannot receive a ranking due to only 4 people submitting indoor scores???


In my opinion it should not matter weather 4 or 400 people submit scores for indoors, the fact is, 4 people paid to join the Excellence program, they shot the required events and submitted score cards with the intention of getting an indoor ranking and as paid Excellence members should have the right to have there averages posted.


If the decision is not to post indoor averages then what point is there in having registered indoor events across the country?


In dealing with sponsors it matters for shooters to have there outdoor averages posted, it is as important for indoor rankings too.


I also understand that with no indoor ranking it will no longer be nessesary for archers who wish to attend the indoor worlds submit scores, I would like to request that the indoor ranking be maintained for the few who have paid to use it and that first right of refusal for World Indoors go to those who have earned a ranking and only then if anyone else would like to go then ok.

Your consieration of my request is greatly appreciated.



Bruce Malmberg



D.M. Lovo Award

Prix de reconnaissance D.M. Lovo

• Outstanding contribution to the sport of archery in Canada


Volunteer of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Bénévole de l'Année

• A significant contribution to the development of archery in Canada

• An active volunteer on at least 2 levels of the archery network (NSO &/or PSO &/or club)


Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Hank Wiseman pour entraîneur de l'année

• Minimum level 2 technical and practical certification

• Coach demonstrates athlete development principles, fair play and sportsmanship

• Coaches at least 1 squad athlete

• Exemplifies dedication to coaching by promoting coaching certification


Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Frank Jones pour athlete masculin de l'année

• A member of the Excellence Men Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics of fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in major competitions and a commitment to training


Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Dorothy Lidstone pour athlète feminine de l'année

• A member of the Excellence Women Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in major competitions and a commitment to training


Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Tom Mack pour athlète junior de l'année 

• A member of the Excellence Junior Squad

• Demonstrates excellence in archery performance by exemplifying the characteristics fair play, good sportsmanship, superior performance in competitions and a commitment to training


Judge of the Year Award

Prix de reconnaissance Juge de l'année

• Minimum provincial level Judge status

• Judges; athlete development principles, fair play and sportsmanship

• Exemplifies dedication to judging by promoting judge certification



1.         For all FCA executive members, FCA membership fees will be covered once PSO affiliation has been confirmed for the current calendar year.


2.         For volunteers holding the position of president for more than 2 terms, an honorary lifetime FCA membership MAY be granted by the Executive.  This policy is retroactive.


3.         For volunteer holding vice-presidential positions for more than 4 terms, an honorary lifetime membership MAY be granted by the Executive.  This policy is retroactive.



Submitted by

K. J. Millar



This is the premier national sporting event in Canada.  It is FCA's best opportunity to uniformly promote archery throughout the country.  Every effort must be made to ensure FCA receives maximum benefit from these Games.


The knowledge, skills and traits of the Technical Delegate revolve around knowledge of the sport of archery.  The Technical Delegate represents FCA, ensuring the best interests of FCA and archery in Canada are met. 



The Canada Games Technical Delegate must have:

·         Authority to ensure the sport is promoted in the best possible light at and around this event.


·         Knowledge of the event and the prestige associated with it.


·         Intimate knowledge of the rules of archery - either as an official or an elite athlete who has participated in major competitions.


·         The ability to adapt FCA and FITA rules to meet the requirements of the Games and Technical package is essential.


·         Ability to run the competition fairly.


·         Ability to work very closely with the site co-ordinator and the event sport chair.


·         Ability to ensure that the facilities, equipment, resources and funds are available through the Sport Chair to put forward a first class event.


·         Resources and knowledge, in conjunction with the site co-ordinator, to solicit and properly train volunteers.


·         Considerable time to dedicate on-site with the co-ordinator and sport chair in advance of the Games, to ensure that the sport requirements are met.


·         Good communication skills to:

a)      impart the requirements and rules of the sport to Games staff, coaches, athletes, media and volunteers;

b)       communicate clearly any interpretation of guidelines, purpose and rules to people with varied knowledge of the issues and the sport.


·         Good listening skills.


·         Ability to project a pleasant personality, and be a leader.  The delegate must get along with people and not make snap judgments when called on to make rational, consistent decisions in the spirit of the sport and Games in mind.


·         Trouble-shooting skills to foresee problems and take remedial action with the appropriate level of Games management.


·         Planning skills to design and implement a sports-specific action plan with the site co-ordinator before, during and after the Games.