Toronto, August 03, 2004

Executive members present:

Don Lohnes, FCA President Arthur Nault, VP High Performance

Al Wills, VP International Bruce Savage, VP ACC Events

Tom Paukovic, VP 3D Roger Murray, VP AC Committees


In attendance: Kathleen Millar, Executive Director

The meeting was called to order at 19:15.


1. President's Opening Remarks

Don Lohnes welcomed everyone to the Executive Committee preparation meeting for the annual general meeting and FCA Board meeting to be held later on in the week.


2. Acceptance of Minutes, January 24-25, 2004

The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #2004-02, dated 2004/02/16.


Motion E#04-19: To accept the minutes as circulated.

Moved by: Allan Wills Seconded by: Roger Murray Carried


3. Acceptance of Agenda


Motion E#04-20: To accept the agenda as circulated.

Moved by: Roger Murray Seconded by: Tom Paukovic Carried


4. Reports


Motion E#04-21: To accept the reports as circulated.

Moved by: Arthur Nault Seconded by: Roger Murray Carried


5. Business Preparation for the annual Board Meeting

Notices were circulated to voting members 60 days in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Motion E#04-14-1 and E#04-14-2 established the mechanism to alter the election rotation of directors-at-large. Positions on the executive committee would be filled during the in-camera elections. No further discussion.


Don Lohnes, mover of motion #E04-15 and Al Wills, seconder, agreed to withdraw the motion for further committee study. The proposed motion would change the delegate votes to representation by membership numbers per PSO.


Motion E#04-16 would return the FCA to a simple majority. With regard to votes-by-mail, votes by mail could be sent by mail, fax or e-mail, amending the original motion.


Motion E#04-17 remained as By-law #1/04 to adopt the 2004 Canadian Anti-Doping Programme, and describes the FCA's internal appeal process. No further discussion.


Motion E#04-18 dealt with the maximum number of vice-presidents. The mover and seconder agreed to amend the motion to the membership in article 8.02 to 6 instead of 5.

Kathy Millar reviewed the draft.


ACTION: The president will assign projects and divide the work by vice-presidents to refer to provinces and significant contributors to give input. Executive members will report back in January.


Roger Murray presented the rough draft for the model revision. His suggestion was a recurve bow at full draw with limbs representing coaches and judges, the arrow as competitive archers, the sight to represents board of directors & executive and the string connects archers to the support group. There was some concern that the recurve bow might alienate some members.


ACTION: Roger and Kathy will produce visual for Board meeting.


Kathy suggested the establishment of a permanent sub-committee under Roger Murray's portfolio to strengthen this programme, become pro-active, and work in conjunction with the FCA Youth Development Co-ordinator, who would sit on this committee.


ACTION: Roger will solicit PSO assistance during the week and follow-up with written correspondence to each president to name a representative and schedule an initial meeting.


One agreement covers all archer activities with the exception of carded athletes.


ACTION: This document will be included in the Excellence 2008 welcome package.



ACTION: In point 2.2 add the word "child" to the header for clarity.


The MOU will be presented to the board. No further discussion.


The request for financial support will be presented to the board. No further discussion.


Roger Murray presented his revision, asking for input. He felt the need to be transparent and publish results of complaint without causing more damage. Publication should be a summary only.



No further discussion.


Problems with the membership database delayed invoicing to PSOs until late July 2004. No further discussion.


The Executive Director noted changes to the original budget and the addition of translation funding. No further discussion.


The Executive Director explained the complications arising from the GST review for 2003, which entailed a revision of the GST submission for 2002. Therefore, the auditor was not prepared to deliver the submission for the 2004 Annual Report until after the printing date. Kathy has circulated the auditor's report to all voting delegates in their latest meeting package. Pierre Charron has given guidelines for future GST submissions for the FCA to follow for quick calculations.


ACTION: Kathy Millar will continue to work with the auditor and the Canadian Revenue Agency.


The FCA office has received objective criteria for athlete selection from most PSOs. Athletes will be named during the championship week.


Both national team trips were very expensive in terms of uniforms and entry fees. The proposed training camp in the original budget may not have substantial funding for able-bodied archers.


The Executive Director outlined the Sport Canada initiative to give up to $150,000 for able-bodied Excellence Capacity enhancement and up to $30,000 for AWAD programmes. The deadline date was imposed by Sport Canada and FCA must act quickly. Input from the Board was important. The Executive Committee supported the travelling championship infrastructure kit to assist clubs and provinces now that outdoor championships will rotate annually across the country.


The Executive Director cautioned that the time-consuming SFAF III submission would require PSO input and a good deal of staff and volunteer time during the fall months. The SFAF III review will correspond to COC and its review.


Don Lohnes had been successful in garnering small contributions from non-archery sources. All other funding partners remain as status quo.




ACTION: Roger Murray will work with Bowzone to cover target as well as 3D.

ACTION: Roger will co-ordinate the new Canada Games subcommittee.


After Industry Canada has accepted the new notices of motion, ratification will not be necessary. The Board members' delay this spring was a major issue.


ACTION: The office will post the vote status on the website; Vice-Presidents will contact board members quickly by phone.


This project is complete. The book has been published. No further discussion.


The president will start discussions with all PSO presidents before the championships in Saint John. The revised template for all agreements will follow the ABAA update and include the WADA Code with PSO member information (membership form & on website); adoption of FCA Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Athlete Abuse Education; Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (appeal process), criteria for FCA-funding of PSO athlete to national target championships, and submitting an annual report.

ACTION: Kathy Millar will draft a standardised annual report form for The Volunteer's Handbook and the PSO agreement to break down demographics and funding.


- Board self-evaluation form & process

There was general agreement. No further discussion.


ACTION: The FCA office will ensure the final version appears in The Volunteer's Handbook, and is circulated annually to all Board members (task listing).


Al Wills submitted his report. Women wanted to be known as archers first. The report and its recommendations will be submitted to the Board. No further discussion.


FCA does not recognise the contributions of its president currently. Historical accounting for web site should start on its own page, similar to the FCA Volunteer Recognition procedure.

The list will include Sylvio Beauregard, Don Lovo, Alain Gravel, Laurier Cusson, Allen Dean and Vic Kinsella in recent years. Terms of office were needed as well as archival material for presidents before 1976.


ACTION: Al Wills will search archival material for this information. Laura Kiraly will review minute books in the national office. The Past Presidents' web page will be posted as soon as possible.


For a variety of reasons, Al Wills suggested that FCA budget $100 to $200 per year for website work. He suggested an investment of $200 USD for a "front page express" or "Dreamweaver" applications.


ACTION: Al Wills will investigate which application FCA should utilise.

The Executive Director will budget for this expense in 2005.


It was agreed that FCA should build a template for annual awards biographies. PSOs/committees/individual members would need to complete the information in full in order for the nomination to be accepted.


ACTION: Kathy will design an annual award nomination template.


5.4. Committee Work & Recommendations:

a) Archery Canada Council

Kathy Millar outlined the current database situation. Membership numbers are rising. The American Income Life Insurance Company made an offer to FCA members. The Executive was not endorsing this offer.


Kathy reported mistakes in the technical package on the Canada Games Council website.

James Wiebe has submitted his name as a 2007 Technical Delegate candidate.


ACTION: Kathy will post the requirement and ask for more candidates.


Roger reported that the project was moving along quickly now that James Wiebe had accepted the CAC contract. Pilot clinics for both non-competitive stream contexts could be held as early as the spring 2005. The Coach committee needed to review the Operational Plan.

Kathy reported that the national judge committee had reviewed the draft operational plan, made revisions, and were satisfied with its direction.


Tom Paukovic reported on the amazing job done by the Silvertip Archery Club and the attention to detail on all courses. The Bowzone coverage of the event was very well done also.

Bruce Savage reported that all facilities and installations were in place and that the target range was at capacity. Field was well attended this year also.


FCA's policy does not call for the removal of any equipment divisions at the outdoor championships for 2005. This was an informational item.


ACTION: FCA lacks a re-instatement policy.


There was some concern regarding the dates conflicting with the Quebec Summer Games. AANB will be reviewing the dates in time for the board meeting. The FCA 3D Committee felt that the 2005 scheduling for 3D over 2 days instead of 3 was also problem.


ACTION: Tom will speak with the 2005 organising committee from Saint John.


Wendell Mills had presented the indoor 3D indoor format to the FCA 3D committee during the 2004 outdoor championship.


ACTION: Tom Paukovic will circulate this proposal to 3D reps for input

Wendell Mills will finalize the Spitz proposal and send to the FCA Executive.

Tom Paukovic will forward the host agreement draft to Wendell.


The 3D committee will submit the bid from Lethbridge Bowbenders to the members.

FTAQ is still interested in the bid. But if a club from Alberta wished to bid in order to keep the whole championship in the same province, FTAQ would support that bid.


Ontario is slated for 2007 due to the changes in the rotation schedule. Bruce Savage reported interest from several clubs.


Kathy reported that she will need input from some PSOs in order to complete the overview.


There are no candidates so far.


ACTION: Roger Murray will solicit input at the AGM.


The pilot will take place this winter. FCA will follow developments closely.


b) High Performance Committee

Jonathan Ohayon and Marie-Pier Beaudet were present for the Opening Ceremonies. Racheal Savage is first standby for all women until August 11. Coach Joan McDonald and Jonathan left for Athens on August 3 rd. Marie-Pier will follow after the championships end.


Kathy will be posting them for the indoor team.


The team was the most successful to date, with 2 team and one individual medal. Crispin Duenas' 8t h place finish qualifies him for carding application.


ACTION: Kathy will pursue carding for Crispin in September.

ACTION: Don Lohnes will write a letter, copy the hometown mayor and congratulate each one individually here.


Canadians were very successful at this event. There were several individual medals and the recurve men won the team round.


ACTION: Don Lohnes will write a letter, copy the hometown mayor and congratulate each one individually here.


There was one Canadian competitor in the barebow division.


There was quite a bit of interest and enthusiasm. Arthur has asked an AWAD international classifier to clarify where these people will fit in. More PSO input is needed.


ACTION: Arthur will ask Kevin Evan to send a video of his shooting form to help with the assessment. Arthur will keep in touch with Bob Hudson in Saskatchewan and Sylvain in New Brunswick.

Kathy reported receipt of one candidate's nomination. If no other nominations were received by the deadline date, there would be no vote required.


The HPC would review the draft Operational Plan as part of a total review in the fall 2004.


c) Communications & Marketing

This initiative would be presented to the Board. No further discussion.


- Easton, Neet, Win & Win, VISA

The Easton order has not arrived yet for 2004. Kathy did not pursue Neet quivers for either team this year due to lack of time. The HPC will look at changing Win & Win's guidelines to include juniors instead of just senior archers. VISA credit card sales remain contact per quarter.


Communications work well. InfoExcellence appears in print once annually. FCA policies will be translated for the website after all job descriptions are completed.


Kathy will have to re-order single 40cm faces. She will look into target face costs for the Saint John organising committee at the same time.


Lumicor provided new sponsorship for the outdoor target championships. Don Lohnes is working on other sponsorship. Bowzone is excited about working with FCA on promotion.


d) International Committee

Al Wills reported that these Olympic Games were critical for FITA and archery. That was part of the reasoning for stringent clothing requirements. The FITA decision-making process was not providing member input.


MICA medals were not sent home with the Pan Am Championship team. COPANARCO continues to be unorganised. It would seem that all World Ranking Events slated for the Americas will take place in either Central or South America for the foreseeable future.


The one-time grant will have direct impact on the 2005 budget.




Don Lohnes thanked everyone for their work and input, and looked forward to the rest of the week.


7. Adjournment

Adjourned until January 2005 in Ottawa, the meeting ended at 23:34.