August 5, 2004 , Caledon, Ontario

Don Lohnes welcomed all members to the meeting.


1. Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Delisle on August 14, 2002, be accepted as printed.

Moved by ON , Seconded by NB , carried


2. Report of the President

As submitted in the annual report.


3. Reports of the Vice-Presidents

• Vice-President, Finance & Marketing

This portfolio currently is administered by Kathy Millar and supervised by Al Wills.

• Vice-President, Archery Canada Events & Services

Bruce Savage thanked all the volunteers who have made events possible and provided services.

• Vice-President, Archery Canada Committees & Projects

Roger Murray is searching for a national Youth programme co-ordinator. Interested volunteers should contact him directly.

• Vice-President, Archery Canada 3D - As submitted

• Vice-President, High Performance

Arthur Nault congratulated all national team members for 2004, and in particular Marie-Pier Beaudet and Jonathan Ohayon who will represent Canada at the Olympic Games in Athens.

• Vice-President, International - As submitted


4. Reports of the Directors

Athlete’s Representative - As submitted

Executive Director - As submitted

British Columbia - As submitted

Alberta - As submitted during the Board meeting

Saskatchewan reported 2004 membership now totals 1000.

Manitoba - As submitted

Ontario - As submitted

Québec was pleased that 50% Olympic Team came from Québec and thanked the volunteers who helped to make that happen.

New Brunswick - As submitted

Nova Scotia - As submitted

I move the Directors Reports of the Annual General Meeting 2004 be accepted as printed.

Moved by SR , Seconded by O N , carried


5. Reports of Committee Chairpersons, Co-ordinators, and FCA Representatives.

Coaching - As submitted

Regional Indoor Championships - As submitted

Mailmatch Programme - As submitted

COPANARCO MICA 2004 - As submitted, medals have not arrived

Judges - Ghislain Arseneault was happy to report that Sean McKenty (ON) is the newest national judge. He certified 3 new national candidates during the championships. He cited the need to attract new young candidates to the judging programme. The Judge of the Year Award was not awarded for 2004, and Ghislain submitted the booklet "How to evaluate officials performance" to use in the future.

Rulebook Editor - As submitted

Membership - Kathy Millar thanked the volunteers. Membership numbers are stable.



The President read the amendments to those individuals present. The Amendments to the by-laws had been circulated to the voting members 60 days in advance of the meeting.

MOTION E04-14-1 extension of terms for 3 vice-presidents, as circulated carried

MOTION E04-14-2 half the number of directors-at-large elected annually, as circulated carried

MOTION E04-16 simple majority, as circulated carried

MOTION E04-17 anti-doping/appeal procedures, as circulated carried

MOTION E04-18 minimum directors-at-large is 6, definition of "family", Proxies carried


• FCA Achievement Awards 2003

Frank Jones was the first person to represent Canada at the world championships in 1961.

Dorothy Lidstone (BC) is the only Canadian woman to win a FITA world target championship, 1969. Tom Mack (ON) was the first professional archer in Canada, and committed to youth archery.

Hank Wiseman, well-known coach in Canada and author of the Coach’s Corner, was a prolific writer. Don Lovo was a long-time volunteer at the national level, filling several portfolios.


• Athlete Representation 2004-2006

Arthur Nault was pleased to announce that Shawn Riggs continues as athlete representative.


• Past President Award

In recognition of Al Wills' long-time leadership during his many years as FCA President, the Executive instituted a new award. Don Lohnes made the presentation of a plaque and a gift.


Al Wills reported on his follow-up work on Women in Archery from the 2002 Presidents' Conference. His full report can be found in the FCA Board minutes August 2004, with recommendations. In particular, it was noted that FCA's rulebook is gender specific when the wording comes from FITA. This will be corrected for the next printing. The lack of female involvement in sport is systemic in North America and will not be on the back burner. He urged PSOs to appoint women and recruit women to executive positions.





I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2004.

Moved by Al Wills, Seconded by MB, carried.


• 2006 3D outdoor championships

3D Vice-President, Tom Paukovic, presented the bid from Lethbridge Bowbenders as supported by the FCA 3D committee.

I move that the 2006 3D National championships be awarded to the Lethbridge Bowbenders.

Moved by MB, Seconded by ON, carried.


• 2006 Outdoor target & field Championships

FTAQ President, Guy Bigras stated that the championships would be held in 2 sites in the Montreal area and the bid continued to have the endorsement of the FTAQ board of directors.

I move that the 2006 Target and Field national championships be hosted by the FTAQ.

Moved by QC, Seconded by MB, carried.


• 2007 Outdoor target, field & 3D Championships

President Don Lohnes explained rotating schedule for hosting the championships would move them back to Ontario for 2007. Bruce Savage stated that three 3D clubs are interested in hosting that championship, one Windsor club would hold the field and perhaps another Windsor-area club would host the target championships.

I move that the 2007 Target, Field and 3D national championships be hosted by the OAA.

Moved by Al Wills, seconded by MB, carried.


Phil Parlee, FCA Board member from New Brunswick, gave a presentation by 2005 championship organising committee. It included visuals of all venues and the test events.


16. Adjournment

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned. Moved by MB.