3D BOARD MEETING, Prince George, BC – July 30, 2004


In attendance: Tom Paukovic, FCA VP 3D/Chairman

Connie Milan


Wil Reinhart


Terry MacKenzie


Ross MacAngus


Ted Kennedy





Guests:Don Lohnes, FCA President

Wendell Mills, Chairman, 2005 FCA Indoor 3D Championships

Kent & Kelly Maitland, Chair, 2004 FCA 3D Championships

Jude Hooey, AB


Absent: Newfoundland & Labrador Ontario Québec NWT


1. Introductions and Call to Order

The chairman called the meeting to order at 19:10 with introductions around the table.


2. Presentation of FCA 2005 3D Indoor Championships

The Chairman asked Wendell Mills to make a presentation. There will be four courses, side-by-side, being the largest Indoor 3D Event. The province of Alberta provided a grant for targets since it is a National Event and the Provincial Bicentennial. Wendell asked about guest members for this event.

3D Motion #2004-1: That non-Canadians can compete in a guest category, in the first FCA Indoor 3D Championships, being hosted by Forty-Mile Archers of Alberta.

Moved by: Ross MacAngus Seconded by: Ted Kennedy CARRIED


Wendell stated that FCA 3D rules would not be appropriate for this event, due to distances that can be used inside the host building. He asked the VP 3D to strike a committee to look into this matter. A set of 3D Rules for indoor shoots would be one way to resolve this issue.


Wendell Mills presented a proposal for future host clubs of the FCA 3D Indoor Championships, should the event continue (attached).


ACTION: FCA will review and respond to Wendell's proposal, in the event that other clubs wish to host the FCA Indoor 3D championship.


ACTION: Tom Paukovic will strike a sub-committee to review shooting rules. The revised indoor rules will be forwarded to the host club as soon as possible.


With the presentation complete, Wendell Mills left the meeting.


The Chairman asked for the approval of the Agenda as presented and items to add:

1. FCA supporting previous winners of 3D events


4. Approval of the minutes of 2003 3D meeting, Estaven, Saskatchewan, August 1, 2003.

3D Motion #2004-2: To approve the minutes as circulated.

Moved by: Terry MacKenzie Seconded by: Ross MacAngus CARRIED


5. Report from the 2004 3D Championships Chairperson

Kent Maitland reported on the status of the event to date. There was a lot of support from club members, the venue is very well organized and the committee looks forward to a good shoot. Courses are all in place. There are 301 registered as of Friday evening. A written report will follow after event is completed.


ACTION: The 3D national championship registration form should be standardized. Standard scorecards should be issued. These suggestions will be included in the FCA Hosting Manual.


Shortly after the presentation, Kent and Kelly Maitland left the meeting.


6.1 Provincial Representatives reports

AANS - report attached

AANB - report attached, a DVD was available from a recent target event, advertising facilities for the 2005 championships.

FTAQ - report attached

ABAM - Tom Paukovic gave the report verbally

SAA - report attached

ATAA - report attached

BCAA - report attached


The Chairman briefly described CCES' Anti-doping testing in regards to 3D and the difficulties that would be encountered in light of FITA's 3Di event. TABLED


8.1 The Chairman cited a concern about number of stakes that are used in FCA 3D, a question for the Hunter Class and stakes at maximum of 35 yards. There was a suggestion to eliminate the yellow hunter class stake.


3D Motion #2004-03: To eliminate the yellow stake and move the Hunter Class to the green stake, resulting in three stakes only, 50 yard (orange)[45.72m], 40 yard (green) [36.57m], and 30 yard (white)[27.43m] stakes.

Moved by: Ross MacAngus Seconded by: Terry MacKenzie CARRIED


The rule states “up to maximum of 8 power” and there was no reason to discuss it further.


8.3 Age Rule

It was agreed that the way the rule is written for 3D is acceptable.


ACTION: Tom Paukovic will review the difference between the 3D and FCA Target and Field age descriptions with Greg Durward.


8.4 Age Categories

AANS has made a change to the cub category so that there is a separation between compound and traditional equipment.


3D Motion #2004-04: To split the Cub class into two classes, one for compound and one for traditional to allow for more competition within the Cub class.

Moved by: Terry MacKenzie Seconded by: Wil Reinhart CARRIED


AANS suggested a primitive class. It is been very successful in Nova Scotia.


ACTION: AANB will include this class in 2005 3D championships.


8.6 Hunter Class

No change in the number of tournaments was required.


9. AWAD Athletes

Tom Paukovic gave brief description of AWAD programme and meeting with Kevin Evans after this meeting. Kevin shoots very well and wishes to compete internationally.


10. Bow Hunter Safety

Some provinces are not providing hunter safety programmes.


ACTION: Tom will follow up with more information and further discussion on which provinces do not have these programmes.


11. FITA 3Di

There was limited discussion on the possibility of a FITA International 3Di team and the criteria to select the team. More discussion will follow during the year. It is difficult to establish team selection criteria with the number of different courses, number of tournaments, and FCA 3D Nationals. FCA National championships may be a qualifier.


ACTION: The chairman will organise more discussion team selection criteria.


12. FCA President’s report

Don Lohnes' report is part of the FCA AGM report and had nothing further to add.


13. FCA VP 3D report

Tom Paukovic's report is part of the FCA AGM report and had nothing further to add.


14. Bowzone re FCA sponsor

Bowzone is a webpage site that deals specifically with archery and bowhunting. The individuals that are involved have made contact with the FCA Executive Director. They wish to improve the image of archery in Canada.


15. Indigenous Games in Province

Tom Paukovic asked if any provinces have been, or will be getting involved with the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG). He reported that the event is a great opportunity to increase the number of archers in Canada and in each province.


ACTION: each of the 3D-committee members will investigate and report findings at next year's committee meeting.


16. 2006 3D National Championship Bids

Alberta is scheduled to be the host province on the FCA 3D rotating schedule. On behalf of Connie Milan, provincial 3D representative, Jude Hooey made a presentation in support of Lethbridge, Alberta to host the 2006 FCA 3D Championships.


3D Motion #2004-05 To accept the bid by Alberta to host the 2006 3D Championships, in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Moved by: Ross MacAngus Seconded by: Wil Reinhart CARRIED


17. FCA Support for Previous 3D Winners

There was some discussion in regards to FCA support of previous winners to the 3D Nationals. Tom Paukovic responded that FCA through the PSO provides some level of funding, depending on the PSO agreement, to each province that can be applied to various athletes.


18. Adjournment

SAA moved adjournment at 21:45. A reception, hosted by FCA president and FCA VP 3D, followed. Kevin Evans joined the meeting to discuss the AWAD potential with the president Don Lohnes and VP Tom Paukovic, and to meet the provincial representatives.


Questions from Tom Paukovic to Pascal Colmaire at FITA's office in Switzerland, received on September 8, 2004.


Question: In Italy in 2005, can individuals compete or is it only a team event?


Answer: So far it will be a World Team championship, as per FITA rule, but with an Individual World Event, since we want this championship open to individual.


We need a Congress vote for opening an Individual championship.


Question: Please explain the 3 Categories. From what I have read it seems that there is one compound division for Men and Women, one category titled Recurve and one category that is traditional. What is the difference in the two last categories?


Answer: You will find the complete rules at: http://www.kmtargets.com/downloads/FITA_3d_rules25-01-03.pdf



Rules relative to the question asked:


This section lays down the type of equipment competitors are permitted to use when shooting in 3-DI competitions. It is the competitor’s responsibility to use equipment in accordance with the rules. If in doubt the competitor will show this equipment to the Judge(s) before using it in competition.


Any competitor found to be using equipment contravening 3DI Rules may have his scores disqualified.


Described below are the general regulations that apply to all divisions followed by the special regulations that only apply to certain divisions.


1 Compound:

A Compound Bow, (may be of a shoot-through type) is where the draw is mechanically varied by a system of pulleys and/or cams. The bow is braced for use by bowstring(s) attached directly between the two string nocks of the bow limbs, or attached to the bow cables, wheels or cams as may be applicable to the particular design.

The peak draw weight must not exceed 70 lb for men, 60lb for women .


2 Traditional Recurve

A bow of any type provided it subscribes to the accepted principle and meaning of the bow used in target archery, e.g. an instrument consisting of a handle (grip), riser,(no shoot-through styles are permitted)and two flexible limbs each ending in a tip with a string nock. The bow is braced for use with a single string attached directly between the two string nocks, and in operation it is held in one hand by its handle (grip) and while the fingers of the other hand, draw, hold back and release the string.

Multi- colored risers, and trademarks located on the inside of the upper limb are permitted.

The bow as described above must be bare, except for the arrow rest and free from protrusions, sightmarks, marks or blemishes or laminated pieces (within he bow window area) which could be of use in aiming The un-braced bow complete with permitted accessories must be capable of passing through a hole or ring of 12.2 cm. Inside diameter +/- 0.5 cm.


Maximum bow weight for Traditional recurve and barebow will be 60 # at 28” draw. Measured to the front face of the shelf.


3 Longbow

The bow shall correspond to the traditional form of a longbow. It can be made from any material or combination of materials. The shape of the grip and limbs are not restricted.

When strung the string may not touch any other part of the bow but the string notches.

A bow at the shelf may be cut no closer that 1/8’ to the centerline of the bow. In case a bow is cut within 1/8” of the centerline it may be re-qualified with the addition of a leather pad of a thickness that will bring the bow within the rule.


Bowsight :

Compound Division :

Any type of movable sight, scope can be used.

Multiple pins and/or circle pins may be used, as long as they are all the same size, and do not include any additional means of range finding.


Traditional Recurve and Longbow

No sight mark(s) or aiming help is allowed


Long bow division

Only wooden shafts are allowed.

Only natural feathers as fletchings

Arrows shall be identical in length, weight, and color, except for normal wear.


Longbow Division

One anchor point is permitted

In the longbow divisions an archer shall shoot with one finger touching the nock.

That is defined as either a split anchor (such as the Mediterranean style) or with three fingers under the nock.


Recurve Traditional division.

String walking and face walking are permitted .