Minutes / Proces Verbal

Board of Directors / Comité administratif

August 13, 2003 - Juan de Fuca Centre, Victoria, BC - le 13 août, 2003 


 1.        President's Call to Order

In attendance:

Al Wills, President               Arthur Nault, HPC                         Bruce Savage, ACC

Roger Murray, ACC              Shawn Riggs, Athlete Rep            

Susan Lemke, BCAA           Jude Hooey, ATAA                        Sherman Brown, SAA

Ed Wilson, ABAM                Matt McLean, OAA                       Denis Rousseau, FTAQ

Phil Parlee, AANB               Rick Comeau, AANS                    

In attendance:                   K. Millar, FCA Executive Director   Guest:     Greg Durward

Absent with regrets:           Don Lohnes                                 


The meeting was called to order at 16:00.  Al Wills welcomed new representatives to the board and outlined the role and responsibilities of the board.   The time delay between meetings is a fact of life since the Board meets only once per year.  This is an election year so there will be a Board meeting and a re-convening during the AGM.  The president offered a copy the constitution for viewing and clarification.  Greg Durward will join the meeting to discuss suggested rule changes.



2.                 Acceptance of the Minutes, August 16, 2002

• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #04/02 dated September 12, 2002

Motion #B2003-01:     to approve minutes as published

Moved by:         Jude Hooey             Second by:        Sherman Brown             carried



 3.        Acceptance of August 2003 Agenda

• Motion to accept agenda as published (or as amended)

Motion #B2003-02:     to approve minutes as published

Moved by:         Rick Comeau           Second by:        Phil Parlee                    carried



 4.        Reports

Verbal addendum only to Annual Report submission

  4.1.  President                                                 Last term as president; strength in volunteers

  4.2.  Vice-President, Finance & Marketing         A. Wills & K. Millar continue to hold this portfolio

  4.3.  Vice-President, High Performance              Results – from world championships, bronze medal for compound men’s team; gold medal US nationals recurve team women

  4.4.  Vice-Presidents, Archery Canada              Events & Services          nothing to add

Committees & Projects  nothing to add

3D                                sends regrets

4.5.    Director, Alberta                                       nothing to add                             

4.6.    Director, British Columbia                          nothing to add

4.7.    Director, Saskatchewan                            nothing to add                             

4.8.    Director, Manitoba                                    nothing to add

4.9.    Director, Ontario                                       nothing to add                           

4.10. Director, Quebec                                      nothing to add

4.11. Director, New Brunswick                           nothing to add                           

4.12. Director, Nova Scotia                                nothing to add

4.13. Director, Newfoundland                             nothing to add               

4.14. Athletes Representative                            nothing to add

4.15. FCA Volunteer positions                           G. Durward to present suggested rule changes    

4.16. FCA Executive Director                             nothing to add


5.         Business

5.1.    2003 Fiscal Year Update

Quarterly reports, comparisons year-to-date

The reports were included in the meeting packages. The Executive Director reminded the Board of the two year-end reporting systems and how the quarterly reports will show deficits depending upon Sport Canada installment dates and cash outlay for national team projects.  The quarterly cash flow chart used by used in order to understand annual trends in expenses and income.  The FCA is running a small profit.


Outstanding Accounts Receivables

The reports were included in the meeting packages. The Executive Director reported that PSOs pay invoices according to their own cheque-writing practices and have been timely in their payments.  The Receivables total was deemed acceptable.


Approval of the draft budget as circulated

The Executive Director supplied a re-copied version of the submission published in November 2002.  Due to Sport Canada's very late approval of projects (first week in August 2003), she stated that a revised budget would be circulated to the Board in September.


Official audit

The official audit can be found in the annual report.  There were some technical filing problems that the Executive Director handled with the accountant.  Investments were producing adequate returns in light of the current interest rates.


Financial Commitment to PSO Athletes to National Target/Field Championships

The Executive Director stated that delays from Sport Canada had made it impossible once again to confirm financial support for one PSO athlete to travel to the Target/Field championships until very late in the summer. She asked for Board direction to allocate funding annually to this event as an ACC priority.


Motion #B2003-03:     That staff includes in the budget, funding for one provincially-selected athlete to receive travel assistance to the national championships.

Moved by:         Rick Comeau           Second by:        Phil Parlee                    carried



5.2.    Management Issues:

2003-2004 FCA revenues/disbursements projection

The Executive Director reported that FCA is running a small profit.  This has allowed her to hire an occasional part-time secretary to assist with the membership renewal programme and mass mailers.


Increased insurance rates and motion to increase membership fees - see below


• Retailer fee and insurance premium increases

The Executive Director reported that insurance premiums for members, retailers, directors & officers and property had increased substantially in the last two years.  Retailer fees are currently $5.00 lower than what it costs FCA to list them with the insurer.  The percentage of FCA member fees used to cover insurance premiums is dangerously high and a rate increase is advised.


PSO agreements status report

All PSO agreements are in place until 2005.  OAA has indicated that it will affiliate all members with FCA in 2004.  The Alberta Bowhunters Association may re-affiliate with ABAA and hence FCA for 2004.  Kathy outlined the problem with membership at 3D nationals, and violation of PSO/FCA agreements.  The Board felt that there will always be people at odds with their PSO, but membership was mandatory.


ACTION:           Kathy will propose a dollar figure as a flat rate for those people arriving at national championships without PSO/FCA membership.  She will survey all provinces and propose a figure in excess of the highest current rate.


Election of Directors-at-large at AGM

Al Wills explained the election process as per C&R point 3, as there are currently 7 nominations for 6 Director-at-Large positions.  In camera session will select the Executive.


Presidents' Conference Recommendations & Task List

The Executive Director explained that the day-to-day workload did not permit her sufficient time to address the suggestions and initiatives arising from this planning session (lists attached).  She asked for volunteer help to cover the topic list.


Topic #1: Junior and Adult Athlete Development

The current Youth Development Co-ordinator has not been able to do the job because of personal concerns.


ACTION:  Bruce will ask for a report from Wes Tanner on his activities, and ability to fill the position.


Topic#2: Coaching

Reed Fowlie is coaching chairman.  Roger is looking for committee dynamics and impetus. Greg Durward was contracted to produce the Participant Development Model, which begins the programme transition to CBET and what archers need.  FCA now must create a Coach Development Model, as well as inventory what current material fits into the CBET paradigm, and what must be created.  Decisions must be made regarding generic courses versus FCA-run courses.  Jude Hooey is interested in helping with the coach committee. The committee needs to address all of the suggestions in topic #2.


ACTION:           Roger will ask Reed report on the status of CBET.


Topic #3: Events

Al Wills has target/field championship hosting manual draft.  


ACTION:           Kathy Millar will work with Al Wills this autumn to finish the championship hosting manual.

ACTION:           HPC members need to creating a hosting manual for "major events".

ACTION:           Bruce Savage will contact Joan McDonald and Shawn Riggs regarding the revised Team Manager's handbook.

ACTION:           Kathy Millar will work with Shawn on a revised athlete agreement and team member agreement.


Topic #4: Judging

Ghislain Arsenault has been working to fulfill all tasks.


Topic #5: Clubs & PSOs

The suggestion for an annual Presidents' meeting was discussed.  This project would have to be an Executive Committee funding priority. The current Executive believed that as much funding as possible should go to athletes and not meetings.  The decision would rest with the new Executive.


ACTION:           Tabled to next Executive Committee meeting.


Topic #6: Finance & Human Resources

Finances were discussed elsewhere.  Human Resources were reviewed. The FCA Task List is reviewed in monthly phone meetings with President and Executive Director.  Suggestions filter into task list and Kathy’s monthly work plan.


ACTION:           Kathy will forward all Executive, Board and committee job descriptions to the webmaster.

ACTION:           Almost all job descriptions need to be translated into French.

ACTION:           New Executive should look after self-evaluation.

ACTION:           New Executive should discuss how FCA elects its executive and continuity from one election year to the next, and then conduct a by-law review.


Topic #7: Marketing

This topic needs the right volunteer to market the Federation as a whole, or a specific event.  Robin Hood was an obvious connection, but no personal appeal was to avail once the corporate decision was made to end the relationship.  Marketing is not an easy thing to do.  No action was suggested.


Topic #8: Communication

The Board felt that communication and bilingualism had improved within the organisation.


ACTION:           More provincial input is needed for Info.E-mail.

ACTION:         Agenda item for new Executive - The plan needs to be finalised from the task list.


Ratification of Executive committee minutes & Motions

In review:

Motion #E03-04:            To ratify R. Murray's appointment as Interim V-P ACC Committees & Projects.

Motion #E03-06:            To write off the 2001 NLAA PSO agreement balance.

Motion #E03-07:            To increase FCA member fee by $1.00 effective January 2004.


FCA is a national organisation representing as many provinces coast-to-coast as possible. It was hoped that Motion #E03-06 would help the sport.


Motion #B2003-04:     To accept executive Motions 03-04, 03-06 and 03-07.

Moved by:         Ed Wilson               Second by:        Arthur Nault                   carried


Votes-by-Mail from last meeting to the present  


Motion #B2003-05:     To ratify the FCA Harassment Policy Revisions, FITA Tournament Policy and Indoor Nationals Scoring Method (Executive).

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs           Second by:        Jude Hooey                   carried


Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies

The circulated draft of FCA's Code of Ethics should have a section pertaining directly to directors and officers.  The Code should define what "character" is and what is a "good sport" is.


ACTION:           The revision should not to be specific to coach and athlete.  Reference to employees is missing.  Board members were encouraged to send similar documents from other sports to Bruce Savage as soon as possible.


The Executive Director claimed that she could not find a generic Conflict of Interest Form as referred to in the document.  Rather a form, officers, directors and committee members should be asked to review the conflict of interest policy annually and read the guidelines in case the portfolio requires the volunteer to perform certain duties.  Then the volunteers should make a declaration of conflict of interest to the FCA Executive Committee.


ACTION:  The Executive Director will put a reminder in Info.E-mail once each year and the forward the finished guidelines as a reminder.

ACTION:  Both documents should be published on the FCA website.

ACTION: Code of Ethics needs input from Board by end of September.

ACTION:  Bruce Savage will revise both of documents including deleting the words "If not previously disclosed…..", circulate the revisions for comments and then call for a vote-by-mail by the end of October. 

FCA Silver Recognition Pin policy revision


Motion #B2003-06:     To accept the Silver Recognition Pin policy revision as circulated.

Moved by:         Susan Lemke          Second by:        Sherman Brown             carried


Member Complain Form & Policy

ACTION:           Roger Murray will contact Kathy regarding the policy.


Sport Canada National Standards and Accountability

FCA's report card from Sport Canada was quite positive.  The only shortcoming noted was FCA's lack of Abuse Education for the national team.  Susan Lemke noted that if FCA adopted a policy and information package, post provinces would adopt it as well.


ACTION:           Susan Lemke and Shawn Riggs will develop an information brochure.

ACTION:           Jacquie Saito will include the brochure in all Excellence programme welcome packages.



5.3.  Committee Work & Recommendations:

a) Archery Canada Council

2003 Canada Games Report

As Canada Games Liaison, Phil Parlee submitted a report (attached) outlining the problems in hosting the first indoor archery event at Canada Games.  He surveyed opinion from all team leaders present, and only two recommendations.  Phil and Paul Hicks worked closely with members of the host club in order to ensure that the event was held to world standards.  FCA congratulates New Brunswick on its effort.


ACTION:           FCA needs to form a pool of technical delegates, sent to events such as this to ensure that host clubs conform to the minimum standards


2007 Canada Games Update & Technical Package

Kathy Millar reported that preliminary preparations and technical package reviews were underway.


2004 edition FCA rules book status

Greg Durward reported that the 2004 edition would be produced after FCA hears from FITA.  FITA is publishing rules changes later and later, and that impacts on when FCA can publish its own book.


Proposed Rule Changes for 2004

The draft was forwarded to Board members in advance. Greg Durward feels the need for more direct input.  Greg outlined the ad hoc rule-making committee operating informally within FCA, making changes more frequently in between rulebook printings. FCA needs a formal mechanism for suggested rule changes. Greg gets e-mails suggestions and sees if there is support at the board level.  FCA may need a formal Rules Committee with broad consensus to present to the board and not take up so much board time. The committee may not be by-pass the board.  At the national championships, while we are training judges, the new judges should get input.  It is a learning exercise for the judge, and the athletes need to know the new final call rule.  Since there were many suggested rule changes, the Board members used a show-of-hands to pass the least contentious ones.




Rule                                                 Indoor Practice                    Re-word & tabled

3.2.10                                                         Championship practice         ibid

Rule 7.4.8                                                   Outdoor Rules Practice        Re-worded & passed                                                      Practice as per FITA            Passed

Delete,, and          Appealing arrow values         Passed

Delete and                             Sequence of arrows              Passed

Rule 4.10.1                                                  Indoor rounds outdoors         Passed

Magnocks Rule                                            As per FITA                         Passed

Rule 7.3.8                                                   Bowhunter arrow size    

ACTION:           Re-word to state commercially-available arrows           Passed

Rule,                                     PeeWee class                     Passed


It was suggested that FCA devise a mechanism for removal and re-instatement of Divisions at Canadian outdoor championships.  Discussion centered round what level of participation and at what number of consecutive championships would be implied to designate a non-viable category, i.e. non-participation.


Motion #B2003-07:     Adopt a policy of reviewing participation at the outdoor target event each year, and for each equipment division (masters, seniors, juniors, cadets, cubs, pre-cubs, men & women) that has 10 or fewer participants for 3 consecutive year with the exception of AWAD divisions, published in advanced, the division is deleted.  A procedure for re-instating the division will be developed.

Moved by:         Ed Wilson               Second by:        Arthur Nault                   carried


Motion #B2003-08:     Adopt a policy of reviewing participation at the indoor target and national field event each year, and for each equipment division (masters, seniors, juniors, cadets, cubs, pre-cubs, men & women) that has 10 or fewer participants for 3 consecutive year with the exception of AWAD divisions, published in advanced, the division is deleted.  A procedure for re-instating the division will be developed.

Moved by:         Ed Wilson               Second by:        Shawn Riggs                 carried


ACTION:           To develop a re-instatement procedure.


Rule                                                 Host sites for regionals               Passed

Rule 4.10.3                                                  Number of archers required        

ACTION:  To substitute "compete" for "submit scores"                               Passed with amendments

Rule                                                 Mail matches                             Passed

Rule                                               Double Elimination                     Passed

Rule                                                 Flip-score device semifinals        Passed

Rule                                                 Blinds for FCA Open only           Passed

Rule                                                 Event for cadets & cubs              Defeated

ACTION:  To reconsider and re-word this rule change for vote-by-mail.

Rule 4.10.4                                                  Multiple FITAs                           Passed

Rule 5.3.1                                                   Distance records                        Passed


ACTION:           In 2003, the FCA Regional Indoor Championship scoring was done exactly as outdoors.  FITA is reviewing indoor scoring like this in principle and FCA will wait.


Ratification of 3D Committee rule changes for 2004

All 3D Rule changes are on hold pending the IBO meeting in October.  FCA's 3D committee will vote by mail to decide whether or not to accept these new changes.


ABAM's National 3D Team Proposal (attached)

Kathy Millar and Ed Wilson presented the proposal.  There was considerable discussion concerning team selection to only one world event.  This is not what the FCA 3D committee has in mind presently.


Motion #B2003-09:     That FCA develops a plan to select a national team to attend the FITA 3Di world championship event.

Moved by:         Ed Wilson               Second by:        Susan Lemke                carried


                IOC Olympic Solidarity Seminar Report

Kathy Millar supervised Bruce Moquin's report.  It has been circulated to the FCA Board, the Canadian Olympic Committee and FITA.


CBET process status report            Discussed previously


2002 National Championships Format Discussion 2004

Bruce Savage suggested that FCA stay with the same format.  There had been an improvement from the 2003 timetable, using fewer shooting days with fewer volunteers.


                3D 2003 Nationals interim report

Kathy reported that the Estevan club provided an excellent event with tremendous local sponsorship and support.  The club's decision not to allow its own members, including juniors, to shoot the event meant that attendance numbers were down slightly.


Reduction of Equipment Divisions at Outdoor Target Championships

There was discussion with respect to Executive Committee Motion E#03-11 to restrict the target championships equipment divisions to compound and recurve for 2004.  Field championships equipment divisions would remain as is.  Bruce Savage and Jude Hooey addressed the issues outlined in the ATAA letter.  Jude Hooey felt that the problems had been rectified satisfactorily.


2004 3D Championship and Target/Field Championship bids to date

FCA has received a sanctioned bid from OAA and The Archers of Caledon based on the same format as 2003. Dates are set tentatively for the first week in August but the month is very busy in Ontario.  With regard to 3D in 2004, if a sanctioned BCAA bid is not forthcoming, then Ontario will bid to host the 3D nationals. It is BCAA's turn in rotation, but the 3D committee will move ahead if no bid is forthcoming.


2005 3D Championship and Target/Field Championship bids to date

AANB made a presentation and Phil Parlee circulated information for a combined bid.  A proposed schedule was circulated.  The bid will be voted on at the AGM.


Information item: Denis Rousseau stated that FTAQ plans to bid for the 2006 target/field championships.


Judge certification, exams on-line and programme activities

Roger Murray reported that judge exams are available on-line and Ghislain Arsenault is pleased with what is happening regarding certification at the nationals this week.


World Masters Game

Al Wills clarified that FCA had sanctioned the event in agreement with ATAA through its president.  The host city did not choose to include archery in the programme.  But Al Wills has since learned that FITA President Easton has indicated that the bid process may be re-opened.


b) High Performance Committee

HPC approval of minutes from fall 2002 meeting

The Board reviewed the summary of motions.  Since the Board met only once per year, it was suggested that motions appearing in committee minutes should be addressed in a vote-by-mail.


ACTION:           The new executive will discuss governance in light of so few meetings.


Motion #B2003-10:     To approve all motions in the minutes except #HPC 02-03.

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs           Second by:        Arthur Nault                   carried


With respect to Motion #HPC 02-03, the FCA Executive Committee thinks that this is micro-managing a provincial domain.  Shawn expressed the point that all provinces would want objective criteria.  Ed Wilson felt that if the money comes from FCA, there should be restrictions.  Does the FCA set criteria or does the province? The above-mentioned motion was not addressed.

ACTION:           The High Performance Committee should review this motion.


Business arising form the minutes

Bruce Savage withdrew from the discussion as Vice-President but requested to be in attendance.  The President accepted this.


Shawn Riggs outlined the background regarding the team selection criteria for Continental Qualification Tournament earning spots for Canada, not for the athletes.  FITA’s criteria in the fall of 2002 stated that the CQT was 4 men and 4 women.  FCA's criteria mirrored this and HPC would name the team on August 11, 2003.  Now FITA has changed this and only 2 men and 2 women may enter the CQT.  However, the tournament is now split into a WRE and CQT, and 8 recurve archers are allowed to enter the WRE. 


Therefore, HPC has changed the team criteria for 2 and 2 with the same standard selection process.  There are athletes who have worked very diligently to be the top 4 archers, and now will not be allowed to compete in CQT.  FCA has published set standards people have earned the right to be named accordingly. The Athlete Rep is in a difficult position. The COC is not interested in funding non-competitive sports.  So funding is in jeopardy.


HPC wishes the Board to consider funding two men and two women from Sport Canada assistance plus, with new money to send third person, in case of equipment failure, injury and/or illness, or the athlete who qualified wishes to step aside voluntarily. 


The FCA Executive Committee's counter-proposal is that 4 athletes be allowed to attend, and based upon scores shot in the qualification round at the event, select the top 2 to enter the CQT.  If the archer chooses to relinquish his or her spot to another Canadian present, it is the athlete’s choice. The rules have changed. This is a one-time circumstance.  The Executive Committee can not see why the best scores at the qualification round would not be used to enter the CQT.  The Executive Committee is concerned with the big picture and the long-term effect on the sport or association.  Either way, this situation may go to arbitration. 


The Board felt that archers should not be put in a position whether or not they should enter the round, or whether to select an alternate who shot better during the qualification round.


Motion #B2003-11:     That HPC amend the CQT criteria to send the top 2 ranked archers (male and female) named on August 11th and allow alternate(s) to be substituted to allow for injury, illness and/or equipment failure, or voluntary withdrawl.

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs           Second by:        Ed Wilson                     unanimous


COC Qualifications for Athens Negotiations

Shawn reviewed the status to date.  FCA is still waiting for COC’s response to Hugh MacDonald’s formula and approval of schedules B & C.


COC Sport Review Process

Shawn Riggs, Joan McDonald and Kathy Millar were involved in the research, preparation and teleconference to access more Olympic training funds, but were not successful.


CPC Sport Review Process

Alec Denys, Arthur Nault and Kathy Millar were involved in the same review process for Athletes With A Disability.  It is not expected that FCA will receive enhanced Paralympic training funds either.

Team Leader Criteria and guidelines

Shawn Riggs led the active discussion.


ACTION:           Shawn will formulate these guidelines with HPC.


                AAP carding criteria approval for able-bodied archers

Kathy Millar stated negotiations for senior and junior recurve archer carding criteria had been favourable.  She asked the Board to review the criteria and direct any questions toward the national office.


FITA World Championship

The failure to secure Olympic spots in New York puts extra stress on archers going to the CQT.  


Athens Test Event update

Jonathan Ohayon lost a close match 160/159 to Yamamoto (JPN) placing him 23rd.  The Executive Director noted that the time and confusion involved in order to send just one archer proved that the Athens organising committee has to improve greatly before the Games of 2004.


Pan Am Games Event update

Al Wills has been posting Joan McDonald's e-mail reports on the field everyday.


                IPC World Championships update & ramifications

This is the Paralympic qualifying event and has carding implications for both archers.  Norbert Murphy and Alec Denys will compete in Madrid to earn spots for Canada on the Paralympic line.  Only a limited number can be won at this tournament.  The other spots come from the IPC Archery ranking list.  Scores must be submitted no later than February 14, 2004.


WADA Code & role of the FCA both within Canada and with FITA

Kathy Millar outlined the excessive demands placed on NSOs to keep track of athlete whereabouts for testing.  FITA's declaration forms did not have to be used for the recent World Championships.   


c) Communications & Marketing

Sponsorship update

Neet, Win & Win, VISA and Easton are donors, not sponsors in the true sense of the word.

Avalanche Ski Wear is an official supplier.  FCA needs sponsorship (see discussion above).



Al Wills continues to update the website often.  InfoExcellence appears to be published only once per year.  Info.E-mail grows in popularity.


Sales & Distribution Centre report

Kathy Millar reported sales, and in particular target sales were very good.  Some of this increased activity may have been due to Canada Games preparation. She just received price quotes for 60cm single and multiple faces from Maple Leaf Targets.


ACTION:           Kathy will send 60cm prices to the Board for feedback on prices.


d) International Committee

FITA update not covered in rules revision under Archery Canada

Al Wills will make a presentation at the AGM.  If he is re-elected, Al Wills wishes to work hard on COPANARCO funding and involvement after he has finished his computer course.



5.4.             2004 Fiscal Year

Items and projects for consideration in 2004 budget; direction to staff

There is a suggestion to budget a second board meeting.  Are we spending the money wisely? 


ACTION:           Kathy will budget for Teleconferencing.



5.5              Other Business

      • Youth Division at FCA Championships

Executive Committee's Motion E#03-10 to allow the youth division to stay as is and re-visit this topic at another meeting was discussed.  There was only one person registered in the youth division at these championships.  It was felt that this is a participation division, not competitive one, and that it should be removed from championships.


Motion #B2003-12:     To expand rules restricting Peewees at Canadian outdoor and indoor national championships to include youth division.

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs           Second by:        Ed Wilson                     unanimous



6.                   President's Closing Remarks

Will continue to serve if asked and will not run again for President, even if he were able to.  He thanked the Board for its support over the past 13 years.



7.         Adjourn

Adjourned until August in Caledon.  The meeting ended on Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 21:35.



FCA Volunteer Recognition Policy 2003

Definition of Merit


1.      Bronze Volunteer Recognition Pin

a)                  An FCA member who demonstrated long-term commitment to organized archery at the club/local level in the capacity of volunteer builder, administrator, official, coach or other supporting role.

b)                  The chairperson or member of an FCA committee or sub-committee who demonstrated commitment and competency to deliver programmes and/or services.


2.      Silver Volunteer Recognition Pin

a)                  An FCA member who demonstrated long-term commitment to archery at the local or provincial level in the capacity of volunteer builder, administrator, official, coach or other supporting role, who has received a Bronze Volunteer Recognition Pin already.

b)                  The chairperson(s) of a national championship organizing committee.

c)                  The chairperson(s) of the Canada Games organising committee.  

d)                  The chairperson or member of an FCA committee or sub-committee who demonstrated exceptional commitment and competency in fulfilling the portfolio's demands.


3.      Gold Volunteer Recognition Pin

a)                  An FCA member who demonstrated outstanding, long-term commitment to archery at the local, provincial or national level in the capacity of volunteer builder, administrator, official, coach or other supporting role, who has received a Silver Volunteer Recognition Pin already.

b)                  A national-level volunteer, whose long-term commitment to FCA needs recognition by the membership.


Under unusual circumstances, the FCA Executive Committee may award Diamond Volunteer Recognition Pin


FCA Complaint Policy 2003


From The London Declaration:

1. There be a firm and public commitment to the principle that lasting and meaningful athletic performance can only be achieved through fair means.


2. Participants in sport and physical activity will do so in a manner that adheres to the highest ethical principles.


3. Those who participate in sport will receive from their fellow athletes, coaches and officials, and parents/guardians and spectators, fairness and ethical treatment in a safe and welcoming sport environment, free of harassment and abuse.


4. Their sport system will help to advance the widest array of athletic goals of all participants, with or without disability, without discrimination and in spite of barriers based on personal circumstances.


The FCA Board of Directors recognises that members may require a vehicle to bring forward complaints against individuals, committees, the Board of Directors or the Executive.



1.         It is the responsibility of the complainant to forward their complaint (or notice of complaint) to the FCA office within 10 calendar days of the incident. If the complaint is against the FCA office, then the complaint must be forwarded to the FCA President. If the FCA Office or the President is contacted for information, then the 10 days will begin as of that day. If the complaint is not received by the tenth day, then the matter will be considered closed.


2.         The complainant must fill in the FCA Complaint form (attached) with as much detail as possible and forward it as per above-mentioned point 1.


3.         Once a complaint is received the FCA office (or President) will inform the remainder of the Executive that a complaint has been received, but will not divulge any details. The President will then appoint a committee of 3 members of the Executive (Should the complaint be against the Executive, members of the Board of Directors or FCA committees who are not in conflict, will be considered.) as a 'Resolution Committee'.


4.         The Resolution Committee shall elect a Chair from among themselves. This committee will then be forwarded the complaint and all the documentation. Every attempt will be made for the committee to meet in person and with the complainant.  However, due to travel costs and the diversity of Canada, this may not be possible. The committee will attempt to call witnesses and deliberate face to face. The proceedings of this Committee will be confidential unless, with the permission of the complainant, the committee finds it prudent to publish the results.


5.         The Resolution Committee will report its findings and decision to the FCA Board of Directors, and only the Board can dissolve the committee.  A motion from the Board will ratify the final decision and dissolve the committee.


6.         Should the decision not satisfy the complainant, The Alternate Dispute Resolution mechanism can be pursued as an outside agency designed to mediate or arbitrate in cases where internal sport procedures fail to resolve an issue.


2003 Canada Games - Bathurst - Report

Eight provinces were represented with PEI and Newfoundland not in attendance.



-                      Distance from Housing to the Event for the athletes and officials was very far

-                      Basically impossible to take in other events

-                      Practice Range needed more supervision

-                      Total lack of communication and information from the Host Committee

-                      Host Club not aware of the prestige and importance of the event

-                      Participants not familiar with the rules

-                      Media demands and timing within the event were difficult to accommodate



-                      16 target butts



-                      Media exposure every day

-                      All archers got to shoot at least 2 days (8 provinces/16 archers - no cuts)

-                      Great group of volunteers

-                      Great facility:  official range, practice range, team rooms

-                      Sold out event on two days - standing room only

-                      Great noise!



For the first indoor Canada Games event everything well very well and surpassed everyone's expectations, especially due to the diligent and work of Provincial Judge Co-ordinator Paul Hicks.


Since the Canada Games, sadly, we lost Charlie Pyne in an accident.  He was an official there and planned to come to these national championships this year.


RECOMMENDATIONS to FCA and future Organising Committees:

1.                  Establish working relationship and communication with Host Society ASAP

2.                  Determine key contact in Host Society, Host Province, PSO and event host.

3.                  The event requires an absolute minimum of 6 judges

4.                  The DoS and Judge Chairperson must be knowledgeable.

5.                  Use a separate location for photo sessions with butts, targets and sufficient lighting.  This location must be away from the official range.

6.                  Supervision must be provided in the practice area.

7.                  The media contact must be knowledgeable about all aspects of archery & rules.

8.                  The host committee should attend the Canadian Nationals to see how it runs and what is expected from facilities/volunteers/organisation/event format/event equipment and how to run elimination rounds.

9.                  Event facilities, housing for athletes and officials must be in close proximity.

10.              Consider changing the format to 1/2 FITA round (30 arrows) per day.


National 3D Team to International Championships (ABAM Proposal)


National 3D Team


Whereas FITA has recognized 3D archery as a competitive form through the institution of a world championship


Be it resolved that the FCA name a Canadian 3D team eligible to compete at the FITA or IBO worlds funding based on budgetary constraints and previous FCA policies


Team make-up for FITA worlds:


There are three divisions Recurve, Longbow, Compound with three male and three female members per team.

Each Federation is allowed to name 3 teams.

There is a potential to name 54 competitors.


Team make-up for IBO Worlds:


There are numerous categories and age divisions and entries are limited only to those who have attended a qualifier so a proposal would be to name 5 archers per age and equipment category.


Criteria for selection to the FCA 3D National team

a)         Athletes must be in good standing with the FCA

b)         Potential athletes should be identified through their provincial associations

c)         Athletes must have an established training program and a yearly plan

d)         Athletes must demonstrate competency by obtaining a qualifying standard based on a percentage score at a designated number of provincial tournaments

e)         Standing at the Canadian 3D championships can be considered as criteria for       ranking





                                                                                                Victoria, BC


                                                                                                26 June, 2003


Mr. Kevin Brayford

FCA Director, Alberta

24 Dovely Way SE

Calgary, AB 

T2B 2K8


Your letter Concerning FCA Categories


Dear Kevin,


I regret that your letter was not received by either the National Office or at my home, hence the delay in responding.


You are correct that FCA Executive discussed changing the number of categories at the National Championships. It was hardly arbitrary as it was discussed at the Board Meeting last August in Saskatchewan, the President’s conference last November in Montréal and again at the Executive Meeting in January, in fact, I cannot recall a Board Meeting when it wasn’t discussed. There was a great deal of discussion last year, I recall the Alberta delegate in on the debate. The minutes are available on the FCA website; you will note that BOD members were asked to ensure their Presidents were informed of the discussion to be held at the President’s Conference. Discussion was held, unfortunately there was not a delegate from Alberta there. It was again discussed at the Executive meeting in January, where the motion you mention was passed. It appears that the motion was intended to be presented to the Board, however it was passed by the Executive.


The motion is on the agenda of the August Board Meeting, where it will be (again) discussed and dealt with. The decision of the Board will govern the next Canadian Outdoor Championships. I trust Alberta will make the points from your letter there.


I look forward to a good debate at the Board Meeting.


Yours in archery,



Allan R. (Al) Wills, President







Motion E#03-04:            To ratify Roger Murray's appointment as Interim Vice-President ACC Committees & Projects.

Moved by:               Bruce Savage          Seconded by:    Arthur Nault       Carried 


Motion E#03-06:            To write off the 2001 NLAA PSO agreement balance.


Moved by:         Don Lohnes                   Seconded by:          Roger Murray           Carried          


Motion E#03-07:            To increase FCA member fee by $1.00 effective January 2004.


Moved by:         Roger Murray                 Seconded by:          Bruce Savage          Carried          


Motion E#03-10:            To allow the youth division to stay as is and re-visit this topic at another meeting.


Moved by:         Don Lohnes                   Seconded by:          Roger Murray           Carried          


Motion E#03-11:            For the 2004 TARGET championships equipment divisions will be compound and recurve.  Field championships equipment divisions would remain as is.


Moved by:         Arthur Nault                   Seconded by:          Don Lohnes             Carried          


Motion E#03-13:            To use the HPC motion 02-03 as suggested as and/or criteria to fund one archer to the FCA national championships per province.


Moved by:         Don Lohnes                   Seconded by:          Roger Murray           Carried          





MOTION #HPC 02-03:    That the objective criteria utilised in the PSO agreement to select athletes funded to national include:

Nominate people who may carry on from the provincial to the national level

Proven activity level in appropriate disciplines at the provincial level

Utilise a formal provincial team trials

Select top athlete such as provincial champion within the last year/current year

Nominate the top archer at last year’s national championship

Moved by          Claude Malouin  Seconded by                 Gary Gillies


MOTION #HPC 02-04:    Effective immediately, the arrow allocation rotation will be as follows:


Year 1   (2003)                           Year 2   (2004)

Compound women                     Compound men

Compound men                         Recurve women

Recurve women                         Recurve men

Recurve men                             Compound women

Wheelchair                                Wheelchair


Year 3   (2005)                           Year 4   (2006)

Recurve women                         Recurve men

Recurve men                             Compound women

Compound women                     Compound men

Compound men                         Recurve women

Wheelchair                                Wheelchair




Note 1:  X10’s will be offered according to the rotation as outlined above until the allocation has been accepted and given out.


Policy Statement:          If you were allocated A/C/E, but wanted X10’s, or decided the size was no longer appropriate, the archer may sell/trade these arrows and use whatever funds generated to purchase/obtain the preferred Easton arrow.


The list of people receiving bows and arrows should be listed on InfoExcellence and the web site.  Archers who are sponsored directly or by another arrow firm should be listed with reason.

Moved by          Allen Jenskey                Seconded by                 Shawn Riggs


MOTION #HPC 02-05:  For the 2003 World Target Championships only, due to the early date of the event, the selection criteria that was adopted at last year’s meeting is modified.  A maximum of 2 scores may be used from 2002 and one 2003, and one of the 3 must be a major.   The deadline date for submitting scores to qualify will be midnight Eastern Time on June 9th 2003.  The team will be named June 10th 2003.

Moved by          Marthe Cusson  Seconded by                 Claude Malouin


MOTION #HPC 02-06:  For future Championship of the Americas, in order to fill the team compliment, after all fully qualified gold and red ranked archers have been approached, if there are positions available, an archer may qualify for the team if the standard team selection average is equal to or better than blue squad.  Any available FCA money would be allocated to those people who have higher than or equal to red squad team selection averages.  If there is surplus funding, the balance should be allocated equally among the remaining members.

Moved by          Shawn Riggs                 Seconded by                 Joan McDonald


MOTION #HPC 02-07:  To accept Joan McDonald as team coach to world outdoor championships 2003.

Moved by:         Allen Jenskey                Seconded by:                Marthe Cusson


MOTION #HPC 02-08:  To accept Joan McDonald as Olympic Coach for 2004.

Moved by:         Shawn Riggs                 Seconded by:                Claude Malouin


MOTION #HPC 02-09:  To accept Joan McDonald as Pan Am Coach for 2003.

Moved by:         Marthe Cusson  Seconded by:                Allen Jenskey


MOTION #HPC 02-10:  To accept Kathy Millar as Paralympic Coach 2004.

Moved by:         Gary Gillies                   Seconded by:                Allen Jenskey






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