High Performance Committee Meeting

Montréal, PQ - October 25-26, 2003



In Attendance:

Arthur Nault, Vice-President HPC                   Shawn Riggs, Athlete Representative

Joan McDonald, Scores &Team Selection    Allen Jenskey, Doping Control Education

Marthe Cusson, Uniform Co-ordinator                       Gary Gillies, Athlete Services Co-ordinator


Guest: Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director


Call to Order

The meeting was convened at 9:25 am at Arthur Nault's house in Brossard, PQ.



1.      Opening Remarks and greetings from the Committee Chairperson

Arthur welcomed everyone and thanked everyone for coming.  He knew that there was a lot to do, but he was sure all the worked would be covered.


1a. Approval of the Agenda

MOTION #HPC 03-01:            To accept the agenda and to leave it open.

Moved by:        Marthe Cusson           Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous



2.      Reading and Motion to approve of the minutes October 19-20, 2002 as circulated

MOTION #HPC 03-02:            To approve the minutes from the 2002 meeting as circulated.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey  Seconded by:  Marthe Cusson                       unanimous


            2a. Business Arising from the Minutes

            (i) Ranking system review - elimination round criteria

Joan McDonald reported that a lot of work was done on this initially and she has collected data, but been unable to proceed with.  Marthe produced her work and a spreadsheet example of how the 12-arrow and 18-arrow matches could be equated into the formula.  She distributed her work to the group.  I item was tabled.


Kathy Millar made the suggestion that due to the inordinate amount of complicated, technical material and issues that the HPC must handle regularly, the members should consider meeting more than once a year face-to-face, perhaps in April.  The committee agreed with this analysis.


ACTION:         HPC will set a date for a meeting in the Toronto area in April in order to work on policies and procedures.


(ii) Team Leader Criteria - misconduct/evaluation/minimum standards

Shawn Riggs reviewed the work to date.  Minimum standards for applications have been complete, but the rest has not been.  Team Leaders must be aware of the position requirements and penalties if they do not fulfill them.


ACTION: Shawn will have draft ready by December 1st.


3.      Reports

-          Vice-President of HPC      Nothing to add


-          Athletes Representative

Shawn Riggs added to his annual AGM report from August.  Highlighting the work that needed to be done regarding CQT discussions, he felt HPC worked well on the spot and was pleased that the FCA Board of Directors had sided with HPC on the issue of COC qualification at CQT and WRE.  There was some procedural confusion over the motion and the Executive's role.  The only other event to report was the COC Congress and the confusion the 2010 bid has produced.  NOCs do not own the Olympic rings symbol any more, the host society does and now COC must work with them on funding structures.


The Athletes committee wished to redefine its role to become a steering committee instead of reactionary.  There are athletes sitting on all major COC committees such as Schedule A discussions, where are big name athletes make decisions with no accountability to the rest of the athletes.  AthletesCan has become a stronger organisation.  Alec Denys represented archery at the recent meeting.  Shawn felt athlete groups were making decisions based on politics and money, not on sport.


ACTION:         Shawn Riggs will ask Alec Denys to submit a meeting report.


-          Score & Selection co-ordinator

Joan McDonald reported that Claude Malouin was not able to fix the database.  The database exists in 2 halves and all the data was entered but this is where the problem is.  The report is not accessible.  Claude and Joan met in Toronto, but they could not fix the code.  Ranking list has been done by hand for the 4 equipment categories but now she has to look up birth dates.  This ranking list will not have the coach.


World Indoor Championships ranking takes up time but only 4 people submitted enough scores to have a ranking.  This topic was added to the agenda item #8.


At last year's HPC meeting, Joan understood that it was her job to assemble the staff for the World championship.  When that was not the case, the process was not handled quickly.  FCA made two more calls for team staff and it was too late.  The whole process was unacceptable.  Joan proposed that the coach take the lead and assemble the staff that meets criteria of athletes.  Allen felt the change would reflect what in affect happened this year, but Joan disagreed.


MOTION HPC #03-03: To approve the procedural recommendations for team leader selection as proposed by Joan McDonald in her report.

Moved by:        Joan McDonald           Seconded by:  Marthe Cusson           unanimous


HPC will call for coach applications.  The coach will be responsible for selecting the staff and HPC could make a suggestion to coach.  Guidelines need to be in place for coach, leader and assistance leaders. The team coach reports back to HPC with the staff list.  If the HPC does not approve suggestions (as per point 5in Joan's report), the coach must seek out new personnel, re-assess how this change affects the guidelines, and then re-submits the staff to HPC.  HPC will review the selections until all guidelines and minimum requirements are satisfied.


MOTION HPC #03-04:            Move to amend Point number 5 in Joan's submission as follows: HPC approves the team staff by committee vote.  However, in a case where the committee does not approve the recommended staff, the coach will be asked to submit another recommendation until approval has been received by HPC by vote.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


ACTION:         To ask Don Lohnes, as President of FCA, and Rob Rusnov as an Olympian to write a joint letter to Roger Ouellette at Sport Canada explaining that athletes cannot prepare to compete if they do not know if there will be sufficient funding to compete.  In an Olympic qualification year, archers did not know if they could afford to attend major events. 

If no response is received within 2 months from Roger, then the committee wishes to send the same letter to SIRC for distribution through its network.. 


KM will circulate draft to HPC, advising Don and Rob that their assistance is requested.  Don can circulate it to EC if he wishes and then Marthe to translate.


ACTION:         Joan will submit a revised report outlining her observations on specific team meetings for smaller groups on World teams.


Team/Support Staff Accountability

There is very little accountability from athletes to staff and staff to athletes.  Who to report to is important.   What kind of documents does HPC need?  Such documents used to exist but if they can not be found, HPC has to re-write them.


List of Forms for International Teams:

·         Athlete evaluation of event (administrated by athletes on team)

·         Coach evaluation of athlete(s) performance

·         Minimum standards for conduct of manager, coach & athlete

·         Post event Coach report

·         Post event Team manager report to HPC

·         Post event Assistant Manager(s) report


Team trials format

There has been limited interest to return to a trials format for international team selection.  HPC should review the merit to going back to that system.  For the development of the high performance athlete, trials train our athletes to upgrade their performance.  Money was always the issue.  This is a time-sensitive issue and impacts on the 2005 World championships.  Team selection criteria have to be decided upon and publish it.  HPC needs to survey core athletes for input and decide what makes sense, not what people like.  Hosting trials is demanding and needs to make money or clubs will not bid to host them. If trials return, the OR will be utilised and ranking system has to reflect this change. 


Team Round at Major Events

The time for athletes to be involved in decision-making is in the drafting stage and not during tournaments.  These discussions should be made without knowing who is making the team.


ACTION:         Substitution of 4th person during team round and how the team is picked is a matter of HPC policy.  Allen Jenskey will formulate entire policy for team round during international team events.  Agreement of the team members has to be worked into it.


ACTION:         Joan McDonald will draft a letter of complaint to FITA regarding timing of change to CQT criteria and its impact on FCA.  The draft will be sent to Arthur Nault for review.


MOTION HPC #03-05:            To send a formal letter of complaint to Jim Easton and FITA regarding the late change in CQT criteria.

Moved by:        Shawn Riggs              Seconded by:  Gary Gillies                  unanimous


No dispute mechanism in place but need to use basis of Schedule B (tabled).


MOTION HPC #03-06:            To award Hugh MacDonald a FCA bronze Volunteer pin for his assistance to development of the Schedule A model.

Moved by:        Gary Gillies                  Seconded by:  Marthe Cusson           unanimous


Schedule A

COC has not distributed the most recent update so nothing can be signed.  HPC must set the date for the Olympic trials, should they be needed.  It appears that the Cal Cup event will probably be held last weekend in May. 


ACTION:         Hugh MacDonald will contact Brooks Masuda to confirm Cal Cup dates.  It is not a USAT event according to Tom Parrish of the NAA.  Joan will call within 10 days after this meeting if nothing has been resolved.


ACTION:         Joan to submit draft Team Leader Handbook on December 1st.


ACTION:         Excellence section must be archived on the website with a link.  There should be Archive button on the site.  KM to contact webmaster.


ACTION:         To create a specific HPC Policy Manual.  KM will research all standing motions on file for the past 5-6 years and compile list for committee review.  Eventually the policy manual would be on the website.


Joan McDonald will keep ranking list responsibilities, but not team selection position. 


ACTION:         To advertise on the website for a new Team Selection Co-ordinator.  Qualities must include: not actively striving to compete on international teams or Excellence member coaches and parents; writing skills must be clear and can communicate to athletes in writing or by telephone; must have access to e-mail and fax machine.


ACTION: Policy manual item - Define who gets uniform badges on team uniforms.


-          Disabled Archers co-ordinator

Arthur did not submit a formal report.  A new archer, Jacques Millette, is very interested and competed in the FCA championships and the US championships at his own expense.  A new archer from Saskatchewan is an amputee.  Jacques is president in disabled community in the south Montreal area and his range of contacts is very important since archery needs disabled archers to do the inviting. 


Next Paralympic Games is questionable for participation. Though it was highly probably that spots could be earned on the Paralympic lines, scores are not high enough.


Arthur has just come back from Athens as IPC technical delegate and nothing is ready.  There are too many ramps and too far in between practice and competition fields and the competition range, so he advised using one baseball diamond instead.    The ranking round range is in the village.  But elimination rounds will take 1.5 hours by bus.  Joan added that able-bodied athletes would have archery buses from practice to match play.  The ranking round is on the 12th of August, 2 days before Opening Ceremonies and tournament starts at 8:00 the day after the Ceremonies.  The archer may not have a spotting scopes or coaches or any other visual obstruction for television.


-          Athletes Services co-ordinator

Gary stated that last year all archers who asked for X10s received them.  Don Rabska continues to be helpful.  Al Wills states that another Win & Win sponsorship is available. 


ACTION:         Shawn will speak to Crispin Duenas regarding the Win&Win bow he won at the national championships.


-          National Team Uniform Programme

Marthe reported the problem of keeping track of people who have uniforms but need National Team crests because they now become team members.  Payment is an issue between Marthe and the national office.  The shorts are too hot for most archers and Marthe is still exploring this material change for the second pair of shorts.


ACTION:         Policy Manual item - FCA uniform shipment will be paid for within Canada.  Change uniform requirements on team selection criteria template to black bottoms, not just shorts. 


MOTION HPC #03-07:            Kathy Millar will approach Avalanche to renegotiate the clothing contract until 2008.

Moved by:        Gary Gillies                  Seconded by:  Allen Jenskey              unanimous


ACTION:         Team Leader duties must include working with the national office to canvas national team shooting shirt orders.


ACTION:         KM to get "Property of" shirts priced and then report to HPC.  If they are to be re-instituted then they will not be given out for free as per other programmes unless a sponsor can be found. 


-          Promotion & Communication

This was included in Marthe's report.  Laurier has to approach specific people for articles.


-          Doping Control Education             As submitted.  Items tabled.


-          Executive Director                        Nothing to add


ACTION:         KM will circulate ED job description to HPC members.  KM to look at how to contract out part of her job and HPC tasks so that she has more time to work on more important HPC matters.


ACTION:         KM to contact Hayley Mott to see if she would be interested in taking over the national team shirt programme.


In summary of the Reports section of the meeting, the Vice-President wanted to thank everyone for all the work they have done this year and all the results and it was not a bad year but there was a lot accomplished.


ACTION:         Allen will draft a HPC Mission statement outlining role and goals in time for the April 2004 meeting.



4.      Administration

-          HP Coach Co-ordinator Position status report and possible actions

HPC developed a list of names for this position.  Arthur contacted everyone on the list and no one was able to take on the responsibility.  He did not pursue anyone not listed.


ACTION:         KM to ask CC to recommend someone to administrate this position.


-          Athlete and Coach Abuse education

Shawn reported that this is a Sport Canada requirement and a Board item for Susan Lemke and Shawn Riggs last August.  Kathy has collected some articles to date.  Susan has supplied more, plus references to Sport BC's web site.


ACTION:         Shawn to work with Susan Lemke to produce a draft document by the April 2004 meeting.


-          FCA outdoor championships, Motion returned from Board of Directors

Kathy re-introduced this motion on behalf of the Board for further HPC input.  The committee continues to believe that some objective criteria should be in place to justify the use of Sport Canada funds.


MOTION HPC #03-08:            FCA will agree to fund one athlete per province to the national outdoor target field championships provided that the province has an objective mechanism in place to select athletes based on performance.  The PSO will make sure that the FCA has the objective mechanism on file.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


-          Major Event Definition, Criteria & Event Manager's Handbook

Ed Wilson submitted a request to HPC to clearly define the term Major Event in the Team Selection Criteria and set minimum standards.  FCA has two distinct systems for allocating major events, one recognising established high quality events and the other taking bids from interested clubs/organisations.  HPC reviewed the purpose of listing major events.  HPC continues to see the need to send athletes to world championships who can show that they can compete in tournaments outside their own areas.  Very few major events on the list make each tournament important.


MOTION HPC #03-09:            The HPC will consider bids for a major event if the organising committee can demonstrate:

·         the ability to run a tournament to the highest international standards*

·         the ability to attract high performance archers

·         that there will be No entry restrictions for the entire event

·         that there will be a Ranking round

·         that there will match play (to a Maximum of 64 archers per category)


Bids must be submitted to the national office by October 1st (effective 2004)


*See hosting package

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


ACTION:         Joan will review FITAs WRE package and revise to Canadian expectations by November  1st, pulling out practical things that can be done in Canada, e.g. utilising a judge from another area)


ABAM proposal

HPC will accept bids for major event tournaments from each region. The candidates would be evaluated on their ability to host a quality event, not provincially based, but based on the organisation or group.


Rotation of Canada Cup


MOTION HPC #03-10:            There are 4 regions for major events in Canada: the Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, and western Canada.

Excluding the national outdoor championships, one major event can be allocated within each region annually. 

Bids will be accepted from each of these regions providing the bid meets The Major Event Criteria. 

In the case of years where multiple bids are received and all else being equal, HPC will give preference to rotation within the region.

Moved by:        Gary Gillies                  Seconded by:  Allen Jenskey              unanimous


ACTION:         Policy Manual item - Bids would be called for two years in advance and approved at the fall meeting.


-          2004 Canada Cup bid (Ed Wilson)

HPC received a bid from Ed Wilson along with the request to define a major event.


ACTION:         KM to advertise for bids for the major events from all 4 regions for 2004 to be received no later than December 31st 2004. 


MOTION HPC #03-11:            If by December 31st no other bids for the Canada Cup are received, the ABAM bid is accepted by HPC.

Moved by:        Gary Gillies                  Seconded by:  Allen Jenskey              unanimous


ACTION:         KM to locate Delisle tournament results for their attempted major




5.      2002-2003 Budget

-          Review of projects funded to date; FCA funds versus Sport Canada funds

The Executive Director reported that the Sport Review Process assessment was not favourable and COC/Sport Canada would not be giving FCA any further funding for performance training.  HPC discussed coaching development and spending funds to promote that.  Infrastructure that is lacking and FCA is missing talented archers because they do not live in heavily populated places.  People are not there to work with these archers.  There needs to be a joint effort with PSO to keep people in the sport with project-based funding to coaches to go out to work with the archer and the personal coach if available.


ACTION:         Tabled item to April meeting. 


It was agreed that the single most important thing remaining in the Sport Canada fiscal year is to get people to tournaments to be qualified for Athens. There are 7 athletes presently in the system.  AZ Cup is the only option.


MOTION HPC #03-12:            That the remaining FCA budget for high performance tournaments to the end of March 31, 2004 be dedicated to sending the 7 archers in the COC Qualifying grid as of October 25th to the AZ Cup and the Olympic Coach, so long as they are currently members in good standing of the FCA.  Each archer and the coach will be allocated a minimum of $1000.

Moved by:        Marthe Cusson           Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


-          Athlete ticket for CQT

It was assumed that Anna was going because of the visa issue and she knew that the ticket was going to be purchased.  There was no hint that she was not going in advance of Joan booking the ticket. 


MOTION HPC #03-13:            That the Executive Director send an invoice to the athlete for the airfare outstanding to Medellin, COL.  Should the athlete not repay the said funds, she will not be subsidized in advance to go to the AZ Cup.  A note will accompany the invoice asking the athlete to contact the national office regarding a repayment schedule to the end of April 2004 (no post-dated cheques).  When the invoice is paid in full, and the athlete provides proof that she competed in the AZ Cup, the athlete will be allocated the equivalent subsidized amount that the other 6 archers received.

Moved by:        Allen Jenskey              Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous



6.      Event Reports

-          Chula Vista Training Camp Report

The training camp was not held in Chula Vista, but in conjunction with the AZ Cup in Phoenix, AZ.  The report submitted is called the Arizona Training Camp April 7-10, 2003 (attached).  There were 5 people who gave input to the goals and topics of a warm-weather training camp, but the situation changed.  On-going follow-up support from the sport psychologist after the event was not possible because of the lack of funding.


ACTION:         KM will survey the athletes at the AZ training camp to see whether or not they have continued working with Bruno Ouellette individually, and ask what their feelings are in hindsight regarding the success of this camp and what they liked or did not like about it.


-          World Championships

Tracy Klat submitted a report in advanced and Joan submitted hers at the meeting. 


ACTION:         Joan will send her report electronically to the national office.


ACTION:         Policy Manual Item - no hangers-on booked or looked after on national teams.

Team manager must be at the airport to meet team members who arrive at various times.  Team leader handbook will include many suggestions from this experience. 

Use the listing Tracy sent as a potential questionnaire to use for future teams.


-          Pan Am Games Report (JM) as submitted


-          Olympic Test Event Report (verbal)

The organising committee was not easy to work with and it took a lot of effort to send only one person.


ACTION:         Kathy will ask Jonathan Ohayon to submit a written report from the Athens Test Event.


-          IPC world championship Report & ramifications with CPC (KM) as submitted


-          CQT Report (JM) as submitted



7.      Excellence Programme

-          Assessment of Excellence 2004 to date

Kathy handed out an update, stating that more memberships were coming in because of the 2004 Junior/Cadet World Championships.  One inquiry was received regarding world field, and one regarding indoor ranking.


-          Equipment programme & allocation 2003, distribution of equipment in inventory & projections for 2004 / including juniors in allocation cycle

Gary stated that one dozen X10 arrows had been ordered for an athlete who was subsequently found to be under contract with another arrow manufacturer.  The athlete agreed that the arrows could not be accepted, as it would jeopardize FCA's sponsorship.  FCA has the dozen arrows in stock and has two requests for these arrows.  The question of surplus equipment and how to distribute it was discussed.  This year, everyone who was qualified received one dozen arrows.


ACTION:         Gary will ask if Don Rabska is interested in sponsoring junior gold squad archers.


ACTION:         Policy Manual Item

Surplus equipment will be re-distributed as following:

In years when there are qualified gold and red squad members who did not receive sponsored equipment, then their names will be put into a hat and drawn by lottery at the national office by someone not involved in archery.  Should that person be qualified and agreed to pay the shipping fee, then they will receive the surplus equipment.  If there are no qualified archers who did not receive sponsored equipment, then all gold and red squad members names will be put into the lottery and same procedure applies.


POLICY Part 1:          Unclaimed Bows

The FCA will send an e-mail for the unclaimed new bow to every senior, junior or cadet Excellence members with blue, red or gold squad ranking to advertise the limbs and/or riser.  The archer will specify which items are being requested.  Whatever the response, the names are put into a hat and same system (as above) applies.  The archer must agree to pay $75.00 per part, and they or their guardian must sign the normal FCA equipment contract.


Part 2:             Used equipment

The equipment remains FCA property, under contract with archer or parent/guardian and includes shipping costs.  The programme co-ordinator has to keep records of when they were shipped out and to whom.  Used equipment will be offered to all junior and cadet Excellence members who have a ranking average.  Those archers who are interested will have their names put into a hat and drawn as per above procedure.


-          InfoExcellence, editor and budget considerations            completed above



8.      International Events Planning

-          Criteria outdoor worlds 2005 / revised outdoor criteria after Nîmes, New York & Madrid

A correction was made to the work Kathy submitted.


MOTION HPC #03-14:            To re-calculate the mathematical percentage for establishing Blue Squad averages from 5% to 7%.

Moved by:        Shawn Riggs              Seconded by:  Allen Jenskey              unanimous


ACTION:         Joan will re-publish ranking philosophy on the web site.

ACTION:         To formally request the FCA webmaster to create an archive button so that you can access all previous years’ information.


ACTION:         POLICY Manual Item: Starting immediately all archers who have enough scores to create an average will receive a ranking number regardless of the score level.

POLICY Manual Item: For clarification only, HPC-designated official FCA teams will be entitled to receive event crests for their uniforms, i.e. whether the HPC publishes team selection criteria or not.


-          Squad rankings on the web page             Discussed above


-          Major Competitions 2004: Junior/Cadet World Championships, Championship of the Americas, Olympic  & Paralympic Games, World Field

Kathy presented a question from FCA President Don Lohnes: FITA has formally recognised a 3D World championship.  Is it in the best interest of archery as a whole, and the HPC in particular, to manage this programme?  There are perceived differences between target needs and 3D needs and perhaps the committee should leave this programme to the people who obviously can run it very well.  3D international team members would have to abide by the policies and procedures that all FCA international team members have to follow.  The team selection criteria would be the responsibility of the 3D committee.


ACTION:         The HPC will table this issue until April 2004.


Junior worlds - Lilleshall, GBR

HPC needs to set dates and call for team leader, name chaperone(s) for this team’s members younger than the legal age of majority as of the date of departure from their home.


ACTION:         KM will write to Terry Reilly (FITA) to determine the date to submit the final team leaders and right now the cut off date for team selection will be midnight June 14th.  Archers must submit one score minimum from 2004 and 2 scores from 2003.


Championships of the Americas - July 3rd-11th

ACTION:         KM will work with Joan to produce the template.  Scores will be accepted up until midnight May 25th and archers can use 3 scores from 2003 to May 24, 2004.


ACTION:         Shawn will strike a committee to re-visit the team selection process and whether team trials will be included or not. Shawn will choose his group.  Deadline date: February 1st to decide on criteria for 2005 world team. 


Indoor worlds


MOTION HPC #03-15:            To open the team selection for world indoor championships to any Excellence member who wishes to attend the event so long as they make Blue Squad criteria.  If there more archers interested than are allowed to attend, then the top-ranked archers will be named to the team as of February 1st 2005.

Moved by:        Joan McDonald           Seconded by:  Shawn Riggs              unanimous


ACTION:         KM will make a call for team leaders who will attend at their own expense, in an upcoming Info.E-mail.  The qualification period will be October 1st 2004 to February 1st 2005 with no major.  FCA will only cover the cost of the individual registration fees.


ACTION:         Joan will ask Mark Vallee to look after the indoor ranking database.


-          Annual HPC calendar of major events for 2004

ACTION:         Joan will use KM's list to update the Calendar from last year.


ACTION:         KM to ask the webmaster to create an archive button for schedules.


MOTION HPC #03-16:            Effective January 1st, 2004 the HPC will use only registered FITA Star tournaments for ranking and team selection.  To register a FITA Star, the paid request must be submitted to the FCA a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

Moved by:        Marthe Cusson           Seconded by:  Joan McDonald           unanimous


-          Team Leaders for Junior Worlds 2004, Championship of the Americas - see above


9.      COC Schedule A negotiations update

-          CQT versus WRE qualifying scores

The HPC has made every attempt to publish team selection criteria well in advance of the event and this has been done fairly well most of the time.  The negotiations with COC have prevented FCA from publishing the criteria for the 2004 Olympic team.  The information could not be given to the archers in advance.  However, athletes were given several opportunities to learn about the process to date and give input.


Schedule B and trials were not as big of a concern in the working group and it was not discussed at the Arizona training camp. If FCA has failed to give archers enough information on how to qualify for teams, then HPC has to address this issue.


ACTION:         To apologize to all recurve members of Excellence for not getting the information out on time.


Is it better to have more people at trials than less?  The HPC has discussed the fact that in the past Canadian archers have not been able to demonstrate that they can win matches under pressure, but the person who is able to earn a spot for Canada, either at the World Championship or the CQT has obviously demonstrated this ability.  This archer has performed with the weight of the expectation of the entire sport as well as their own expectations, and still performed well.  A counter-proposal was received from Jonathon Ohayon (attached).


MOTION HPC #03-17:            MOTION HPC#03-17:    It is the intention of FCA to allow the archer(s) who earned quota spots for Canada at an Olympic Games to attend their respective FCA Olympic Trials whether or not he/she may be otherwise fully qualified pursuant to COC standards.  Provided at least one archer is fully qualified pursuant to COC standards (the qualified archer), and (a) one or more other person(s) have earned quota spots for Canada at an Olympic Games, and (b) these other person(s) are not otherwise fully qualified pursuant to the applicable COC standards, in that event a FCA Olympic Trials will be held with at least the qualified archer and the other person(s) participating.

Moved by:        Gary Gillies                  Seconded by:  Marthe Cusson          

Joan McDonald stated that she wished to abstain.                                        Passed


-          ADRSportRED

ACTION:         KM will approach the FCA lawyer concerning the above motion and the accompanying logic.


ACTION:         When the motion is finalised then Kathy Millar will send the minutes to the Board. The minutes will be accompanied by a request for a teleconference to ratify the minutes.  There will be a summary of the motions in priority order.  She will ask the webmaster to publish the unofficial minutes on the web. 


ACTION:         All committee members will research the ADR process.  All committee members and those involved with the COC Schedule B discussion group have to go back through all of their e-mails with respect to this issue, put them in chronological order and print them out to share with HPC members.

If there were conversations regarding this topic, the attempt must be made to reconstruct the date and nature of the conversation.


ACTION:         Arthur Nault and Allen Jenskey will represent the HPC during this meeting. 


ACTION:         KM must provide all the background information in advance of this meeting.


Once the Board ratifies the motion, it will be up the archer to appeal the decision to whichever body the archer wishes to approach.


ACTION:         Arthur will report tomorrow to Jonathan that this issue was discussed by HPC and further information is being sought.  After that, the minutes will be circulated to the Board and posted on the website.  Finally, the Board will ratify the minutes by a teleconference call. 


-          Formal FCA complaint to FITA regarding CQT changes

Joan asked to be excused from the room during this discussion.  The remaining HPC members reviewed Rob Rusnov's appeal.  He wants to appeal directly to COC that the existing, unsigned Schedule A be changed.  What was the original proposal by Joan to Carol and did Caroline understand the proposal?  If Caroline did not understand the proposal, to re-submit the request that both CQT and WRE but not both for all archers.


MOTION HPC #03-18:            To carry out Rob Rusnov's request to send a letter from the FCA President to Caroline Assalian (COC) for clarification regarding the COC decision to exclude as part of schedule A scores obtained at the CQT for those archers who were allowed to compete in this event.

Moved by:        Shawn Riggs              Seconded by:  Allen Jenskey              Unanimous


ACTION:         KM will contact Don Lohnes after his return to his office on Tuesday.  Shawn will contact Rob to let him know that the committee is acting on his request.  As soon as the COC replies, make sure Rob Rusnov knows this decision.


-          Further COC Schedule B considerations

Joan McDonald returned to the meeting.  The trials format has to be finalized.  The tentative dates for trials will be the weekend of June 26.


ACTION:         Allen Jenskey will be the facilitator and form a discussion group to formalize setting the date and place for the trials and the format.  The HPC will choose the members.  Charged with examining the history, Joan to forward past two trials formats to Allen.  He will create an evaluation instrument to determine if there were any problems or issues in the past and decide where the past system worked.


Possible sub-committee members:   Rob Rusnov                Dave Dalziel

Shawn Riggs  Hugh MacDonald        Richard Chong-kit       Arthur Nault

Joan McDonald


The evaluation should ask the sub-committee what did they liked or did not like about the trials, and what should be changed.  The members should have the US example and Australian example on file.  Then the proposal should be sent to those 7 archers who are involved and they should respond in writing.


ACTION:         AJ will have the instrument developed, sent out to the resource group and develop a process ready for athlete input before the end of December 2003.


-          Appeal Procedure

ACTION:         Shawn will circulate the Schedule B Appeal Procedure to the HPC for comments and an eventual vote-by-mail. 

ACTION:         Adopting this appeal process as a blue-print for all FCA appeals will be tabled as an agenda item for April 2004.


-          Final document to COC

ACTION:         Kathy will ask Caroline whether or not FCA should sign off on Schedule A knowing that there is an appeal coming or whether we should leave it unsigned until the end of the appeal process. Joan will continue to work with Mike Christie to finalize the last Schedule "A" corrections.


FCA will not sign off on the document if COC does not have a position.


-          Considerations for 2008

Allen Jenskey felt that HPC's internal process can be improved for the next time around and someone who is ultimately accountable to ensure the process continues to a conclusion. 


ACTION:         This is an agenda item for April 2004.



10.  Doping control and Education

-          CCES and drug testing 2003

Kathy reported that CCES continues to use the national office for major event testing schedule and athlete whereabouts information, and that all forms are on file for those athletes who were tested this year.  There were no positive tests in archery.


-          WADA policies and athlete monitoring (AJ)

The WADA code is an act and the regulations have yet to be set as standards.  WADA code is finalized and is in the process.  WADA does not replace CCES.  Both CCES and FITA are working on policies that try to comply with WADA.  The document Allen submitted to the committee is as up to date as possible.  Allen reviewed the submitted document and answered questions from the group.  There is a possibility that the FCA will be heavily involved with possible changes and requests. 


Testing pool definition, yet to be defined by CCES and FITA, may be different.  Under the WADA definition the testing pool for athletes in reality includes all FCA members because all FCA championships, field, 3D, indoor and outdoor target, are open events.  Regarding doping infractions, under CCES the athletes were automatically sanctioned, but now there is a hearing so only provisional sanctions can be imposed by CCES.  It is an approach for people in extenuating circumstances.  There is a benefit to accepting provisional sanctioning because you can get credit in the suspension period.  Blood sampling may not be necessary in every sport or within every discipline in every sport, so that provisionally it is possible not to apply to archery.


ACTION:         Allen & Kathy will work on advertising for a volunteer Medical Officer.  Allen will verify if TUE simplified process is complete or not when the 8.1 medication application is submitted to CCES. 

Arthur thanked Al for all his work.


-          Education Plans for the future

This may mean just posting the WADA code and standards on the FCA website.  There are so many things that are up in the air that education is on hold.  But as soon as AWI and testing pool are defined, this process must be communicated to all new members of the FCA, having proved due diligence.



11.  Uniforms               completed above



12.  Annual awards

Due to the onerous length of the meeting, the committee agreed to submit nominations for FCA Annual awards by e-mail.


ACTION:         Kathy will organise this from the national office.



13.  2004 HPC budget - priorities to the Executive Committee

-          2004-2005 government funding and submissions           completed above



14.  Level 4/5 programme

-     Programme status                                                            tabled to April 2004



15.  Other items

ACTION:         All HPC members will send in preferred dates in April for the next meeting to Arthur Nault.

ACTION:         April agenda item to include Marthe Cusson's work on 70m 18-arrows and 12-arrows to add into the ranking system for team selection.



16.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 17:15 on Sunday, October 26th, 2003.


HPC International Calendar - Decisions for Team Selection



1.      2004 World Field Championships, July 04-11, Plitvica Laces CRO

Team criteria will be set if necessary.



2.      2004 Junior/Cadet World Target Championships, July 19-26, Lilleshall, GBR

Team criteria remain the same since 2002 event.



3.      2004 Championships of the Americas July 03-11, Venezuela

Team criteria will include results from New York World Championship.



4.      Archery at the Olympics, August 15-21, Athens

Team criteria established with COC.



5.      Archery at the Paralympics, September 17-28

Team criteria established with CPC.



6.      2005 World Indoor Championships, March 23-25, Aalborg, SWE.

Team criteria will include results from Nîmes World Championship.



7.      2005 World Target Championships, June 20-26, Madrid, ESP

Team criteria will include results from New York World Championship.



8.      2006 Junior/Cadet Target Championships, July ?, in ?

Team criteria will include results from Lilleshall World Championship.



9.      2006 World Field Championships, August 20-25, Gothenburg, SWE

Team criteria will be set if necessary.



10.  2006 Championships of the Americas, TBA? In Brazil.

Team criteria will include results from New York World Championship.



11.  2007 World Target Championships, July 19-29 in Leipzig, GER

Team criteria will include results from Madrid World Championship.


12. 2007 Pan Am Games TBA in Brazil.


Attachments (Adobe Reader required - free download at: Get Adobe Reader logo

03hpcattatchments\03 CQT Team Leader report.pdf
03hpcattatchments\03 PanAm Team Leader report.pdf
03hpcattatchments\03 World Team Leader report.pdf
03hpcattatchments\ABAM proposal for Major Event definition.pdf
03hpcattatchments\Athletes Services Report 2003.pdf
03hpcattatchments\AZ Camp 2003 Report.pdf
03hpcattatchments\Doping Control Education Report 2003.pdf
03hpcattatchments\EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR report to HPC 2003.pdf
03hpcattatchments\J Ohayon Proposal re Olympic Qualification.pdf
03hpcattatchments\National Team Uniform Co-ord Report 2003.pdf
03hpcattatchments\Rapport du président HPC VP report 2003 .pdf
03hpcattatchments\Rapport du président HPC VP report 2003 .pdf
03hpcattatchments\Rusnov Appeal Request re CQT.pdf
03hpcattatchments\Team Selection Co-ord Report 2003.pdf



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