FCA Executive Committee Meeting

Ottawa, January 25-26, 2003

In attendance:

Allan Wills, President                                Bruce Savage, VP ACC Events & Services

Arthur Nault, VP High Performance          Don Lohnes, VP ACC 3D

Roger Murray, interim VP ACC committees & Projects


Guests:           Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director

                        Gwen Prillo, Sport Canada Senior Programme Officer


1.  President's Opening Remarks

The meeting was called to order at 9:15.   Al Wills welcomed everyone.  The President’s report was circulated.  He stressed the importance of the budget and staffing concerns as the priorities of the meeting.


2.  Reading of Minutes, August 2002

The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #04/02, dated 01/09/12


Motion E#03-01:        To accept the minutes as circulated.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Don Lohnes          Carried        


a)                  Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year

Field survey on the web for nationals was not done, but was covered at the Presidents' Conference. 


3.  Acceptance of Agenda


Motion E#03-02:        To accept the agenda as circulated.

Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        



4.  Reports

·         Archery Canada - Events & Services

COPANARCO's MICA tournament will run a shortened timeframe and this has caused some clubs to miss the registration deadline.  Therefore, the deadline has been extended.  There does not seem to be the interest to teach 3D and utilise the 3D CanBow programme.    Mail match rules changed greatly and there was some confusion over this year's version.


·         Archery Canada - Committees & Projects

Roger will begin Athlete Biographies for the FCA web site.  Racheal Savage has a standardized biography form.


ACTION:   Roger will write to Racheal.


·         Archery Canada – 3D

Don Lohnes handed in a complete 2002 national 3D Championship report including samples and budget scenarios.  He has tried to contact clubs in British Columbia who had expressed interest before in hosting 2004, with no results.  Experience this year showed that hosting all 3 nationals needs more than one club.  Nova Scotia showed that a multi-club host committee can work.

ACTION:   Don Lohnes will contact Larry Lemke as BCAA president regarding the 2004 3D nationals.


·         High Performance                                                 Nothing to add.


·         International

FITA sent out all Congress motions electronically but there is nothing to act on as yet. The Congress will be held at the worlds in New York.  Al Wills will have a synopsis for the Board as soon as the motions are ready to publish.  World outdoors is going well and there is a lot of information. 


·         Administration & Marketing

A new complaint process will be discussed.


·         Executive Director                                                Nothing to add.


·         Sport Canada Consultant

Heritage Canada's Action plan was updated and Canada Sport Policy was reviewed.  The federal action plan should be ready in April 2003 and Sport Canada is planning internally.  Excellence and Participation position papers will need research with the sport community.  The Participation plan's priority is getting sport back into schools.  The Gold Plan (excellence) focuses specifically on long-term perspectives and depth of field.  Therefore, Sport Canada is committed to junior development.  "Differentiation" means assessing and demonstrating ability to create competitive athletes, and this will have impact on funding levels.


Gwen Prillo stated that FCA is still drawn between participation and high performance. She asked why the decision has not been made.  Al Wills summed up the discussion by stating FCA has chosen the hard thing, and promotes archery.



5.  Business

5.1.  Management Issues

·         PSO agreements – status report

AANS and ATAA agreements are signed.  Al Wills has been in touch with BCAA, ABAM and FTAQ.  Al has not heard from the other associations yet.


ACTION:         Kathy will send signed copies to Eileen Ferrier.


PSO negotiations are long and drawn-out.  FCA operates with all the provinces regardless of whether the formal agreement is signed or not.  The agreements are becoming more generic, but there is still a lot of work.  PSO agreements give a sense of continuity.  The PSO relationship is formally recognised as the volunteer executive committees change.  They outline policy and financial rates, but they are not negotiated.   PSO agreements should not take so long. 


ACTION:         Kathy will add to President job description to orient new PSO presidents to importance of PSO agreement.


·         Non-members at FCA national championships and PSO agreements

The 2003 incident was discussed.  The FTAQ version of the new PSO agreement has been corrected to show the 30-day waiting period for direct membership.


·         Ratify all Board of Director votes-by-mail since the AGM


Motion E#03-03:        To ratify amendments to the Harassment Policy as per vote-by-mail.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:        Bruce Savage       Carried        


·         Ratification of Roger Murray's appointment to the Executive Committee


Motion E#03-04:        To ratify Roger Murray's appointment as Interim Vice-President ACC Committees & Projects.


Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:        Arthur Nault           Carried        


·         Strategic Planning Meeting Update - Recommendations & Actions

The work plan for each task will be followed up and then every Board meeting will dedicate several hours of the agenda to update it. 


ACTION:         A section on web site will be used for planning and update.


·         Possible inclusion of IFAA/CFAA members into FCA

CFAA is an NSO but in reality it is very regionally centered now in southwestern Ontario. There are approximately 100 Canadians in CFAA.  It is still recognised by IFAA as a NSO and there must be dissolution before FCA can affiliate with IFAA. FCA is able to affiliate with both FITA and IFAA. Ken Rogers, President of IFAA, is aware of the possible change.  FCA has added IFAA rules to the rulebook already. FCA was prepared to form a field committee and then run IFAA events so as not to put extra demands onto the existing FCA structure and resources.  It may become something along the lines of the 3D committee, or similar to judging/coaching. The OAA wants one-stop membership. During the course of the meeting it was reported that the CFAA voted not to dissolve. This is issue is now tabled until further developments.


·         Employees (addition of clerical work/Office manager)

The Executive Committee agreed that the office demand is too great for one person to do.  Al Wills encouraged the Committee to review the merits of a return to the old structure of Technical Director, Executive Director and office manager.  A Technical Director would not be realistic at this time.  However, a part-time secretary is realistic. 


Under the current structure, a full-time addition staff member would incur large costs to increase the office size, probably requiring re-location.  Kathy preferred professional office help on a regular basis that worked around her normal office hours.  The secretarial position would handle membership records and communications, annual letters and club mailing, and the AGM report. Retired people may be an option.  Office Temp agencies would be a last resort.


ACTION:         Kathy will investigate current wages within the sport administration community, what people would need to be paid, how many times the person would need to come in, and how many hours would be needed each session.  She will create a budget for this position and report back to the Executive.

·         New President

Constitutionally, the whole executive is re-elected every two years.  There is a possibility that the whole executive could leave en masse. Continuity is important.  A one-year Past President position is an option.  Constitutionally, changes could be made to re-elect half the Executive each year (e.g. VP Administration & Marketing / 1 VP ACC / VP International).  The current system has drawbacks.  "Voting by block" is meaningless and confusing to the delegates.  Voting directors-at-large to the board and not the executive committee is another problem.  It is not reasonable to produce changes in time for the 2003 election. Changes could be put in place for 2004, but the FCA needs constitutional advice.


Recruitment is the goal.  FCA does not encourage PSO presidents to go beyond that level to look to the national level and FCA loses that administrative experience base. 


ACTION:         Executive Committee is the nominating committee for the upcoming election for directors-at-large.  A maximum of 6 positions is available.


ACTION:         Bruce Savage will ask Stan Siatkowski for input and guidance regarding constitutional change.


·         Conflict of Interest Policy creation

FCA does not have a policy currently.  Directors and Officers need to sign off decision- making when there is a perceived conflict of interest and remove them from those areas. Ethical statements specific to FCA need to be addressed.  A Discipline Code and sanctions are also needed.  Examples were circulated to the Executive.


Motion E#03-05:        To appoint Bruce Savage as chairman of the Policy Sub-committee.  All Executive Committee members are members of the sub-committee.


Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Don Lohnes          Carried        


ACTION:         The committee members will contact Bruce on the ethical statements and conflict of interest examples by February 15. Bruce will compile the suggestions/extractions and send back out to the committee by February 28.  Members will reply back to Bruce by March 15.  The document will be completed by end of March to post on the web and table for Board meeting in August.


·         FITA Tournament Policy & upcoming vote-by-mail

Kathy supplied a status report.  The vote will be circulated on Tuesday, January 28th.  The Executive Committee saw no problem with Al Wills casting a ballot in votes-by-mail since there is no formal meeting and he does not officially "call" for the vote.


·         Archer Complaint Form & Process

The FCA Harassment Policy addressed very serious issues within the organisation.  The Executive felt the need to create a complaint process for matters falling outside of the Harassment Policy areas. FCA should have a policy that removes it from controversy until someone makes a formal complaint.  Kathy submitted a draft complaint form.  It was suggested that space be provided for a competitor number as well for use at the outdoor national championships. A fee was discussed, such as is required for the appeal process during tournaments.


ACTION:         Returning the fee, if there is a fee, will be part of the discussion of the whole conflict of interest, discipline committee work.


·         National Target/Field Hosting Manual update

Al Wills took this over because nothing was done.  The manual includes how-to documents with annexes with background information and samples.  Clubs interested in hosting the event will have a quick download from the FC web site, but the whole document is 50 pages.


ACTION:         Gwen Prillo will search for the Olympic Oath for athletes and officials.  Al will finish this document by February 28.  Bruce to review the double elimination ladders for nationals to revise any errors, and forward the corrected version to Al Wills.


·         Refurbishing Annual Award Plaques (tabled item)

The plaques do not need to travel. 


ACTION:         Kathy will produce laser wood plaques without names and forward them to both annual awards and 3D nationals.  The FCA office will keep the perpetual plaques updated with winners' names.



5.2.  Finance

·         2002 Fiscal Year

Kathy Millar provided reports, status, challenges, projections and audit preparations for both restricted and non-restricted funds.


Motion E#03-06:        To write off the 2001 NLAA PSO agreement balance.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        


-          FCA funding partners - COC Sport Review meeting & ramifications

Kathy described the COC Sport Review Process.  It was geared to podium performances in the immediate and next quadrennials. Funds to all sports will be limited.  She stated that the meeting and orientation would not affect the amount of COC funding.


-          FCA funding partners - Sport Canada Inclusion budget status 2002-2003

Only one project remains for the current year.  Arthur Nault has not received all of his coach honoraria.


-          FCA funding partners - Sport Canada budget status 2002-2003

COC trend toward podium performances will continue, so support to FCA will decrease.

Sport Canada is looking to target sports and increase opportunities for athletes.  If there is no new money, there would not be targeting.  There is no cut off point to base funding as in the past.


ACTION:  Gwen Prillo will find out how long FCA will receive Sport Canada's current base funding.


-     Health Canada's Physical Activity Programme

This funding programme is not necessarily applicable to FCA, whereas the Participation pillar within Sport Canada would be.  The proposed SWAT programme and/or CanBow would be.  The correct and complete submission takes time and FCA should wait until the next funding period by which time it could secure partner funding.


-          Loss of Robin Hood Multi-foods / re-negotiation for Labatt's

Robin Hood Multi-foods has chosen a new strategic marketing plan that eliminates support to FCA's outdoor target championships.  A possible replacement sponsor was possible, but Kathy reported that negotiations had failed for 2003.  Labatt's negotiation is a COC responsibility and is beyond FCA's influence. 


-          Salary considerations in budgeting

FCA's reference level is $50,000 per year and Sport Canada is willing to support NSO administration capacity.  This year, Sport Canada allotted approximately $5,000 to salary and $45,000 to programming, but it is up to the sport how the balance works.  The subject was tabled to the in camera meeting on Sunday morning.


-                                              Per Diems/ Payment for services / team Coach Manager per diems

The Executive felt that the largest percentage of dollars spent should go to athletes, not coaches' and managers' per diem.  There was a need to provide direction, other than those delineated in restricted budgeted blocks.  Actual costs to participate need to be estimated.  Previously, actual costs were covered with and no honoraria unless it comes from an outside agency. 


-          Travel expenses

Should FCA pay reasonable expenses such as ground transportation, airport fees, etc. $30 per day should be allotted for meals and incidentals.  Questionable expenses should be forwarded to the VP Administration & Marketing. 


ACTION:         AW will review and revise FCA the current expense form.


-          FCA funding partners - CAC budget status & translation funding 2002-2003

Translation of the level 3 manual is on hold.  Due to the government's rejection of FCA's request for translation funding, only module 3 of the coach manual/workbook has been translated.  The rest will have to appear in the 2003-2004 budget and will restrict other projects.


ACTION:  Kathy Millar & Gwen Prillo will attempt to access the new source of money.

ACTION:  Roger will contact Reed to see if Alain Gravel is willing to check module 3's translation.


-          Distribution Centre Year End Values

Kathy calculated inventory values at the Distribution Centre on December 31, 2002 as $32,000. 


·         2003 Fiscal Year

      -     Preliminary budget - Budgeting exercise for each portfolio

Kathy outlined the budget draft by project.  She projected a balance of $3800 for December 31, 2003, a definite improvement over projections for 2002.  Much of the High Performance budget and international judging initiatives will depend upon Sport Canada funding.  Domestic events are funded by non-restricted funds.


-          Liability Insurance Premiums and membership fees

Due to insurance industry investment losses, FCA's premium has increased 45¢/member for 2003.  Insurance premiums for 2003 will account for approximately 26% of FCA total member fee.  Increases should continue annually.  Kathy proposed that FCA member fees should be increased for 2004 to cover insurance industry demands. FCA member fees have not changed in 8 years.


Motion E#03-07:        To increase FCA member fee by $1.00 effective January 2004.


Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:        Bruce Savage       Carried        


-          Staffing considerations and costs

In view of the preliminary budget, currently FCA could afford to spend approximately $3800 on part-time staff and incurred costs.


-          Level of funding to Canadian Championships for Board & Executive members; level of funding for Judges, and numbers involved

Kathy has not heard the final judge request totals, but currently 3 local judges are assigned plus DoS, leaving $3300 for 3 non-resident including Ghislain.  Judges under training are separate; FCA is responsible for travel and per diem for days worked as a judge.


ACTION:   Roger will confirm the number of judges required with Victoria Bowmen and Ghislain Arseneault and then report back to the FCA office.


-          FCA funding partners for 2003

COC support will be down; Sport Canada will be down since the current budget included an extraordinary planning meeting; Labatt's is on hold; CAC will remain constant or decrease; and Robin Hood is gone.



5.3.  High Performance

·         Approval of HPC meeting minutes as circulated


Motion E#03-08:        To adopt the minutes as circulated and MOTION #HPC 02-03 will be considered advice to the Executive.


Moved by:        Bruce Savage             Seconded by:        Arthur Nault           Carried        


Discussion of the minutes: Can the FCA dictate which archers the provinces send to the national championships with government funding?  The Executive Committee felt that the suggestion outline in motion HPC 02-03 does not belong in the PSO agreement but could be suggested as guidelines when the funding comes out.


ACTION:         Arthur will communicate back to HPC that this is a provincial jurisdiction.  Criteria should be defined.  It will be suggested to the province.


·         Follow-up from 2002 HPC events, reporting procedures, budget

The only outstanding budget item is the Chula Vista training camp, formerly the junior team to Championships of the Americas.


·         Vote by e-mail topics and results


Motion E#03-09:        To ratify the HPC votes by mail.


Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Don Lohnes          Carried        

·         AAP carding for 2003

Kathy Millar, as Technical Director, has suggested 3 names for carding assistance instead of 2.  All training charts will be requested in time for the annual review.


·         Chula Vista update

The Executive Committee recommended that HPC appoint one of its committee members to lead the organisation and decision-making for this event.


ACTION:               Arthur Nault will ask Allen Jenskey to lead the preparation and decision-making for this project.  He will ask Joan McDonald to work with Tracy Klat in BC to set up training camp schedule.


·         2003 World Indoor Championships

The team will be named Tuesday, January 28, 2003 and then team uniforms will be ordered.


·         2003 World Outdoor Championships

The "Race to New York" ranking information will be updated periodically on the FCA web site by Claude Malouin.  Information regarding this event is available already.  HPC is fully informed.  This is the major qualifying event for the 2004 Olympic Games.


·         Pan Am Games update

HPC will not select a second male archer at $3500 FCA cost.  One male archer will be selected and the criteria have been approved.  Selection will be made by the deadline date.  The 2007 Brazil Pan Am Games will be better funded than these Santo Domingo games.  Facilities, housing and transportation will be major obstacles to performance.


·         IPC Worlds and preparations for Paralympic Games

Arthur announced that the IPC World Championship would be held in Madrid September 5-15.  He will be attending as Technical Delegate.  Kathy Millar will act as team coach. .  This is the major qualifying event for the 2004 Olympic Games.


·         2004 Olympic Games update

Al Wills reported that standards would be lower than Atlanta and Sydney.  The OC keeps moving the archery venue.   Kathy is in contact with the COC regularly.


·         COC Schedule A negotiations update

Kathy explained the process for team qualification to date.  FCA is waiting for COC's approval of the latest suggestion from Joan McDonald.


·         Fund-raising scheme - Avalanche jerseys

Number of sales is increasing as the product becomes well-known.  Kathy will be contacting host clubs directly next week to promote the annual raffle during the Canadian Indoor Regionals in March.


·         IOC/PASO Olympic Solidarity Seminars

Kathy was pleased to report that Bruce Moquin's diligence has produced a firm contract with Glendon College.  FCA can begin advertising directly to NSO's outside of the PASO region to delegates who wish to participate at their own expense.


·         World Masters Games

The event was held in Australia this year and will be staged in 2005 in Edmonton.  The Capital Region Archery Club applying to include archery in the Games and sought both ATAA and FCA sanctioning.  FCA and ATAA have sanctioned the bid process.


·         Slow down of information and correspondence from the FITA office

Kathy reported a marked slowdown in information and services.  Equipment survey, pins, tournament registration fees, world record certificate were late.


ACTION:               Al Wills will write to FITA that there has been a slowed down in communications.  He will ask FITA for equipment under the submitted request.


Day 2

In Camera meeting determined that part-time help was required.  The budget should be reworked to see where the funds could be found for this position.  The Executive Director's job evaluation was reviewed and the assessment was superior.  Further software training would be acceptable.


ACTION:   Kathy will advertise Info.E-mail - A Year in Review to be available in harcopy for $19.95.  The Executive will assess the market interest at the next meeting.



5.4.  Archery Canada

·         Rule Change Proposal for Major Events

This problem arose with double elimination rounds where archers have come into the tournament late or not at all to the elimination.  Is it better to talk to the archer who did not shoot the qualification round or should the FCA legislate it?  The organising committee has no jurisdiction to state whether the archer can enter the qualification round with a score of zero.


ACTION:   Al Wills will write to the FITA judge chairman for clarification.  The item will be tabled.


·         Age divisions & equipment divisions - update from Planning Meeting

There has been negative feedback about the inclusion of the youth division outdoors but there has been little time to evaluate it.  In fairness to a system, if the membership use or not next year, will determine whether or not it is retained.


·         Possible ACC face-to-face meeting before March 31

The original submission for funding was designed to bring together all the committee chairs to discuss ACC issues.  Bruce Savage felt that though a face-to-face meeting would be acceptable, and the energy flow would be productive, ACC was not ready at this time.  Not all ACC members share the same interests; not all members need to be invited.  The Committee felt that it is more valuable to the federation to get part-time office help rather than hold an ACC meeting. 


ACTION:   Bruce Savage and Roger Murray will work on-line to establish what should be discussed and who attend. Thematically Greg Durward, Ghislain Arseneault, Christiane Murphy and all ACC Vice-Presidents would final commonality.  Kathy will assess the budget and submit it in next year's budget.


·         Youth Division - Recognition and awards

The Executive discussed whether or not the new youth division is competitive, should be allowed at the nationals, and whether records be kept should.  Or is it recreational?

Christiane Murphy was concerned that FCA safe guard this division from record hounds.  Earning easy national records was not the intent, but it could be abused.  Bruce Savage would like to re-visit this topic later.


Motion E#03-10:        To allow the youth division to stay as is and re-visit this topic at another meeting.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        


ACTION:   Bruce Savage will communicate to ACC members that the Youth division will remain as a competitive division.  He will ask Christiane Murphy to retain record-keeping.  This item will be tabled for next year's Executive meeting.


·         Records Database

Bruce felt that a standardised record database could be offered with updates to PSO's and clubs that would match FCA's system.


ACTION:   Christiane Murphy willsend the updated version of the template Al Wills.  Product item will be sent as an attachment upon payment.  The Executive will decide on the fee.


·         3D business arising from the annual meeting


ACTION:   Bruce Savage will re-send his original minutes to Don Lohnes.  If there is a change, he will update the office and web master.


·         Canada Games update & possible age changes for 2007

AANB had requested to run indoor nationals on February 23 to Games being held in their home province on the same weekend.  AANS asked to host the nationals on the same date because their major officials would be attending the Games.


Kathy reported that Sport Canada is conducting a review of age categories along with Canada Games Council.  All sports may have to comply to a new age limit of 18 years of age and under for 2007.


Motion E#03-10:        To grant the 2 clubs change nationals dates due to the dates of the 2003 Canada Games.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        

ACTION:         The next Info.E-mail will detail that there is a movement afoot to reduce the age limit for Canada Games to 18 and under.


·         CanBow & Wheelchair CanBow project


ACTION:   Kathy Millar to find electronic version of the wheelchair section in the level 1 coach manual and send them to Bruce for formatting into existing text.  Kathy will send the finished CanBow guidebook to translator.  Existing English versions would have update and the reprints of the English will then include the update.

·         Coaching Programme & level 3

Kathy reported that interim CAC consultant Anna Mees has agreed to submit the proposal for translation funding for the level 3 manual.  All other budget items have been completed.


·         Coaching Programme & PDM project update

The PDM is completed and now the FCA Coach Committee must deal with transition of materials and manuals.


·         Update on 2003 national – indoors

Kathy is waiting for revised score cards before the host packages can go out.  Greg is waiting for any decisions from this committee meeting.


·         Follow up from 2002 3D nationals

The final report, with examples and budget is an excellent tool for future host clubs.


ACTION:         Kathy will send the 2002 3D Championship report on diskette electronically to the Estevan host club as an example.  Copies will be send to Al Wills and Bruce Savage.


·         Update on 2003 3D nationals

Don Lohnes reported that the championship website had not been updated since November.  He is confident that the committee will be prepared because of the experience base in Saskatchewan.


·         Follow up from 2002 target/field nationals

No final report has been received.  Kathy has asked several times for the document.  It is available in draft form.  FCA Open grids need to be corrected and put into the host manual.  It could be ready for 2003 target nationals to print large version on a plotter. 


ACTION:         Bruce will send the grids to Arthur when they are ready to see if master grids on a flexible material can be produced that can be transported to each site.  Kathy will continue to work with Gib Henderson to receive the final report.


·         Eliminating outdoor equipment divisions

The Executive Committee reviewed Bowhunter unsighted, bowhunter limited and bowhunter unlimited divisions for outdoors only.  Indoor divisions and field archery would remain the same.  The Target national championships would become compound and recurve is target only. 


Motion E#03-11:        For the 2004 TARGET championships equipment divisions will be compound and recurve.  Field championships equipment divisions would remain as is.


Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Don Lohnes          Carried        


·         Update on 2003 target/field nationals (AW)

FCA has signed the host agreement.


Motion E#03-12:        To approve championship 2003 logo as submitted.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        

ACTION:  Al Wills will take the fees structure back to the host committee and the Executive will respond with a vote-by-mail.  Al will forward the Host Agreement to Larry Lemke to sign as PSO president.


·         Sport Canada funding for athlete travel to nationals - setting priorities

If federal funding was available, FCA would use a grid similar to delegate travel grid.  FCA prefers certain criteria as suggested by HPC.


Motion E#03-13:        To use the HPC motion 02-03 as suggested as and/or criteria to fund one archer to the FCA national championships per province.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        


ACTION:         Kathy will provide a grid based on one athlete per archer with a total expenditure of $6000 and submit it to the Executive.


·         Judging Programme status

Ghislain Arseneault is interested in hosting an international judge seminar in Victoria.  This may be too busy a time for a proper seminar.  Other dates may need to be suggested.  The event could not be held without Sport Canada's contribution.


·         International Judge certification update

Al Wills wrote to the FITA judge chair to confirm that a country can have as many judges as they want as long as they stay active.  Bob Sheppard has not reported back as to whether his international judge status has been clarified.


ACTION:         Roger Murray will contact Bob and Ghislain to follow-up on the certification issue.


·         Naming of Technical Delegate 2003 national target

Bruce feels that there is no need for the Technical Delegate to go out early to the tournament.  There is no question on the expertise and experience.  Assistance will be required during the tournament as well as the FCA Open.


Motion E#03-14:        To approve Bruce Savage as Technical Delegate for the 2003 national target/field championships.


Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:        Don Lohnes          Carried        


Motion E#03-15:        To accept Jim Wiebe as Director of Shooting for the 2003 national target/field championships.


Moved by:        Don Lohnes                Seconded by:        Roger Murray        Carried        


·         Scheduling meetings during the national target/field championships

August 11 Opening Ceremonies/Field championship Medal Presentation/novelty round

August 12 Fred Usher Cup 15:00/Out-going Executive meeting  19:00

August 13 Board Meeting 16:00

August 14 AGM Juan de Fuca Centre - after the conclusion of shooting or 15:00

August 15 Banquet 18:00

August 16 Elimination Rounds / In-coming Executive Committee Meeting17:00


·         Future national championship bids

There was only one bid for 2003 but the momentum should pick up with the new format and the 3D planning cycle could be used and encourage the province to pick up all 3 championships with several clubs involved.  If the provinces knew that their turn was coming, then the PSO can state whether it can be done or not and plan for another year.  There are no bids for 2004 for championships.


·         Wangmeisohu Timing Control products

These timing devices are too expensive to be considered right now even though the products are excellent.


·         Issues, if any

Greg Durward is interested in publishing a lexicon of acceptable English French archery terms.


ACTION:   Arthur Nault  will work on the lexicon with Greg. 

ACTION:   The FTAQ will be asked to approve the terms used in the lexicon before they are published.



5.5.  Communication & Marketing

·         Marketing follow up from Planning Meeting

Roger Murray will attempt to create and implement a director of promotions in Alberta, and if it is successful, he will export it to other provinces.


·         Distribution Centre Products and Sales

Product sales are strong.  There have been a few requests for 60cm single and 3-spot faces for JOP programmes and FITA 25M.


ACTION:         Kathy will write an inquiry for Info.E-mail and on web site regarding FITA 25M, as well as interest in purchasing through FCA.  Al will tell Kathy which posters to send to him for scanning onto website.


·         HSRS preliminary discussions, status, contract possibilities

Al Wills and Don Lohnes visited HSRS this summer to see where FCA stands with this supplier.  HSRS stated that market saturation is common among sports and that they are not interested in 10% unless there is volume.  The volume levels described would be outside FCA's capability.


ACTION:         Kathy will go to Coyle & Greer for judge bags, duffle bags, judge hats and "cool" hats.


·         CHEO fund-raiser in Ottawa May 31-June 01

The group of volunteers involved with this annual hospital fund-raiser wants to raise community awareness regarding target archery.  George Doxey, the group spokesperson, stated that items would be purchased from sponsors at cost.


ACTION:         Kathy will advise the group that they can have all items they want at cost.  Kathy will not sit on the committee unless there is significant compensation on an hourly basis.



·         AMO show & ramifications

No personal contact with sponsors will eventually mean fewer contracts.  This absence means no pick up possibilities for products.  Sponsors are interested in the Excellence programme because of its restrictions.


·         Win & Win sponsorship

Gary Gillies has been unable to find a qualified left-handed archer for the third bow received last year.  He is now attempting to find a qualified archer who wishes to use the limbs.  The company did not answer well this year and Al is concerned that the sponsorship could be at the end.  They moved into a new factory and purchased Yamaha assets and this may be the delayed.


ACTION:  Al will contact Win & Win.  He will ask Gary for the names of selected archers.



5.6.Other Business

·         Orientation of new committee members - Have we been successful?

Roger felt welcomed, and from this meeting he feels he is catching up on issues and tasks.


ACTION:   Kathy will forward another volunteer handbook to Roger.


·         FCA annual awards nominations from the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee reviewed the HPC nominations.  The only addition suggested was June Barker for the Dorothy Lidstone award.              


·         FITA Coach Registrations

Reed Fowlie forwarded first 2 registrations to the national office this week.


·         3D annual awards

Don Lohnes suggested a new annual award.


ACTION:   Don will table an agenda item for the 3D committee in August and then to the Board meeting to suggest adding to the annual FCA awards.


6.      President’s Comments

Thank you for your input and especially to Roger for joining the group.



7.  Adjournment

The meeting ended on Sunday, January 26th at 13:15.  Adjourn until August 12 in Victoria.



2002 was a very good year for FCA; not only was it our 75th year, it had many positive signs toward our future. There are still many, many challenges, but sometimes even the most cynical of us can see some light at the end of the tunnel. The work done in 2001 toward building an accurate snap shot of FCA proved to be worth it with the restoration of funding from Sport Canada. While this is very positive, it has many dilemmas associated with it. While we have more money, we now have a commitment to do what we say.  We have programs that have to be progressed and plans that have to reach fruition. This means we need more commitment from more volunteers and we have to closely monitor the promised work of others.


I think we are now comfortable in the direction FCA is going.  This group has a good working relationship and I think we have a common thread of how we see archery in Canada in 2003. I like where we are, but we have to keep moving ahead.  The only way to do that is to have a sound foundation. It is my hope that we can solidify this foundation for the remainder of this year, continue on the positive things we have done and get some programs that have been semi-dormant moving again. Then after August a new FCA Executive can hopefully move some programs ahead and add some new.


While all is going well, I am concerned with High Performance archery, which continues to impact our funding more than any other single program. The committee relies more and more on the FCA office, many times at the expense of other projects and the discretionary time of the ED. We will have to look at this very closely when we talk about staffing for next year. Kathy and I have done a bit of work on another contract for 2003 that I hope we can move on after our meeting tomorrow. The signals from the Canadian Olympic Committee do not give us much hope that that significant amount of funding will not continue to decline unless our international results improve. I do not want to steal Arthur’s thunder, but we will have to make some difficult decisions on this portfolio very soon.


I received positive feedback on Kathy’s performance from you and other members of the board. This led me to suggest a bonus for 2002, which you approved. I will give her the feedback later this weekend. Kathy continues to give us stalwart service, but her workload continues to grow.  We will have to address staffing and workload and address it with the board this year.


I wish I could report more positively on the Provincial Agreements.  I have not been able to progress them to the point they should be by now. We have had some inquiries and clarifications, but only have two signed as of this writing. The good news is that we continue to operate positively with all the provinces, which brings me to question the amount of work goes into them every year (in this case 2 years).


This should be a positive year with many challenges; my priorities are to continue to foster positive working relationships with all our stakeholders. I would like to have all our volunteers working toward achievable goals and giving us positive feedback. It will be a challenge for each of us to keep our portfolios active, but communications is the key.  If we keep each of them ‘in the loop’, it should be easier. I was buoyed by the positive work we saw at the President’s conference. It was good to see no ‘we & they’.  I think this will a good basis for us to work with.


Respectfully submitted,



Al Wills



Mon rapport se encore très court car nous allons discutés à la section 5.3 de l’agenda proposé pour la fin de semaine la plus part des points qui touches les dossiers de haut performance.


Je voudrais remercier ceux qui on eu la patience de lire mon anglais quand je tente de répondre a certain E-mail.


Merci à Al et Shawn qui ont travaillés très fort pour tenter de régler les problèmes pour Chula vista, même si cela n’est pas un dossier facile.


Mais avant toute je voudrais remercier Kathy pour le travail énorme fait au bureau de la FCA sans cette aide JAMAIS.  Il est vrais, que nous ne serions pas dans la situation de voir la lumière au bout du tunnel comme le mentionnais le président dans son rapport.  Merci, Kathy.


Respecteusement soumis par


Arthur Nault




In August of 2001 at the annual meeting of the FCA, the ACC portfolio was split into two parts. Ernie Skaar volunteered to take on the “Committees and Projects portion of ACC and Bruce Savage took responsibility for the Events and Services portion of ACC.  Unfortunately Ernie found it necessary to resign his position due to personal time commitments.  The position was vacant for a while until Roger Murray expressed an interest in the position.  Roger attended the Presidents conference at the invitation of the FCA Executive to determine if he was willing to take on the task.  Roger has accepted to take on the task for the balance of the current term, which will be up for election in August 2003.  Many thanks to Roger for taking on the position of VP- Committees and Projects. 




Canada Games

The first indoor Canada Games for Archery will be held in New Brunswick in March 2003.  The local Technical Delegate – Paul Hicks – has been working with host committee regarding venue selection and other related matters.  Phil Parlee has taken on the position as liaison with the Canada Games Council and communicating with the PSO’s. Provinces have named their Provincial Junior teams.


Efforts need to be made to keep the Canada Games Council aware that Archery wishes to regain its place in the Summer Games.  The Canada Games are a training ground for all sports.  Since Archery is a Summer Olympic Sport, it seems logical to be able to train our juniors at an outdoor event similar to World and Olympic formats.  PSO presidents need to be encouraged to lobby their Provincial Ministers responsible for sport and recreation to make them aware of the situation.


Outdoor Target - Field Championships 2003

Thanks to Delisle Saskatchewan for hosting a very successful 2002 Target Championships.  The introduction of the Double Elimination format was widely accepted and has been recommended to the 2003 host club.

The Victoria Bowman Archery Club in Victoria BC will host the 2003 Target/Field Championships. 


3D Championships

Thanks to Don Lohnes for co-ordinating the clubs in the Halifax area and for chairing a very successful 3D Championships. The 2003 3D Championships will be held in Estevan, Saskatchewan.   The logo and website have been established already.


Indoor Championships

Greg Durward has again taken on the task of organizing the event.  Greg has asked that someone else take on the task for 2004.  Thanks to Greg for setting up a very successful reporting format.


Indoor Mail Match

Andrew Webber will be running this event again this year.  Thanks again Andrew


COPANARCO (MICA) Indoor Championships

Jacqui Jensky will be coordinating the Canadian entries to this event.  Thanks for taking on this task Jacqui






It has been pointed out that there is no description or promotion of the Target CanBow Program on the FCA web page.  There was an announcement of the 3D CanBow Program released in 2002.  The CanBow program could do with more promotion on the web sight and periodically in the FCA weekly email.




The French version of the level 3 Technical Manual is still being held up due to a lack of funding support for the translation costs.

New manuals for the entry-level coaches are needed to replace the old Level 1 and Level 2 manuals.  The new material must comply with the CBET philosophy and format.  A volunteer and a budget are needed to get the project started


Rules Book

The 2002 Rulebook was completed in August 2002 with the Board approval of the Indoor Age, Distance and Target size amendments.  Thanks to Greg Durward, the rules are being kept up to date on the web site and email discussions of problems with interpretation are conducted as needed by email.  The new size of the written Rulebook seems to have been appreciated by the membership.


Products (Distribution Center)

The move to have products sold through the FCA office seems to have been successful.  The closure of the previous distribution center created considerable work for the FCA office staff (Kathy Millar), and the current workload to manage the sale of products take away from the other tasks for which Kathy’s skills are needed.  The possibility of hiring a part time assistant for the office should be looked at for the 2003 budget.



Christine Murphy has continued to do an outstanding job of updating the shooting records for Canadian archers.  This last year was especially challenging with the introduction of the new age and distance criteria for both indoors and outdoors.  Many Thanks Christine.



Respectively submitted,

Bruce Savage



This is not intended to be a long report.  Its purpose is to touch on each of the items below with brief comments.  This may lead to some discussion during the Executive meeting or future meetings.


2002 FCA 3D Archery Championships Final Report

The final report on the 2002 FCA 3D Archery Championships is now tabled and available for any discussion or distribution.  Briefly this event was a success for the host province and the four host clubs.  Not only did each club make a small profit, but also future opportunities are being explored with joint co-operation of local archery clubs.  The host committee would be pleased to answer any questions from any club or clubs across Canada that is considering bidding for this event.


2003 FCA 3D Archery Championships Update Report

The 2003 FCA 3D Archery Championships are being held in Estevan Saskatchewan.  Their bid was received and approved at the 3D Board meeting held in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the 2002 Championships.  This motion was ratified during the AGM held in Delisle, SK.  Ontario was the province of record on the rotating schedule approved during the 3D Meeting held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2001. However, as no bid had come forward prior to or during the Nova Scotia 3D Board meeting a motion was put forward to replace Ontario’s turn with Saskatchewan and to make the appropriate changes on the rotating schedule.


The Estevan Archery Club has a web page up and running and linked to the FCA web page.  The last update, at the time of this report was November 2002.  The registration form has yet to be completed and made available, but is expected shortly.  Watch the web page for updates.


2004 FCA 3D Archery Championships (No Bid Received BC)

There has been no bid received for the 2004 FCA 3D Archery Championships.  BC is the province of record, however no bid has been forthcoming to date.  I have been attempting to contact some clubs through email to see if there is any interest.


2005 FCA 3D Archery Championships NB Bid in Process

For 2005 NB has come forward with a request to be the host province for 3D, Target and Field Archery Championships.  This bid would meet the 3D-rotating schedule and will have to be ratified by the 3D Board in Estevan, Saskatchewan.  Hopefully this will be the continuation of the rotating schedule and eliminate the concerns of not receiving bids for events.


FCA 3D Rules – IBO Changes

IBO has again revised their 3D Rules.  This has occurred on August 31, 2002.  I have reviewed their changes but see no reason to make any changes to the FCA 3D Rules at this time.  It was previously agreed to change the FCA 3D rules prior to the printing of the FCA Archery Rules every two years.  The next printing is scheduled for 2004.  Prior to that time the 3D Board will review the 3D Rules and the IBO revisions to see which ones are applicable to FCA Rules.


2002 President’s Conference, Montreal

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Presidents Conference in Montreal, last November.  I did prepare a report that was presented during this conference.  The minutes of this meeting, in my opinion, present a fair assessment of 3D Vs Target Archery.


3D Minutes Arising from AGM Minutes

In reviewing the minutes of the AGM, Board of Directors, and the Athlete Town Hall meeting there appears to be a concern in regards to the format of the National Championships.  Some discussion states that the present format is too long, which was the major concern.  As the FCA VP of 3D, my major concern is that the target nationals are separate and apart form the 3D championships.  Although not always the case, as evident recently with 1999 in Alberta and 2001 in Manitoba, when the both events were hosted as one event.  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both events, attend all the meetings and even compete in a field event.  Personally I found this to be a truly national archery event.

Under the present structure of having the events separate, I personally have great difficulty attending both events, specifically when they are hosted a week apart.  Not only does this conflict with my personal vacation schedule it also adds costs to the FCA budget, which in my humble opinion, are needless.  With the apparent desire to have a shorter duration of target and field championships, I see no reason why it cannot be structured to fit with the 3D format of some 10 years and result in a format for the FCA National Archery Championships.  The 3D Championships have been hosted on the long weekend in August since they have started; I see no reason why the target and field Nationals cannot follow immediately after the 3D Nationals.  If the five-day format for the target and field, as suggested, is acceptable, then this fits very well for this format.


This would bring Canadian archers together for a week of archery.  The archers could choose if they wish to shoot all events.  There would be cost savings with meetings, air travel and other expenses for the executive.


In regards to the format of the event, it really doesn’t matter which event goes first.  Target and Field could proceed the 3D or follow.  3D has worked very well over the long weekend in August.  It should be noted that 3D have resisted the many suggestions to change the format in terms of number of targets or courses.  The standard has been set and if this is opened up to changes, I see the same difficulties as target and field is experiencing with the many desires to change the format.  I firmly believe that this deserves serious discussion within the executive.


There were two other items noted in the minutes; HSRS discussion and 3D plaques.  The president and myself had the opportunity to visit with HSRS last fall and found that HSRS is simply not receiving any order of FCA items, and therefore there has been no follow up to FCA.  In regards to the 3D plaques, I am of the opinion that the large plaques could remain within the FCA offices and only small plagues, or a replica used for presentations at the national events.  If desired this can be discussed with the 3D Board, in 2003.


Respectively submitted.




Don Lohnes





As you know, I am new to this position, so I’m doing the duck thing.  (Serene above water, and paddling like mad below.)  I contacted the Chairs of the three committees reporting to me, and received the following information for the meeting:


Youth Development chaired by Wes Tanner

At this time the support I need is minimal. I’m working on the details of organizing a SWAT team and securing sponsors. I hope to have the team ready to go come late spring.


SWAT = Super Wicked Archery Team.


The team will be comprised of volunteer coaches and the most “personable” young archers that I can recruit. The team will visit schools, municipal events, provincial parks, fairs, etc., to demonstrate and teach archery to anyone interested.  The focus will be upon introducing archery into the school environment.  Any school accepting to promote an “Archery Day”, will be offered the opportunity to have members of their staff trained as archery coaches and be given an archery “start up” package consisting of bows, arrows, targets, etc. The training of school staff and the donated equipment is at no cost to the school.  The program will be promoted as a public service offered by the FCA, OAA and the SWAT team Sponsors.


I realize it’s going to be a daunting task with many obstacles to overcome . . . but even if it fails in the primary objective of enlisting a significant number of new youth to the sport, I believe there will be a tremendous advertising residual from “just being out there!”


I’ve never met a kid that wasn’t intrigued by the sport of archery or that didn’t want to give it a try. Unfortunately, their opportunities to participate have been too limited. The general population isn’t well educated to our sport and tends to view it in the same context as they view guns . . . dangerous and unnecessary. The schools, of course, are primarily concerned about a child being hurt and the liability issue. I’m also getting feedback that parents see our sport as a “rural” activity that does not fit into the lifestyle of a “city kid”. Geez . . . .!


What I would find very useful:

1. Brochures from the various Archery Clubs touting their facilities, training, and memberships, etc. These should be supplied by the clubs. Our initial strategy will be to plan our SWAT team visits to those locations closest to an existing Archery facility. – More business for the Club, easier access to the public.

2. The FCA apparently has various pamphlets (A lifetime Sport, Questions Beginners Usually Ask), Posters (Catch the Feeling, Right Choice), Promotional Video, Canbow startup kit, etc. Supplies such as these (and anything else similar) to help “dress up” the team's displays would be helpful.

3. Perhaps the FCA would supply any target faces required by the SWATs???


I will probably have more requests as this endeavor continues to develop, but immediately there are no significant needs.



Judging chaired by Ghislain Arsenault

I have to prepare the financial needs for the judge committee next year and I need your help and expertise.


1) We wish to hold an International Judging clinic in Canada.  This clinic will be coordinated with COPANARCO and FITA.  So if we plan this kind of Clinic, I think that we will need $500.00 for promotion of this clinic, rooms, locations,…etc. We will need to present an application to COPANARCO in January.  May I have your comments?


2) I would like to organise an official recognition: certificate/diploma for presentation at the AGM to the qualified judges and a small plastic card for the judge (including a photo of the judge). We have here a work of conception and preparation. Do you have an idea of the cost of production of these certificates and cards? On the certificate, I think that the minimum it must contain the FCA logo in color, the name of the judge, his status and places for signatures from president of FCA and probably the president of judge Committee. Do you have in Ottawa the possibility to ask for a bid for the productions of these certificates? Do you have comments on this item?


3) Presence of Chairman of judges to major events as Canada Games, National outdoors and clinics for judges.  The transportation, accommodations are to be implied here. For example, what will be the cost of flights this next summer? What is the plan for Canada Games? What amount of money can we expect for support there? What was your experience at the two last Nationals?  How much did we spend for judging support at those shoots?


4) Presence of Judges for the next Nationals. Last year, we have paid the flight of judges coming from different parts of the country. If we plan for a Clinic national or international, what amount of money can we expect? Do you have any comments coming from your personal expertise?


5) Administration of Judges programme. These two last years, I didn't ask for the $75.00 of FCA for this item. I paid from my pocket. But to be realistic we must place $200.00 there. Do you have any comments?


6) I would like to organize a meeting for provincial chair peoples of judges. At the last President Meeting, could you tell me if the provincial president are aware of their needs in judges and of a better synchronization for judges program?  If we synchronize this kind of meeting what amount of money must we allot?


7) Is it possible to revamp the judge program with at least judges coming from our continental countries. What amount of money must we allot for this…not only to send national judges to events out of Canada but also to invite judges from other countries to work our best events?


Coaching chaired by Reed Fowlie

I have received no report from Reed, yet.



As was made so clear at the President’s conference, we have been reducing funding for Judging in Canada for many years.  The same appears true for Coaching in Canada.  We need to reverse this trend.  (Yes, I know about squeezing water from a rock.)  How much and how soon are the $64,000 questions.  Both areas need long-term, consistent, dependable provisions that the committees can use for planning.  These two support areas form the foundation of our sport, which can only be augmented by specific events/programs (like the SWAT), not replaced by them.  It is these two areas that forge and hone our competitors at all levels, and help increase our participation through the years.  What can I/we do?  I don’t know.  I’m looking for advice.


For my own part, my intent is to assist the committees’ functioning as seamlessly as possible.  Which means support, but not interfere.  I assume they know what they are doing better than I do.


For the Marketing of our sport:

I’m working on a specification for a new Director position within the ATAA.  I will be presenting the ATAA board with my idea for a Director of Promotions at the next board meeting.  After refining the ideas/responsibilities for the position, I’ll forward the documentation to Kathy for distribution to the other Provinces.


The Promotions Director will support archery within the Province by:

1. Increasing the profile of archery by establishing links to the various media in the Province.

2. Support the Provincial Association and the FCA by serving as a conduit through which flows news of events, programs, and concerns in both directions.  This will be in conjunction with the Provincial Athletes’ Rep.

3. Chair sub-committees and study-groups to improve the retention of adult participants in archery.

4. Serve as the Provincial Ambassador for the sport with the public, other Provinces, the FCA, and foreign visitors at any international events.


At least that’s what I have so far.  I welcome comments.


I am maintaining contact with Mel Gargas regarding video documentation of major shoots within Canada.  This idea excites me too much to let it go, and I believe that there must be a way to make it financially rewarding for all parties involved.  I have forwarded my contact information to Paul Boleska so he may consider whether this idea can be used for the World Masters Games.


Athlete Biographies on the Web page

Frankly I had forgotten I volunteered for this.  So all I can do is promise to get on it.


Respectfully submitted,


Roger Murray





Preparation for this meeting and follow-up from all meetings between August and December 2002 have been completed, or nearly so.  The research, preparation, planning and execution for the strategic planning session of the December Presidents' Conference took considerable time.  Other tasks were delayed as priorities changed.  The planning segment of the meeting was successful, but the business portion was short-changed due to delegate travel requirements.  A draft budget for 2003 was submitted for Board consideration.  There is considerable follow-up work from this meeting still to be done.  Quite a few of the recommendations and suggested initiatives will require volunteer leadership as well as financial planning.  Votes-by-mail were conducted for both the revised FCA Harassment Policy as well as the latest revision of the rules.  High Performance Committee policies were voted on electronically as well.


FCA did not receive any compensation as a creditor due to the bankruptcy of the former Canadian Sports & Fitness Administration Centre. FCA lost approximately $2400. The new company responsible for pick and pack services as well as storage has just moved into its own giant warehouse.  The arrangement appears to be stable and FCA's inventory is being accounted for in an efficient manner.  The FCA office calculated the inventory value for year-end and it was forwarded to FCA's auditor and Executive Committee.  The FCA national office site is secure until November 2003.  At that time, Equine Canada's lease renewal rate may or may not affect FCA's monthly rent but relocation appears unlikely at this time.


Annual reports and indoor programme information was circulated to all clubs affiliated with FCA in 2002.  A second report will be mailed to each club upon renewal.  Member and club liability insurance coverage is $5 million but the individual premium assessment has increased dramatically.  This increase will have a direct impact on FCA's financial health.  I will return to this challenge under the "Issues" section below.  Other forms of insurance increased due to the terrorist attacks as well as investment losses suffered by the insurance industry. The final membership report was run off.  One Thousand dollars has been forwarded already to the insurance broker for 2003's premiums.


Communication was a priority again with weekly Info.E-mail bulletins, e-mail correspondence, phone/fax and written sources answered promptly.  I represented FCA in many capacities and reported fully on all of them.  Activities increased in preparation for 2003 and 2004 major events, as well as the necessary communication between Sport Canada and FCA.


FCA's return to Sport Canada base funding has allowed the federation to assess, review and plan.  Future government funding is dependent upon FCA's ability to refine the plan, implement it successfully and assess outcomes in a timely manner.



All bookkeeping practices were completed on time.  FCA's bank balance year-to-date for the fiscal year is smaller.  Some of the difference can be attributed to two purchases of target faces in one fiscal year.  The rest relates to increased activities funded by the federal government.  All purchases have been prudent.  Expenses have been kept to a minimum. 


A PSO grid was instituted for funding representatives to national championships/meetings based on the travel distance from the home province to major cities across the country.  This sliding grid provides incentives if and when provincial membership numbers surpass certain levels.  There is less funding available should provincial numbers fall below required minimum levels based upon traditional membership totals over the past three years.  In some cases, FCA continues to subsidize PSO participation at the annual meeting beyond the level of revenue generated by memberships from particular PSO's.  However, this is justifiable in order to keep the governance base strong and equitable across Canada. 


The 2002 budget was much more complicated.  This was due to renewed government funding, tracking restricted funds through the bookkeeping system, and reflecting differences in year-ends.  I am not totally satisfied with the system I have created since it is more time-consuming than I would like.  However, the values that I projected for FCA's discretionary funds were accurate.  I prepared the 2003 draft budget for Presidents' Conference and forwarded it electronically again to all Board members after the meeting. I have anticipated the inventory needs for programmes and services as well. Those orders, other than the annual medals order, will be going out after the January meeting. 


FCA has been successful in retailing and wholesaling FITA-legal indoor 40cm target faces.  A re-order was necessary due to increased interest in shooting vertical 3-spot faces.  This may have been caused in large part by preparation for Canada Winter Games.  There have been a few requests for 60cm faces, both singles and 3-spot.  FCA will have to weigh costs versus sales before contemplating an increase in SKU's.


Basic operational costs are stable.  Travel costs, and related surcharges, have caused budget shortfalls and over-runs.  It is difficult to anticipate just how high fares will go due to increased oil prices.  The extra 5% figured into the budget may not be sufficient.


Increases in Sport Canada contributions have more than off-set the loss of Canadian Olympic Committee contributions for the current fiscal year.  However, the Sport Canada contribution will decrease for 2003-2004 as will the COC contribution to finish the quadrennial.  FCA must increase its own revenue base in the upcoming fiscal year.


High Performance

For the first time, Sport Canada contributed funds to a national junior/cadet archery team to the world championships.  This provided the coach, manager and athletes with partial assistance.  FCA will continue to request funding for the junior programme.  Congratulations to all team members.  The performances were outstanding.


The new Sanctioned-event Hosting Package was updated for changes in age categories and circulated directly to each FCA club in order to encourage reporting results from these events. Results were posted on FCA's website within a week of the tournament.  This assisted HPC's tracking of Excellence member performances.  The ranking system is being over-hauled by HPC to simplify it and to identify cadet boys easily.  Ranking for the indoor World Championships was a challenge because so many archers showed interest in competing, a major departure from the past.  The ranking system changes should be in place for the "Race to New York".


The annual Brossard meeting was very busy and productive.  Minutes were circulated to the Board. Chula Vista training camp plans continued to be delayed for a variety of reasons.   Negotiations with COC over Schedule "A" have been arduous and prolonged.  COC's Sport Review Process was time-consuming and will probably not provide FCA with increased funding levels.  Preparation for Pan Am Games 2003, Olympic and Paralympic Games 2004 have begun.  World Indoor pre-registration has been forwarded and work is commencing for the outdoor championships as well.  HPC members have committed a great deal of time in the past 3 months and I commend their efforts.  Unfortunately, there may not be enough funding available to assist archers in adequate preparation for the crucial performance levels required over the next 18 months.


I continue to work closely with Marthe Cusson regarding national team clothing production. Uniforms and shooting shirts will be needed for indoor world members as well as some outdoor team members.  A new fund-raising idea for HPC in 2002 met with limited success, but interest in the Microtherm product increased as it became better known to the general membership.


Archery Council

The PDM was completed and approved by the FCA Board of Directors in August, thanks to Greg Durward and Reed Fowlie.  Funding for the translation of the level-3 coach manual and workbook continues to be an issue.  Increased government funding for translation was promised several months ago but has not materialized at the NSO level.  FCA translated the course conductor manual and coach module 3 with CAC's annual grant.  The rest must wait for the new fiscal year.  I attended CAC meetings on behalf of the volunteers and made full reports. 


Considerable time was spent reviewing the proposed rule changes, age categories and tournament policies. Greg Durward, Ghislain Arseneault and Bruce Savage should be complimented for their efforts. Sales of the new larger, easier-to-read format have been much greater than expected and binders have been re-ordered.  Major rule changes for non-FITA equipment indoors has created a great deal of confusion.  The change has affected mail matches, indoor nationals and COPANARCO's MICA event as well as Canada Winter Games.  The Executive and the Board will have to review this rule change.


CanBow guidebooks will be revised to include a wheelchair section before the end of March 2003, and it will be translated into French.  Indoor CanBow product sales are strong so that indicates good use of the programme.  However, outdoor and 3D CanBow sales are non-existent.


3D Grand Prix keepsake certificates were sent to the individual winners at the 2002 nationals. Some archers attempted to shoot the 3D nationals without being PSO members, in violation of the FCA/PSO agreement. FCA membership fees were returned to the archers in question.  The new target nationals format was well received, particularly by the organisers.  The 2003 version will reduce the total number of days required to shoot both nationals and the FCA Open event. FCA lost Robin Hood Multi-food sponsorship funding effective in 2003. Negotiations with a replacement sponsor fell through in early December.  The championship hosting manual is being revised and edited by Al Wills.  I have been in regular contact with both organizing committees of FCA's 2003 outdoor championships.  Work is progressing well.  The target host agreement will be available at this meeting.


The new portfolio of national youth development co-ordinator was filled.  Bruce Savage has begun Wes Tanners' orientation and action plan.



a)         Financial Stability

The Canadian Olympic Committee has reduced funding support to NSO's.  Sport Canada base funding for 2003-2004 will be $50,000.  Robin Hood is gone.  Labatt negotiations have not been finalised.  FCA must re-assess is own funding base.  Along with an overall decrease in contributions from funding partners, two disbursements have increased substantially, air travel and member insurance premiums.  Membership numbers continue to be, yet servicing these members is more expensive.


In 1997, the insurance rate was $1.25/member or 14% of the fee charged to provinces printing their own membership cards.  In 2001, FCA increased is liability coverage from $2 million to $5 million, thereby increasing the premium rate to $1.85/member or 21% of the membership fee.  FCA has renewed its annual policy through B. F. Lorenzetti for $5 million but now the rate has jumped to $2.30/member or 26% of the member fee.  The Executive Committee must consider increasing membership fees by $0.45/member for 2004.  I would prefer this increase to be effective immediately, but many PSO's have set their budgets for this year.  I am urging the Executive Committee to present this increase as a motion to the Board of Directors.


b)         Leadership

The Executive and the Board must concentrate more effort on recruiting national-level volunteers to become Executive Officers.  Concerted effort to recruit directors-at-large who will take on the role of president should be a top priority between this date and the elections in Victoria.  Roger Murray's decision to replace Ernie Skaar on the present executive is most welcomed.  But the FCA can not depend upon such charitable, yet non-elected, acts to lead effectively in the next term.  This is not the first time I have cautioned the Board and the Executive on this problem.  I hope the volunteers will take the initiative the prepare for the upcoming election.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Millar  


FCA Annual Awards Trophies

E-mail to Executive April 2001

You will recall that one of my tasks from the January Executive meeting was to have the perpetual plaques refinished and change the name on the female athlete plaque.  I have spoken with the gentlemen who has done our engraving in the past and he assured me that no trophy company would touch the job.  They would prefer to sell us new plaques instead.


I am at a loss which way you people would like to proceed.  The suggestion has been made to find someone who enjoys working with wood and get them to take everything off, refinish the plaques and then put everything back on.


FCA could look at the cost of re-finishing one plaque each year until they all looked good.  The 3D plaques are the worst by far since they are transported only in velveteen sacks and the corners were crushed when I got them back from Saskatchewan.


If you would rather go with the one-plaque-a-year option, I would take an example to Globe Trophies downtown and get a price on replacement.  Otherwise, we could advertise in Info.E-mail to see who would like to do this.  Doug Soar likes to work with wood, but Willie is just getting a project done now that Doug started when they emigrated years and years ago.  So I don't think he's what you call a fast-worker.


Let's hear.  I know it's not the biggest issue on the table, but FCA deserves to have better-looking trophies than this.



Kathleen Millar

FCA Executive Director/Directrice Executive de la FCA

760 chemin Belfast Road,  Ottawa, ON K1G 5N4

Tel:  (613) 260-2113  Fax/telecopier:  (613) 260-2114




Electronic Timing Control Devices

December 5, 2002


Dear Kathleen Millar:

Thanks so much for your reply and interested in our products.

I supply you latest quotation and hope your agree that our price is competitive, we also ensure of quality (how good products at admirable price, more cheaper than int'l market price), so please make a careful consideration, may be, we have chance of entering into cooperation relation late which is mutual benefit.


As well, our products have selective wiring unit and wireless unit.  If wireless unit, storage battery (24v/12AH series work hours: 6-8hr) must be adopted. 


   Our latest quotation is as follow, of course, discount price will base on your quantity.

 1.Timing system (small type):                                                                         USD700/SET

   Include Power supply (storage battery), Control device, 30m wire, One box, one timing     screen (height of letter is 12cm. two screen can be for Counter-opponent event)

   Screen Size: 45*20*16cm

   Weight: 30kg(include storage battery)

   Volume: 75*63*29cm


2.Timing system (big type):                                                                              USD1800/SET

   Include control device, 150m wire, one Timing screen (height of letter is 30cm), Two                     screens can be for Counter-opponent event.

   Screen Size:82*40*18cm

   Weight:45kg(include storage battery)

   Volume: 85*40*20 (inside packing)


3.Scoreboard:                                                                                                  USD3500/SET

   Include remote control, one control device, 30m wire

   Screen Size:125*63*16cm



 4.Software and Input device of score:                                                            USD4000

 5.PDA system (pocket computer) for archery, shooting and shotgun event, also have many other function:

   USD85/pc based on minimum quantity is 500pcs;

   USD 105.00/pc based on min quantity 200pcs;

                                                                                                 Retail price is USD160.00


Terms and condition:

Price:   FOB Shenzhen

Payment:  30% prepayment, remains will be paid by T/T or L/C draft at sight before delivery.

Lead time: 20 days after receiving prepayment 30%.

Shipment: available destination by LCL USD50/cube+file USD15+ Custom clear USD38


Any query about above, please do let me know soon. Your any reply will be highly appreciated.



E-mail:szylsy@sohu.net  east7899@hotmail.com


Proposed FITA Tournament Policy

MOTION #B03-01S: Where the organizers of an Event (as defined in Rule 4.6.1) wish to allow flexibility in how archers may register for FITA's in the Event, the following principles will apply in addition to the other rules governing the shooting of the FITA round (especially and


·         The number of FITA's to be registered (one or two) is determined by the maximum number of FITA scores a single archer may attain in the Event. (For example, two FITA's must be registered for an Event in which a full FITA is held on both days. Only one FITA needs to be registered if all archers shoot the long distances together the first day, and some archers shoot the short distances the same day while other archers shoot the short distances the second day.)


·         When a choice is possible, archers must declare in advance of shooting the first arrow of official practice which distances will be used for determining their score on each FITA they intend to participate in.


·         No distance score may be counted toward more than one FITA score.




Rule Change Proposal for Major Events

FITA does not have rules governing double elimination matches at this time so the rules make no special provision. FCA rules do not cover double eliminations either. Therefore, how they are run is currently not covered in our rulebook. FITA seems to be satisfied that records can be shot in such a round provided the elimination matches and finals matches are shot according to FITA rules regardless of the seeding.


If we want to have FCA rules about double elimination matches we could. We could either specify one or two formats in detail that are acceptable and lay out all the rules for them. Alternatively we could lay down rules which would apply to ANY double elimination match regardless of the details of how it is run. I don't like the wording as you suggest it because it is not clear that we are talking just about double elimination rounds. There is no need for such a rule for normal OR rounds and we should not be adding such a rule on top of FITA rules.


If you want to propose two optional rules, I suggest:


(1) [FCA Only] Double Elimination Rounds. Various seeding and elimination trees may be used provided all other FITA and FCA rules are applied to the matches.


(2) [FCA Only] Double Elimination Rounds. Various seeding and elimination trees may be used provided all other FITA and FCA rules are applied to the matches. If seeding is done on the basis of scores obtained in one or more FITA rounds, archers may enter the elimination only if they complete the ranking round(s). Exceptions will be allowed in the case of equipment failures, medical emergencies or other circumstances beyond the athlete's control, provided the archer has shot at least 75% of the arrows in the ranking round(s).


It is unacceptable to write a rule that relies on an archer's intentions. The above rule should suffice.




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