FCA Executive Committee Meeting (out-going)

Victoria BC August 12, 2003 - Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre


Executive members present:

Al Wills, President                              

Arthur Nault, Vice President High Performance

Bruce Savage, Vice President Archery Council of Canada

Roger Murray, Vice President ACC Committees & Projects


In attendance:                                                                       Absent with regret:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                                         Don Lohnes, VP 3D



Shawn Riggs, FCA Athlete Representative


The meeting was called to order at 19:20.

1.                  President’s Opening Remarks and Acceptance of Agenda

The President felt FCA had busy week ahead, with many political decisions to deal with.  There is no update to the submitted report.


2.                  Reading of Minutes, January 25-26, 2003

a)                 Business arising from the Minutes of meetings during the last year

-           The ultimate power of FCA rests with the Board and the Board only ratifies, modifies or defeats motions from the Executive Committee or any other FCA committee.  The Executive has some duties as to running the day-to-day operations along with staff, but the Board approves them.


-           Roger Murray felt FCA needed a housekeeping mechanism that if a division is not used at the FCA championships over a determined number of years, it is deleted.  A petition to re-instate it could be submitted for a determined length of time, such as 3 years.  Data from this year’s championship will be available in time for the Board meeting.


-           For the last 3 championships, Bruce Savage has accepted the position of Technical Delegate because FCA has one staff and it is not possible to perform both technical and administrative duties during the national championships. A job description for the target/field technical delegate should be a legacy for other volunteers so that the quality of the national championships is verified.  There are only a few people who are qualified to hold this position.  Mentoring is essential and technical delegates should be available around the country.  A job description is important in order to train other people.


ACTION:         Bruce Savage to draft copy to Executive and have a few key people to review it.  From that point a pool will be identified.


-           The ACC meeting was cancelled because the vice-presidents felt it was an inappropriate use of money and not high priority at this time.


-           Attendance in the Youth Division at 2003 championships highlighted the difference between family event versus knowing the rules and using the division.  Is it developmental?  Is it being used? Though Youth is listed in the FCA rulebook, it was never intended to be used in field archery.


Motion #E03-16:        To remove the youth division from the national target and field championships.  It would remain in the open records only.


Moved by:        Bruce Savage                         Seconded by:  Roger Murray              Carried


ACTION:         The records that are stale-dated should be reviewed.

Tournament rounds that are not used should be reviewed.


Motion #E03-17:        To accept minutes as circulated.

Moved by:        Arthur Nault                 Seconded by:  Bruce Savage             Carried



3.                  Acceptance of the Agenda

Motion #E03-18:        To accept agenda.

Moved by:        Roger Murray              Seconded by:  Arthur Nault                 Carried



4.                  Reports

·         Vice-President ACC 3D                                        - nothing to add

·         Vice-President ACC Events & Services               - nothing to add

·         Administration & Marketing                                   - Al Wills with the national office

·         Executive Director                                                - nothing to add

·         Vice-President ACC Committees & Projects       - Coach Committee

This is a very important committee.  There has been little movement on CBET topics and it now is a concern for CAC funding. This project needs to be a quick-action item.  Roger Murray will need to put a time limit on correspondence among committee members, as well as search out possible new members to help with the tasks.


ACTION:         Roger Murray will contact Reed Fowlie. 


Secondly, Roger asked Ghislain to mentor an assistant so that when he retires from the chairmanship, there is continuity in the position.

·         Vice-President HPC                                              - Recent results

FITA world championship - men compound team won bronze

US Open - women's recurve team won gold

·         International                                                           - Supplemental report

FITA Congress Update: Jim Easton has strong leadership in order to keep archery in the Olympics.  Now that Olympic sports will be reviewed after every Games, archery may be in trouble.  Dr. Erdnur (TUR) may become the next FITA president; Jim Easton continues to sit as an IOC member.



5.                  Business

5.1              Management Issues

·         Preparation for Board Meeting & AGM

The AGM election format and responsibilities were reviewed. Al Wills will sign cheques if necessary, but will not chair.  He will continue to administer the website since communication is very important, and timely replies are essential.         Board agenda items will deal with equipment divisions and participation, as well as the Continental Qualifying Tournament team selection criteria.


·         PSO agreement renewal schedule

All PSO agreements are in place until 2005.  OAA has indicated that it will affiliate all members with FCA in 2004.


·         Presidents’ conference status report

Kathy needs volunteer help in order to follow through on all tasks.  This will be addressed at the Board meeting.


·         Sport Canada Accountability Framework assessment

The document was circulated and Al Wills had responded to Gwen Prillo earlier.  The committee reviewed the archery report card.  With the exception of educating athletes and coaches on abuse and harassment, the FCA is doing well. 


ACTION:         The new President will review the task list during monthly meetings with the Executive Director and search out initiatives that link archery events with these requirements.


ACTION:         FCA should be reviewing the new task listing regularly.


·         Votes-by-mail

The Executive Committee agreed that e-mail ballots would suffice.


·         Staffing

Kathy reported that Laura Kiraly has been hired to work 4 hours per week.  Laura is chiefly responsible for the club packages and renewals that takes a time-consuming job away from the Executive Director.


·         IFAA & FCA affiliation

Bruce Savage outlined the fact that CFAA has not disbanded and FCA should wait until OAA has decided how to proceed.


·         Conflict of Interest & Code of Ethics

New officers and committee members should see the code, if not sign off on it. The Armed Forces sends out a message once a year reminding employees of their responsibility and bring to attention to the fact that you are required to read this policy.  A simple Declaration, "yes, I agree to abide by, etc…" is all that is required.  This could be done by e-mail.


ACTION:         The Executive Director will ask the members to review the document annually.


·         French/English lexicon

This archery-specific tool was developed from the Presidents conference and is approved by FTAQ office and Alain Gravel, as FCA's official translator.  The FCA office and most volunteers use it.



5.2              Finance

In preparation for the upcoming Board meeting, Kathy Millar provided a brief overview of the following:

·         2003 Reports & audit

All financial material had been circulated to the Board.  All audited statements had been sent to government.  All information appeared in the 2002 annual report.  FCA has yet to receive defined Sport Canada contributions for 2003.


·         General FCA status

FCA had both higher disbursements and income due to government infusion of funds, particularly for High Performance.  The different year ends between Sport Canada and FCA make it more difficult to see fiscal health.  FCA has not needed to utilise its line-of-credit in order to fund international teams.


·         Inclusion

AWAD funding continues to be sound.  Activities expanded in 2003 in conjunction with able-bodied preparations for World Championships.  Future funding is results-driven.

·         CAC

Funding issues were discussed above.  FCA received the maximum allowable funding in order to continue CBET transition.  Currently there are no archery coaches attending National Coaching Institutes.  CAC was informed of, but gave no funding toward, the IOC Olympic Solidarity Seminar in Toronto in June.


·         Distribution

The Centre continues to work well.  The Executive Director has more control over product and inventory, though the workload has increased due to increased sales.


·         Funding partners

FCA's funding partners remains limited.  Labatt's did not renegotiate with COC/FCA.


·         Loss of general sponsors

FCA has failed to replace Robin Hood Multifoods.  Avalanche remains FCA's clothing sponsor.  The Executive Director has encouraged the 2005 bid committee to extend their search for national championship sponsors to a multi-year agreement. 


·         Athlete Assistance to Target Championship Grid

At the request of the Executive Committee, Kathy formulated a travel grid for athletes' assistance to national championships.  The regular Board member travel grid from the standard PSO agreement was used as a template.  All provinces have been informed of the minimum funding available for 2003. 


·         Draft Budget #2

Kathy received an unofficial breakdown of approved projects from Sport Canada 2 days before leaving the office to travel to Victoria.  This unfortunate delay means that FCA youth has missed the opportunity to receive funding to the US national archery championship, since this event is now complete. 


ACTION:         Kathy will produce the final operating budget in September.


·         Motion to increase membership fees

Kathy reminded the Executive that FCA needs this increase in order to keep up with escalating insurance premiums.



5.3              Archery Canada

·         Rules and Rule Changes

Greg Durward has a presentation ready to walk the Board through the suggested rule changes.  Greg takes suggestions and puts it into wording explaining what would happen if the changes take place.  He lists proposed rule changes so that the membership is informed.

All 3D rule changes are on hold pending the IBO meeting in October.  FCA's 3D committee will vote by mail to decide whether or not to accept these new changes.


·         New IBO FITA world championships

FITA has confirmed a new, World team 3D championship.  The pilot event was held in France in July 2003.  The FCA 3D committee will set team selection criteria in time for the next one.


·         Age & equipment

There will a motion to review youth division. (See above) 


·         Canada Games Report

Phil Parlee will present the report at the Board meeting.


·         CanBow integrated guidebook status

The new Guidebook integrates athletes with a disability into each section for indoor, outdoor and 3D archery.  It is tumble-format French and English.  A finished copy was shown.


·         Sport Canada Participation

There is no movement on this programme. 


·         Coaching programme (discussed above)


·         IOC Olympic Solidarity Coach Seminar Report   (submitted previously)


·         Level-3 coach manual status

Laura Kiraly is working on the final formatting while Kathy is out of the office.  The Coach Committee plans to use CD ROM format, utilising Adobe in MSWord.


·         COPANAROC's MICA

Medals were given to Arthur at the world championships.  The medals will be given to all Board members present; the rest will be mailed.  Jacqui Jenskey asks that COPANARCO return to the original tournament dates, so that more archers can participate.


·         Update on 2003 indoor national championships

Greg's report was submitted.  There are still some problems with clubs and MICA's.


Report from 2003 3D nationals

Kathy reported that the Estevan club provided an excellent event with tremendous local sponsorship and support.  The club's decision not to allow its own members, including juniors, to shoot the event meant that attendance numbers were down slightly.


·         Update on 2003 Target/field Championships

Compliments were received on format changes from new archers.  The championship website had 4000 hits in last 2 days from visits to championship results.  The small organising committee had done a very good job and the venue was beautiful. 


·         Host Agreements

Kathy reported that Host Agreement cheques had been received from both organising committees.


·         Judging certification

Al Wills stated that judge certification and judge requirements were a very expensive part of the Organising Committee's budget to host national championships.  The nationals can not operate without them and the people paying for the judges are the competitors.  The president is concerned about the expenses.  The host committee is responsible providing banquet tickets as well as transportation, housing etc. The host committee could decide on a budget for judges and give that total to the judges.  Bob Sheppard is still an international judge candidate instead of full judge status.


ACTION:         Al Wills will pursue this status.


Shawn Riggs joined the meeting.


·         Upcoming Championship Bids

2004 Target/Field FCA has received a bid from The Archers of Caledon, endorsed by the OAA.  2004 3D championships should be awarded to BC.  The 3D Committee is waiting for the BCAA to sanction the Silvertip Archers bid.  Ontario has submitted a bid also.

2005 3-in-1 Championships bid from River Valley archers has AANB' approval.

2006 The FTAQ has advised the FCA office that they will submit a bid for target/field.


·         FCA's Hosting Manual     

Al Wills is still working on it.  It is not going to be completed, but tied up.

Annexes have been completed.  The scoring system in Victoria was developed in Access.  The 3D Organising Committee used Delphi software instead.


·         Annual Award & Grand Prix keepers

Kathy showed the committee the new laser-engraved plaques for the annual awards.  The permanent plaques will remain at the FCA office and no longer travel to the AGM.



5.4       High Performance

·         Arizona Training Camp    

COPANARCO and USOC were stumbling blocks, beyond the help of Jim Easton.  The solution entailed using a training week with a major event, combining able-bodied and AWAD participants.


·         Schedule A Negotiations with COC

Shawn reported FCA is still waiting for COC. Al reported that Joan McDonald continues to work on sections of the document while in Santo Domingo for the Pan American Games.


·         FITA championship Ramifications

Canada did not earn any spots for Athens.  The women’s recurve team started out well on the first day, but did not rank well by the end of the qualification round.


·         IPC worlds

This is an extremely important AWAD event for spots on the line in Athens, continued funding from Sport Canada, and carding for the two archers.  The team leaves on September 4th for Madrid.


·         Pan Am Games

 Today official practice begins.  Transportation and accommodations are issues.  The archery installation should be adequate. 


·         Test Event

One athlete, Jonathan Ohayon, competed at his own expense.  The amount of work and confusion involved to register only one competitor does not bode well for the 2004Olympics.


·         Olympic Games

COC trips to Athens have found problems with air pollution & transportation.  The Paralympic site will be different from the able-bodied venue.


·         Fund-raising with Avalanche

There continue to be good results and positive feedback concerning the product and the firm.  Avalanche had expressed concern due to low number of orders, but they are very satisfied with FCA's volume in 2003.


·         HPC Suggested Criteria For National Championships

PSOs sending athletes to national championships should set some minimum standards.  Though FCA could not dictate to the provinces, there is no mechanism in place to objectively decide who is funded and athlete concerns have arisen.  FCA is not interested in micro-management of PSOs. 


ACTION:         The new executive may decide to legislate it.


·         AAP for able-bodied

Kathy was able to negotiate a fair and acceptable criteria agreement with Sport Canada for able-bodied athletes.  A duplicate, stand-alone policy will be put in place for AWAD as well.


·         Issues - Continental Qualification Tournament for Athens

The most significant issue is team selection.  Team selection problems arose for CQT due to FITA's regulation changes after the New York World Championships. Bruce Savage withdrew from the discussion.


FCA told athletes in November 2002 that the top athletes will compete in CQT, and those people would be named on August 11. Originally, 4 athletes were allowed to enter the CQT; now 2 are allowed.  Some archers are in favour of selecting the CQT team from the results of the WRE being held at the same time.  Some athletes do not want to use the qualification round into CQT as the trials. Selecting the team in Colombia would be a large deviation from team selection in the past. It was not known if there would be a bye into the CQT out of qualification round under this new FITA regulation. FCA wants its best two archers to be on the shooting line on the day at CQT. Performance affects FCA for 4 years and affects FITA by not filling an Olympic spot.   The FCA Board does not have the luxury to be faceless and nameless.  A decision will have to be made.  Alternate Dispute Resolution may be the only option.


Criteria were set and if those top archers are not chosen for CQT, some of those athletes will not be attending at all.  The HPC position has been debated and published on August 11 naming two men and two women.  On behalf of HPC, Shawn Riggs and Arthur Nault presented an option to the Executive.  HPC wishes the Executive/Board to consider funding two men and two women from Sport Canada plus, with new money to send third person in case of equipment failure, injury and/or illness, or the athlete who qualified wishes to step aside voluntarily.  Part of Shawn’s concern involves the athlete trust, and not to refer to specific athletes, but stick to fundamentals. Consistency in what is written is also important.


The Executive advises sending 4 men and 4 women, as it is undue jeopardy if only 2 archers are sent to earn 2 spots each.  If that means deciding on the day before, then that is what should be done.  The Executive wishes to do what is best for the sport; what is best for the sport may include changing the rule. The Executive's suggestion to allow 8 athletes to attend and trial at the WRE does not follow traditional team selection methods. There was no agreement between HPC and the Executive.


The Executive wishes the Board to debate whether or not the CQT team will or will not be selected from the qualification round in Medellin.


ACTION:         Motion needed from the Executive to challenge the new HPC position.


Bruce Savage returned to the meeting.



5.5       Communication & Marketing

·         Win & Win sponsorship

Al Wills has spoken to several people about the lack of support to juniors.  He is proposing that the promotional right-hand 38# bow from Win & Win be awarded among the top 6 junior archers shooting this championship.  The bow will be advertised starting tomorrow for one of them and it will be drawn from the medallists.  If won by a compound shooter, that person would be entitled to sell the bow for no more than $500, so compound would get money and the recurve archer could get a new bow.  This offer will promote both Win & Win and juniors.


ACTION:         Executive will consider this until noon tomorrow.

·         Cavalier as a supplier       (nothing to report)


·         HSRS supplier

Al Wills and Don Lohnes went to see this company, but management was not interested in renewing a retail relationship with FCA. HSRS is not interested in supporting any merchandi-sing deal until volume supports it.  Hopefully Avalanche will not feel the same way in 3 years.

·         Athlete Biographies –

Roger sent out the templates and requests, but did not follow up.


ACTION:         Roger will follow up and talk to some of the archers here.


·         Issues

-           Al Wills and the national office were both approached to complete a university survey on marketing.  Both declined due to the amount of time the survey takes.

-           Big On-line's invitation to join them for $1600 was declined.

-           Kathy has received price/volume breaks from Maple Leaf Targets for 60cm faces.



5.6       Other Business

·         Elections and nominations - No further discussion.

Susan Eymans needs to know that her nomination needs to be re-worded because Jude Hooey can not be nominated for president, but for director-at-large.  Ed Wilson will read Tom Paukovic's nomination.



6.         Presidents Comments

Al Wills will allow his name to stand for an executive position, but he will be quite busy with his university course.  He would be pleased to serve in another capacity but president.  He has enjoyed chairing these meetings.


Adjourned at 22:37.




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