August 14, 2003, Victoria, BC

President Al Wills welcomed all members.  He explained of the purpose of this meeting and how business is conducted. The AGM is an informational meeting only and any business to come to the membership had to be submitted 30 days in advance.  Issues are important and can be raised. Contributor Dennis Mrokwia died, and a moment of silence was observed.



1.  Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at Delisle on August 14, 2002, be accepted as printed.

Moved by AB, Seconded by NS, carried 


 2.  Report of the President

As his last report as FCA President, Al Wills stressed the importance of volunteerism and coaching in order to make archery run.  Mr. Wills was applauded for his efforts.


 3.  Reports of the Vice-Presidents

Vice-President, Finance & Marketing

This portfolio currently is administered by Kathy Millar and supervised by Al Wills.

Vice-President, Archery Canada Events & Services

Bruce Savage thanked all the volunteers who have made events possible and provided services.

Vice-President, Archery Canada Committees & Projects

Roger Murray joined the executive at the Presidents Conference and has done well.

Vice-President, High Performance          

Arthur Nault congratulated World championships compound men Kevin Tataryn, Ed Wilson, Travis van Daele and Benny Parenteau who won the bronze medal.  He congratulated the women’s recurve team at the US Open who won the gold: Anna Mohzar, Marie-Pier Beaudet & Racheal Savage.

Vice-President, International

A supplemental report was submitted since the FITA congress and attached to circulated Board of Directors meeting minutes.  At Congress, electronic polling of opinion was available to speed up the process.  There were many suggestions for reducing the size of the world championships.

            Vice-President, 3D

Don Lohnes is unable to attend due to his responsibilities as chairman of the 3D nationals organizing committee.  He plans to attend both national championships next year. 


 4.  Reports of the Directors

Athlete’s Representative             Shawn stated that FCA is still waiting for the COC response as to Schedule A.

Executive Director                      As submitted

British Columbia                        BCAA has 12 high performance young archers who performed very well at Western Canada Games and Canada Winter Games.

Alberta                                      At the FCA board meeting, the problems referred to in the ATAA report were resolved.  The athletes did well at Canada Winter Games and Larry Kelly did a good job taking the team to Western Canada Games.  More funding is available for junior programmes from casino revenue.

Saskatchewan                           As submitted

Manitoba                                   As submitted

Ontario                                      As submitted

Quebec                                     FTAQ plans to bid for the 2006 target & field championships.

The FCA president explained the new archery English/French lexicon/lexique, and the approval process between FTAQ and FCA.

New Brunswick                          Philip Parlee stated that AANB enjoyed hosting the Canada Winter Games and thanked everyone for coming to New Brunswick.

Nova Scotia                               Rick Comeau stressed AANS' focus on youth.

Newfoundland                            As submitted


 5.  Reports of Committee Chairpersons, Co-ordinators, and FCA Representatives.


Roger Murray outlined the challenges for the coaching committee and the format changes that happen; so he is looking for volunteer help.


Regional Indoor Championships

Greg Durward reported almost 10% increase in attendance and more teams participating.  X-10-9 scoring system for the bowhunter system was received successfully, and FITA is reviewing its indoor scoring and so there may be changes.  This year, the two co-ordinators tried to distinguish between COPANARCO and indoor nationals.  This year the scores had to incorporate Canada Winter Games as well.


Mailmatch Programme

Andrew Webber is positive in light of the trends to increased participation levels.



COPANARCO medals arrived just in mid-July and the provincial delegates will take the medals back home to present to winners locally.



FCA's strategic planning meeting started a process whereby the FCA National Judge Chairman will train provincial judges, but PSOs remain in charge of certification. He reviewed the 2003 national judge seminar for 9 judge candidates and congratulated 3 new national judges Shelly Kwasnycia, Jean-Marie Robert and Roger Garrod.  With the death of Dennis Mrokwia, Canada has one international judge Ghislain Arsenault, one judge candidate Robert Sheppard, and Don Lovo as honorary judge.  A new national Officials organisation will be separate from CAC. Ghislain is willing to do the job.


Rulebook Editor

Greg Durward thanked Ghislain Arsenault for all his hard work for translating chapters 3 and 11 of the rulebook.  Greg stated that he only collects rule suggestions.  He wants the Board to help him form a rules committee for input widely varying and submit rule change suggestions to the board only after committee discussion.  He is looking for people to sit on this committee.



Kathy Millar thanked the volunteers.  Membership numbers are stable.


6.       Business arising out of the minutes              (none)


 7.  Information items

                        • FCA Achievement Awards 2002

As each award was presented, President Al Wills reviewed the contributions of each officially-named annual award.  Frank Jones was the first person to represent Canada at the world championships in 1961.  Dorothy Lidstone (BC) is the only Canadian woman to win a FITA world target championship, 1969.  Tom Mack (ON) was the first professional archer in Canada, and committed to youth archery.  Hank Wiseman, well-known coach in Canada and author of the Coach’s Corner, was a prolific writer.


Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year, Hugh MacDonald; Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year, Angela Cramer; Tom Mack Junior Athletes of the Year, Marie-Pier Beaudet; Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year, Shereen Farrell (given in Manitoba); Judge of the Year, Roger Garrod; Volunteer of the Year, Gilbert Henderson (given at the 3D Nationals); D.M. Lovo Award, Gilbert Henderson (given at the 3D Nationals).


• Athlete Representation

Shawn Riggs was acclaimed to continue as Athlete Representative for a one-year term.


• CanBow Guidebook

A revised CanBow guidebook including sections for Athletes with a Disability is available in combined English/French format.  The cost remains the same.


• Avalanche Sponsorship

FCA's clothing sponsor, Avalanche Skiwear continues to provide fund-raising opportunities for the national target team.  Also, this year Marthe Cusson donated a gift certificate for fund-raising.  The combined 3D national championships and target/field championships netted over $1000 for the national team to the important Continental Qualifying Tournament in Medellin, COL.


 8.  Reports of ad hoc committees                       (none)


 9.  Items for ad hoc committee study                  (none)


10.  Recess for ad hoc committee study              (none)


11. Election of Directors-at-Large

Two nominations were accepted from the floor.  As there were 7 candidates for the 6 Director positions, a formal election was held.  The Executive Director acted as scrutineer.  Directors-at-Large elected were: Don Lohnes, Roger Murray, Arthur Nault, Bruce Savage, Tom Paukovic and Allan R. Wills.  The new directors plus the Board of Directors recessed for the election of the FCA Executive positions.  The Executive Director ran the election process.  She announced the new slate of officers for 2003-2005 to the assembly: Don Lohnes - President, Arthur Nault - Vice-President High Performance, Allan R. Wills - Vice-President International, Bruce Savage - Vice-President ACC Events & Services; Roger Murray - Vice-President ACC Committees & Projects; and Tom Paukovic - Vice-President ACC 3D. 


In light of the absence of the new FCA president, the Executive Director chaired the remainder of the meeting.


12.  Appointment of Auditors

I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2003.

Moved by BC, Seconded by AB, carried.


13.  Selection of sites for the

            2004 Outdoor Championships

The Archers of Caledon presented a bid, tentatively setting the date in the first week of August, but pending the selection of the 2004 3D nationals' site. The bid was supported by the OAA.

I move that the 2004 Target and Field national championships be hosted by The Archers of Caledon.

Moved by NS, Seconded by AB, carried.


2004 3D Championships

In accordance with FCA 3D committee policy, the rotation for hosting the national championships in 2004 should go to British Columbia.  A bid has been received and FCA is waiting for BCAA sanctioning.  Another bid from Ontario has been received, too.


I move that the 2004 3D National championships be decided by a vote-by-mail.

Moved by BC, Seconded by NS, carried.


            2005 Outdoor Target/Field Championships and 3D Championships

AANB made a presentation of its combined bid to host all 3 national championships in 2005.

I move that the 2005 Target, Field and 3D national championships be hosted by River Valley Archers and AANB.

Moved by ON, Seconded by BC, carried.



14.  Good and welfare

The Executive Director wished to congratulate Victoria Bowmen archery club for the great job they did running the nationals for 2003.


Roger Murray proposed two new types of competition for field archery, a "skins" game and mail matches.  Any members interested in pursuing either concept should contact him directly. 


Ed Wilson suggested that High Performance Committee devise a formal bidding process and criteria for designation of major events in Canada.


Bruce Savage reminded archers present to consult the FCA Open grid sample displayed in the room.  He reminded archers to ensure that they must confirm their registration in the event.


15.  Adjournment

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned.

Moved by NS.


14 août, 2003, Victoria, BC

Le Président Al Wills souhaite la bienvenue à tous les membres. Il explique la raison d’être de cette assemblée et de quelle façon les affaires seront menées.


1.  Procès-verbal

Je propose que le procès-verbal de l’Assemblée Générale Annuelle qui s’est tenue à Winnipeg le 14 août 2002 soit accepté tel que publié.

Proposé par AB,            Apputé par NS, accepté


 2.  Rapport du Président


 3.  Rapports des Vice-Présidents

            Vice-président, Finances & Marketing


            Vice-président, Tir à l’Arc Canada


            Vice-président, Haute Performance         


            Vice-président, Affaires International


            Vice-président, 3D

Don Lohnes est dans l’impossibilité d’être présent en raison de ses responsabilités en tant que président du Comité d’Organisation  du Championnat National 3D.


 4.  Rapports des  Directeurs

Représentant des  Athlètes - Shawn a convoqué une réunion des athlètes à l’Hôtel de Ville immédiatement après l’AGA.

Directrice Exécutive    Tel que soumis

Colombie Britannique – Comité exécutif de la BCAA:  Trésorière - Val Canham, VP Technique

- Al Beattie, Secrétaire - Adrienne Beattie, VP Développement des Athlètes - Susan Lemke

Alberta                         Tel que soumis

Saskatchewan                         Tel que soumis

Manitoba                     Tel que soumis

Ontario                        Tel que soumis


Nouveau Brunswick - Philip Parlee

Nouvelle Écosse - Rick Comeau

Terre Neuve                 Tel que soumis


 5.  Rapports des responsables de comités, des co-ordonnateurs et des Représentants de la FCA.

Comité des Entraîneurs


Championnat Régional Intérieur


Programme des matchs postaux






Rédacteur du livre de règlements



Kathy Millar a remercié les bénévoles. 


6.   Affaires découlant du Procès-verbal                (aucune)


 7.  Points d’nformation

                        • Prix de Reconnaissance de la FCA - 2002

Alors que chaque prix était remis, le Président Al Wills rappelait la contribution de chacun de ceux qui ont vu leur nom être accolé à chacun des Prix Annuels de la FCA.  Frank Jones fut le premier à représenter le Canada à des championnats du monde en 1961. Dorothy Lidstone (CB) est la seule e canadienne a avoir gagné un Championnat du Monde FITA sur Cibles fixes, 1969.  Tom Mack (ON) fut le premier archer professionnel au Canada, et Hank Wiseman, tout dévoué qu’il était au tir à l’arc chez les jeunes, était un entraîneur bien connu au Canada et l’auteur du Coin de l’entraîneur, il fut aussi un auteur prolifique. 


Frank Jones – Athlète Masculin de l’année, Hugh macDonald; Dorothy Lidstone – Athlète féminine de l’année, Angela Cramer; Tom Mack – Athlètes Junior de l’année, Marie-Pier Beaudet; Hank Wiseman – Entraîneur de l’année, Shereen Farrell; Juge de l’année, Roger Garrod; Bénévole de l’année, Gilbert Henderson (la remise fut faite au National 3D); Prix D.M. Lovo, Gilbert Henderson (la remise fut faite au National 3D).



 8.  Rapports des comités ad hoc                                    (aucun)


9.       Points à porter à l’attention de comités ad hoc          (aucun)


10.  Retrait pour étude en comité                         (aucun)



11.  Élection de Directeurs-en-général



12.  Nomination des vérificateurs

Je propose que la firme Guidon/Charron soit nommé comme vérificateurs pour l’année qui se terminera le 31 décembre, 2003.

Proposé par CB, Secondé par AB, accepté.


13.  Sélection des sites pour les Championnats Extérieurs 2004


Je propose que la tenue du Championnat National Extérieur 2004 de Cibles-fixes et de Parcours soit accordée au club Archers of Caledon.

Proposé par N-E, Appuyé par AB, accepté.


Championnats 3D 2004


Je propose que la tenue du Championnat National 3D 2004 soit accordée .

Proposé par CB, Appuyé par NS, accepté.


14.  Varia



15.  Ajournement

Je propose que l’Assemblée générale Annuelle de la Fédération Canadienne de Archers soit ajournée. 

Proposé par  NS



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