3D BOARD MEETING, Estevan, SK – August 1, 2003

In attendance:

Don Lohnes – VP 3D - Chair

Don Bell                 BC       Wendell Mills   AB                   Ross MacAngus         SK

Alan Actimichuk     MB       Wil Reinhart    NB                   Terry MacKenzie         NS



Janet Mills, Forty Mile Archery Club

Tom  Paukovic, ABAM 3D Provincial Coach

Brett Bell, T & F Archery Club

Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director



Ontario            Quebec                       Newfoundland


1. Introduction and call to order

The chairman called the meeting to order at 19:00. Introductions were made around the table.  The order of the agenda was changed to allow for special presentations.


2. Indoor 3D Nationals Proposal

Wendell Mills showed a video of his tournament facilities and read a letter of recommendation from ATAA President, Jude Hooey (attached).  Other letters of support were submitted (attached).  Mr. Mills asked the committee for FCA sanctioning of the event in principle. The year 2005 was proposed to host the tournament due to the Alberta centennial year funding available.  It was hoped that a rotating hosting system similar to that used for the outdoor 3D championships would be implemented in subsequent years.  Mr. Mills felt indoor 3D archery is still growing western Canada and his annual tournament success showed that the interest was there. The chairman opened the floor.  Facilities may be a barrier for other clubs to host an event of this magnitude.  Forty Mile club suggested tournament dates for the 3rd weekend in February.  The proposed format would permit people to fly in and out on one weekend: 1 round on Friday night, 2 on Saturday (or 3 for those people who could not arrive on Friday), and one round on Sunday for a total of 80 targets.  All participants would have to be FCA members.


MOTION #3D-0301:  The 3D committee recommends to sanction an indoor FCA 3D champion-ship in Alberta in 2005.

Moved by Ross MacAngus                 Seconded by Terry MacKenzie          Carried


ACTION:         Wendell will fax Jude Hooey’s letter to the FCA office. 

Don, Kathy and Wendell will work on a hosting agreement and manual.


3.  FITA 3D team world championships

Tom Paukovic outlined this new event.  His proposal outlined a system to identify quality archers to represent the country for this event as well as IBO world championships.  Criteria included training programmes and an active competitive record of success.  The chairman opened the floor.  There was positive discussion. FITA has formally sanctioned this event as a world championship and the next tournament would probably be held in 2005.  The national championships could be used as a trials, with provinces winning spots for the next year’s event.  The PSO would have to provide a team selection system to choose an archer to fill that spot on the national team. Don Bell reported that BCAA is working on a triple-crown concept.  Most PSOs have a grand champion or tour in place already.   Details need to be worked out. Mr. Paukovic agreed to be part of the subcommittee.



MOTION #3D-0302:   To accept Tom Paukovic’s suggestion to establish a system for selecting 3D national team members for international events.

Moved by Terry MacKenzie                Seconded by Don Bell                        Carried unanimously


4. Acceptance of the Minutes

The 2002 meeting minutes from Halifax were circulated to committee members and FCA Board members in September 2002.


MOTION #3D-0303:   I move to accept the minutes as circulated

Moved by Terry MacKenzie                Seconded by  Ross MacAngus          Carried


·         Business Rising from the Minutes

Handicap system proposed in 2002, review and discussion


MOTION #3D-0304:   To not accept the proposal to use a handicap system.

Moved by Ross MacAngus                 Seconded by Alan Actimichuk            Carried


4. FCA President's Report

As submitted for the annual report as circulated.


5. Chairman's Report

As submitted for the annual report as circulated.


MOTION #3D-0305:   To accept both reports as circulated.

Moved by Ross MacAngus                 Seconded by Terry MacKenzie          Carried


6. Provincial Representative Reports

AANS – submitted at the meeting and attached; Terry explained the AANS sanctioned tournament system and its use in future years for travel funding to national championships.


ABAM – attached; Alan commented on the dwindling numbers and lack of new people.  Manitoba has 3000-4000 registered bowhunters but only 1000 ABAM members, mainly youth.  The level of skill among adults is not as high as it should be.  ABAM has slated a meeting with club representatives to discuss these developments, but hunting season will mean that many people may not be available.  In Manitoba, hunters may use only synthetic-based lures due to fear of the spread of chronic wasting disease.


SAA – submitted at the meeting and attached; SAA believes in catering to children instead of focusing promotion efforts on bowhunters per se, since there has been very little success bringing them to organised archery.  SAA is very active with the provincial bowhunting regulatory agency.


ATAA – (verbal) Wendell Mills reported for the province. ATAA faced dwindling participation also, so they looked at how the clubs operated that had all the higher attendance numbers in the province and the USA.  They found that the successful tournaments had no organisations, no score-keeping, no official start time and no official closing time.  So Forty Mile archers did the same thing and attendance has doubled.  (Manitoba tried the non-competitive class but it was not attended very well.)  Alberta’s competitive 3D shooters have a tour and a championship division already.   This different approach attracted families and friends.  Alberta is very happy with their provincial bowhunting regulations though there is conflict within the provincial fish & game ministry between gun-hunting and bowhunting interest groups.  There 20,000 bow-hunters with a 9% success rate, and the seasons are legislated to remain unchanged unless the bowhunting success rate reaches 30%.


BCAA – (verbal) Don outlined the proposed triple crown concept to be introduced in September, dividing the province into 3 regions with 1 sanctioned shoot per region.  The proposal uses an aggregate total.  BC has very serious archers and feels that this system will attract those serious shooters back into the tournament circuit.  The provincial championships could be used as one of the sanctioned shoots and get everyone on a level field.


AANB – attached; Wil talked about promotion to young people and shooting sports. He updated the committee on the planning for AANB’s bid for all 3 national championships for 2005.


AANL – via email - attached


5.  Report on 2002 3D Nationals

Terry MacKenzie gave a summary report of their efforts and the 4 clubs involved.  He stressed the importance of the website, linked to FCA and easy downloading of the registration form.  He outlined the location and funding.  Due to the lateness of the bid (to make sure that the event was held) and timing, the OC could not access as much provincial funding.  However, the OC exceeded budget for corporate sponsors due to member effort.  Over 38% of their registrations were handled within the final 24 hours prior to the start of the event.  They used service groups in order to supply on-site food services.  They used volunteer security in the parking lot.  They have concluded that the closer you can arrange banquet facilities to the shooting venue, the higher your attendance will be.  Using 4 clubs ensured that a larger number of volunteers were actively involved.  They expanded the shoot-off format to other shooting styles.  The extra divisions made the process longer but got more people involved, particularly in traditional and youth.  There was a seamless transition from shoot-offs to medal presentations.


6. Update on 2003 3D Nationals

Ross MacAngus had been in touch with OC members over the winter and reported the club’s high level of preparation, and success in attracting major sponsors.  He stressed that everything has been done very well.  Kathy Millar inspected 3 of the 4 courses for safety and they were set up well.


7. Bids for 2004 3D Nationals

Several informal bids have been discussed but nothing could be decided upon.  A vote-by-mail may be necessary.


8. Bids for 2005 3D Nationals


MOTION #3D-0306:   To accept AANB’s bid to host the 2005 3D nationals.

Moved by Ross MacAngus     Seconded by Terry MacKenzie                      Carried


9. IBO Rules

The chairman stated that most of the minor changes in the draft IBO rules had been instituted by FCA already.  Most of the discussion centered around the proposed 11-ring scoring system.  SAA had their 3D AGM and SAA members did not want the proposed changes.  Wendell Mills’ club has not liked it because of tie-breaking problems does not chose the most consistent archer.  The committee felt that IBO was reacting to ASA’s 12-ring.  The IBO will review its rules again in October.    The committee was not interested in changing the maximum distances as proposed in some divisions.  Other rule changes affected the semi- and pro classes and therefore are not applicable to FCA 3D rules.


ACTION:         Alan Actimichuk will seek out Burly Hall or other IBO executives regarding rule changes, and report back to Don Lohnes on discussions and developments. 

ACTION:         The committee will wait for the next revision of IBO rules in October and Don Lohnes will circulate the changes to the committee for consideration and vote-by-mail.


Wendell Mills stated that IBO is looking for a Canadian to sit on their board.


FCA 3D Championships

Format of outdoor championships was discussed and the timing of the banquet after the double course on Sunday.  It was agreed that Sunday is a hard day of shooting and if the weather is trying, it is too long.  ABAM suggested 25-25-25 targets and asked the question: Are we limiting the number of people who can participate because the course is too long, too hilly or too many arrows in one day.  It was agreed that by starting earlier on the Saturday, the banquet could be moved to the Saturday night.  The Sunday start could be moved to a later time, such as 10:00am.


ACTION:         Don Lohnes will revise the hosting manual to reflect this suggestion.  


10. Judge Exam

Ghislain Arsenault, FCA Chairman felt the need to educate the judge corps better on 3D rules and equipment divisions.  The questions, with answers, were circulated in an effort to review the exam and seek suggestions.  The group felt that marshalling was important, not calling arrows.


11. Other Items

The hunter class was an issue because of the wording in the rulebook.  The class is being abused.  This lead to discussion of the Grand Prix shoot-off format.  Archers must shoot from the orange stakes in order to qualify.  There was discussion regarding adding a separate  traditional shoot-off to the Grand Prix format. 


ACTION:         Don Lohnes will put together a proposal and circulate it to the committee.

ACTION:         The hosting manual should dictate that the same equipment divisions shoot on same courses on the same day.


11. Adjourn

Motion #3D-0307:      Moved to adjourn at 21:15. 

Moved by Alan Actimichuk





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