FCA Executive Committee,

Delisle, SK, August 14th, 2002

Executive members present:

Al Wills, President                              

Arthur Nault, Vice President High Performance

Bruce Savage, Vice President Archery Council of Canada


In attendance:                                                                       Absent with regret:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director                                         Don Lohnes, VP 3D



1.  President's Opening Remarks

The meeting was called to order at 19:38, Saskatoon Quality Inn, SK.  Al Wills outlined that the nature of this meeting is to prepare for the other meetings this week and not to dwell on Board items, but to discuss any further issues or topics.



2.  Reading of Minutes, January 10th, 2002

The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #01/02, dated 02/01/20


Motion #E02-12:          To accept the minutes as circulated.

Moved by:        A. Nault            Seconded by:      B. Savage               carried


a)                  Business arising from the Minutes of meetings in the last year

-          3D Grand Prix format revision re: fixing plaques    

The Grand Prix format for the plaques FCA has so far will not change, but 3D may add to the number of plaques for the different age categories.  The plaques are in need of repair.


-          IFAA and FCA

Executive agreed to await CFAA's decision.


ACTION:  In the fall, Al Wills will write to IFAA to affiliate.  However, if CFAA re-affiliates, then FCA would defer to them. 

If FCA affiliates with IFAA, field sub-committee could be struck within ACC to accommodate this interest group. 

Bruce will report back on the developments from the CFAA AGM in August.


-          HSRS contract renewal

Kathy sent a list of products that FCA used to advertise from HSRS but did not receive confirmation of what is available, and what they are willing to produce.  HSRS does not seem interested.  Coyle & Greer may not be interested in taking orders from individuals.  The average member does not seem to be interested in purchasing clothing.


ACTION: KM will check with HSRS in the fall to confirm whether or not any FCA products were purchased from HSRS.


-          FAFAD tour 2002

Arthur Nault reported that he had not heard back from either Bill Embury or George Doxey regarding the promotional events.  They had both been postponed.  Arthur is still waiting for dates from both sites.


ACTION: KM will contact Bill and George to get a list possible dates and send this to Arthur.  If Bill is unable to fulfill this, The Archers of Caledon will substitute for the event.


-          Request for letter of support from Gilbert St. Laurent

Nothing has been received.  This item is closed.


-          Job description for technical delegate to nationals

ACTION: Ongoing task for Bruce Savage.


-          Cost/revenue bar graph

Kathy did not feel comfortable producing this type of report.  This item is closed.



3.  Acceptance of Agenda

Motion #E02-13:        Moved to accept the agenda as circulated.

Moved by:        B. Savage       Seconded by:      A. Nault                   carried



4.  Reports

·         Archery Canada           – nothing to add

·         High Performance        – nothing to add

·         International                  – Al Wills will add this later

·         Executive Director        – additions if necessary in the agenda



5.  Business

5.1.  Management Issues

·         Preparation for Board Meeting & AGM

Ernie Skaar would like to address the AGM to explain his reasons for leaving the Executive.  Kathy asked the Executive to recruit people in advance of the AGM to run for the vacant Vice-President positions.


·         PSO agreement renewal schedule

Almost all PSO agreements need to be renegotiated this year.  A few philosophical issues were important to discuss regarding money from Sport Canada and FCA-only funding for the reps to 3D and Board meetings.  For 2003-2004, Al Wills intends to use the assistance grid, and if FCA receives government funding, there will be full coverage.  Generic agreements are important and reduce complication.  In talking with 3 of the provinces, if the PSO supported the nationals with top athlete attendance, then FCA would write a cheque for the association.  However, it may be that the individual athlete might not receive the money from the PSO.  This time each province was asked to name an athlete.  This system may have to continue.


ACTION: Agenda item for the next January meeting to look at athlete assistance for future budgets.  Using the total funding from the government, Kathy should design another grid that shows exactly what athletes receive depending upon the city of origin and the destination.


·         Canadian Sport Policy

Kathy explained that this government policy is in place and will outline what Sport Canada will or will not fund and where the government priorities on.  The Chart that Kathy sent out was designed by Gwen Prillo and is a guideline to show where the government will want the NSO to improve or provide.  This document must be kept as a reference for all future budget discussions.


·         Other Issues

Presidents conference

Al Wills needs input on how this should be set up.  Each Vice-President would present each portfolio and programmes.  But this will not be enough.  There needs to be time to talk about hypothetical or visionary ideas. 


FCA has to state goals and objectives to rework the current plan or model.  For instance, FCA must address Participant Development Model, athlete-centeredness and women's participation. 


Stakeholders must be involved and presidents should be given first chance to come. What is the provincial body's vision for archery and what can FCA find in common from the various groups.  The PSO representative's expenses need to be paid for by the PSO since the total budget for this event far exceeds the amount funds approved by Sport Canada.  FCA should discourage PSOs from sending only one person.  FCA does not want another board meeting.  FCA wants to talk to the people in the provinces who are doing the job. 


Outcomes will tell FCA how to proceed at the committee level to implement the revised model.  The conference must make sure FCA is going in a direction, and then committees make things happen. 


ACTION:   AW will send a worksheet to Executive Committee members in the fall to develop the format for the meeting and what needs to be covered.  From that an agenda and a date will be set. 

Al will send a letter to the presidents and propose dates and topics for the forum.  It may be called November 23-24 or November 30-December 01.


5.2.  Finance

·         2002 Fiscal Year

-          Reports and audit preparations

-          General FCA Status & Projection

-          Inclusion budget status 2002-2003

-          CAC budget status and translation funding issue 2002-2003

-          Distribution Centre

-          Target Face Order

-          FCA funding partners - COC reductions for 2003 and 2004

-          Loss of Robin Hood sponsorship


These topics will be covered in detail at the Board meeting.  Under Robin Hood topic, sponsorship, Al Wills had been contacted by Jacqui Jenskey to start a letter-writing campaign to secure funds for Canadian athletes.  Some replies were received and all were negative.  If archery can not find a natural fit with Robin Hood, it is very difficult to find sponsorship.  However, we have to keep trying to package the sport to future sponsors.


5.3.  Archery Canada

·         Rules & rule book discussion

IFAA field rules already existed in the current FCA rulebook and it should be adding IFAA animal, bowhunter and indoor rounds if FCA is to affiliate with IFAA.


·         Age & equipment / inner ten motion

Bruce will review the motion at the Board.  The vote sheet was sent to all voting members.  Al Wills felt that this topic was very well done and this is the final phase of the implementation and covers all the needs of FCA members, not just Excellence 2004 members.


·         Canada Games

Paul Hicks has been doing a very good job and has been in contact with both Phil Parlee and the national office.  The next issue will be the test event.


·         CanBow status & new Sport Canada initiative


ACTION:   Kathy will be contacting Alec Denys in order to produce this draft and circulate it to ACC.


·         Coaching Programme & PDM project update

There has been no response to the mailing and web site discussion sheet.  The coaching programme presentation will outline this new philosophy at the Board meeting.  Kathy has secured the digital projector for Reed Fowlie's presentation.


·         Update on 2003 COPANARCO MICA co-ordinator

Kathy has oriented Jacqui Jenskey to this position.  Jacqui has contacted Greg Durward regarding web site links, registration packages and results.  Medals for 2002 will be presented for those winners present at the target nationals tomorrow.


·         Update on 2002 3D nationals

Bruce has drafted minutes and they have been sent to Don Lohnes for approval.  The 3D nationals had good turn out but 70 last-minute registrations were accepted during the final 24 hours.  This was stressful for the organising committee.  The 4 clubs working together seemed to be quite a positive relationship.  Estevan, SK was nominated to host the 2003 3D championships.  This needs to be ratified at the AGM.


ACTION:         Bruce will forward all reports to the Executive Director.


·         Update on 2002 target/field nationals

Everything is running well, people seem happy, numbers are up.  It is being well run because of the expertise on the field.  Some things were left to the last minute and this could be due to the weather.  Perhaps FCA should be supplying more technical support to the technical delegate and the host committee.  (See problems with Hosting Manual below.)  However, going down the list in the host agreement or the rulebook would be a start of a checklist.


·         Status of Hosting agreements - cheques not received to date


ACTION:         KM will send an invoice to AANS for $500.00.  Al Wills will ask the Delisle committee for the fees.


·         Judging at the 2002 nationals

Introduction of pre-cub and cub has created a little more work but the chaperones for this event should be helping out.  There appeared to be very few problems on the field.  A parent had been helping with scorekeeping on the youth line.  If parents wish to send young archers to the national championships, then they should be prepared to assist with scoring and not rely on the organising committee.


ACTION: The hosting manual should include the need for the organising committee to request chaperone assistance at the butts for these divisions.  If this becomes a problem at future national championships, this issue will become an agenda item for further discussion.


There does not seem to be a lack of judges either for target or for field with 4 judges and 1 Director of Shooting.  The judges are not working long days now either.


ACTION: Judge certification is a constant concern and the nationals should be used to certify judges for the provincial associations.


·         Naming of Technical Delegate 2003 national target

There needs to be a person who is available and direct enough to help the organising committee to meet the needs of running the national tournament to ascertain what has to be done. 


ACTION: Bruce Savage has accepted the position.


·         FCA hosting manual

A new format was discussed, but a volunteer is needed.  If the format does not change when the Board addresses this agenda item, a draft could be worked on between Al and Bruce.


·         Issues, if any

Kathy circulated the motions submitted to FCA from ATAA.



5.4.  High Performance

·         Fund-raising scheme update - Avalanche jerseys

Three clubs participated, and more will be interested next year.  All 5 shirts were sold eventually.  So FCA made money for HPC.


·         IOC/PASO Olympic Solidarity Seminars

This event would be tied into the Ontario Spring Classic with theory, practice and a tie-in to the competition itself.  Reed Fowlie will be circulating materials concerning this event at the end of August.


·         Chula Vista Training Centre update

This is now HPC's business.  But instead of late fall, perhaps it would be better to use this as a training camp before Arizona Cup.  Chula Vista is ready for FCA to request NAA to give dates.  HPC needs a selection system and dates.  Arthur Nault will be meeting with Shawn Riggs this week.



·         Hosting the Canada Cup - report

It was held outside of BC for the first time and was very successful.  There was a double elimination round and a round robin for youth. 


ACTION:               KM will ask for clubs to bid for this event annually.


·         Report from IPC Invitational, Junior/Cadet Worlds and preparations for Championship of the Americas

Arthur Nault submitted a report concerning the IPC event.  He is interested in a formal report for the junior & cadet championships.  Kathy has asked Bob Tataryn to submit a manager report.


ACTION: Kathy will ask Bob to submit a report, as well as members of the team and the team coach.


·         Issues, if any

Championships of the Americas

Team members will be Jean-Pascal St. Arnaud, Lillian Meehan and Hugh MacDonald.  Joan McDonald is team leader.  All the preparations have been made.



5.5.  Communication & Marketing

·         Win & Win sponsorship

Al Wills has been trying to get the bows delivered.  The names were received late and now the factory is having problems in production.  The summer is now almost over and only the limbs are ready.  Everything has been delayed.


·         Cavalier as a supplier - results to date

Al Wills has contacted them several times but still no products.


ACTION: Kathy Millar will probably be going to the AMO show and perhaps could pick up product at that time.


·         Labatt's response to "Property of" shirt offer

Kathy reported that as of last week Labatt has signed off and a new sponsor.  It will be up to Marketing and HPC to design something for the back. 


ACTION:  Ongoing


·         Athlete Biographies on the Web

Julien Hatherell has provided 4 athlete bios but Al Wills has not posted them yet.  The web site has gotten so large now that it is hard to react to all the chapters and topics easily.  He needs people to look after the content update and not the web master.  There are now 1024 pages.  It is getting harder to find out-dated stuff and get rid of it.


ACTION:   AW will post the biographies upon his return.


·         Issues, if any

There have been reports that A/C/E arrows were received and then sold to other athletes. There are problems with athletes getting sponsored equipment and not using it.


ACTION:   Al Wills will ask Shawn Riggs to send a letter to all athletes telling them that these types of things must not continue.


5.6.Other Business

·         Extra ordinary election to Executive for one-year term

This will probably be a call to members and not a formal election.



6.  President’s Comments

It is time to broach topic of the executive members' future.  Al Wills can not be president again under the constitution.  FCA looked at taking out the clause limiting the presidency to two consecutive terms, but Al felt that it is not a good idea.  He wants to move on and will not run again for president, be would be interested in remaining a member of the executive. Bruce Savage stated that he has no interest in taking on the position.  Arthur felt his English was not good enough. 


ACTION: This situation must be communicated to the membership.



7.  Adjournment

The meeting ended on Wednesday, August 14th at 10:10.  Adjourn until January 2003.


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