Athlete Town Hall Meeting

Delisle SK, August 15, 2002

FCA Athlete Representative called this meeting to allow Excellence 2004 members and other FCA shooters to voice their concerns over topics pertinent to all archers.  Shawn Riggs chaired the discussion on five topics.


1.                  format of national championships

A variety of suggestions were up for discussion.  There was general agreement that the total number of days needed to be reduced.  If archers wanted to shoot both championships and the FCA Open, it required more than one week's vacation.  There was conflicting information regarding the new format's effect on judges and the organizing committee.  There were no committee representatives present at this meeting.


There was general agreement to keep field archery in the programme.  The majority agreed that Opening Ceremonies and practices should be combined in the format with competition rounds, perhaps making field 1 1/2 days instead of 2.


Many archers preferred 2 FITA's over 2 days with a single FITA ranking such as the format used at this year's Canada Cup.


2.                  Inner ten

Survey on FCA web site showed that most people do not like it either because of age or equipment.  Most provinces do not use inner ten for their championships.


Some archers present felt that FCA has championships to decide who the best archers are.  Levelling the field by making the target larger does not show who the best archer is.  There is a huge separation in skill level between inner and outer ten.  Internationally it is accepted that the inner ten is a better way to choose a national championship.


Some archers felt that the provinces should keep the outer 10 and that FCA should remain international, not developmental.  FCA rules should stay with FITA rules.  These are the rules and Canadians play by the rules. Current record is 28X so perfect score has not been achieved.


Other archers were interested in developmental archers.  An archer who is pretty good does not get the reward for getting closer to the middle. The calibre of archer varies and for the lower ability archers it is discouraging.  How do you progress?  One suggestion was to make the whole 9 area the 10 for recurve.  Others wished to use the X.  The CFAA round (used in one major Ontario tournament) shows that too many ties are possible when 40 archers have the same score.  Another round was suggested:  11 for xs and round is 330.  Rifle has gone to that system.  An Alternative solution is to develop this round as a Canadian round.


To conclude the discussion, Shawn Riggs called for a vote:

People in favour of a bigger 10 for compounds Indoors         10

Those Opposed                      20


3.                  Qualifying for world championships - criteria for 2003

In the past there was sufficient time to use 4 scores with as many as 2 from previous season.  One of 4 has to be a major event for Gold Squad.  But Worlds are in July.  FITA is frustrated with countries registering late for events and is imposing penalties.  If the usual 6-week registration date is utilized, July 10-17 means the FITA deadline date could be as early as the end of May.


It was pointed out that any deadlines later than 6 weeks before the event meant last minute travel arrangements costing archers a lot more money.  That is not the problem this time.



         Allowing an archer up to a year and a half to put in scores 


         Moving major Canadian events to earlier dates

         Reduce the number of scores required



- The trials format wipes away the scores that people have tried to shoot this year.

- Early weather is poor.  It may not be possible to move tournament dates for Canada Cup and OSC before deadline.   In Victoria, it is possible to shoot and train earlier in the year.  Those provincial archers have an advantage.

- How many scores can you use from 2002?  It was agreed that some archers have spent large sums of money already attempting to shoot two top scores.  Therefore, 2 scores should stay.  Do you need only 1 score from next year?  Discussion continued on this point for 2003.

-There was a suggestion that the criteria should be a minimum score instead of an average.  The system should not penalize people who are shooting high scores in the world championship year.  Does this make it fair for each equipment division?


Conclusion:     Request 3 scores and 1 would have to come from 2003.

Leave criteria as-is.


4.                  Provincial Athlete Reps

Shawn has not been able to build the provincial athlete network.  He usually receives only two responses from e-mail surveys.  He felt that some of this problem arose from the fact that in some provinces the athlete rep is appointed instead of elected by peers.

Volunteers were asked to come forward from each of the regions.  These people would act in conjunction with the provincial reps to increase communication.

Western          Angela Cramer            Roger Murray              Await Manitoba elections

Central                        Marthe Cusson

Eastern           Phil Parlee


5.         Equipment programme more transparent

There was insufficient time to discuss the Excellence Equipment Programme.  There has been general discontent with it.  Shawn assured the gathering that it would become more transparent.


Shawn thanked everyone for their input and hoped that this type of meeting would be possible at future national championships.  Adjourned at 19:00.


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