August 15, 2002, Delisle, SK

President Al Wills welcomed all members.  He explained of the purpose of this meeting and how business is conducted.


1.  Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at on Winnipeg, August 10, 2001, be accepted as printed.

Moved by SK,    Seconded by NB, carried 


 2.  Report of the President

The President stressed that Sport Canada money can not cover all the programmes that FCA runs but it is an improvement.  The $60000 is rigid and directed funds and therefore has to be accounted for strictly.  It is project-based.  COC's decline in grants to Olympic sports was explained as well as the new performance level of top 8 finishes in sport.  FCA was indebted to COC for providing funds when no federal government funding was available.  He explained provincial-FCA relations and working agreements.


 3.  Reports of the Vice-Presidents

            Vice-President, Finance & Marketing

The Executive Director gave a brief explanation of how the portfolio works currently, without a volunteer in place.


            Vice-President, Archery Canada

As submitted.  Bruce thanked all the volunteers and outlined the need for a Youth Development Co-ordinator at the national level.

There are two Archery Canada portfolios and Ernie Skaar wished to address the group.  He stated the reason that he resigned had nothing to do with personalities, but that he just had too many personal commitments.  He encouraged someone else with a national vision to run for that position.


            Vice-President, High Performance           As submitted


            Vice-President, International

FITA procedures and developments were outlined.  Athens is proving very frustrating and they are not ready.  IOC continues to support the organising committee.  FITA has affiliated with IBO.  Plans are being made to hold a world 3D championship, but what it will look like is not known.  The IBO agreement is similar to the one has with SkiArc and IBU.  SkiArc is growing in Europe but not in Canada. 


The COC are committed to a top 10 finish overall in Athens.  Funding is dependent on possibility of top 8 finish.  Our athletes are up to the challenge but it will not be easy.  Al Wills urged people to support Canada’s bid for 2010 even though it is not a summer Games.  It will benefit all sports.


            Vice-President, 3D

Don Lohnes is unable to attend due to his responsibilities as chairman of the 3D nationals organizing committee.  Bruce Savage outlined the 2002 championships and its success.  Don has worked with Greg Durward to keep 3D rules up to date.


 4.  Reports of the Directors

Athlete’s Representative - Shawn called for an athlete town hall meeting directly after the AGM.

Executive Director          As submitted

British Columbia - BCAA Executive:  Treasurer - Val Canham, Technical VP - Al Beattie, Secretary - Adrienne Beattie, Athlete development VP - Susan Lemke

Alberta                          As submitted

Saskatchewan - Ernie Skaar wished to clarify that he did not resign as SAA representative, just the Vice-President's portfolio.

Manitoba - Ed Wilson congratulated Canada's juniors and cadets who competed at the World Championships.  Manitoba is looking forward to Canada Winter Games, Western Canada Games, and noted that activities are up.

Ontario - Kathy Shillinglaw reported in President Bill Embury’s stead.  Afterwards, President Al Wills explained what CFAA is, and that OAA is negotiating with FCA to affiliate with IFAA.  The FCA rulebook already contains the IFAA field round and the other rounds would be added if FCA does affiliated.

Quebec - Clifford Doody was introduced as the new FTAQ Executive Director.  He presented the report.

New Brunswick - Philip Parlee added that preparations were coming along well for Canada Winter Games and New Brunswick looks forward to seeing everyone there.

Nova Scotia - Rick Comeau echoed the success of the Halifax-based 3D nationals.

Newfoundland                            As submitted

Arctic                                        As submitted


 5.  Reports of Committee Chairpersons, Co-ordinators, and FCA Representatives.


Reed Fowlie reported that the FCA Participant Development Model on web, the final report would be submitted to the Board, and the Coaching Committee was ready for feedback.


Regional Indoor Championships

Greg Durward reported stable participation numbers over the last several years.  He thanked the people he works with in the provinces.  There are fewer complaints now and results were very well submitted.  It was added that the indoor Regionals benefitted from FCA's web site and electronic communications.


Mailmatch Programme

This is another good FCA programme that benefitted from the introduction of the Internet.



Happy to report that Jacqui Jenskey is available to take over the programme in 2003.  Al Wills apologized for anyone who was left out in the reporting problems.



Ghislain is now judge chairman for Quebec.  He will try to re-draft the provincial programme to co-ordinate the programme to have more provincial judges to work at the nationals.  He wants the provinces to develop a better relationship with each judge co-ordinator.  Our judge corps has been active since the beginning of the ‘80s and we have only 2-3 years to re-vamp this certification programme.  The President agreed that more provincial support was necessary to run a national seminar next year and encouraged the provinces to send judges to the nationals for Ghislain to certify.



As submitted.  Christiane Murphy does a very good job.  Score cards should be legible.


Rulebook Editor

It has been frustrating because FITA did not get their rulebook out until April so FCA could not publish the new book until May.  FCA should attempt to get rule changes down to every two years.  Greg explained why indoor rules have been left out of the current version.  He outlined the inner 10 survey on the web.  This topic is a Board agenda item for tomorrow's meeting. 



Kathy Millar thanked the volunteers.  Information in the annual report is now stale-dated.  Membership now exceeds 4100 and this equals totals seen in 2000.

6.       Business arising out of the minutes              (none)


 7.  Information items

                        • FCA Achievement Awards 2001

As each award was presented, President Al Wills reviewed the contributions of each officially-named annual award.  Frank Jones was the first person to represent Canada at the world championships in 1961.  Dorothy Lidstone (BC) is the only Canadian woman to win a FITA world target championship, 1969.  Tom Mack (ON) was the first professional archer in Canada, and committed to youth archery.  Hank Wiseman, well-known coach in Canada and author of the Coach’s Corner, was a prolific writer.


Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year, Alec Denys; Dorothy Lidstone Female Athlete of the Year, Dawn Groszko; Tom Mack Junior Athletes of the Year, Kevin Tataryn & Marie-Pier Beaudet; Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year, Arthur Nault; Judge of the Year, Robert Sheppard (given at the 3D Nationals); Volunteer of the Year, Dianne Dalman; D.M. Lovo Award, Aimé Breault (given at his club's gala).


• The Canadian Archery History 1864-1974

The new 75th Anniversary book incorporates minutes taken by Carol Rohringer from her years as secretary.  Al Wills compiled the tournament results. Pierre Poulin formatted the work.


 8.  Reports of ad hoc committees                       (none)


 9.  Items for ad hoc committee study

The President explained that topics could be discussed here or under Good and Welfare.  Input from the floor was requested.  FTAQ would like to see the number of days for the national championships reduced.  The President asked members to speak to the Executive Committee and provincial directors since this was an agenda item already for the board meeting.  There is a motion from Alberta also.


10.  Recess for committee study

The president allowed 5 minutes for discussion.  Most of those people present felt that the present national championship format was too long.  The President thanked everyone for the input.  The membership's wishes would be included in the Board's deliberations tomorrow.


11.  Extraordinary Election of Directors-at-Large

FCA wishes to fill the 2 vacant Vice President positions until the next regular elections in 2003.  There were no nominations.  No formal elections were held.  Al Wills stated that he can not run as president again.  He counselled all members and directors to consider the FCA's future.  New leadership was needed.  He expressed his wish to continue to serve the FCA in other roles.


12.  Appointment of Auditors

I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2002.

Moved by BC, Seconded by athlete rep, carried.


13.  Selection of sites for the

            2003 Outdoor Championships

I move that the 2003 Target and Field national championships be hosted by Victoria Bowmen.

Moved by BC, Seconded by SK, carried.


2003 3D Championships

I move that the 2003 3D National championships be hosted by SAA and Estevan.

Moved by SK, Seconded by Bruce Savage, carried.


14.  Good and welfare

The President wished to recognize the passing of long-time archery friends:

Ray Crawford, former president of FCA and did a wonderful job over the dozen years he was involved.  All of his records were donated to the national archives.


Joan McMahon was a hard worker and always brought large numbers of young people to the nationals with her. 


Otto Lehmacher was the first Canadian to win a FITA Star pin, long-time coach and judge and hard worker, and the founder of the ceremonial hammer for national championship organising committees.


Government funding allows FCA to re-visit the quadrennial plan.  In November (tentatively 23-24) the provincial presidents will be invited to meet to discuss the direction of archery in the provinces and nationally.  FCA wishes representatives from each province as well if possible.  Quebec would be happy to host this event in Montreal.


15.  Adjournment

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned.

Moved by AB


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