3D Board Meeting, Halifax NS August 2, 2002

In attendance:

Don Lohnes VP 3D - Chair

Curtis Chaplin      BC                 Ross MacAngus  SK                  Frank Popson Jr.   AB

Alan Actimichuk  MB                 Will Reinhart      NB                   Terry MacKenzie  NS



Bruce Savage FCA VP ACC

Richard Moquin, CFB Halifax, Guest



Ontario              Quebec             Newfoundland


1. Introduction and call to order

The chairman called the meeting to order at 7:16pm. Introductions were made around the table.


2. Acceptance of agenda


MOTION #3D-0102:        I move to accept the minutes as circulated

Moved by:         Alan Actimichuk, MB     Seconded by:    Ross Mac Angus, SK                 Carried


3. Reports

Terry MacKenzie NS attached

Alan Actimichuk MB attached

Ross MacAngus SK no written report

         Reported on funding from SAS sport

Frank Popson Jr  AB attached

Curtis Chaplin for Sandy Watson BC attached

Will Reinhart NB attached

Ken White, NFLD via email - attached


4. Presentation to the Board

Richard Moquin 3D director at the CFB Halifax Archery Club presented to the Board a proposal requesting the Board to adopt a handicap system as a means to help boost attendance at 3D shoots (see attached)


ACTION After the presentation, the chair asked the Directors to take this proposal back to their respective provinces and to report back to the chair, through email.


5.  Report on 2001 3D Nationals

Alan spoke about the amount of work needed to run the 3 events together.  He indicated that Manitoba found the triple event very hard on the volunteer base and that it would be unlikely that Manitoba would bid for all 3 again.  Alan also commented that the Target event was too long.  He also indicated that using the Provincial Park had some problems, and recommended not using parks again.


6.  Report on 2002 3D Nationals

Don reported that the 4 clubs working together worked very well.  Costs were split, and a variety of skills were shared.  Before starting the event, a cost- and profit-sharing agreement agreed upon by all parties was essential.  Necessary workloads were evenly spread and targets required were shared equally.  In all, it was a pleasant working arrangement.


Saskatchewan Don reminded the group that in 2001 a motion was passed to set up a rotation for hosting the 3D Nationals.  Ontario was to host the 2003 Championships, but that no bid has been received to date.  Estevan, Saskatchewan has submitted a bid (see attached).  The bid is supported by the PSO.  The report was reviewed by the board and accepted.


Motion #3D-0202 To accept the Estevan 2003 bid.

Moved by:         Ross MacAngus SK      Seconded by:   Terry MacKenzie NS                 Carried


Motion #3D-0203 - To interchange Saskatchewan for Ontario in the hosting rotation from previous motion of 2001 as follows:

        2003 Saskatchewan 

        2007 Ontario

        2011 Saskatchewan

        2017 Ontario


Moved by:         Terry MacKenzie NS     Seconded by:    Will Reinhart NB                        Carried



8. Other Business

a)         IBO Rules

-  IBO rules will be reviewed in October.  Rule changes should be monitored and FCA rules updated as needed.

- Changes in rule (hard copy) will be updated every 2 years, the same as FITA revisions.


b)         Primitive Class

- Don reported that there is a significant Primitive archer class in NS.  Don asked if this group was appearing in other provinces.  Bruce Savage indicated that there was a group in Ontario.  There was very little interest noted in any other province.

Decision not enough national interest to consider adding this class to the FCA 3D Rules at this    time.


9. Adjourn

Motion #3D-0204:          Moved to adjourn at 9:18p.m. 


Moved by:         Terry MacKenzie, NS 



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