Board of Directors

Winnipeg, August 11, 2001

In attendance:

Allan Wills, President Arthur Nault, VP Shawn Riggs, Athletes / OAA Bruce Savage, VP Don Lohnes, VP
Greg Durward, BCAA Eileen Ferrier, ATAA Denis Rousseau, FTAQ Ernest Skaar, SAA Philip Parlee, AANB
Andrew Webber, NLAA Guest: Kathleen Millar, Executive Director Sheila Sheppard, AANS Bradley Hampson, VP / ABAM -

1. President's Call to Order

The meeting was called to Order at 17:10. The President welcomed all members and extended greetings to all the new members. He noted that some members do not speak English as their first language so every member should make sure that all members understand discussions. He emphasized that all provinces need to voice their concerns.

2. Acceptance of the Minutes, August 19, 2000

• Minutes were published in Directors' Mailing #00/03 dated September 13, 2000

Motion #B2001-01: to approve minutes as published

Moved by: Don Lohnes Seconded by: Sheila Sheppard unanimous

3. Acceptance of August 2001 Agenda

Motion #B2001-02: to accept agenda as published

Moved by: Ernie Skaar Seconded by: Phil Parlee unanimous

4. Reports

• Verbal addendum only to Annual Report submission

4.1. President Nothing to add

4.2. Vice-President, Finance & Marketing Not formally appointed*

4.3. Vice-President, High Performance Not formally appointed*

4.4. Vice-President, Archery Canada Not formally appointed*

4.5. Director, Alberta Nothing to add

4.6. Director, British Columbia Nothing to add

4.7. Director, Saskatchewan Nothing to add

4.8. Director, Manitoba Nothing to add

4.9. Director, Ontario Athlete rep was representing Ontario at the same time.

4.10. Director, Quebec Nothing to add

4.11. Director, New Brunswick Nothing to add

4.12. Director, Nova Scotia Nothing to add

4.13. Director, Newfoundland Nothing to add

4.14. Athletes Representative New representative; nothing to add

4.15. FCA Volunteer positions as submitted N/A

4.16. FCA Executive Director Nothing to add

* The decision on vice-presidents and portfolios will be made at the Executive meeting.

5. Business

  1. 2001 Fiscal Year Update

    Quarterly reports and comparisons year-to-date had been circulated but some members could not locate these copies. The President asked that questions be asked after all members reviewed the Executive Director's copies. No questions pertaining to cash flow and format were asked.

    • Outstanding Accounts Receivables

    Motion #B2001-03: to write off invoices from COPANARCO and Club Les Amis de Robin

    Moved by: Greg Durward Seconded by: Bradley Hampson carried

    • Approval Of The Draft Budget As Circulated

    Motion #B2001-04: to approve the FCA Budget drafted by the Executive Committee in January.

    Moved by: Greg Durward Seconded by: Philip Parlee carried

    • Reinvestment Strategies

    The Executive Director described the investment strategies to protect FCA's Line of Credit and what it means to have that base funding. She reported that strategies to date had improved the FCA's portfolio, but if a Board member with expertise in this matter wanted to assist her in this matter, it would be appreciated.

    • Olympic 2000: Prize Money For Medals Update

    The President confirmed that Canadian archers at Sydney did not win medals. The original FCA motion had planned to award up to $50,000 for medals in Sydney. He felt the HPC would probably ask for the same type of incentive again. He confirmed that if a medal was won in Athens, FCA would be able to receive government funding again and the message to athletes is very important.

    ACTION: Kathy will ask the new VP of High Performance to include this item on the next HPC agenda.

    • FCA Target Faces For Next Indoor Season; Impact On Pricing & Cash Flow

    Al Wills explained the Distribution Centre system and that at any time FCA had approximately $17,000 in inventory. FCA had ordered target faces in bulk in 1995 and needed to order some more. FCA has less than a year's supply of 40cm. At FCA Regionals, clubs should be using FCA faces so the order should be filled in time for the indoor season. Kathy Millar had contacted Maple Leaf Press already in order to begin negotiations. With quantities as large as FCA's, the prices should be competitive. Having said that, a local archery shop should not be charged a higher price than what can be purchased through Canadian distributors.

    ACTION: Kathy will supply target faces samples and continue to work with Maple Leaf Press in order to ensure that FCA gets the best possible prices and remain competitive with national distributors. She will advise the Board when prices are available.


  2. Management Issues:

• 2001-2002 FCA Revenues/Disbursements Projection

The Executive Director reported that membership is flat and only distribution sales would have a significant impact on increased revenues. Though FAFAD money to FCA had increased, these were not discretionary funds.

• SFAF Review And Policies / Podium 2002 / National Summit On Sport Ramifications

Shawn Riggs summarized his experiences and he felt sports were left out. The Summit on Sport came from round table to which sports were not invited. Because of media attraction to certain retired athletes, other athletes were told not do not ask questions about the process or the role of NSGBs. Some athletes were happy about the changes. Shawn supports this FCA position paper. Greg Durward felt that FCA should revise the statement to "remarks in the media attributed to the Minister were distressing". There have been other NSGBs who did a poor job in the past, and it offends FCA to be lumped in with them.

Motion #B2001-05: to approve the position paper as amended.

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Eileen Ferrier carried

ACTION: Kathy will have the position paper translated and sent as a press release.

• FITA Code of Ethics

It was not deemed necessary for FCA to adopt a similar document.

• PSO Agreements For 2002 And Beyond

The President outlined the process to review and negotiate the agreements. FCA is up-to-date. New Brunswick's agreement has now been negotiated and will be sent to the provincial president to be signed. Representative payments are negotiated based upon membership numbers. It is much easier for budget exercises to use a dollar figure rather than a percentage. As well, each province knows how much FCA is giving for subsidies. It would be better if the agreements were renegotiated every five years but the two-year cycle had been optimistic thinking that finances were going to change, and they are not. It takes about 150 hours of the President's time annually. Even if a generic contract was produced, negotiations for travel to national meetings still had to be done.

ACTION: Kathy to work with President on future PSO generic agreements.

• Increasing Member Liability Insurance Benefits To $5 Million

It was estimated with the price quote from the insurance broker that this increase could be offered to FCA members without raising membership fees.

Motion #B 2001-06: That FCA will increase insurance coverage to $5 million without raising membership fees, effective 2002-2003.

Moved by: Brad Hampson Seconded by: Eileen Ferrier carried

• Harassment Policy and procedure

Al Wills read two prepared statements regarding a recent complaint (attached). He also outlined the policy and when it should be applied. There are always grey areas whenever harassment issues arise. Every FCA member has the right to attend FCA sanctioned event. If it is not a policy, it should be.

FCA Harassment Policy changes: The present policy calls for the person making the complaint to send copies of the information to all people on the tribunal. Expense is incurred and also tribunal members become known. The defendant and the plaintiff should use the national office.

ACTION: Kathy will amend the policy accordingly and send it out for a vote-by-mail.

Motion B2001-07: That any FCA member in good standing is entitled to attend and/or participate in any and all FCA sanctioned events.

Moved by: Sheila Sheppard Seconded by: Arthur Nault unanimous


• Ratification of Vote-by-Mail - rule changes December 4, 2000

Motion B2001-08: That the vote-by-mail for rule changes circulated by Greg Durward for voting on January 8, 2001 be ratified.

Moved by: Greg Durward Seconded by: Arthur Nault carried

• Policy Manual

An updated version of the manual was sent out. The whole point of the exercise was to find out what FCA policy is. Feedback is very important.

ACTION: Al Wills wants each board member to go through the policy manual and decide what should be dropped and what should stay. Al will refer to motion numbers with add or delete suggestions and circulate his suggestions to the Board after he gets back from FITA Congress.

5.3. Committee Work & Recommendations

a) Archery Canada Council

• Canada Games Status

Paul Hicks is the technical delegate for the Games and the contact between host committee, AANB and FCA to ensure information and planning continue smoothly. Each province must have a fully certified level 3 coach for the team and decide upon criteria for team selection for this indoor event.

ACTION: Kathy will send out the approved technical package to each province.

• 2002 Edition FCA Rules Book

Greg Durward outlined the need for input from the Board, FITA and 3D committee. Then the rule changes need to be ratified by the Board. The changes proposed are just a head start in this process. It is anticipated that FITA rule changes will be available early in 2002. The size of the book is now becoming an issue.

ACTION: Kathy should search out a new design to be as big as possible in a 6-ring format but not as big as the FITA rulebook.

• Rules Changes Proposal

Greg Durward reviewed each point, and a revision will be circulated for a vote-by-mail. The judges were concerned about the definition of fans and walk-ups on the field. The fan era may be gone due to the expense of arrows in archery today. Practice time was discussed.

ACTION: Remove rule Revisit and make it the same for all FCA events. A minimum of 3 archers per target is required to score unless a judge assists. Equipment inspection wording should be changed to "discretion of judges and Director of Shooting". Regarding appeals, the wording should be changed to "An appeal must be lodged no later than 60 minutes after the last scoring arrow is shot."

• Ratification Of 3D Committee Rule Changes

Hunter class addition to 3D rules was done through a vote-by-mail.

Motion B2001-09: to ratify the rule changes approved by the 3D committee in February 2001.

Moved by: Don Lohnes Seconded by: Andrew Webber carried

• PDM process and CBET

The terms were explained and the ramifications outlined. Greg Durward listed benefits. The validation process was outlined and the extra meetings required were outlined. The transition period will be messy but beneficial. There will be ramifications for The Canada Games as well.

• National Championships 2002

A bid from Saskatchewan has been received. The dates have not been decided upon. Discussion centered on the conflict with the Championships of the Americas (August 18). There is a strong possibility that the best archers would not be able to shoot the Canadian championships.

• 3D 2002 nationals

A bid from Nova Scotia was received. The dates will be August 2-5, 2002 in Halifax.

• Update on Canadian Championships Format

There was agreement that the double championship medals system with a third set given at the Olympic Round will not continue as is. The President outlined the workload of the technical delegate in very long days with the present format. There are meeting issues as well. Members were advised how long it really takes to run all national events. Content is the first issue. There was no consensus at the AGM and now the president feels there is a need for leadership. The following schedule was suggested to the Saskatchewan Archery Association for 2002 by a vote of 7 for, 3 against with 2 abstentions:

Sunday Day 1 Field Championships 24-targets

Monday Day 2 Field championships 24-targets

Tuesday Official practice, Opening Ceremonies,

Field Championships Medal Presentation, Boot Cup*

Wednesday Morning: 1/2 FITA

Afternoon: Fred Usher Cup (new format)

Thursday Morning: 1/2 FITA

Afternoon: AGM

Friday Morning: 1/2 FITA

Afternoon: Board of Directors meeting

Saturday Morning: 1/2 FITA

Evening: Banquet; Target Medal Presentations

Sunday Morning: Voluntary Olympic Round and double elimination format (not medals — cups instead)

* It was suggested that the Boot Cup format should be left up to the organizing committee, and be described in the Host Manual as a novelty round.

The Board suggested the following fee structure:

Field Championship fee; combined Field & Target championship fee that would be the same amount as a Target Championship fee; and a Voluntary Olympic Round fee.

ACTION: The executive will work with the SAA Organizing Committee on the dates and schedule.

• 3D Canbow Skills Award Programme Introduction

Bruce asked the provinces to advertise this programme. Separate 3D criteria had been designed for both indoor and outdoor events. A separate guidebook price and report card price would be available.

ACTION: Kathy will make corrections to the first page of the guidebook and all existing copies will be changed at the Distribution Centre.

• Domestic Issues for Discussion

Bruce Savage explained the NAA proposal and changes in line with FITA. The board was given the outline and asked to keep it with the other proposals. This proposal is on hold until FCA sees what FITA, and other member associations are planning to do with cadets, juniors and the rounds they shoot.


b) High Performance Committee

• Revision of Motion #E2000-14

Motion B2001-10: to increase the fee charged for arrows under the Excellence 2004 equipment programme from $20.00 to $25.00 effective immediately.

Moved by: Arthur Nault Seconded by: Andrew Webber carried

• Excellence 2004 Programme

Kathy stated that provincial membership each year is mandatory for all Excellence 2004 members. This is a change from previous Excellence programmes.

• Athlete’s Agreement revision - formal ratification

Kathy outlined the various points and stated that these revisions were necessary in order for FCA's wheelchair archers to continue to receive federal carding money.

Motion B2001-11: to adopt the following revisions and additions to the agreement.

Revision of current clause (e)

"Avoid the possession of any banned drugs which are in contravention to the rules of the FITA and policy of Sport Canada and submit, at competitions and other reasonable times to random doping control testing at the request of the FCA or other authority designated to do so by the FCA."


"Avoid the use of banned substances that contravene the rules of the IOC/IPC, the rules of the FITA and the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport and submit, without prior warning, to unannounced doping control tests in addition to other prior-notice tests and submit at other times to doping-control testing when requested by the NSO, Sport Canada, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) or other authorities designated to do so."

Addition of the following paragraph to the same clause:

"Avoid the possession of anabolic drugs and neither supply such drugs to others directly or indirectly nor encourage or condone their use by knowingly aiding in any effort to avoid detection of the use of banned substances or banned performance-enhancing practices."

To add another clause (j) to the existing agreement which states:

"Avoid participating in any competitions where federal government sport policy has determined that such participation is not permitted."

Moved by: Don Lohnes Seconded by: Arthur Nault carried

• Other Items

Al Wills showed the members the new FCA cadet male certificate in lieu of FITA Star pins. Since cadet boys shoot a 70m round they are not entitled to receive regular FITA Star pins. This fact was deemed unfair since cadet girls shoot the senior round and are therefore entitled to receive FITA Star pins. The members felt that more publication of these certificate's availability is needed.

ACTION: Kathy will make colour copies of the certificate for each province and send them out with the word draft written on it.

c) Communications & Marketing

• Sponsorship Update

Al Wills and Kathy Millar provided current information regarding Neet, Hoyt, Robin Hood, Win & Win, VISA & Labatt’s. Neet Products has supplied both the FITA and IPC world team members this year with top-quality quivers. FCA extends its appreciation.

• Web-site/InfoExcellence/Info.E-mail

The FCA web-site is updated weekly. FCA Info.E-mail reaches approximately 300 people and clubs per week. Major FCA policies and rules are displayed as much as possible in both official languages. The Annual Report will be sent to each club in September-October within the annual mailer to advertise FCA events and programmes.

• New FCA tracksuit

The Excellence 2004 tracksuit has been scaled down and made available to all FCA members. It was on display this weekend and on the web. It was hoped that sales would pick up in time for Christmas.

d) International Committee

• FITA Congress 2001

Motions at FITA will be dealing with the qualification round format. It was the wishes of the FCA Board of Directors that the FITA round be kept as the qualifying round not the 70m round.


    1. 2002 Fiscal Year

• Items And Projects For Consideration In 2002 Budget

Costs are estimated to run the FCA meetings, expenses and championships and then funds left over are given to the VP ACC and VP HPC. FCA may have more money due to loss of one staff. FCA will increase meetings' costs due to the larger Executive Committee and translating Canbow.


    1. Other Business

The FCA still needs another member of the executive. ACC re-structuring with 2 portfolios instead of one. This is to reduce the workload for the VP in this position. Verbal approval to make the changes was asked for and received.

Outdoor mail matches were suggested to Andrew Webber and a new project will be undertaken with Phil Betts.

There was a question regarding recourse for those members/athletes sanctioned by their provincial organizations. The only recourse is through the legal system. Shawn Riggs advised the Board that Athletes Can has free legal advice on its web site.

• Volunteer Recognition Policy for discussion and ratification

Motion B2001-12: to accept the circulated policy as is.

Moved by: Shawn Riggs Seconded by: Philip Parlee carried


  1. President's Closing Remarks

Al Wills was very proud to announce that ALEC DENYS finished 7th at the recent IPC world championships. He felt the meeting was a very positive experience. Members should respond to the needs of the corporation and deal with the issues quickly and give input when asked regarding the spending and control. He then opened up for statements and comments.


7. Adjourn

The meeting ended on Saturday, August 12, 2001 at 23:00.

Motion B2001-13: I move, unless otherwise notified, to adjourn until August 2002 in Regina.

Moved by: Shawn Riggs



The Federation has received a harassment complaint. Policy and common courtesy dictate that I do not go into any details concerning this event.

I can say that the tribunal formed as per FCA policies could not find any clear evidence of harassment by any member of FCA.

The tribunal did find that the FCA policy on attendance at FCA-sanctioned events may not be clear and have made the following recommendation for a motion:

"That FCA-sanctioned events are to be open to all FCA members to attend and/or participate in".

Subject to acceptance of the tribunal's report by the parties, the FCA considers this matter closed and regrets any harm or innuendo that may have been suffered by anyone.

I would expect that Provinces would take extra ordinary measures to keep such disputes within their province. These matters have no place in FCA. FCA is an archery association in charge of archery matters in Canada. We do not have the time, energy or expertise to deal with quasi-legal matters that should be handled locally.

Submitted to the Board of Directors August 11, 2001.



National Sport Governing Bodies provide the essential framework and organization that develops programming and competitive opportunities to all sport levels across Canada, and they are primary shareholders in the delivery of all programmes and services to all members of the Canadian sport community.

Since its incorporation in 1972, the FCA has maintained the highest levels of good management, fiscal responsibility and above all respect for the rights of archers and volunteers. The FCA has done this despite fiscal restraints in recent years.

The FCA Board is distressed by the remarks in the media attributed to the Secretary of State for Amateur Sport concerning the track record of sport governing bodies, and their apparent inability to provide athlete support and services. The FCA Board feels that not all NSGB's fall into this description.

Other statements allude to the fact that NSGB's are in some way harmful to the sport system. The FCA Board disagrees with this assumption. On the contrary, the FCA Board feels NSGBs play an instrumental role in the Canadian sport system and should continue to be included in any proposed sport model. Sport requires governance, rules and procedures that can only implemented by the sport itself. Only Sport Governing Bodies can be aware of current issues in the sport both nationally and internationally.

NSGB's provide an effective sport delivery system to Canadians. The Canadian public and legislators should view any proposed government policies drafted with a philosophy to restrict or eliminate the role of national sport governing bodies with extreme skepticism.




Les Organismes Nationaux de Gestion du Sport fournissent l’encadrement de base et la structure organisationnelle nécessaire à la mise en place de programmes et de réseaux de compétitions à tous les niveaux sportifs sur tout le territoire canadien ; ils s’assurent également que tous les programmes et services soient accessibles à tous les membres de la communauté sportive canadienne.

Depuis son incorporation en 1972, la FCA s’est assurée de maintenir sa gestion aux plus hauts niveaux, de responsabilité fiscale et par dessus tout le respect des droits des archers et des bénévoles. La FCA a réussi cela malgré les coupures fiscales subies ces dernières années.

Le Conseil d’administration de la FCA s’inquiète des remarques attribuées au Secrétaire d’État au Sport Amateur et rapportées par les médias, concernant les résultats apportés par les organismes de gestion du sport, et de leur apparente inaptitude à fournir aux athlètes assistance ou services. Le Conseil d’Administration de la FCA croit que cette description ne sied pas à tous ONS.

D’autres affirmations allèguent que les ONS sont en quelque sorte néfastes au système sportif. Le CA de la FCA est en total désaccord avec cette assomption. Au contraire, le CA de la FCA croit que les ONS jouent un rôle important à l’intérieur du système sportif canadien et devraient continuer à faire partie de tout nouveau modèle sportif proposé. Le sport exige une vision, des règles et des procédures qui ne peuvent être mise en place que par le sport lui-même. Seul les ONS peuvent être au courant des sujets d’importance en discussion à la fois aux niveaux national et international.

Les ONS assurent la disponibilité d’un système sportif à tous les Canadiens. Le public canadien et les législateurs devraient envisager avec un extrême scepticisme toute politique gouvernementale proposée qui a été rédigée selon la philosophie qu’il faut restreindre ou éliminer ces acteurs importants que sont les organismes nationaux de gestions du sport. 


TO: All FCA Executive and Board members

FROM: ` Kathy Millar, Executive Director/Directrice Exécutive de la FCA

RE: Enclosed Athletes Agreement revision

DATE: July 10, 2001



During the Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Programme review of carded athlete applications for 2001-2002, the following recommendations were made.

Revision of current clause (e)

"Avoid the possession of any banned drugs which are in contravention to the rules of the FITA and policy of Sport Canada and submit, at competitions and other reasonable times to random doping control testing at the request of the FCA or other authority designated to do so by the FCA."


"Avoid the use of banned substances that contravene the rules of the IOC/IPC, the rules of the FITA and the Canadian Policy on Penalties for Doping in Sport and submit, without prior warning, to unannounced doping control tests in addition to other prior-notice tests and submit at other times to doping-control testing when requested by the NSO, Sport Canada, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) or other authorities designated to do so."

As well, Sport Canada has requested the addition of the following paragraph to the same clause:

"Avoid the possession of anabolic drugs and neither supply such drugs to others directly or indirectly nor encourage or condone their use by knowingly aiding in any effort to avoid detection of the use of banned substances or banned performance-enhancing practices."


To add another clause (j) to the existing agreement which states:

"Avoid participating in any competitions where federal government sport policy has determined that such participation is not permitted."

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