August 10, 2001, Winnipeg, MB

President Al Wills introduced members of the FITA World Championship to the general membership. As no notices of motion had been received within the required time, Mr. Wills stated that no new business could be added to the meeting. Kathleen Millar, FCA Executive Director, was appointed scrutineer for the election of the Directors-at-Large and Presidency.

1. Minutes

I move the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at on Boucherville, August 17, 2000, be accepted as printed.

Moved by NS, Seconded by SK, carried

2. Report of the President

Subsequent to the published report in the Annual Report, FCA had received the federal government's SFAF II assessment and he was not optimistic. He gave a brief explanation. Archery's rank had dropped from 43rd to 45th place due to the addition of two new sports. Now FCA must look ahead to Athens. Mr. Wills felt there were many positive aspects to archery and was no longer interested in working on government documents that led to dead-ends. He praised the improved level of judge qualifications and activity in the last year. He ended his address by thanking Jude Hooey for all her work over the years.

3. Reports of the Vice-Presidents

Vice-President, Finance & Marketing

Jude Hooey urged more women and youth to become involved at the FCA Board and Executive levels. She encouraged the membership to use the FCA VISA card. There was a need to broaden the spectrum of input and influence. She was concerned that FCA's reliance on electronic communication did not reach all members. Mrs. Hooey reminded the membership that without the association the sport will die. The association needs archers, judges and coaches to give direction and she charged the FCA Board to listen to its members.

Vice-President, Archery Canada

Bruce Savage regretted to inform the membership that the planned discussion and proposal for revision of age groups and distances would have to be placed on hold until the international body and other FITA member organizations effect major changes. FCA should review those changes and bring ages and distances in line with international trends.

Vice-President, High Performance

Joan McDonald reviewed the complexities of the Olympic selection process because it has an affect on funding for FCA. She reviewed the COA term of "reasonable probability" and the significance of COA negotiations in light of the fact that archery has not met the criteria for the last 2 Olympiads. Ms. McDonald also reviewed the possibility of compound bows in the Olympics. Since the IOC is looking to reduce the number of athletes attending the Summer Games, there would be no opportunity to expand the number of archers on the field. There was a possibility that the IOC would reduce the number of archers on the Olympic line from 64 to 48 men and women, and that if archery wanted to change the present format in any way, archery would have to leave the Olympic calendar and re-apply. This essentially would end archery as an Olympic sport so the process could not be considered at this time.

Vice-President, International

Al Wills reviewed the process of decision-making within FITA Congress and stressed the importance of committee work at the international level. He planned to work more closely with COPANARCO in the future. He read FITA's goals to the membership. Suggested changes to the existing world target format were submitted to Congress because the event has become too large and too complicated to attract bids from member associations.

4. Reports of the Directors

Saskatchewan is considering the inclusion of JOP-level archers outdoors to compete at provincial championships next year. Manitoba's newly elected executive includes Bob Tataryn as President, Allan Actimichuk 3D Chairman, Jeff Gunther as Treasurer, and Bradley Hampson as FCA Director. Ontario noted that their provincial outdoor target championships would be held in northern Ontario for the first time in 2002 when Sault Ste. Marie will host the event. Québec's bowhunters have started another archery association and FTAQ has lost members and a number of clubs. New Brunswick was proud to be hosting the Canada Winter Games and liaison Phil Parlee was introduced to the members. Nova Scotia reported a membership of over 200 with success in demonstrations and programmes such as Becoming An Outdoors Woman.

Athlete’s Representative (as circulated)

Executive Director (as circulated)

5. Reports of Committee Chairpersons,

Co-ordinators, and FCA Representatives.

Al Wills had watched the 3D Grand Prix format and noted that there were ideas that both target and 3D nationals could learn and share concerning Elimination Rounds and their format. Kathy Millar reported that no COPANARCO MICA medals had been received to date. Al Wills noted that the Mailmatch Programme began in the 1950's and was the oldest FCA programme. He thanked Andrew Webber for his work. Coach Committee Chairman Reed Fowlie stated that he would like to see more volunteer participation for the NCCP Participant Development Model. Joan McDonald provided a re-cap of the COA meeting she attended on Al Wills' behalf. As membership chairperson, Kathy Millar thanked all the provincial membership co-ordinators for their help and stated that membership numbers have remained constant for the past 3 years.

6. Business arising out of the minutes (non)

7. Information items

• FCA Achievement Awards 2000

Frank Jones Male Athlete of the Year, Alec Denys; Female Athlete of the Year, Dawn Groszko; Tom Mack Junior Athlete of the Year, Owen Gunther; Hank Wiseman Coach of the Year, Arthur Nault; Judge of the Year, Ghislain Arsenault; Volunteer of the Year, Gilbert Henderson; D.M. Lovo Award, Marthe Cusson.

• FCA Volunteer Recognition Pins

Bronze: Christiane Murphy, Don Lohnes, Marthe Cusson, Laurier Cusson and Dan Churchill

Silver: Tom Paukovic (given at 3D nationals) and Gerry Switzer (given at target banquet), awarded by ABAM Diane Buchanan, Lyn Milne and Kati Nagy

Gold: Jude Hooey

Diamond: Alain Gravel

• New Athlete Representative

Shawn Riggs was formally introduced as the FCA Athlete Representative for 2001-2003

8. Reports of ad hoc committees

Bruce Savage reported that the two-year experiment in national championship format had not provided a clear direction for the FCA Board. Fifty percent of archers registered for the field/FCA FITA package and fifty percent registered for the FITA international package. This format did not pick one national champion for every division, but two. This was deemed unacceptable.

9. Items for ad hoc committee study

The President called for a timed discussion on this matter and the Boot Cup and Fred Usher Cup formats initiated at these championships.

10. Recess for committee study

Due to time constraints, the discussion centered on the national championship format. A wide variety of opinions were given for Board consideration. All of the suggestions were noted for the Board meeting the following night.

11. Election of Directors-at-Large

Four nominations were received prior to the meeting and circulated to the voting delegates. No nominations were received from the floor. The Directors-at-Large acclaimed for the term 2001-2003 were Don Lohnes, Arthur Nault, Bruce Savage and Allan Wills. The meeting recessed to elect the Executive Committee. Al Wills was acclaimed as president. Only 4 vice-presidents were nominated and so acclaimed: Bradley Hampson, Don Lohnes, Arthur Nault and Bruce Savage. The Executive Director urged the remaining Board members to fill the last position. The President invited all interested Board members to attend the Executive Committee meeting on Sunday morning.

12. Appointment of Auditors

I move that the firm Guidon/Charron be appointed auditors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2001.

Moved by AB, Seconded by MB, carried.

13. Selection of sites for the

2002 Outdoor / 3D Championships

I move that the 2002 Target and Field national championships be hosted by SAA.

Moved by MB, Seconded by BC, carried.

I move that the 2002 3D National championships be hosted by AANS.

Moved by BC, Seconded by SK, carried.

2003 Outdoor / 3D Championships

No bids were received at this time.

14. Good and welfare

Several members spoke to a variety of issues.

15. Adjournment

I move that the Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Canadian Archers stands adjourned.

Moved by NB, carried

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