FCA Executive Committee meeting, Part #2 (incoming)

Winnipeg, August 12, 2001

Executive members present:

Al Wills, President

Bradley Hampson, Don Lohnes, Arthur Nault, Bruce Savage

In attendance:

Ernest Skaar, SAA Board of Director

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director


1. President's Opening Remarks

The meeting was called to order at 09:30 at the Sport Manitoba building. Since Bradley had to leave early, the order of the agenda would change. The President welcomed all the new members and thanked Ernest Skaar for his interest in the workings of the Executive Committee.


2. Reading of Minutes, August 17, 2000

The minutes were reviewed verbally and minutes will be forwarded.


3. Business arising from the meetings held this week

Don summarized. There will be a need to teleconference again in order to accept or revise IBO rules that will be circulated by Don after that meeting.


Dates for the nationals

NAA - Possibly July 28, 2002 — August 2, 2002 (will not be confirmed until October)

FCA 3D nationals - Friday August 2 (3D) meeting — August 5

FCA Target & field nationals — either August 4 or 11 (potential conflict either way)

COPANARCO — Championship of Americas practice on the August 15

The Committee suggested August 11, 2002 as the starting date for the FCA target nationals.

ACTION: Kathy will work with SAA and Ernie Skaar to set a date as soon as possible.

ACTION: Al to write to Quebec regarding the PSO agreement.

Al to write to OAA regarding making membership system electronic or bill the OAA a surcharge directly, and not increase the individual fees.


4. Business

4.1. Management Issues

In order to appoint the best-qualified person for each Executive position, Al Wills lead a profile session whereby each person around the table listed skills and experiences.

Bradley: computer information, management, marketing and contract negotiation and contract development; director of information services IT & IS; heads department and has legal experience; works with multi-national organizations; working on the web and message boards.

Arthur: coaching and high performance specializing in disabled sport; treasurer for different organizations and worked for city of Montréal for 30 years; foreman for the workers' association of Montréal, and 18 years as its treasurer.

Bruce: newly retired teacher; interested in focus on youth; got into ACC and found that there was more to it than that; he would like to spend more in youth

Don: 3D and archery in total and bowhunting; work with the rules; architect and works with dept. Of education in school building designs

Ernie: operated a farm for 18 years; interest in youth and foster parenting; only been in archery 4.5 years; served on church boards and worked in sporting goods, retail; has PR ability and calm waves instead of make waves; 3D is what got him into archery but now he is focusing on target

Al: 30 years in archery; shot a lot and did not volunteer until 1980; realized that he wanted to volunteer at all level; manager and systems person; likes challenges and working with people.

Before the selections were made, the President cautioned those if you are busy then admit you are busy and do what you can. Try to think nationally and use your life experience. Send e-mail items through as drafts among the group but then when it is ready to be circulated to the Board, it is draft #1. Each province has particular needs and background. He wants to tell people what needs to be done and not how to do it. The Executive Committee's responsibility is to oversee FCA's day-to-day operation and handle small issues. The Board deals with big issues. The main concern of the Executive annually is budgeting.

From the discussions the following Vice-President positions were decided upon:

Bradley Hampson — Administration & Marketing

ACTION: Kathy will send Bradley FCA's contact lists electronically.

Arthur Nault — High Performance

Al Wills - International; FITA and COA rep

Don Lohnes — 3D — Plus project of championships, Host manual and other related issues

Ernie Skaar — National Committees & Projects

Bruce Savage — National Events & Services

ACTION: Kathy will send out new business cards for everyone. Also, she will draft responsibilities and roles for the next 2 years and circulate to all Executive members.

ACTION: Kathy will send a vote-by-mail to Board members for formal endorsement of Ernest Skaar's position on the Executive committee.

This topic had been dealt with at the Board meeting.


4.2. Finance

2001 Fiscal Year
Operations Budget was reviewed at the Board meeting.
2002 Fiscal Year
Operations Budget/Management. No direction was given to staff.

4.3. Archery Canada

October 19-21, 2001 Leadership conference could be PCC meeting time. A board meeting will not be possible.


4.4. High Performance

ACTION: Arthur Nault's committee will be surveyed. Either October or November will be chosen.

It was noted that North American distractions hamper our archers.

4.5. Communication & Marketing

4.6. Other Business

The tentative date for the annual winter meeting in Ottawa was set as January 12th - 13th 2002.

ACTION: Kathy will send Ernie an expense form and information.


5. President’s Comments

The President looked forward to working with everyone after his return from FITA Congress and the World Championships.


6. Adjournment

The meeting ended on Sunday, August 12th at 12:00. Adjourn until January 12, 2002.

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