FCA Executive Committee meeting, Part #1 (out-going)

Winnipeg, August 07, 2001

Executive members present:

Al Wills, President

Jude Hooey, Vice-President Administration & Marketing

Joan McDonald, Vice-President High Performance

Bruce Savage, Vice-President Archery Canada Council

In attendance:

Kathleen Millar, Executive Director


1. President's Opening Remarks and Acceptance of Today’s Agenda

The meeting was called to order at 20:00. President’s report was published in the annual report. Al wanted to finalize business from this mandate, and noted that two of the members will not be continuing on the committee. Few documents read in his life were as discouraging as the SFAF report. It is full of charts and terms. When all the points were added in, FCA ranked lower due to the fact there were new sports. The president will focus on archery-specific tasks and not government tasks. COPANARCO or FITA funding issues will be more important to him. World and Olympic finals is the only way to get federal government funding. Having said that, the cut-off-line for SFAF money might be at a sport ranked 50 instead of 35. But that is being optimistic.


2. Reading of Minutes, January 20-21, 2001

The minutes were distributed in Directors Mailing #01/01, dated 01/02/01.

Motion #E01-11: To accept the minutes as circulated.

Moved by: Jude Hooey Seconded by: Joan McDonald Carried

a) Business arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising.


  1. Acceptance of all other Agenda
  1. The agenda for this meeting will remain open. All other meeting agenda were reviewed.


4. Reports (addenda only)

There were no other items to report than those published in the Annual Report. Al Wills will address FITA's goals during his VP International report at the AGM.


5. Business

5.1. Management Issues

Ontario was signed for 2002-2003 and New Brunswick will continue to negotiate. FCA will continue to help the NLAA (Newfoundland) as much as possible. Yukon is more formally affiliated now. The agreements take a lot of legwork but work out in the end and FCA receives a majority of its funding through this system. This year, BCAA and OAA reps did not attend the 3D Committee meeting and BCAA will not receive money for that.

The review was circulated. A position paper on the role of NSO's will be presented to the Board. It was the opinion of some committee members that there is a small voice of retired athletes who have M. Coderre's ear and this group is effectively freezing the rest out.

Four nominations have been received. Up to two nominations can be accepted from the AGM and or the Board. The Board will elect the president and then choose 5 vice-presidents. Then during the new committee meeting on Sunday, the portfolios will be decided.

The complaint was outlined by Jude Hooey as head of the tribunal. Al Wills read a prepared statement to communicate the decision to the Board for the other Executive members to consider. The Executive agreed with his statement. The tribunal members discussed the relevance of the FCA Harassment Policy. The procedure should be altered to direct complaints be sent to the national office rather than directly to the VP of Administration & Marketing. The Executive Director should guarantee that the process continues and work with the tribunal chairperson. The members of the tribunal can be made known publicly.

There is a bid coming from SAA most probably in the Regina/Wascana area for the 2002. If the bid is presented at the AGM, if should be ratified during the meeting so that plans for the target/field nationals can begin.


5.2. Finance

Reports were published in the Annual Report.

An update was given. The Executive Director reminded the Executive that these are directed funds and can not be allocated for any other use than FAFAD-approved projects.

Al was happy to report that no individuals owed FCA money. Kathy reported that all associations pay their invoices promptly.

ACTION: Kathy should give Al the information for FITA Congress regarding COPANARCO and non-payment.

The budget projection had been fairly accurate to date. The third quarter is always difficult with many more disbursements than revenue items. However, with only one staff, there should be a $20,000 surplus in the bank by the end of 2001. This money could be allocated to the two major FCA committees for their work.

The COA is FCA's largest funding partner. The Executive Director cautioned the Executive on this trend in light of COA's plans to upgrade criteria for Olympic Games. Joan McDonald spoke to this issue at length and would advise those members present at the AGM of the seriousness of the situation.

Kathy Millar had contacted Maple Leaf targets for price quotes. Jude Hooey felt that the prices being offered were not competitive enough. The same quality target face, without the FCA logo could be purchased from a Canadian distributor for much less.

ACTION: Kathy to check prices and justify the prices that they are asking us; they should not be so expensive just for the FCA logo.

It was suggested that the new executive committee review the financial statements at year end to determine if allotments to ACC and HPC could be increased for 2002.

- Possible increase in liability insurance to $5 million for 2002

It is recommended that the FCA board increase its coverage. This is a trend in insurance will continue.


5.3. Archery Canada

Kathy Millar reported that the bid process motion had been accepted. There had been great apprehension on the part of some committee members, but Don Lohnes reiterated that the assigned years could be altered and the schedule of host provinces should be flexible. The prime reason the motion needed to be approved was the lack of bids for 2002. The Committee approved the 2002 championship bid from AANS. The tournament will be sponsored by 4 clubs. There were not enough volunteers available to bid for the combined nationals.


Phil Parlee will take over as FCA contact for this event. Level 3 certification is compulsory. Bruce Savage stated that if provinces wanted to have Archery in Summer Games again, there must be direct contact with provincial government representatives.


Jude Hooey stated that she was not happy with the completed guidebook. She is not satisfied with the process. She stated that there was a different scoring system on a 3-arrow round and this guidebook is unacceptable. Changes were not done properly. The discussion continued regarding process and changes. An error was found in the book on the first page. . Jude Hooey left the meeting at 20:40pm

ACTION: Kathy will recall the guidebook to make the correction on the first page.

Al will task the Board to correct the copy they have.


A small group of very organized volunteers ran both championships. There were difficulties during the start of the target/field nationals due to the overlapping day of the 3D nationals. If the events were ever held together again, the overlap should be avoided.


The 3D Championships utilized FCA judges as range officers successfully. The national judges seminar was well-organized and several new national and provincial-level judges would be certified. There will be more demands on FCA for budget to fund judge development.


It was obvious from the lack of bids for the 2002 championships, that though many archers would like to see a combined nationals, clubs can not bid for the whole national championship because it is too complicated to run. The Board must be prepared to design the target/field format for 2002 before the end of its meeting.

Bruce stated that the registration split is similar to Boucherville. Just as many archers registered for the FCA FITA/field as did for the FITA International. But this double medal system can not continue. Bruce brought Greg Durward proposal again. Field package would be a two-day package on its own; and target events would be separate. Half the membership wants to shoot a lot of arrows and the other half wants to shoot _ days. There is a slight preference to shoot both target and field. There have been clubs approach Bruce that would host just field or just target. This model has 3 separate events. This proposal came out of the Boucherville and was discussed at the January Executive Committee meeting. Now it will be presented to the AGM and the Board.


Bruce had received information in the last two weeks from the other countries and FITA. The JOAD programme in the USA is changing. Instead of a proposal at this Board meeting, there was a need for FCA to wait and see. There has to be consistency for young Canadian archers. If FCA does not follow FITA and NAA, there will be fewer opportunities for young people to shoot the same rounds and compare their abilities. This development will be discussed at the AGM. The rest is on hold.

FCA can look at grids for equipment divisions. For outdoors only, the suggestion is that FITA equipment divisions could be used exclusively. Changes need to be made.

ACTION: Al will chair a timed item for discussion the AGM, and will structure the presentation for outdoor division and response under item 8 Items for Ad Hoc meetings. Item number 9 will be Canadian Championship format.


Greg Durward and Kathy will be waiting for the final rules update from FITA expected some time in January. FCA-only rules can proceed.

ACTION: Kathy will check with team captains for their views on the changes to the 2001 Fred Usher Cup, number of arrows and start time.


Al Wills was pleased to report that there was a proposed bid.


5.4. High Performance

Joan McDonald reported that the programme had been initiated with few problems and that one InfoExcellence had been published since the last HPC meeting. She reported some suggestions for the High Performance Web page, e.g. time selection out of the minutes for all teams; re-organize the page and a volunteer to explain this better. How will FCA make ranking tougher HPC has used four scores instead of three. Team selection will remain 4 scores though it is not advantageous to use scores that are a year old. Excellence 2004 should use 4 scores for ranking. This will be an agenda item for November HPC meeting.


Kathy Millar reported that NEET Products would sponsor both national teams (IPC and FITA). Win & Win bows have been assigned for 2001 and Gary Gillies is waiting for the signed contracts and shipping fees from these archers in order to forward the bows.

ACTION: Kathy needs to contact Cavalier again.


Kathy reported that the contract with Avalanche Skiwear had been signed, and feedback on the new tracksuit has been positive. The fitting has been a problem because of miscommunication but Avalanche has always corrected any problems immediately. Team shirts had been ordered through Coyle & Greer as Overkill had proved unreliable. The shirts should be ready by the time Kathy returns to the office.


Kathy Millar outlined the funding guidelines and its direct impact to those sports that are receiving SFAF funds now, but not FCA. However, if these standards are used in the future, or incorporated by COA, then it would affect FCA seriously.

This would be presented to the Board for ratification since FCA must comply with these changes in order for athletes to be carded next year.

Al Wills suggested that the Board make a policy similar to the one proposed for Sydney 200. The Executive decided that this was an item for further board meetings

5.5. Communication & Marketing

See above under high performance.

Al reported that the programme seemed to be successful. See above under high performance.


    1. Other Business

This was an informational item for this committee.

There appear to be no difficulties with FITA.

ACTION: Kathy will contact IFAA for details


6. President’s Comments

Al asked the members present to remind him of anything else that needed to go to the Board and new Executive. The Committee members felt that the new Executive needs to keep a balance between High performance issues and national or 3D issues. Joan wishes to be copied on e-mail discussions to continue to keep abreast of issues and give input.


7. Adjournment

The meeting ended on Tuesday, August 07th at 22:36. Adjourned until Sunday, August 12, 2001.

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