The FCA's Long Term Athlete Development Program

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Participants at the first LTAD workshop in Toronto December 2nd & 3rd, 2006


The seven-stage Canadian model for Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a  training, competition, and recovery program based on developmental age - the maturation level of an individual - rather than chronological age.  It is athlete centred, coach driven, and administration, sport science, and sponsor supported. Using LTAD principles, athletes are supported with optimal training and competition programs that consider their biological and training ages in creating plans specific to their development needs. 

LTAD helps Canadian sport to:

Federation of Canadian Archers and LTAD

With the support of Sport Canada, FCA is working through the steps in designing model and implementing an archery-specific LTAD. Work started in December 2006 as we launched the process of building their LTAD model with a planning meeting in Toronto.

We have engaged Paul Jurbala, who has led LTAD planning for several other sports, to lead Archery’s process. You can contact Paul at

In the coming months, FCA Committees and volunteers will work with Paul and the LTAD Expert Group to develop our model. Information will be posted as it becomes available. In the meantime for more information, please visit: 

More info on LTAD

PowerPoint presentation from HPC meeting Jan 2007