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Patti-Jo Middlebrough


Patti-Jo Middlebrough

I reside in Sherwood Park, Alberta and am a member of the Sherwood Park Archery Club, as well as the Junior Coordinator for our provincial association, ATAA.

Shortly after moving to Sherwood Park in 1995 we were looking for a sport that we could put our three sons into that would not involve a lot of different age breakdowns with different practice schedules, games and tournaments for each boy (we had just finished with the soccer season).  My husband suggested archery, as he use to work in an archery shop in his teen years and quite enjoyed it.  Finding out what a great family sport it was we had all three of our boys signed up.  Two of our three boys really took off with the competition aspect of the sport, going to every shoot they could.

In the summer of 2002 I was asked if I would be interested in Judging, as I was at all the shoots anyways, so in December of that year I took the Provincial Judge Clinic and became a Provincial Judge Candidate receiving full Provincial Judge level in July of 2003.  In 2003 I attended a National Judge Clinic and received my National Judge Candidate status.

I have been able to attend the National clinics and Judge the last 3 years at our Canadian Nationals; Victoria/2003, Caledon/2004 & St. John’s/2005.  I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know other Judges and look forward to more to come, along with the knowledge it will bring.

Outside of archery I am a wife, mother of three teenage boys and a secretary with Edmonton Public Schools.  I enjoy camping/canoeing, family activities and knitting (of course I can only knit one thing – Norwegian Snowflake Mittens).

In the years to come I would like to get more involved with Judging with hopes of Continental and International achievement some day.