List of National Judge Candidates recognised by FCA (March 2009)

Liste des candidats Juge nationaux reconnus par la FCA (Mars 2009)


            Bill Furdyk                             Manitoba

            Marc de Grandmont               Québec


List  of  Active National Judge recognised by FCA  (March 2009)

Liste des Juges  nationaux actifs reconnus par la FCA  (Mars 2009)


Pat Ukrainetz                          Alberta

Robert Sheppard                     Nova Scotia

Sheila Sheppard                      Nova Scotia

Louis-Marie Philie                 Québec

Sean Mckenty                         Ontario


*Fred Liddle                           New Brunswick

*Shelly Kwasnicia                  British Columbia

*James Masson                       Alberta

*Eilen Ferrier                         Alberta

* Jim Wiebe                            British Columbia

*Marge Saunders                    British Columbia.

*Myllyniemi Helena              British Columbia

*Loiselle Marlee                    British Columbia


* National Judges who do not meet the following requirements of FCA for the recognition of this level.(March 2009).

* Juges nationaux  qui ne rencontrent plus les exigences suivantes de la FCA pour la reconnaissance de ce niveau. (Mars 2009)

n  The FCA judge program says that when you are accepted as national judge candidate, you name goes on an active list for at least 4 years . To remain on the active list you must attain the next level, or continue to satisfy the requirements of this level every 4 years by judging at least one national tournament over the four year period.

n  Attain a succesful report on your practical judging experience and forward it to the FCA Judge Chair.

n  Answer cases study question (via Fita Judge Newsletter)

List of  Continental Judges   recognised by Coparco  (March 2009)

Liste des Juges continentaux reconnus par Coparco  (Mars 2009)


Roger Garrod                          Manitoba

Bob Pannel                              Saskatchewan

Philip Parlee                           New Brunswick

Laura-Lynne Churchill           Ontario

Christiane Murphy                 Québec

Céline Gravel                          Québec

Jean-Marie Robert                  Québec

Patti Middlebrough                Alberta


International Judge Candidate  recognised by FITA (March 2009)

Candidat Juge International reconnu par la FITA (Mars 2009)

Randall Jones                          Ontario


International Judge   recognised  by FITA  March 2009


Ghislain Arsenault                  Québec


Ghislain Arsenault, Chairman

Judge committee of FCA